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Minecraft Reality app places your Minecraft creations in the real world

first_imgMinecraft continues to be popular with millions of gamers around the world, and stands out as a great example of an indie developer success story. It’s more popular than Call of Duty on Xbox Live, has its very own Lego to collect, and its creator Notch even condones piracy if you can’t afford to buy the game.The other great thing about Minecraft is it allows you to build just about anything, which has lead to such feats as Disney’s Magical Kingdom and Wolfenstein 3D being perfectly recreated inside the game.Developer Mojang hasn’t been ignoring all this creation that’s going on in the world of Minecraft. Instead, they’ve come up with a way for anyone to share their creations in the real world. Mojang has teamed up with developer 13th Lab to create an augmented reality iOS app called Minecraft Reality (MR).What MR allows you to do is take a model you’ve created in the game and place it in the real-world. As the video above shows, you can place your creation anywhere, resize it, and use GPS to mark and share its location with others. Then, anyone can load up MR on their iOS device and view the model on their screen.While sharing your models is a very cool idea, the app also has a practical application. Imagine you want to decorate a room, re-landscape your garden, or even build a new house. Now you can create it in Minecraft first and position it in the real world to see what the finished, if blocky, design will look like.The Minecraft Reality app is available now for $1.99 and ships with a few models preloaded so you can see what it’s capable of.More at Minecraft Reality, via Mojanglast_img read more