Claudia Pina, the pearl of La Masía that has no place at Barça

first_imgClaudia Pina is one of the pearls of The farmhouse. The forward has drawn attention for her precocity and innate talent that have led her to always be ahead of her generation. At 16 years, five months and two days he debuted in an official match with the Barcelona to be the youngest player to do it. However, despite being in his second year as a professional, Pina is barely having minutes on a star-studded team.Jenni Beautiful, Oshoala, Mariona, Martens, Hansen… Barça’s attackers’ roster has many karats and that’s why the young youth squad is practically not having opportunities. The Catalan has 144 minutes between the three competitions spread over six games. The junk minutes, which are called, in which he has not even been able to see the door. At 18, Pina, although he belongs to the first team, alternates it with matches in the filia of Iberdrola Challenge. A complicated situation for the front. Pina, however, remains one of the pillars of the lower categories. In fact, bronze was hung on the U17 World Cup with only 15 years; the silver in the Sub 20 world with 17 years; and that same year the gold in the Sub-17 World Cup. In 2017 she made her idyll clear with the goal when she was named the best scorer of 2017 for the men’s and women’s teams with 16 goals during that calendar year. A scorer who has yet to explode in professional football.Future. Claudia Pina is one of the most sought-after players in all Europe. Both she and Barcelona know that she needs minutes at the highest level to truly see her projection, but her future is stuck. The azulgrana ends her contract in June 2020 and Barcelona wants to renew it. She is not so clear on top team deals like PSG or Real Madrid on the table. Without renewal, an agreement was not reached for it to be transferred, despite the interest of several Primera Iberdrola teams. Pina looks to the future with uncertainty, although she seems to be far from Can Barça.last_img

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