“Soccer will return when I say Salud, not Tebas, nor me, nor anyone”

first_imgFor the Tokyo Games there was a feeling of optimism that predicted twenty medals for Spain. With the Olympic postponement to 2021, and with many of our stars a year older and closer to retirement, do you think that level can be maintained?Those from other countries will also be older … I have great hope in our sport and in our athletes. We have a horizon of great uncertainty in the immediate future, but from now to the 2021 Olympics, hopefully we have returned to normal rather than sooner rather than later, and I am very confident in our sport, which is España Spain brand ’. The will of this minister is to help and protect our athletes, who are setting an example that deserves much praise, because they need the most to go out to train and they cannot. In 2021 they will have one more year, but they will surely reach their peak in Tokyo.Why in other countries such as France, Italy and Belgium have you been allowed to do sport individually on the street and not in Spain?These are very disputed and debatable decisions, but this Government has followed, without discussion, the guidelines of scientists and health experts, who have told us what could and could not be done.Do you have in mind from now on changing the way of enjoying both sporting and cultural shows in terms of increasing distances between spectators and / or mandatory wearing of masks and gloves?All this is what the experts in the different scenarios are studying. I want to think that this would be in a transition stage towards normality. I do not throw in the towel that we can return to enjoy, as before, sports and cultural shows. Another thing is that we learn things from this experience, surely we will, perhaps they will change some of our social habits, but not because an order says so, but because we assume it for this that we are living.Do you think that a salary cap should be set in football and accept the idea that in the future scenario the transfer of such exorbitant amounts no longer makes sense?But it is that it has always seemed to me that football has moved in exorbitant amounts, It is true that they are the rules of football and those of us who like football have enjoyed the great stars in the Spanish League, but it is no less true that when you find out about the salaries of many players you have the feeling of having an unhuman dimension. Equal this crisis also makes to reconsider soccer towards the limitation and to think about having a mattress before crisis like this one, obtaining a rationality in the salaries of its stars.The intention of his government was to increase money for sport and with it subsidies to sports federations. Is it going to be possible after the coronavirus crisis?Well hopefully. The coronavirus crisis has caught us in the midst of these negotiations, which, as I have said before, were quite advanced, which meant much better budgets for this Ministry than we had, both for Culture and for Sport. The duration of this first phase of fighting the disease will be fundamental. If it is extended, it will be very difficult to maintain the budgets that we were proposing.How do you see the ongoing conflict between LaLiga and the Federation? Don’t you think that in a situation of maximum crisis in the sports scene like this is the time to join positions?I turn the question into an affirmation. This may be an opportunity, although it still does not seem that we are going in that line, so that we all have a common look of solidarity and complicity so that we can get out of this together. I hope that LaLiga and the Federation understand each other more and I am going to help that agreement between both institutions.Does terminating the League enter the government’s plans, despite UEFA’s threats? The CSD president has affirmed that football will return when Health says it, not Javier Tebas …Indeed, football is not going to come back either when Thebes or when I or anyone else says so, but when Salud recommends it. Another thing is that we all make suggestions and think about the best time to return, but the final decision will be made by the experts, because the main thing is to preserve people’s lives. It would be good if both LaLiga and the other federations, the CSD and the Ministry that I lead think of different scenarios, on a possible schedule. Dialogue will be essential. José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes, Minister of Culture and Sports, has answered, in a telematic interview with the newspaper AS, the most current issues that have to do with his portfolio, in the context of this world crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic .The coronavirus crisis is hitting in disciplines in which Spain is a world power: soccer, tennis, motorsports, basketball and other sports … Do you fear that the damage suffered by our sport will be greater than that suffered by other countries less exposed to harm of tournament suspension?The pandemic crisis is hitting all sectors and, of course, the sports sector. It is a crisis, total, that’s why the response that we are giving from the Government is transversal, to help the sectors that have been affected, which in reality is to the entire economy. But it is a global pandemic, which is going at different rates, but which is affecting one hundred and eighty-some countries in the world. Of course, if we are disciplined and the sanitary measures of the experts continue to take effect, we will come out sooner rather than later of the confinement and gradually, what we are calling de-escalation, and of course, our athletes will return to their habits and training from before . I am convinced that we will return to the top, as up to now, in both individual and team sports and Spain will continue to be a power as we have been demonstrating.Have you been surprised by the feeling that Spanish football is giving of living up to date, spending 1,319 million euros on transfers this year, without having enough economic resources to avoid the almost bankruptcy of the industry?Soccer, like all economic and social spheres in this country, could not foresee this crisis. I was also organizing a month and a half ago the budgets of this Ministry with enthusiasm, because we were making good progress with the Minister of Finance in relation to Culture and Sports, and suddenly everything changed. We are now in a phase of uncertainty, but with the firm conviction of saving lives and that the pandemic does not spread any further.Can the Government help soccer in any way, bearing in mind that it generates 1.37% of the country’s GDP?The first major decision made by the Government after decreeing the Alarm State for the first time was a major ‘Bus’ Decree that put 200 billion euros into circulation, 20% of GDP, and which does not distinguish any sector of the economy. precisely to be able to help everyone, always according to their needs. Soccer, especially professional and elite, you have other options of resistance until it returns to normal, but the ones that worry me are the soccer players of Second B and Third, who live with a fairer salary. Here solidarity is also very important, among all, the federations, LaLiga, the CSD … We all have to understand each other more than ever. We are going to help the vulnerable.In what state is the future Sports Law? Is the controversial article 90 that prevents LaLiga, chaired by Javier Tebas, from acquiring, exploiting or marketing the rights of other sports, in most minority cases that have a source of income and visibility there, to be maintained?The draft, the draft of the Sports Law, I found it quite advanced, but one of the first things I said when I came to office was that I was going to study it again, that’s what we are at, and at the time it is restored I want this law to be normal by consensus and if not, it will not go ahead. It is true that it has some more controversial and debatable ones like the one you mention and that we will try to give it a spin. The new Sports Law has to be unanimously shared by all Sports sectors and parliamentary groups.The theater world has asked him to lower the VAT on tickets from 10% to 4% when activity resumes after the pandemic. Are you considering lowering the VAT on professional football from the current 21%?Look, I am very aware of the moment we are living, which does not mean that we are not thinking about the future and the possible scenarios. We have promoted dialogue tables with the Culture and Sports sectors, which I want to be regular. There are measures, such as tax incentives, that do not apply now, above all, because now the world of Culture, not Sport, is not developing, and it will have to be considered at a later stage. Now it is time to resist, to alleviate the damages that are taking place in all the hit sectors.last_img

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