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Gabe Newell confirms Valve will release a Steam games console

first_imgIt was in March that we first started talking about the potential for a Valve games console called the Steam Box. Back then the hardware was expected to be based on an Alienware X51, but several months on and nothing appeared. Instead, Valve hired a hardware person, distracted us with focusing on Steam for Linux, and introduced a Big Picture mode for playing PC games on your TV with a controller.Talk of a Steam Box is back though, and with good reason. Gabe Newell has confirmed during the 2012 Video Game Awards that Valve will be releasing its own hardware to run Steam as a competitor to existing games consoles.It looks as though Steam for Linux and Big Picture mode were both projects to open up Steam to a wider audience, but also to help make a Steam Box happen. Newell stated that Valve’s hardware will be a “very controlled environment,” which I take to mean it will be a PC running Linux, Steam’s Big Picture mode, and nothing else. Control will be through a dedicated game controller rather than a keyboard and mouse.But Newell also made it clear a Valve Steam Box isn’t going to be your only means of playing PC games on your TV using the service. You can build your own Steam Box, other vendors could also develop and offer their own versions of the hardware, and Steam on PC/Mac isn’t going away. Instead, Newell argues Steam across multiple devices just makes it more attractive to developers because it is unified and works everywhere, unlike the different games consoles where each has its own rules and guidelines to follow.As is typical of Valve, there’s no release date for an official Steam Box. It will be announced when it’s ready. However, Valve is also working on a new game engine, and I’d bet money any Steam Box launch would come after that engine is available and potentially alongside the launch of a high-profile game like Half Life 3. Could you think of a better title to launch a Steam Box with?More at Kotakulast_img read more