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Student finds success on and off campus with DJ company

first_imgWith blasting beats and mashed-up mixes, senior Walker Anderson’s High Velocity Professional DJ Services has become a major performer in South Bend at events ranging from dorm dances to weddings. Anderson said he began the service three years ago based on experience jockeying in high school. The student-owned business now averages two shows each weekend, he said. “Once I got to college, I went to a few dances and I was like hey, I could do this,” he said. Anderson said he made detailed business plans the summer after his freshman year, and started the company in the fall of 2009. “I had to do the research on things like taxes, business law, client interaction, how to sell things, marketing strategy, everything associated with running a business,” he said. “It’s largely been self-taught.” The company became profitable just months after its opening and earned back Anderson’s investments in legal fees and other start-up costs, he said. “It was probably halfway through the first semester that … it’s paid for itself over and over again,” Anderson said. “The numbers speak for themselves in terms of growth and our potential.” Anderson hired a manager and three DJs after High Velocity gained more momentum, he said. The company is composed of all Notre Dame students and now does multiple shows every week. “At first it was me, and then once I got going I was able to acquire more equipment, which meant I could send out more than one crew at one time,” he said. The role of student employees servicing their peer’s needs is key, Anderson said. “My business model is for students, by students,” he said. “My three goals are to be more affordable, more professional and more personal” Anderson said he offers clients shows with top-quality equipment at a low cost. He also offers special rates for charity events. “I’ve gone out and done price comparisons with what’s available in the area and then cut it,” he said. “It’s our way of giving back to the community that’s let us grow” Notre Dame’s tight-knit community offers Anderson’s company an advantage in marketing, he said. “We have a client focus because at the end of the day, the best advertising is word of mouth,” Anderson said. “It’s easy to grow fast at Notre Dame. “ The aerospace engineering major is able to balance his business and academic responsibilities, since the nature of his business does not conflict with his class schedule. “It’s tightened my schedule at some points because I do like to meet with my clients beforehand, especially with wedding clients,” he said. “Other than that … the work is limited largely to the weekends, so it impacts more of my social life than academic life.” Anderson said for those considering a start-up of their own, careful planning helps turn ideas into successful businesses. “Reach out to people who know about this stuff and don’t be afraid to ask questions,” he said. “You just have to break it down into steps.” Anderson said his experience with High Velocity helped him secure a job in technical consulting in Atlanta after graduation. “This experience has helped me get my job and it’s going to help my manager and DJ’s build their portfolios,” he said. “Not only do they get to showcase their talent, but they get to learn about client interaction.” Anderson said he plans to continue running the company from Atlanta, with the help of members of his staff remaining on campus. “The reason I didn’t sell it is because I knew no student could afford buying the company up front, and I didn’t want to sell it to a non-student who didn’t have that connection with Notre Dame,” he said. Anderson said he is thankful for the chance to run his business at Notre Dame. “It’s been an awesome ride. It started off as an idea and it’s been a very rewarding experience,” he said. “We have the Notre Dame, Saint Mary’s, and Holy Cross to thank for continued support.”last_img read more

Scott Longley – Is the Betfair Exchange losing its edge?

first_img UKGC lifts Matchbook suspension August 12, 2020 Submit Flutter moves to refine merger benefits against 2020 trading realities August 27, 2020 ‘Deal maker’ Rafi Ashkenazi ends Flutter tenure  August 27, 2020 Share StumbleUpon Related Articles Share This April, Paddy Power Betfair reported a lacklustre Q1 2018 trading update, in which the betting group detailed a decline in its Exchange revenues. As the FTSE operator tackles further enlargement pressures, can the Betfair Exchange maintain product and market dominance against ambitious incumbents seeking to slice apart ‘the exchange cake’…_________________It seems a long time ago since Betfair first floated on the London Stock Exchange and the prospectus spoke about the betting exchange being a “unique, disruptive platform” that had a “transformational impact” on the sports-betting market.Back in 2010, Betfair talked about the way that the exchange had “fundamentally changed” the world of sports betting. Come in the first-quarter trading statement from the enlarged Paddy Power Betfair, though, and you have to wait until the fourth paragraph of page two before any reference to the exchange is made.To compound the impression of a product which has lost its luster, the statement goes on to say that revenue for the exchange was down 7 percent for the first three months of the year due largely to lower horseracing commissions.Other than a brief explanation of the whys and wherefores of fixture cancellations and exchange revenue performance, that’s pretty much it. No further mention is made; not in relation to reviving the situation nor to any plans to potentially expand into the US with a product which could well thrive in any positive post-SCOTUS scenario.This eclipsing of the betting exchange’s importance within the parent organisation comes at a time of increased exchange competition, according to the analysts at Morgan Stanley.In a note issued ahead of the first-quarter results in late April, the MS team suggested the exchange was “the greatest point of diversification” for the Paddy Power Betfair online operation but also “an area where we see increased competitive risk.”Noting moves made by Matchbook, Betdaq and Smarkets to cut commission levels while upping their collective marketing spend, the analysts warned: “While the superior liquidity on Betfair forms a defensive moat, we do see scope for this gap to close or for Paddy Power Betfair to be pressured to cut commission levels to retain syndicate-based winners on the platform.”Eye off the ball“I think more people are questioning their Betfair use now,” says Shane McLaughlin, managing director at Betdaq, the now GVC Holdings owned betting exchange based in Dublin.To counter the liquidity question, McLaughlin says the launch of a 2 percent commission offer (well below Betfair’s standard 5 percent) means that perceptions have “changed somewhat.”Mark Brosnan – MatchbookAt Matchbook chief executive Mark Brosnan thinks that a “level of disillusionment” dating back to Betfair’s introduction of a premium charge in 2011 has contributed to punters looking elsewhere when it comes to their exchange preferences.“I think, on the whole, there is a sense that Betfair has lost focus on the exchange side of their business,” he says. “From the time the sportsbook was launched right through the Paddy Power merger and subsequent platform integration, the exchange has become a smaller and smaller part of the overall business.”Betfair for years hung its hat on a ‘winners welcome’ sign but for many that premise met its demise a long time back. “As soon as they had a client database they turned bookie,” says Ben Keith, founder and chief executive at Star Sports which also runs the Star Spreads business.He suggests that by straying far from that original message, it will have given the likes of Betdaq “hope”. But he still issues words of caution about the liquidity advantage. “Liquidity breeds liquidity,” he says.“It would be a mistake not to acknowledge the job that Betfair has done over the last 15 odd years, in educating customers as to the value of betting with an exchange,” says Brosnan.“It is obviously one of the main drivers behind the overall growth of the betting-exchange market but its complacency has left the door open for others to build on that position and not just take market share, but help grow the overall betting exchange market itself.”Shane McLaughlin – Betdaq“We just think there should be room for more than one dominant player,” says McLaughlin, who points out that where Betdaq has seen growth in recent months has been with the higher-spending exchange customers.The prize, though, would be making headway with the more mass-market customers. “Then we would really be driving success,” he says.To misquote The Wire, many have come at Betfair and as Brosnan points out, many have missed the target, the ill-fated WBX.com for one. But timing is everything and given that the focus of Paddy Power Betfair is currently elsewhere, there are reasons for the contenders to believe this time might be different.“There are two ways for us to think about market growth,” concludes McLaughlin. “First, it will be by developing more product, apps, presenting exchange betting as more generic. But we also want to see more growth from new regulated territories opening up.”last_img read more