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In 24 seconds youll know why we love waterproof gear

first_imgCanon’s 5D MK II digital SLR is a surprisingly tough device. It has a rugged magnesium body, full weather sealing, and it designed to work in jungles, war zones, sub-zeros temperatures, and all sorts of other crazy conditions. Even the shutter is tough — it’s rated at 150,000 exposures before it’s due for a replacement. What can’t the 5D MK II handle?One thing the 5D apparently has trouble with, as does most electronic devices, is complete immersion in salt water. No matter how rugged the gadget it’s going to have problems with a few things, with soda, fine dust, and salt water chief among them.The short film above, entitled “How to Lose $2400 in 24 Seconds” is about the unfortunate demise of a Canon 5D thanks to a wave. The camera was setup up a tripod at the beach and what looks like a fluke wave came in and took it down. With a Canon 5D body going for about $2300-$2400 dollars these days that, as they say, was the end of that.On the upside the memory card clearly survived. That’s really a testament to the camera body doing what it’s designed to do — even if the camera doesn’t survive, any professional photographer will tell you that it’s the images that are important. The camera, any camera for that matter, can be replaced but those images captured moments in time that are gone forever.Considering the $2400 price, it seems like his lens survived as well. We don’t know which one it was, but we do know that Canon’s L series lenses — what most people use with the 5D — is weather sealed just like the body. (I’m not sure whether that makes a case for the lens surviving or not though.)What can be done to stop yourself from paying $2400 for a very short, not particularly complex film? First off, you can buy insurance. This won’t protect your gear, but it will protect your investment. Next, you can an underwater housing. These happen to be very expensive, often over $1000, so they will be overkill unless if you want to actually shoot underwater. Otherwise you can get something like the Bingo watertight bag for about $70. They’re aren’t perfect but they usually get the job done.Or you could always just keep your tripod slightly above the water line. At the very least put it behind a well-built sand castle.Kidding aside, don’t feel too bad for the camera owner, Kurtis Hough. About 23 hours and 300,000 views later NYC’s favorite camera store, B&H Photo, has offered to replace the camera for him!Kurtis Hough, via redditlast_img read more