Academics circulate ‘flysheet’ criticising University reforms

first_imgA group of Oxford Universityacadem­ics have recently composed a flysheet criticising the reforms proposedby the Green Paper, and circulated it among academics across the University.Dr.Nicholas Bamforth, Law fellow at Queen’s College, was part of the group ofacademics that put together the flysheet, as well as the first signa­tory.However,he referred to matters dis­cussed in the flysheet as “an alternative setof proposals (to those of the Chan­cellor).” The flysheet highlighted”The Discussion Paper” which is a response by some of theUniversity’s academics to the reforms proposed by the Chancel­lor, ChrisPatten. The flysheet proposes that a “Board of Scrutiny be created toexercise on Congregation’s behalf independent oversight over decisions made byCouncil and the executive, as well as monitoring the effectiveness ofUniversity governance”. Theflysheet goes on to add that a Board of Scrutiny has been in place in Cambridge since 1995. Italso highlights a proposal in the discus­sion Paper, of “an end toCouncil’s policy of complete confidentiality for all Council business”.Thereader is promptly reminded of the system in place in Cambridge where “the unreserved agendasand minutes of Council and major committees should be published on theweb”.Suchreferences to the systems of governance in place in Cambridgeindicated a criticism of the Chancel­lor’s recent statements encouraging Cambridge to follow in the footsteps of Oxford. The flysheet’s numerous refer­encesto systems that it argued should be in place in Oxford,as they are in Cambridge,implied a contradiction to the views of the Chancellor.DrBamforth said, “It is only the second time [the congregation has] met inthe last two years. The idea of the flysheet is to raise people’s interest inthe debate, and give an outline of the proposals that will be discussed at thecongregation.”Headded that he thinks “the flysheet was received rather well, as indicatedby the discussions at the congregation.” “There were a total ofthirty signatories on the flysheet from many colleges including Merton, Wadhamand Worcester.”ARCHIVE: 4th week MT 2005last_img

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