Pensioner died from fracture spine – PM

first_imgPomeroon boat mishapAllan Handy, also called “Saga”, of Grant Good Intent, Lower Pomeroon River, Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam) who was killed on Sunday last in a boat mishap suffered a fractured spine. This was revealed by Dr Nehaul Singh, who performed the autopsy on Friday.The 78-year-old pensioner was killed after the boat in which he was travelling collided with another at Grant Good Intent, Lower Pomeroon River.Based on information received, the now dead man left his son’s home in a wooden paddle boat and was heading home when a boat powered by a 90HP outboard engine came into his path. The captain of the boat, a security guard of Grant Hope, Lower Pomeroon, reportedly told the Police that as he navigated a turn, he felt as if he struck something and immediately slowed down.As he turned around, he saw the elderly man going down in the water and as he looked closer, he saw the damaged boat. He immediately raised an alarm. The dead man’s relatives rushed to the scene but there were no signs of Handy.A search party was established to look for the man’s body. After a few hours, the man’s body was recovered from the river in the vicinity of where the accident took place. The distraught captain claimed that due to the high boat bow, he could not have seen clearly in front of him and as such, he did not see Handy. The boat and engine are reportedly owned by the Love and Faith Ministries.Police are continuing their investigation into the incident.last_img

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