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GoPro creator sells stake to Foxconn

first_imgThere’s no shortage of videos out there of people doing amazing things with cameras strapped to their bodies. In recent years, many of those have been recorded on GoPro cameras. Recently, the creator of GoPro has decided to sell his stake in the company to Foxconn, who will likely start manufacturing most of the pieces for GoPro cameras.Nicholas Woodman built the GoPro name up from scratch. When the company first started making their durable body-mounted cameras, the goal was to get local sports shops to carry them. Watching as a surfer or snowboarder does their thing is a lot of fun from the sidelines, but it is way more fun from the viewpoint of the wearer. Because of this, GoPro quickly became successful, and videos of crazy people doing crazy things with cameras strapped to their bodies became its own YouTube sensation.On top of being quite durable, the GoPro cameras are WiFi capable, typically come with remotes for control without having to touch the camera, and can record 1080p at 30fps. The cameras are light and rely on MicroSD for storage, giving them a somewhat limited capacity of 64GB currently. There are pages of accessories for these cameras, including extra batteries and LCD screens that can be added on, making the cameras incredibly versatile. Considering that one of the more expensive GoPro models is only $400, it’s not hard to see why they are so popular.The explosive growth, reaching $600 million in sales in less than ten years, drew the attention of investors like Foxconn. Now, the Chinese manufacturer owns 11.7 million shares of GoPro. The expectation now is that Foxconn will be able to manufacture the GoPro cameras now, and Nicholas Woodman gets to walk away from the deal a very wealthy man after selling 8.9% stake in the company (at $17.08 a share). Foxconn will likely only be considered for parts moving forward if they have the best prices for materials.It’s unlikely that this purchase will affect the GoPro line in any way, except to maybe allow for less expensive models in the future and show a continued positive sign of growth for the company.last_img read more