Business is booming at Tioga County nurseries and garden centers

first_imgTIOGA COUNTY (WBNG) — Garden centers around the area are seeing more cars in their parking lots this time of year. “We always say if you don’t make it in May, then you’re not going to make it. So May is big. Everything from Mother’s Day through the end of May, maybe the first week of June is where we focus on our greenhouse end,” she says. But customers aren’t just coming through the doors because the weather is getting nicer. “I’ve noticed people coming in and saying they want to help out their local communities and keep the money in the area, which I think is great,” says Williams. Growing green gardens and green in the wallets of nurseries around the Southern Tier. W&W Nursery & Landscaping General Manager Aleah Williams says people are taking time to work on their homes. Even if you don’t have a green thumb, it’s a good, safe way to fill some time. A lot of them just want to get out of the house. Gardening can also help your mental health, planting a smile on your face during this stressful time. “We feel like every day has been the weekend. So yeah it’s been really busy, every day has been our busiest day,” said Kuhlman. “I would encourage people to get out and garden as much as they can. It’s a huge stress reliever and it’s nice to just get your hands into the soil,” says Williams. All causing a boost for small businesses. A shopper at Tioga Gardens told 12 News, “I think we’re bored, honestly. I mean we usually go to the farmers market and we still will go to the farmers market but we both have kids, it’s something for the kids to do. And now it’s beautiful outside so we’re stuck at home.” Tioga Gardens nursery manager Casey Kuhlman says May is the busiest month of the year “by far.” “Trips have been canceled and so what they’re doing is saying, ‘Hey, we’ve got all this time.’ They’ll come in buy some plants, ask for ideas, and try to landscape to increase the value of their homes,” Williams says.last_img

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