Slovenia has removed Croatia from the list of green countries, but there is still no mandatory quarantine

first_imgSource: @govSlovenia “Quarantine for coming from countries on the red list has been mandatory for two weeks now, and controls will be further tightened in the future. When traveling to countries on the yellow list, avoid mass events and socializing and follow the rules of safe behavior just like at home”Kacin announced on his official Twitter profile this afternoon. #Croatia, #France and the #Czech_RepublicRepublic will be removed on Saturday from the list of epidemiologically safe countries.Slovenian citizens coming from these countries are not subject to a 14-day quarantine, but greater caution is definitely needed.- Slovenian Government (@govSlovenia) July 2th, 2020 Following the Slovenian government session, a statement said Croatia, France and the Czech Republic would be removed from the list of epidemiologically safe countries on Saturday. Slovenian citizens coming from these countries not subject 14-day quarantine, but more caution is definitely needed. All other passengers must undergo a mandatory 14-day quarantine, unless they are considered exceptions listed in Articles 10, items 1 to 15 of the Ordinance. – they point out from the Slovenian government. The Slovenian government has put Croatia on the “yellow” list of epidemiologically less secure countries due to the increase in the daily number of coronavirus infections in recent days, a government spokesman announced today Jelko Kacin. So, Slovenian tourists returning to their country will have to prove at the border exactly where they were in Croatia (show accommodation bills), as Kacin pointed out, but more for the reason that various citizens said they were in Croatia, and in fact they came from the “red” zones from which quarantine is mandatory. Only bigger crowds can be expected at the entrance to Slovenia. All other travelers are required to undergo a mandatory 14-day quarantine unless they qualify as exceptions referred to in points 1 through 15 of Article 10 of the Ordinance. Slovenian Government (@govSlovenia) July 2th, 2020 Ultimately, apart from better control and precautionary measures, there is still no mandatory quarantine for Slovenian citizens who come, ie return from Croatia to Slovenia, as seen in the picture (traffic light) above.last_img

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