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Jamaican footballers celebrate with Leicester City

first_imgWes Morgan just made history as the first Jamaican international to win the English Premier League football title as captain of winning team Leicester City. However, he isn’t the only person of Jamaican heritage to have played for the new English top-flight champions. A year before Morgan was born in 1984, Robert ‘Bob’ Hazell played for Leicester City while they were still in the English first division. Hazell was born in Kingston in 1959 and later migrated to the United Kingdom. He joined Leicester City in 1983 and played for the team for three years from 1983 to 1986. He helped the East Midlands club to a 15th-place finish in the 1984-85, season before being loaned out to Wolverhampton Wanderers for a short spell. During his period with Leicester, he made 41 appearances and scored two goals. Hazell never played for Jamaica, but he did represent the England Under-21 squad, playing one game in 1978. Frank Sinclair, who helped Jamaica qualify for the 1998 FIFA World Cup in France, also played for Leicester City. Sinclair played for dethroned English champions Chelsea from 1990-1998, playing for a season with West Bromwich Albion from 1991-1992 on loan and then moved to Leicester City from 1998 until 2004, making 164 appearances for the club and scoring three goals in his time there. Most recently, Jermaine Beckford, who joined the Reggae Boyz set-up in early 2013, played for Leicester between 2011 and 2013. Beckford made 43 appearances for the Foxes, scoring nine goals in total.last_img read more

NDTL’s Suspension Will Hamper India’s Anti-doping Programme: Expert

first_img Dopingindian olympic associationInternational Standard for Laboratoriesioa First Published: August 23, 2019, 6:27 PM IST New Delhi: The suspension of National Dope Testing Laboratory’s accreditation by WADA will not only impact the cost and number of dope tests in the country but will also leave India’s anti-doping programme dependent on facilities abroad for at least six months.According to experts, India will also lose revenue from the testing of samples from neighbouring countries like Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. Other WADA-accredited laboratories in Asia are in Tokyo, Beijing, Seoul, Doha and Bangkok. With a limited budget at its disposal, it will now be difficult for the National Anti-Doping Agency to increase the number of dope tests this year, with the Olympics just 11 months away.The NADA claimed it conducted more than 4348 dope tests in 2018-19, including 466 blood samples. This number is likely to reduce unless the ministry or the respective National Sports Federations bear the extra cost for testing outside.Sports Medicine expert PSM Chandran said the NDTL, which got WADA accreditation in 2008, has been one of the cheapest laboratories in the world for dope testing.”The NDTL, on an average charges USD 200 (Rs 14,340), if you want the result in a 10-day window. It is costlier in other laboratories, the London laboratory will charge 250 to 300 pound (Rs 21,845 to Rs 26,243) on an average for a 10-day window of the result. Sometimes, you want the result in 48 hours, then it costs more,” Chandran, who served as Sports Authority of India’s Director of Sports Medicine for 25 years, told PTI.”But there is room for negotiation and if the dope samples are more, there can be rebates or reduction in costs. India should be targeting laboratories nearer home like Bangkok which is probably slightly costlier than NDTL,” he added.But according to Chandran, the problem could be that laboratories outside the country may not accept large number of samples.”For example, say we want to send our samples in Bangkok but that particular lab may not be able to take in a large number of samples from India because it will have to test its own and for other countries also. Then, you have to send to other countries, say in Europe which are costlier.”So, you lose the freedom of testing athletes whenever necessary. You have to first find out where the samples can be sent,” he added.Chandran said NADA may go for target/select testing instead of bulk testing under the circumstances.Asked if there could be delays in dope results coming out, he said, “It depends and it will not necessarily lead to delays because of suspension of accreditation of the NDTL. If you pay more, the results of dope tests done abroad will come on time. It is all about money.”If a delay has to happen, it will happen. We have seen delays in dope cases in India earlier also,” he added.He also refused to speculate on the reason for suspension of NDTL’s accreditation.”NDTL has been up to the standards, that is why it was accredited by WADA for these many years. There must be reasons for the suspension of the accreditation. Now, it may have to do the necessary changes or improvements under the WADA.”WADA will again find out after six months whether necessary changes or improvements are made. Let us hope for the best,” he added. Get the best of News18 delivered to your inbox – subscribe to News18 Daybreak. Follow News18.com on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Telegram, TikTok and on YouTube, and stay in the know with what’s happening in the world around you – in real time.last_img read more

Antoine Griezmann apologises for fashion faus pax, loses face on social media

first_imgAtletico Madrid fowrard Antoine Griezmann receiving criticism on social media for posting a picture of himself on his official Twitter account dressed as a Harlem Globetrotter, covered in black paint and wearing a wig.The French international had captioned the picture ’80’s party’.However, he was quick to realise his mistake and soon deleted the photo from his handle.He responded to the criticism with another post saying: “Calm down my friends, I’m a fan of Harlem Globetrotters and that beautiful era, this is a tribute.”This photo was tweeted by Antoine GriezmannGriezmann, a passionate basketball fan who has travelled to the United States to watch NBA games, later issued a third tweet saying: “I recognise that this was clumsy from me. If I offended anyone, I apologise.”He also deleted the second post where he defended himself.(Courtesy: Reuters)last_img read more

New Brilliant Beer Pong Invention Removes Need For Water Cups

first_imgSlip Cup new Beer Pong invention.Slip Cup New Idea Beer PongLet’s face it – beer pong, for as fantastic a tailgating game as it is, is also a bit unhygienic. Players throw ping-pong balls onto the ground, clean them off with dirty water, and then drink the beer they’ve come in contact with. After you’ve played a while, you get used to it. But apparently, you no longer have to. Five friends from Connecticut have invented the “Slip Cup”, which sits on top of each cup, blocking the balls from hitting the beer. They also don’t interfere with gameplay at all – they’re basically smaller versions of the normal cups you already use. It’s a genius idea. slip cup beer pong inventionKickstarterThe Slip Cup is trying to raise $70,000 on Kickstarter to get the product into major retailers. So far, they’ve racked up just over $13,000.Here’s the video from the Kickstarter page. Needless to say, this is a game-changer both for tailgating and house parties. Would you buy one?[Patch]last_img read more

A Simple KnicksProof Proposal To Improve The NBAs Draft Lottery

Pelicans3850.5100.4 That’s more proportionate to the small difference separating Minnesota, New York and Philly in the standings.Here’s how the lottery balls would have been distributed in each of the past 10 seasons.4For 2012, which was shortened by a labor dispute, I’ve prorated loss totals to an 82-game schedule. On average, the worst team would have had about a 25 percent chance of winding up with the top pick, as it does now. But those chances would have been as high as 38.5 percent (for the record-setting 2012 Charlotte Bobcats) or as low as 19.0 percent (for the 2013 Orlando Magic), depending on how much separated the very worst team from the almost-as-bad ones. In a year like 2010, in which there was a big gap between the second-worst team (the 15-67 Timberwolves) and the third-worst (the 25-57 Sacramento Kings), that’s where the sharpest break in lottery chances would have been.It’s not the radical change that I’d prefer! But it’s a simple enough reform that even the Knicks couldn’t screw it up.CORRECTION (April 15, 3:36 p.m.): An earlier version of the chart in this post gave the incorrect location of the second-worst NBA team in 2005. At that time, the Hornets were located in New Orleans, not Charlotte. TEAMLOSSESLOTTERY BALLSCHANCE OF FIRST PICKLOTTERY BALLSCHANCE OF FIRST PICK Jazz4480.8100.4 Knicks6519919.957620.3 Kings54636.31696.0 Heat45111.1160.6 Suns4360.6100.4 Pistons50282.8812.9 76ers6415615.652918.6 Hornets49171.7642.3 CURRENT SYSTEMREVISED SYSTEM Timberwolves6625025.0%62522.0% Magic57888.82569.0 Nets4470.7100.4 Lakers6011911.936112.7 Nuggets52434.31214.3 The New York Knicks did something unusual Monday night: They won a basketball game — just their 17th this season. What wasn’t so unusual — from a franchise that starred in such tragicomedies as Amar’e Stoudemire punching a fire extinguisher and Andrea Bargnani nearly snatching defeat from the jaws of victory — was the Knicks’ poor sense of timing. Having spent most of the season ridding their roster of anyone who could possibly help them win, the Knicks have now won twice in a row.Those two wins could make a lot of difference to the Knicks’ chance of drafting Jahlil Okafor or Karl-Anthony Towns. With one game left for each team, the Knicks are 17-64, a game better than the Minnesota Timberwolves at 16-65. The Philadelphia 76ers have the third-worst record at 18-63.Let’s say each team loses its final game. Under the NBA’s lottery formula, the Timberwolves would have a 25.0 percent chance of landing the first pick, the Knicks would have a 19.9 percent shot, and the Sixers a 15.6 percent chance.That seems like an awfully big difference for teams that are separated by just one or two games in the standings. But it’s how the NBA’s rules work. The number of losses doesn’t matter, only the order of the teams.1The league does, at least, split the difference in the event of ties, so if the Knicks and Timberwolves each finish at 17-65, they’ll each have about a 22.5 percent chance at the first pick.There’s a better way to award those pingpong balls, one that maintains the spirit of the current lottery system without allowing a one-game difference to matter so much.Here’s how it works. Take each team’s number of losses. Subtract 41 (41-41 represents a breakeven record in the NBA). Then square the result. That’s how many pingpong balls a team gets. (OK, one more provision: A team gets a minimum of 10 lottery balls, including if it has a winning record.2Otherwise, a team with a winning record would get more lottery balls than a team with a 41-41 record, since subtracting 41 from a number less than 41 and squaring the result would produce a positive number.)That might seem arbitrary — but it produces results that are remarkably similar to the current formula, only fairer. What chance would each team have at the first pick this year, for example? Assuming each team’s final game goes according to the FiveThirtyEight NBA Power Ratings,3Meaning that the Wolves, Knicks and Sixers all lose. that would leave the Wolves with a 22.0 percent chance at the first pick, the Knicks at 20.3 percent and the Sixers at 18.6 percent. read more

Ohio State field hockey set for No 18 Indiana Hoosiers

Sophomore midfielder Paige Hamilton (2) fights for the ball against Penn State on Sept. 28 at Buckeye Varsity Field. OSU lost, 4-3.Credit: Grant Miller / Copy chiefThe road has not been kind to Ohio State field hockey so far this season, but the team is looking to clean things up when it travels to Bloomington, Ind., for a 3 p.m. showdown with the No. 18 Indiana Hoosiers on Friday.The Buckeyes are 1-5 on the road this season and have yet to pick up a Big Ten victory. The team understands the importance of the late conference games and how it can use them as a stepping-stone to the Big Ten Tournament, junior forward Peanut Johnson said.“I think we take, especially Big Ten games, very seriously,” Johnson said. “And each one, we wanna come out with everything. Typically, at least in my career, we’ve come out in the tournament really hard and played really well, so hopefully we get it together for these last few games.”For OSU, it’s all about matchups when facing the Hoosiers. Coach Anne Wilkinson said she wants to find the best way to get her playmakers into space.OSU’s biggest playmaker on the season has been freshman midfielder Maddy Humphrey, who leads the team with 11 goals and 30 points. Humphrey picked up her third Big Ten Freshman of the Week honor Tuesday after compiling seven points last week in games against Rutgers and Kent State.“My coaches help and even my players help,” Humphrey said. “They’ve taught me the little things that have helped me gotten these awards and helped me get the points I have with all their hard work.”Humphrey’s 30 points put her fourth in the Big Ten.Her next biggest test will be squaring off against All-Big Ten performer Audra Heilman, a senior forward for Indiana. Heilman is fifth in the conference in points with 29, and fourth in the conference with 12 goals on the season.Wilkinson said one of the keys against Indiana will be playing a complete game of field hockey against a team notorious for playing its best late in the game.“It’s gonna be that we need to be able to play consistent field hockey for 70 minutes first, and be able to play 70 minutes strong no matter what,” Wilkinson said. “Indiana’s a team that usually plays well in the second half. We need to be able to compete for 70 minutes.”OSU is then set to return home Sunday to play host to No. 12 Iowa at noon.Iowa boasts the Big Ten’s leader in goals (16) and points (37), Natalie Cafone. The junior forward from Fairfield, N.J., averaged 2.48 points per game in her sophomore season to lead the country.In her junior campaign, she is besting that mark, averaging 2.85 points per game. Cafone poses a major risk to the Buckeyes’ defense, but OSU’s freshman goalie Liz Tamburro has been under fire before.She leads the conference with 90 saves on the season, and it will be up to her to deny Cafone around the front of the net.With six of nine Big Ten teams ranked in the top 20 nationally, the season has become a grind for OSU, Humphrey said, but she added the Buckeyes like it that way.“It shows that we have a lot of competition nationally,” Humphrey said. “And we’ve played a lot of tough teams. We’ve been right there with them, so hopefully we can just finish it now in the next four games.”Those four matchups are the only games remaining on OSU’s regular season schedule. read more

Baseball Ohio State cruises to 85 victory against Xavier

Ohio State junior outfielder Dominic Canzone (33) celebrates with senior infielder Kobie Foppe (2) after a home run during the game against Michigan on April 12. Ohio State won 10-5. Credit: Casey Cascaldo | Photo EditorFour years ago, now-redshirt senior pitcher Thomas Waning was not wearing a scarlet and gray uniform. Instead, he was wearing navy in his redshirt season for Xavier.   Waning and Ohio State (21-17, 4-5 Big Ten) cruised past Xavier (14-23, 5-1 Big East) by a score of 8-5. Big games from Waning and junior right fielder Dominic Canzone allowed for the Buckeyes to win their fifth game in the past six games. In his third year with the Buckeyes, Waning received his first start Tuesday, but he wasn’t slated to be the starter until a few hours before the game.  “Mitch Milheim wasn’t able to pitch tonight. He’s actually in surgery for having his appendix removed,” head coach Greg Beals said.This forced the staff to call upon Waning. The right hander had logged 11.2 innings in 12 appearances for Ohio State on the season, but the nerves were still there for the redshirt senior. “[I was] a little nervous,” Waning said. “It’s been six years since I started, since high school.” Waning entered the contest with a 6.17 ERA and a 9-to-8 strikeout-to-walk ratio. The redshirt senior would not allow a baserunner through the first 3.2 innings of his start. He would finish the day with four scoreless innings pitched, the longest outing of his career, and one hit allowed in his first career win. “To get four from him was more than we expected,” Beals said. “Really happy for Thomas.” Canzone would electrify the game with both his fielding and hitting abilities. Defensively, the co-captain would lay out to record two catches in the outfield.“Those were huge for Thomas to settle in and not have to work with a man on base and under pressure,” Beals said. In the batter’s box, Canzone would emphatically increase his on-base streak to 34 games. With two outs in the second inning, Canzone launched a moonshot home run over the right field wall on his first pitch to extend the lead to three. “There are guys out there that have the ability to find the barrel of the bat, and Dom is certainly that guy,” Beals said. Canzone would record three hits and two runs on the game, bringing his batting average to .368 on the season. Senior left fielder Brady Cherry was able to launch a two-run home run over the left field wall later in the second.On the year, Canzone and Cherry have combined for 19 of the team’s 36 home runs this season.“For me and Cherry, I consider us leaders on this team,” Canzone said. “I just have a feeling that we can lead our team in every single game, and I just want to take as much pressure as I can off the other guys.” The Xavier pitching staff had been prone to allowing home runs all season, and Tuesday was no different. After allowing 47 coming into the game, the Musketeers were taken yard two times by the Ohio State bats. The Buckeyes jumped on the Musketeers early with an RBI single from junior first baseman Conner Pohl in the first inning. Redshirt sophomore designated hitter Brent Todys brought home the second run of the inning with a single to left-center field. Pohl earned his second RBI of the game and 26th of the year with his first-career triple. Sophomore catcher Dillon Dingler and freshman third baseman Zach Dezenzo would knock in the second and third runs of the fourth inning. The Buckeyes would do the bulk of their damage with two outs. With a .533 two-out batting average, Ohio State would scratch across seven runs with two outs.  “It tells me something that the focus, the lock in, and the compete mode is strong,” Beals said. Cherry would try his hand at pitching for the fourth time this season, but a grand slam by senior shortstop Chris Givin capped off a five-run eighth inning for the Musketeers and the outing for Cherry. Junior pitcher Andrew Magno picked up his sixth save of the year. “Andrew is coming into himself. He’s always had great stuff,” Beals said. Ohio State will resume Big Ten play at 6:30 p.m. Friday against Maryland. read more

Klopp reveals when Alisson will make Liverpool debut

first_imgNew Liverpool £67million signing Alisson Becker trained with the squad for the first time on Tuesday and will make his Liverpool debut in Saturday’s friendly with Napoli.With the squad set to leave their training base in France for Ireland this weekend, Alisson is expected to start the Reds’ friendly with Napoli at the Aviva Stadium in Dublin.Klopp told Liverpoolfc.com:“I’m very pleased [to be able to work with him], but first of all it’s very important he can start now because the season starts in one and half weeks. Each player in the world needs training and time to adapt to his mates.Roberto Firmino, LiverpoolVirgil van Dijk praises Roberto Firmino after Liverpool’s win Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Virgil van Dijk hailed team-mate Roberto Firmino after coming off the bench to inspire Liverpool to a 3-1 comeback win against Newcastle United.“It’s pretty likely [he’ll make his debut]. We should not waste time. Then it’ll be nearly a week, or six days in training since he [started] and yes, he will play.“We have two games to do that before we start, so it’s really good. He obviously has a real presence, he’s smart, he’s very nice and it’s good to have him around.“We have two games to do that before we start, so it’s really good. He obviously has a real presence, he’s smart, he’s very nice and it’s good to have him around.last_img read more