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Photos from the Weekend

first_imgPhoto: The NEBC & Yukon Tracker Flyers in action in Taylor Sunday. For full results visit the sports page – Robyn Guidon/Energeticcity.caPhoto: Local coaches were recognized at a special event Sunday feature Laura Jensen and Richard Neufeld – Robyn Guidon/Energeticcity.caPhoto: Laura Jensen speaks at the Coaching Conference Sunday in Fort St. John – Robyn Guidon/Energeticcity.ca Photo: The Girls NPSS Volleyball Team hosted a tournament this weekend. Results can be found on the sports page – Robyn Guidon/Energeticcity.ca– Advertisement -Photo: Just a few of the eggs created at a Ukranian Egg decorating course – Robyn Guidon/Energeticcity.caPhoto: The Care Home hosted a Craft Sale on Saturday – Robyn Guidon/Energeticcity.caPhoto: The new Totem Mall Cruiser that will be all over Fort St. John this Winter – Robyn Guidon/Energeticcity.caAdvertisementlast_img read more

Video: Watch highlight’s of QPR’s dramatic win at Wolves

first_imgQPR end a six-game losing run in dramatic fashion, with Pawel Wszolek’s goal giving them a 2-1 victory at Wolves.   Ads by Revcontent Trending Articles Urologists: Men, Forget the Blue Pill! This “Destroys” ED x ‘Genius Pill’ Used By Rich Americans Now Available In Netherlands! x One Cup of This (Before Bed) Burns Belly Fat Like Crazy! x Men, You Don’t Need the Blue Pill if You Do This x What She Did to Lose Weight Stuns Doctors: Do This Daily Before Bed! x Drink This Before Bed, Watch Your Body Fat Melt Like Crazy x Follow West London Sport on TwitterFind us on Facebooklast_img

Ohioan scores a Top 10 in American Farm Bureau’s Excellence in Ag Award

first_imgShare Facebook Twitter Google + LinkedIn Pinterest Marlene Eick of Radnor, the winner of Ohio Farm Bureau Federation’s 2015 Excellence in Agriculture Award, finished in the Top 10 this week for the same honor at the National level at the 2016 American Farm Bureau’s annual meeting in Orlando, Florida. The award recognizes successful young agricultural professionals who are actively contributing and growing through their involvement with Farm Bureau and agriculture.“My application for the award was based around the way in which I help others tell their agriculture stories, both in my professional and my personal life,” Eick said. “Other activities I am involved in with the Ohio Farm Bureau, Ohio Pork Council and the Ohio FFA Foundation really develops opportunities for young people to tell their story as well.”Eick and her husband, B.J., own Herdmark Media, a visual media company where Eick serves as client lead. They also own a small show pig operation. She has served on the Delaware County Farm Bureau board of trustees, participated statewide in Young Agricultural Professionals programs, is co-leader of the Delaware County Young Agricultural Professionals and is a graduate of AgriPOWER Institute Class VI. She also serves on the Ohio Pork Council’s Showpig Committee, Ohio FFA Foundation’s Sponsors Team, is a member of Shepherd of the Peace Lutheran Church and is a recipient of the Honorary State FFA Degree.“It was so great to participate with all of these other contestants from other states and to learn all of the things that are happening across the country every day,” Eick said. “There are so many great young professionals in agriculture doing good things for our industry and just to be recognized as part of that group is a real honor and this process has been a lot of fun.”last_img read more

Convofy Opens Its Freemium Service to the Public Today

first_img3 Areas of Your Business that Need Tech Now Cognitive Automation is the Immediate Future of… Massive Non-Desk Workforce is an Opportunity fo… Related Posts klint finleycenter_img Convofy, the new enterprise collaboration platform we covered last month, opens to the public today. It’s launching using a freemium model similar to Yammer‘s, so you can try it out for free.We got a demo from CEO Faizan Buzdar yesterday, and it’s a solid product. It’s unique, fast and has clear value for teams collaborating with visual media such as photos, video or data visualizations. It has a few discrete apps that run on its platform already, including an image gallery and media player. Users can comment on specific elements of an image, website or video. A nice touch is the ability to comment on a portion of a video and create a link that will start the video at the relevant point.It’s obvious how useful this could be for creative agencies, but what about other types of enterprise? Buzdar is confident that the product will be useful in other contexts. Many organizations, from manufacturers to mining companies to extractive industries use visual data as part of the decision-making process. The company has a few pilot customers already, but Buzdar can’t disclose which companies.Convofy faces two big challenges: 1) an already crowded market for next-generation collaborative tools and 2) the need to drive adoption. The first, as we pointed out before, will be helped by the buzz the company is already receiving, particularly from Robert Scoble. The second issue is trickier.Convofy requires an Adobe AIR based client. The team already has an HTML5 and JavaScript based mobile site that can be used without the client, but at the moment it’s a desktop-centric application. Mario Cavagnari, CEO of competitor SimplyBox, says his company has faced resistance to its desktop applications in large enterprises. “What we see out there is that business users and IT want solutions that do not bring more work for IT departments.” Cavagnari says some companies are comfortable with the SimplyBox desktop application, but many just want the Web-only version of the product. “The majority of customers want a method of socializing their apps, without having to install another app,” he says. “We can do it, and that has been key for adoption in the enterprise.”The key to success for Convofy will be rich media. Thanks to its close relationship with Adobe, features have been added to AIR that enable some of Convofy’s media features. The close relationship stems from Adobe’s investment in Convofy’s parent company, Scrybe.Convofy has many competitors, notably Qontext and Socialcast, both of which offer browser-based integration between social software and enterprise applications. Tags:#enterprise#saas IT + Project Management: A Love Affairlast_img read more

Move Over +1, +Like Extension Brings Facebook Likes to Google Search Results

first_imgGuide to Performing Bulk Email Verification According to the extension’s website, “Google +Like” was built in a single day using Crossrider, “a free, easy to use, JavaScript/jQuery framework to create cross browser extensions.” Last month, Google finally unveiled its long-awaited +1 effort, wherein Google users recommend search results by clicking a “+1” button next to the result. Then, when their Google “friends” search, those results are shown as recommended. The addition of +1 followed the previous month’s addition of social recommendation into search results using Twitter and other social sharing.Facebook – the center of many users’ online social sharing experience – has been notably absent from all of this. A browser extension called “Google +Like” has come along, however, to bring the best parts of the two rival companies together into a social search experience.To those of you who keep a close eye on tech news, the absence of Facebook from all of this is no surprise. The two companies are famously unfriendly with each other. Facebook and Bing are closely aligned, offering the sort of social search integration that users may desire from Google as well.“Google +Like” brings a similar sort of Facebook integration to Google search results, allowing users to like results directly from their search results page and more. While “Google +Like” won’t change the order of your search results or alter them in any way that a close integration would offer, it shows the general popularity of a link on Facebook and who, out of your Facebook friends, has liked the link. The extension is available for Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer and allows users to not only see these “Likes” in their basic search results, but also in news and video results. There has been one question that has been absent from much of the discussion surrounding Google and its +1 button – do we really want social recommendations in our search results? What do you think – do you want your Twitter and Facebook friends, your Google contacts, to influence your search results? Or would you rather keep social out of search entirely? The Dos and Don’ts of Brand Awareness Videos A Comprehensive Guide to a Content Audit Tags:#Facebook#Google#web Related Posts mike melanson Facebook is Becoming Less Personal and More Pro…last_img read more

Cinematography Tip: Capture Smooth Panning Shots at 24fps

first_imgOne of the biggest headaches associated with shooting at 24fps is the jittery look of vertical lines you get when panning. This calculator will help you eliminate that issue entirely.Top image of Chris Menges from Movie City NewsThe reason we love 24p footage so much, is the very same reason it can be so frustrating to work with – it’s just not smooth. Unlike 30p or 60p footage that can appear so smooth that it’s hyper-realistic looking, 24fps material has a slight jitter to it, which makes it feel more ‘filmic.’Here’s a comparison from Derek Rowe that highlights the differences between 24fps and 60fps:This jittery effect goes unnoticed most of the time, except of course in certain circumstances — one example being panning shots. If you’ve ever watched back footage from a shoot and noticed that a building, sign, or anything else with a vertical line seemed to appear jumpy or jittery when panning, you probably weren’t factoring in panning speeds.To clarify exactly what this looks like, take a look at this test video I shot a couple years back with my GH3. The intention was to compare my new camera to the GH2 and see which had more noticeable jitter when panning:GH3 – Panning Judder Test from Noam Kroll on Vimeo.This issue can be problematic in other ways too – for example scrolling credits can often appear jittery at 24fps if they aren’t set to the right speed. But for the purpose of this post, we’ll focus on the production side of things and how to avoid this issue in camera.Thankfully, there’s a bit of a science to getting smooth motion when panning in 24p. Some of the biggest variables that come into play include: lens length, shutter speed, resolution, and panning angle. Once you understand how these elements affect each other, you can quickly figure out how long it should take you to pan from one side of your shot to the other.For example… let’s say you’re shooting on a 35mm lens at 24p on a Super 35mm camera. Let’s also assume that the shot you’re trying to capture calls for a panning angle of about 45 degrees — or in other words: you need to rotate the camera 45 degrees in your shot. To smoothly capture this shot you’d need to take at least 8 seconds to pan across your shot. If you were to move more slowly, that’ll work too… But any faster and your image becomes jittery.This may sound confusing, but there are many free calculators online that will help you determine the best panning speed for your shot. One of the ones that I use most often and highly recommend is from RED Digital Cinema. It can be found on their website here: Free Calculator from REDHere’s another from STAM Interactive: Pan Speed CalculatorAnd lastly, here’s a quick video from the great Dave Dugdale that’s full of tips that can help you pull off a great panning shot.Got any tips for your fellow cinematographers? Let us know in the comments below!last_img read more

No resolution any time soon in dope cases

first_imgWith a number of cases already pending before the anti-doping disciplinary panel, those involving six top quarter-milers of the country seem to be heading for another long battle after Wednesday’s hearing was adjourned for October 5.Defence counsel R K Anand sought reports on the second test of one of the athletes from the National Anti-Doping Agency (NADA) due to which the hearing had to be adjourned.Ashwini Akkunji, Sini Jose, Mandeep Kaur, Jauna Murmu, Priyanka Panwar and Tiana Mary Thomas appeared for their second hearing in the dope cases but there were hardly any arguments exchanged.The defence had sought the documentation package of all the athletes from NADA in the previous hearing. The packages of all the athletes were furnished but it came to light that Tiana tested positive for anabolic steroids in two different tests conducted by NADA – at the inter-state championships in June and an out-of competition test in Patiala.That gave Anand an opportunity to ask for the documentation package of the second test and the hearing had to be adjourned even as the prosecution lawyer asked for it to go ahead with the available documents on other athletes. But chairman of the disciplinary panel Dinesh Dayal allowed Anand another long period to prepare his case.According to the NADA rules, the hearing has to be completed within three months but often the cases have dragged on for months and in some cases, for more than a year. In fact, a few months back, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) also pulled up NADA and asked it to hasten the hearing process. It was only then that NADA woke up to ask the disciplinary panels, which are independent bodies, to pick up the pace in the hearing processes.advertisementOn Wednesday, a three-member panel headed by Dayal also adjourned the hearing in the cases of 11 sports persons who tested positive for methylhexaneamine (MHA) last year.The MHA cases have been going on for close to a year, if not more than that, but the disciplinary panel hasn’t been able to come out with a verdict due to various delays at the pretext of some missing documents or the other.As the case dragged on, NADA stepped in and requested the panel to accelerate proceedings. A time-bound schedule for the hearings was proposed this week, but the hearing has now been adjourned till October 7.Seized or provided?The tests on the food supplements provided by the quartermilers have returned positive but it throws a serious question on what can be tested at the National Drug Testing Laboratory (NDTL) and what not.Besides, there is no clarity on whether the food supplements that were tested there were seized or voluntarily provided by the athletes.It has been reliably learnt that NADA never collected the food supplements from the athletes. It was the Sports Authority of India (SAI) which collected the samples at the behest the Mudgal committee, which is looking into the dope cases in athletics, and passed them on to the NDTL. However, as per the rules, NDTL cannot conduct tests except if the request comes from NADA or from any other national sports federation.Another question that arises is whether the supplements that have returned positive tests are the same as those substance found in the samples provided by the athletes.The banned substance, which has been found in the supplements, is ginseng and if brought to the notice of the panel, it may help the athletes to get a reduced sanction on the basis of “No fault or negligence clause,” mentioned in the NADA code.But for that, the hearing process will have to come to some conclusion which does not seem likely in the near future.Panel head pleads for more staffThe anti-doping disciplinary panelists, who decide the fate of India’s top athletes caught in the drug mess, are finding it hard to carry out their work in the absence of the required facilities.Justice CK Mahajan on Wednesday was once again critical of the National Anti-Doping Agency (NADA) for the lack of staff for him and other panelists. “I have been asking for a dedicated staff for hearing proceedings for a long time but I have got nothing,” said Mahajan as he got ready to dictate his order to a NADA official.It is just one official who has been designated to help the anti-doping disciplinary and appeals panel with its daily proceedings. Besides, the official also goes out for sample collection to various places outside the Capital and then has to maintain all the legal and laboratory records of the athletes which are to be provided to the panelists.advertisementAlso, he has to double up as a stenographer as well when the anti-doping panel dictates its order. On Wednesday, when another official came to take the order on a laptop, Mahajan made his displeasure clear.”It will take three days to dictate the order,” he said. Following his comments, one of the lawyers came in to take down the order.last_img read more