Chilean Marine Corps to Receive Colt M4 Rifles from U.S.

first_img The final shortlist from the CIM’s selection process also included the HK416 made by German manufacturer Heckler & Koch, and the Belgian SCAR-L produced by FN Herstal. By Dialogo April 03, 2013 The M4 version made by U.S. manufacturer DPMS Panther Arms was also evaluated, but it was rejected due to flaws that occurred when used by the Army’s Special Forces Brigade. The first order is intended to equip the combat units of the Amphibious Expeditionary Brigade (BAE); a 1,400-member seaborne rapid deployment structure created in 2012, and the deliveries are expected to be completed in 2014. The rest of the BAE members and the other CIM units will continue to use the 5.56-mm HK33A2 rifles, acquired in the early 90s. While the CIM favored the rifles’ durability under extensive and prolonged use in inhospitable environments, as well as the chance to incorporate a variety of weapon accessories, the Army gave prominence to the prospect of assembling rifles in Chile, with the ability to integrate a percentage of locally manufactured parts and components. center_img The decision to acquire the M4 rifles was made after a lengthy assessment and negotiation process, initially conducted jointly with the Chilean Army, which was also looking for a new assault weapon for its infantry units. The Chilean Marine Corps (CIM) made its first request to obtain 2,000 of the 5.56-mm M4 assault rifles from U.S. manufacturer Colt on March 29 in Santiago, Chile, under a contract for an undisclosed amount that includes an option for a second request of similar volume to be finalized shortly. They may buy all the weapons during the next war, which will be in Santiago de Chile (THEATER OF OPERATIONS), all predictions point out at the REPUBLIC OF BOLIVIA as the winner, in any case, the operation will last 24 hours PACHACUTEClast_img

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