Last year, a record turnover was achieved on Croatian motorways

first_imgThe A6 motorway generated HRK 879,7 million in revenue last year, 4,7 percent more. Dalmatina and A1 are in third place, with revenues of HRK 710,2 million, an increase of 5,3 percent. On the motorways under the jurisdiction of the state companies Hrvatske autoceste (HAC) and Autoceste Rijeka – Zagreb (ARZ), a total of HRK 2,87 billion was collected from VAT in the past year, excluding VAT, 6% or 160 million more than in 2017, writes Individually by months, the highest toll revenue was realized in August, amounting to HRK 450,7 million. In that month, the record holder for toll collection was the A6 with revenues of HRK 155,7 million. It is followed by A1 with toll revenues in that month in the amount of 134 million kuna. On the A1, the very great sensuality of traffic is still visible. Thus, for example, 524 thousand vehicles passed that highway in January, while in the peak season in August, that number exceeds two million. The summer, 10 percent higher toll tariff last year took effect on June 15 and was in effect until September 15. According to HAC data, the growth of toll revenues was accompanied by an increase in traffic, so last year there were 58,56 million vehicles on their highways, five percent more than in 2017. They also recorded an increase in traffic and tolls on all highways. And the most significant revenue in 2018 was generated on the A3 motorway – HRK 946,9 million without VAT. Last year, a total of 17,8 million vehicles passed through this highway, almost a million more than in 2017. last_img

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