Secondary school students warned of the dangers of illegal drugs

first_img Tweet Share Library Technician, Renata CharlesThe Dominica Library and Information service in collaboration with the Drug Prevention Unit on Monday hosted a day of educational sessions to inform students and the general public on the dangers of substance abuse.As part of this educational session, the organizers also mounted an exhibition at the at the Public Library grounds displaying various drugs and informational material related to them.Library Technician, Miss Renata Charles explained the purpose of the educational sessions.“It is an opportunity for the students to get pertinent information that they need in an effort for them to have that advice that they can disseminate to others on drug awareness and the importance of knowing what drugs are, the dangers that they pose, and how they affect society on a whole.”Corporal from the Drug Prevention Unit of the Police Force impressed upon the students of the St. Martin’s Primary School to be wary of the drug dealers who will entice them to sell these illegal drugs for them at school. “The drug dealers who are out there who have their drugs selling all over the place want to get into the school yard to sell the drugs to you the school children. They cannot do that because your school gates are closed and you will have to get permission from the principle so a drug dealer would not come and get permission from the principle to come and sell you a five pack they cannot do that.”Corporal Lee of the Dominica Police Force addressing the students on Monday.Corporal Lee cautioned the students not to try drugs in spite of the benefits which the drug pushers might try to lead them into believing.“He will first target you the individual to make you try it, tell you how good it is, it will help you study, you will pass your exams if you try it. Then he will give it to you to bring to school to sell so he will be in the school through somebody else so you will have find some children always have to leave to go at the back of the toilet or go somewhere, somebody always has to meet them in some place that is not very visible.”She also called their attention to the many young people who roam the streets like beggars, noting that this is as a result of drug abuse. Corporal Lee dispelled the myth that taking drugs to make one study better won’t work. She told the students that 90% of the people in psychiatric ward are as a result of drug use and abuse.She also explained that if a teacher finds a student with drugs at school the teacher will call the police who will arrest and charge them for peddling drugs. This charge she says will be on their record and could inhibit them from getting a job or possibly going to study.[nggallery id=123].Dominica Vibes News Share Sharing is caring!center_img EducationLocalNewsSecondary Secondary school students warned of the dangers of illegal drugs by: – January 24, 2012 Share 40 Views   one commentlast_img

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