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Valencia target Arsenal’s Bukayo Saka

first_imgRelatedPosts Ighalo: My best moment as ‘Red Devil’ EPL: Gunners survive West Ham scare EPL: Gunners gun for West Ham scalp Valencia is reportedly interested in signing Arsenal youngster Bukayo Saka this summer.The 18-year-old has been heavily involved for the Gunners during the 2019-20 campaign, making 29 appearances in all competitions, contributing three goals and nine assists in the process. The teenager’s contract with Mikel Arteta’s side is due to expire in June 2021, though, and it is understood that the Premier League club are struggling to agree a new deal.Liverpool is said to be closely monitoring developments surrounding the England Under-19 international, but according to media reports, Valencia is also in the hunt.The report claimed the Spanish giants are “keeping tabs” on the left-sided player as they consider a move during this summer’s transfer window.Saka, who came through Arsenal’s Hale End academy, started the season as a winger but has largely been used as a full-back over the last few months.Tags: Bukayo SakaMikel ArtetaPremier LeagueValencialast_img read more

Gibson scores 23 to lead North Texas over FIU 78-59

first_imgThis was generated by Automated Insights, http://www.automatedinsights.com/ap, using data from STATS LLC, https://www.stats.com February 27, 2020 Gibson scores 23 to lead North Texas over FIU 78-59 Associated Press center_img Share This StoryFacebookTwitteremailPrintLinkedinRedditMIAMI (AP) — Umoja Gibson had 23 points as North Texas topped Florida International 78-59 on Thursday night.Gibson shot 6 for 9 from deep.James Reese had 16 points for North Texas (19-10, 13-3 Conference USA). Zachary Simmons added 15 points. Javion Hamlet had 14 points, eight assists and six rebounds. Osasumwen Osaghae had 18 points and four blocks for the Panthers (17-11, 8-7). Cameron Corcoran added 10 points.The Mean Green improve to 2-0 against the Panthers on the season. North Texas defeated Florida International 74-56 on Jan. 9. North Texas matches up against W. Kentucky at home on Sunday. Florida International plays Charlotte on the road on Sunday.___For more AP college basketball coverage: https://apnews.com/Collegebasketball and http://twitter.com/AP_Top25___last_img read more

Latest Evidence that Saturn and Its Rings Are Young

first_imgA new set of post-Cassini papers has to deal with observational facts: Saturn and its rings cannot last billions of years.Science Magazine just added to the growing body of post-Cassini literature analyzing 13 years’ worth of data gathered by the legendary Saturn orbiter. During the last 22 “high-dive” orbits in 2017, Cassini had unprecedented opportunities to sample the space between the rings and the planet. Here are some of the surprising findings being reported.Hsu et al, “In situ collection of dust grains falling from Saturn’s rings into its atmosphere” (Science). A “ring rain” of nanoparticles detected by the Cosmic Dust Analyzer (CDA) puts an upper limit of 400 million years on the rings.Mitchell et al, “Dust grains fall from Saturn’s D-ring into its equatorial upper atmosphere” (Science). Atmospheric drag is ejecting dust from the D-ring analogous to “sawdust ejected from a circular saw as it cuts through wood.” They believe the process “plays a role in slowing the fall of the dust through the atmosphere,” but sawdust does not normally evolve back into wood.Waite et al, “Chemical interactions between Saturn’s atmosphere and its rings” (Science). This paper, with co-author Jeff Cuzzi, a ringmaster most of his professional life, cannot support billion-year rings. Water is falling into the planet from the rings at a rate of up to 45,000 kilograms per second. Other compounds are also flowing off the rings into Saturn, as measured by the Ion and Neutral Mass Spectrometer (INMS). Here’s the team’s conclusion:The large mass of infalling material has implications for ring evolution, likely requiring transfer of material from the C ring to the D ring in a repeatable manner. The infalling material can affect the atmospheric chemistry and the carbon content of Saturn’s ionosphere and atmosphere.Cassini dives through the gap between the D Ring and Saturn during its Grand Finale before burning up in Saturn’s atmosphere on September 15, 2017.Here’s the operative quote about ages: not millions of years, but thousands?The mass of Saturn’s C ring is ~1018 kg, about 0.03 times the mass of Saturn’s moon Mimas. Therefore, if we use the mass influx inferred from the INMS measurements (4800 to 45,000 kg s–1), we calculate a lifetime of 700,000 to 7 million years for the C ring. Yet this only reflects today’s influx. The current influx is directly from the D ring rather than the C ring, which must be the ultimate supplier because the mass of the D ring [likely no more than 1% of the C ring mass] can maintain current loss rates for only 7000 to 66,000 years—a very short amount of time in terms of solar history. It is unclear whether the C ring can lose 1% of its mass into the D ring by viscous spreading over that time period.Although viscous spreading of the C ring is likely not the cause of mass transfer to the D ring, occasional transfer of ~1% of the mass of the C ring into the D ring region via a large ring-tilting event is feasible. These ring-tilting events involve a stream of planet-orbiting rubble crossing the ring plane somewhere in the C or D rings. The C ring provides the ultimate source, containing enough mass to last (at current influx rates) about 5% of the time that the rings themselves have existed (~200 million years). The D ring could be repopulated sporadically by large impact events such as those that tilted the D and C ring plane. Once enough small particles are brought into the D ring region, exospheric drag would quickly drain them into the planet, as observed by Cassini.Notice that keeping the rings old (“repopulated”) requires an appeal to the old-age standby explanation: impacts. The number of lucky impacts needed to keep the rings billions of years old, however, stretches credibility.Perry et al, “Material Flux From the Rings of Saturn Into Its Atmosphere” (Geophysical Research Letters). This team measured the flow of nanometer-sized particles from the rings that are swept up by Saturn’s atmosphere and dragged into the planet. The predicted flux was wrong, and had to be revised upward significantly. It’s “exciting” to be wrong by a factor of a hundred, isn’t it?Surprisingly, the flux is a hundred times larger than past predictions, and at least half of the material is hydrocarbon, which comprises less than 5% of the water ice‐dominated rings. Cassini’s data also show that the influx varies at least a factor of 4 and may be linked to clumps that appeared in 2015 on D68, the ringlet on the inner edge of the rings. These newly discovered particles and processes alter the evolutionary landscape of the rings and provide an exciting, rich field for future research aimed at understanding the origin and history of the rings.How This Came Across in the Popular PressLeah Crane, “Cassini revealed three big surprises before diving into Saturn” (New Scientist). Can Ms Crane bring herself to criticize planetary scientists who got things so wrong? On the subject of Saturn’s magnetic field, she comes close:The magnetic fields of planets in our solar system are all tilted to some extent – Neptune’s is off by a whopping 47 degrees. But Saturn’s magnetic field seems to be perfectly straight, and our current theories of how these fields are generated suggests that should be impossible.“If you don’t have a tilt, you would expect the magnetic field to start dying away, but as we got in really close with the Grand Finale orbits, we saw that it is not,” says Michele Dougherty at Imperial College London.Michele is a dignified and accomplished woman on the Cassini team, but she was wrong on this point. She was wrong on another point, too (as were all the Cassini scientists). Once again, they are excited about being wrong:Even the seemingly empty space between Saturn’s surface and its rings is more exciting than we thought. “There’s this connection between the rings and the upper atmosphere of Saturn that we just didn’t think would be there,” says Dougherty. “That was a complete surprise.”Crane goes on to compare the amount of infalling material (dust, ice and gas), measured to be about 45,000 kg (22,000 pounds) per second, this way:That’s the equivalent of about 1800 cars falling into Saturn every minute – such a downpour may mean that the rings are disappearing faster than we thought.A little math helps picture this. How much material should have been lost in Saturn’s assumed lifetime? 4.5 x 104 kg/s times 86,400 sec/day times 365 days/year times 4.5 x 109 years: if this has been going on for the age of the solar system, Saturn’s rings would have lost 24 x 1021 kg of material by now. In plain English, that’s a whopping 6,500 billion billion kilograms, or 4,800 million billion cars! That’s close to 240 times the entire mass of the rings. Is that credible?Groundbreaking Science Emerges from Ultra-Close Orbits of Saturn (Jet Propulsion Laboratory). Will JPL apologize for getting it so wrong? Don’t count on it. Scientists must always look good to the public, because they are the high priests of knowledge in our culture.Scientists can’t be blamed for things that could not be measured or detected before, obviously, but much of what was taught about Saturn and its rings for decades has just been tossed out the window. The press release mentions “surprise” four times. How about that magnetic field? Haven’t students of geophysics been taught that a dynamo in the core generates the field? That’s been falsified, at least in the case of Saturn; “That might mean that Saturn produces its magnetic field differently from the other planets in our solar system,” Crane said. Actually, it might mean that the theory for generating magnetic fields is wrong for all planets. Philosophers of science look askance at special pleading.That’s not the only mystery or surprise, either. The whole mission was a string of surprises:According to everything scientists know about how planetary magnetic fields are generated, Saturn should not have one. It’s a mystery that physicists will be working to solve….But scientists were surprised to see that others [particles] are dragged quickly into Saturn at the equator. And it’s all falling out of the rings faster than scientists thought — as much as 22,000 pounds (10,000 kilograms) of material per second.Scientists were surprised to see what the material looks like in the gap between the rings and Saturn’s atmosphere. They knew that the particles throughout the rings ranged from large to small. But the sampling in the gap showed mostly tiny, nanometer-sized particles, like smoke, suggesting that some yet-unknown process is grinding up particles….Indeed, says project scientist Linda Spilker, “Almost everything going on in that region turned out to be a surprise.” No shame, though; “the data is tremendously exciting.”Now what? “Many mysteries remain, as we put together pieces of the puzzle,” Spilker said. “Results from Cassini’s final orbits turned out to be more interesting than we could have imagined.”In all these surprises, mysteries, and falsifications, one thing is never called into question by secular planetary scientists: the assumed age of the solar system. That figure—the Law of the Misdeeds and Perversions—cannot be altered.Instead of hiding their heads in shame, they are excited about being way off. So what is the likely impact of the revised estimates? Saturn’s rings are young. Plug that into your story of “understanding the origin and history of the rings.” The ramifications are likely to ripple across the solar system, all the way to Earth. (Visited 575 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

Bill to empower Khoisan community

first_img8 August 2011President Jacob Zuma has lauded Adam Kok I, the Griqua leader who stood up to the colonial authorities 300 years ago, as “one of the greatest warriors ever produced by our country”, and said a new Bill would empower South Africa’s indigenous Khoi, San, Nama, Korana and Griqua communities.“The former slave and cook for colonial governors of that era, Adam Kok decided he was not going to fold his arms and allow people to take his land and oppress his people,” Zuma said at the Good Hope Centre in Cape Town on Sunday, at an event marking the 300th anniversary of Adam Kok.Earlier in the day, Zuma laid a wreath at the Castle in commemoration of Adam Kok.The president also lauded Chief Autshumato, who in 1659 battled Dutch settlers under Jan van Riebeeck and was sent to Robben Island, where he became the only prisoner to ever successfully escape from the island.Addressing members and descendents of the Khoi community, he said the Department of Co-operative Government and Traditional Affairs had identified these communities as needing to receive recognition and assistance.National Traditional Affairs BillThe new National Traditional Affairs Bill provides for the representation of traditional leaders in municipal councils. The draft law also provides for the setting up of an advisory committee to investigate and make recommendations on the Khoisan community staff by experts on customary law and institutions of indigenous groups.The Bill is expected before Parliament by the end of the year, said Zuma, adding that the idea was that indigenous groups would be able to have a better say than in the past.“I think what we should appreciate is that we were never consulted by the old apartheid and colonial government on any issue,” Zuma said. “Decisions were taken against us in the majority of cases and some forced down our throats.”He said consultations on the Bill had already been held with Khoisan community and a three-day workshop with the community was held last month.The government plans to hold 29 consultative sessions on the new Bill across the country aimed at engaging with various indigenous communities, which will commence on 20 August and run till September 16.He said the government was also looking at honouring indigenous leaders of the past, including marking their graves, as many had been buried in unmarked plots and forgotten.‘Call us what you want, we have a history’Zuma was joined on stage at the Good Hope Centre by Griqua king Adam Kok V, as well as a Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Minister Tina Joemat-Pettersson, Public Enterprises Minister Malusi Gigaba, Deputy International Relations Minister Marius Fransman, and Western Cape MEC for Community Safety Dan Plato.Fransman, speaking in Afrikaans, said the wreath-laying was a humbling experience because after hundreds of years people were still proud of their Khoi history.He said it was time for people to say that enough was enough, adding that a community that didn’t know its history was destined to disappear from history.“They called us Baster, they called us Coloured. But call us what you want, we have a history,” Fransman said, adding that the struggle for Khoi recognition in the country had been a “rough road”.King Adam Kok V said the Khoi, one of the country’s first indigenous people, were still as marginalised as they were 300 years ago.“Our people’s morale is very low and therefore they venture into criminal activities,” Kok said. “I want to call on our government to give them jobs and create job opportunities.”Also addressing the crowd, Khoisan community leader Aaron Messelaar said there was a time when Khoi people had to work in the kitchen and had been denied education.He said the inhumanity and racial classification of the past had angered the Khoi, but today the Khoi wanted to stand together to make a difference. Said Messelaar: “Ons is die grond en die grond is ons [We are the earth and earth is us]”.Source: BuaNewslast_img read more

Immigration Vehicles Attacked Police deny Political interference

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, TCI, December 12, 2016 – Police are investigating the damage over the weekend to two Immigration Department vehicles.  Magnetic Media was today informed of the vandalism which happened first on Saturday night, then on Sunday night.  One Immigration Department employee believes the damages are retaliation for them doing their jobs, especially in the Snake Hill area of Blue Hills.Police today also issued clarification in a media release in the hopes of ending rumors about those joint operations engineered to flush out illegal migrants.“The Royal Turks and Caicos Islands Police Force (RTCIPF) have recently become aware of rumors circulating within the Blue Hills area of Providenciales, that recent policing operations in and around Snake Hill were being conducted at the request of local political party.RTCIPF can categorically state that this is not the case and that recent operations in that area were intelligence led and carried out and authorized through an appropriate tasking and coordinating process that does not involve anyone from any political party.”Police Commissioner James Smith stated that, “the RTCIPF have operational independence and are not affiliated to any political party, in addition all operational decisions are made based upon current intelligence and all subsequent operations are duly authorized solely by a senior member of the RTCIPF.”Both Immigration vehicles were parked at the Sam Harvey Building, down town Provo. Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Related Items:last_img read more

Icardis former agent critical of Wanda

first_imgMauro Icardi’s former agent feels the wife and agent Wanda Nara is a misfit for the star striker suggesting she only cares about money.Wanda and Inter seem to be having a rift over the Icardi’s contract situation and openly revealed they almost sold him to rivals JuventusHowever, the Argentine’s former agent has come out to discredit Wanda’s work.“Icardi has given a lot on the field as a striker,” Ablan Moreno told Football Italia via Radio Sportiva.“However, he has a bad influence beside him, who only thinks of money. His work on the field is phenomenal and he’s grown a lot in Italian football because his mentality and body are perfect for Serie A, but Wanda Nara only cares about money and not his image and value as Inter’s captain.Romelu Lukaku, Serie A, Inter MilanCapello calls Lukaku “a modern striker” Manuel R. Medina – September 14, 2019 The former Italian manager believes Romelu Lukaku is perfectly suited for Antonio Conte’s Internazionale Milan in the Serie A.“Any agent can talk about renewal, but the way you do it is very important. You can’t just say ‘these are Icardi’s numbers’ and put everything on social media.“They need to go to Inter and talk instead of putting everything on the internet.”#Icardi’s former agent: ‘Wanda is hurting him. She only thinks about money’ https://t.co/7Ri4RJpHdI pic.twitter.com/KOgbhsgprx— CalcioMercato (En) (@CmdotCom_En) December 19, 2018last_img read more