“We are proud to be able to give footballers the working conditions they deserve”

first_imgThe president of Futbolistas ON, Juanjo Martínez, was “proud” to be able to give the players of the First Iberdrola “the working conditions they deserve”, after signing the first Collective Agreement for women’s football, although They hope to continue “improving issues” for the next season.“We have signed for this season, so it will be a short tour. Therefore, we have to sit, both unions and employers, to see the issues that we can improve, especially economic, day and salary where the players can have that improvement they deserve. From here, we will continue to improve, “said the president of the union after presenting the agreement to the president of the CSD, Irene Lozano.“We are very proud to be able to give the players the working conditions they deserve. The players of this country from today will have those conditions and those rights that have demanded so much. Thanks to that strike we have come to fruition, and that is why they will be able to enjoy what any worker enjoys today, “he added about the break-up day the players made to express their discomfort at the delay in signing the document.Further, The CSD considered “an ideal scenario” to confirm a signature of the Collective Agreement that “has cost so much”. “We signed it on Tuesday at the headquarters of the other signatory union (AFE) and that is why the CSD wanted to know how the text was written, and today was an ideal day to present it and dialogue for the future,” he said. Further, confirmed their attendance at the protocol signing of the Agreement in the Congress of Deputies that will take place this Wednesday at 6.30 pm, where you can “expose the great success of the players in this country.” “It is a day of celebration of the Agreement that in the end has taken a lot, too much, but that in the end has been possible”he added.“We have laid a foundation and a very good tool for the growth of women’s football and there is nothing better than talking to Congress to improve it in the future and for soccer players to have better conditions, “he said.The president of the union sees a “fundamental and vital” right of the Collective Agreement “automatic renewal due to pregnancy”, which ensures the job in the event of this circumstance. “This measure is to look very much for the players that can happen this in the last year of the contract,” he said.For its part, the manager of Footballers ON, Tamara Ramos, encouraged “all athletes”, reminding them that “if you fight and work, you can get everyone to be recognized as workers, which is what they are.” “From Futbolistas ON we want to recognize the soccer players who have been the true architects of our being here now,” he concluded.last_img

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