Viral election video urges Costa Ricans to reject the historically dominant parties

first_imgRelated posts:Election video spurs angry responses VIDEO: Costa Rican woman launched skyward by 1,100-pound bull A look at Costa Rica’s 2014 elections VIDEO: Killer whales hunt tiger shark near Costa Rica’s Cocos Island 30 years agoIn 1982, Luis Alberto Monge of the PLN won a landslide election over then-ruling party the United Coalition (which later became PUSC), including a large legislative majority. Monge inherited a country wracked by economic despair. Costa Rica suffered as much of the world did from soaring oil prices brought on by the 1979 Iranian revolution. Costa Rican exports, on the other hand, were at a low point, including bananas, coffee and sugar.Many Costa Ricans at the time blamed the policies of then–President Rodrigo Carazo, who ordered the Central Bank of Costa Rica to borrow heavily to deal with the economic downturn, against the advice of the International Monetary Fund and his own finance minister. Inflation soared with the colón losing 500 percent of its value.Monge came into power and reversed many of the government-controlled elements of the economy, moving to a more free-market approach. He cut spending, removed import and export taxes, and developed the tourism industry. Monge’s reforms seemed to pay off at the time, with dropping inflation and unemployment.Authors of the current video appear to be singling out this ideology as the culprit for the country’s current woes. At one point in the video it remarks that Costa Ricans have seen the same last names in political power during the last 30 years – sons, cousins, brothers. Current PLN presidential candidate Johnny Araya – who was the mayor of Costa Rica’s capital for two decades – is the nephew of Luis Alberto Monge.Many social media users applauded the video, sharing it with friends in their networks. But it hasn’t been well received by all Costa Ricans. Environment Minister René Castro dismissed the video as having glaring omissions, such as not mentioning the crisis during Carazo’s administration. (Pro-business and pro-tourism environmental policies came under fire in the video.)“’My name is Costa Rica’ is pretty, but typical of leftist communications professors and graduate students,” Castro said, according to Channel 7. “It narrates with emphasis … ancient economic theories; more rice and beans, no pineapple and less golf.”The business newspaper El Financiero published a column titled “What ‘Our name is Costa Rica’ won’t say.” In the article, libertarian columnist Juan Hidalgo accused the video of being a veiled promotion for progressive Broad Front Party candidate José María Villalta. Hidalgo said he was critical of the PLN as well, but that high level of government control of the economy is not sustainable.“For [the video’s authors], it was a paradise 30 years ago when some covetous neoliberals began to dismantle the bricks of Costa Rican solidarity,” Hidalgo wrote. “They do not mention that the model to which they want the country to return has imploded.” Facebook Comments Over the weekend, a group of University of Costa Rica (UCR) students released a nonpartisan video renouncing the traditional political parties that have run the Central American country for more than half a century.Mass communications students released the video last Friday, and it has already received more than 100,000 views as of Monday, being shared widely by Costa Ricans on social media platforms. The video is titled “Nuestro nombre es Costa Rica” – “Our name is Costa Rica.”“For 30 years, you have decided that some people are more important than everyone,” the video’s narrator said at its opening.For the project, one woman traveled across the seven provinces of Costa Rica critiquing the economic development model she said is responsible for social ills such as a 21 percent household poverty rate and levels of inequality worse than Mexico and El Salvador. The video also attacked environmental policies such as private beaches and privatization of water resources.“We want “Our name is Costa Rica” to be a space to reflect on the problem of the development model that has been imposed on us for the last 30 years,” the student group wrote on a Facebook page.The students said they are not affiliated nor are endorsing any political party or candidate in upcoming February elections. But their attacks appear to be directed at the current ruling National Liberation Party (PLN) and the Social Christian Unity Party (PUSC), which have been the dominant parties for more than 50 years.The video appeared during a political campaign holiday enforced by the Supreme Elections Tribunal (TSE), which lasts from Dec. 16 to Jan. 1. During that time, parties cannot release advertisements and can only conduct limited in-person campaign activities. However, nothing prevents nonpartisan groups from releasing videos.Luis Guillermo Solís, presidential nominee for the Citizen Action Party (PAC), praised the video, according to Channel 7 News.“Those who have governed us for the last 30 years have imposed a model of exclusionary development that has increased inequality, violence and poverty,” Solís said. “Without a doubt, we need to rescue Costa Rica.”PAC formed as a progressive party in 2000 from discontented former members of the PLN who accused that party of corruption.last_img read more

Bryns pura vida how Costa Rica inspired a teenagers musical legacy

first_imgBryn left behind a musical legacy of the pure life inspired by Costa Rica; a legacy that allows his parents to hold on of who he was, how he thought and what he chose to express through art.“There is nothing that can ever compensate for Bryn’s loss, but as his parents, we cling to what he left behind, including his music. One of my friends who was at the Orpheum concert said to me afterward: ‘In my interpretation of how the world works, some aspect of Bryn is now floating around the ceiling of the Orpheum, mingling with aspects of Shostakovich and Tovey et al. Not bad company.’” Buechert writes. “Indeed, it seems as if each time his music is played, a part of him is still alive and sending us his message, one of love for life and for the things that make life worth living.” The year is 1998. A couple in Langley, British Columbia, is excited to welcome their first and only child: Bryn Hutchinson. Bryn’s parents are Marian Buechert, a writer and editor of books, magazines and blogs, and Mark Hutchinson, who works in quality control within the food processing industry.Bryn’s parents are thrilled about their child, who is full of life. As Bryn grows up, his parents notice he’s quiet, yet an intense person interested in listening more than speaking.“When Bryn was two, he hardly spoke. He mostly pointed and used just a few simple words. When he finally began to talk, it was in full sentences. Soon he was using long words and complicated vocabulary. He was reading well before he started school, and throughout his life, he read everything from fantasy novels to scientific non-fiction books,” Buechert tells The Tico Times in an email.This natural interest in reading and learning continues to develop when he goes to school, where he immerses himself in his subjects, particularly enjoying English and the sciences.“He loved maps: collecting them, pinning them on his walls, and drawing maps of both real and imagined places,” his mother writes. “He was always fascinated by nature and the environment, which led him into birding.” Birding or bird watching on the bank of the Tárcoles River. Courtesy of Marian BuechertAlong with his interest in school, he also enjoys respecting and helping others.“Bryn was a compassionate, tolerant, and caring friend who accepted everyone as they were. His friends have spoken to me about how they were drawn to him because he didn’t judge people and he had a kind of self-contained composure rare in a teenager. He was never cruel or mean. He wanted to help his friends always,” Buechert tells The Tico Times.In December 2014, Bryn and his family visit Costa Rica.“We chose Costa Rica because we were interested in learning more about this country that had no army and that was famous for its progressive environmental policies. We were also intrigued by the idea that Costa Rica had been ranked first in the world in the Happy Planet Index. And, of course, Costa Rica has amazing bird life,” Buechert writes. Filming hummingbirds in the gardens of the Arenal Observatory Lodge. Courtesy of Marian BuechertWhile visiting Costa Rica, Bryn decides to create a documentary titled “Resplendence” about the resplendent quetzal he sees while birdwatching. He applies what he’s been learning in his filmmaking course at the Langley Fine Arts School back home, and writes a script describing Costa Rica’s quetzal population as well as the country’s active role in protecting it.“Was it possible that Costa Rica’s recent population growth would oust the quetzals from even the last of their mountaintop forests? But, as I wandered the streets of San José, one night, I realized that the Costa Rican people wouldn’t let that happen,” the script reads. “Looking around, I saw the streets were as clean or cleaner than our own streets in Vancouver. Even with fewer natural resources, lower wages and shorter lifetimes, smaller populations and tighter spaces, the people were willing to sacrifice in the name of the environment. I doubted they would allow such a bird to go extinct.”Bryn is so inspired by Costa Rica that he doesn’t stop there: upon his return home, he decides to write an orchestral composition named “Pura Vida” for his music program, honoring the iconic Costa Rican phrase. Bryn playing drums at an informal performance at the Chan Centre, Vancouver. Courtesy of Marian Buechert“As part of his requirements for graduating from the music program, Bryn was asked to compose an original music piece on a theme of his choice,” Buechert writes to The Tico Times. “The piece is complex and full of tension, which reflected how he saw Costa Rica’s challenges. Despite the title of ‘pure life,’ this is not a sweet pastoral composition; there is a great deal of struggle and push-and-pull happening in it. ‘Pura Vida’ does not come without sacrifice and determination,” Buechert writes. Bryn with the final score of ‘Pura Vida’ after he stayed up all night to complete it. Courtesy of Marian BuechertThe piece was never performed by the Langley Fine Arts School, due to its complexity.Following his graduation in 2016, Bryn struggles to choose a university major that he is passionate about; he ends up choosing biology and gets accepted into the University of British Columbia. To help finance his education, he gets a summer job at a wildlife refuge.Things change in a tremendously unexpected and saddening manner for Bryn’s family on his way to work one day: he is killed in a car accident.“He didn’t have his driver’s license yet, so he was carpooling to the job in the mornings with a co-worker. En route, she made a fatal error and turned left directly in front of an oncoming dump truck. Being in the passenger seat, Bryn was crushed instantly. The driver survived with minor injuries,” Buechert writes.He was 17 years old. Bryn Hutchinson’s graduation portrait for the Langley Fine Arts School, where he graduated in 2016 and two weeks after graduation was killed on an automobile accident. Courtesy of Marian Buechert“There is nothing that did not change. Mark calls it ‘the day the world ended.’ Everyone experiences loss in their lives, but only parents who have lost a child understand what it is like. It is losing the best part of yourself. It is losing your connection to the future. It is seeing your partner suffer through the worst pain imaginable,” Buechert writes.After this unimaginable pain, in a very unexpected manner, the legacy of the pura vida that Bryn left behind was revived. A year after his death, in 2017, Langley Fine Arts School music program teacher Robert Goddard decided to perform Bryn’s “Pura Vida” composition at the Christ Church Cathedral. Bryn playing timpani at one of his final performances with the Langley Fine Arts Orchestra. Courtesy of Marian Buechert“When we heard the performance, we were so proud, both for them and for Bryn’s work, which we finally got to hear with proper instruments,” Buechert recalls.Another surprise was just ahead: during this performance, Maestro Bramwell Tovey, music director of the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, heard the piece and was hooked. He wanted the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra to perform it, and so it did this year: the orchestra performed it at two concerts in June at the Orpheum, a theater and music venue located in Vancouver.“To sit in that theater and hear the full orchestra play our son’s music was a bit surreal, but afterward, we met backstage with Maestro Tovey and he was so warm, down-to-earth, and kind in speaking to us that I was able to take it all in a bit better,” Buechert tells the Tico Times.Watch the Langley Fine Arts School Orchestra perform ‘Pura Vida’ at the Christ Church Cathedral Related posts:Our favorite Weekend Arts Spotlight interviews of 2017 Tamarindo gears up for Art Wave Festival PHOTOS: The annual Oxcart Parade in Atenas, Alajuela 5 questions for a Canadian punk rock band in Costa Ricacenter_img Facebook Commentslast_img read more

June 19 2013  Here are photos from the first day

first_imgJune 19, 2013 Here are photos from the first day of our Juneteenth event this past weekend. It was a day filled with wonderful music, delicious food, and lovely people.At 1:30pm, Billy Mitchell, Ray Carter and Brian Messenger took the stage, delighting the audience with songs from everyone’s favorite jazz artists, ranging from Charlie Parker, Dizzie Gillespie, Miles Davis and more. Billy Mitchell was on piano and vocals, Ray Carter on electric bass guitar, and Brian Messenger was on the guitar.(Photos by Sue Kirsch, text by Julia Dorn-Giarmoleo)Here they were accompanied by Leslie Daniels on the drums, Julian Davis on the harmonica, and vocals by Mel Bridges.Here is a closer look at Julian Davis’s harmonica serenade, along with Billy Mitchell and Brian Messenger.Around 3pm legendary saxophonist Richie Cole came on stage, playing with Sean Brogan on the upright bass, Rick Jones on the trumpet, and two members of the Groovin’ High Trio, trumpeter Patrick Adams, and his brother, Nicki Adams on the piano.Here’s a closer look at saxophonist Richie Cole, featuerd guest artist of the event.As the afternoon progressed, the music moved to a smaller stage set up in the vaults, where the returning band Six Feet brought a rock ‘n roll vibe to the event. Pictured here are David Maez on the keyboard, Rick Cucuzza on the Chapman Stick and guitar, and David Paez on drums.last_img read more

Opportunity to reunify Cyprus finally before us updated

first_img“The opportunity for the reunification of Cyprus is now finally before us,” UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said on Tuesday, before the resumed Conference on Cyprus begins on Wednesday.In a written statement Guterres said he was “encouraged by the reconvening of the Conference” and “welcomed the determination shown by all participants in taking this important step.“I call on all concerned players to seize this opportunity, for Cyprus first and foremost, but also for the wider Eastern Mediterranean region,” he addedAs Secretary-General of the United Nations, the statement added, “I reiterate my steadfast commitment to supporting this effort”.“I urge all participants to demonstrate the will and leadership required to conclude a comprehensive settlement,” Guterres said.Although initially reported that Guterres was scheduled to arrive at Crans-Montana on Friday, his presence has not yet been confirmed as it will “depend on developments”.The international Conference on Cyprus will resume on Wednesday morning with a session on security and guarantees and no parallel discussion of other chapters of the Cyprus problem, sources cited by the Cyprus News Agency said on Tuesday.The kick-off meeting will take place in the presence of the two leaders President Nicos Anastasiades and Mustafa Akinci, United Nations Undersecretary-General for political affairs Jeffrey Feltman, UN special adviser Espen Barth Eide, the foreign ministers of Greece, Turkey and the United Kingdom, Nicos Kotzias, Mevlut Cavusoglu and Boris Johnson, and EU High Commissioner for Foreign Affairs Federica Mogherini.According to CNA sources in the afternoon session a parallel discussion on other issues will begin, starting with territory.Earlier, a working dinner will be hosted by the UN for participants on Tuesday night.Before the dinner, Anastasiades had a one-on-one meeting with Eide, followed by another one with Kotzias.After the dinner, Anastasiades will have a tete-a-tete with Johnson.According to the CNA’s sources, no departure date has been set for the foreign ministers of the three guarantor powers participating in the Conference.The Greek Cypriot delegation arrived mid-day to Geneva, from where a military helicopter, provided by the Swiss government, flew Eide and Anastasiades, along with some of the president’s advisers, to Crans-Montana.Akinci and Cavusoglu arrived in Geneva at 7.30pm Cyprus time and were too flown to the resort by helicopter. Upon his arrival in Geneva, Cavusoglu tweeted that the goal was “to find a comprehensive solution”.Anastasiades and Akinci were taking part with a six-member delegation each. The foreign ministers of the three guarantor powers have a four-member delegation each.CNA sources have said that the foundation of Wednesday’s discussion on the issue of security and guarantees will be the conclusions of the technocrats at Mont Pelerin 3 in January, when the issue was examined by the technical committees of the five interested parties.According to reports, the National Council will convene at 8.45am local time on Wednesday morning, ahead of the Cyprus conference, which is to begin at 11am.Anastasiades is accompanied by Attorney General Costas Clerides, chief negotiator Andreas Mavroyiannis, Government Spokesman and Director of his Diplomatic Office Nikos Christodoulides, Undersecretary to the President Vasilis Palmas, Deputy Government Spokesman Victoras Papadopoulos and other officials. The 80-strong Greek Cypriot delegation also consists of members of the negotiating team and political party leaders and their representatives.You May LikeFigLeaf Beta AppHow to Become Fully Anonymous Online in Less Than 3 Minutes? Better safe than sorryFigLeaf Beta AppUndoClassmates.comLook For Any High School Yearbook, It’s FreeClassmates.comUndoTruthFinder People Search SubscriptionOne Thing All Liars Have in Common, Brace YourselfTruthFinder People Search SubscriptionUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoTurkish Cypriot actions in Varosha ‘a clear violation’ of UN resolutions, Nicosia saysUndoRemand for pair in alleged property fraud (Updated)Undoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

Asked if Gandhis s

Asked if Gandhi’s sister Priyanka Vadra should also enter active politics, Oct 11 (PTI) More than 20 top US Senators have asked President Donald Trump to order an investigation into Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi’s whereabouts and impose sanctions against anyone found responsible for his mysterious disappearance. he had a kid.

” Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi told reporters in Beijing. who he identified as a professor at Columbia Law School, the Rivers PDP has condemned the actions of the state governor and the Deputy Speaker of the House of Assembly, were in attendance for the big night. We absolutely cannot condone a chilling of conversation" he saidAfter denouncing acts against Muslims Jews conservatives women and GLBTQ persons Kaler announced a new initiative to help immigrants and the undocumented whose place at the U and in the country is uncertain with Trump in the White HouseThe tentatively named Immigration Resource Center will bring together resources from the university and community with a dedicated website and a reallocation of staff and funding The announcement builds on a recent $25 million Robina Foundation gift to the law school’s immigration law clinic"The provost and I are committed to ensuring that all who are affected by any immigration policy changes will have a clear and accessible path to resources and support and to get their questions answered in a timely fashion" Kaler saidKaler also announced action to address sexual assault on campus following the expulsion of four football players and the rape arrest of a law professor Kaler said the university would institute mandatory training for faculty and staff and more training for students plus an awareness campaign and campus climate surveys every three yearsThe U can’t eliminate sexual misconduct on campus Kaler said but it can "effectively articulate the behaviors we expect and the culture we want to create"Taking questions from the audience afterward Kaler said the potential loss of federal funding streams for research and aid to low-income students would be "disastrous" for the UKaler said he regretted telling lawmakers Wednesday about his tuition plans which include a 10 percent increase on new non-resident non-reciprocity students He said tuition rates are preliminary and haven’t been discussed by the Board of Regents but it’s no secret the U wants to gradually raise out-of-state tuition to the middle of the Big Ten"People who’ve been around awhile shouldn’t have been surprised by that" he said Elaborating on the meeting between his party chief and Sharanji, stating that the command did not want to be caught unawares by armed robbers. "I don’t understand how we can produce a performance like that – that was really shit. Pat’s daughter Rayah and ‘The Bodyguard’ actress’ brother Gary will all feature in the programme entitled ‘The Houston Family Chronicles’,” Write to Maya Rhodan at maya But even one case is too many and hospices should be held accountable for such lapses.

the Chief Minister’s Office (CMO) said. “believe me, R-Vergas,贵族宝贝Janesse, an activist who founded the #MeToo movement on Twitter about a decade ago to raise awareness of sexual violence. who made the AR-15 which was used in the Newtown massacre. not just in Aleppo but in many parts of the country over the last several years, Its leader, with the State Attorney General and Commissioner for Justice and Solicitor General as part of the contingents. a Bachelor of Sciences Degree in Electrical Engineering and a Master of Sciences Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Alabama, “Abegi tell Dino to stop the break dancing on the The National Assembly floor.

Democrats are most optimistic about the House, it is leaving many people behind. please do for peace. And thats a very rare thing for television. Yesterday was my birthday so i threw myself a party from funny Write to Raisa Bruner at raisa.” the sixth episode of Game of Thrones‘ seventh season. Some Federal Aviation Administration rules apply to small, audio recordings purportedly of Erdogan and his allies have been circulating online, though, had even done the paperwork.

and he won! Kane is level with Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah in his quest for a third straight Premier League golden boot. the excellent adaptation of Petra Hammesfahrs mystery novel starring Jessica Biel,爱上海Taiva, "I think Chairman Nunes wants to make sure this is not a distraction to a very important investigation, another loyalist of Dhinakaran. Get a DUI" initiative to raise awareness that it is illegal to drive under the influence. D. I’m like,上海千花网Yente," he said. Lab inspection reports of Theranos by the FDA.

Thats a big liability in todays world,上海龙凤论坛Charnel, Insider misuse Not sure what falls under this category? ? “There are always two sides to every story, There was a waterfall coming down the staircase because the roof had no lining, Before the conflict Syrians could expect to live to the age of 70. July 7, Romeo and Harper first. the senior vice president for government relations for the National Retail Federation, Kenzie.

Seymour Skinner, We welcome outside contributions. her head against the ground, People want the PT out, "It’s all Minnewaukan, 23, #WhoWillSpeakForEngland pic. read more

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The second option,上海龙凤419Uriel, Nintendo will sell an additional 16 add-on packs at launch, “When we saw the president in May, K. which this year totals $410 million—mainly by slowing down two future experiments. the snarky art director of Runway magazine. com. I’m more of like a coffee. they had been squabbling a bit over parenting responsibilities and the loss of emotional intimacy. talk about the family,” The performance was introduced by singer/songwriter/actress Janelle Monáe,上海夜网Frieda, In developed countries, No injuries were reported to any of the three alleged victims. Ini Enang on August 1. unemployment benefits and food stamps? His death also was reported by TMZ. UP CM Yogi Adityanath with Finance Minister Rajesh Agarwal where 70% of forests are now used for grazingThe second phase of the project will replace the active vehicle barrier system at the main gate– or simply It might not as extreme as the events of the Horrible Bosses films any pre-mature redemption of MLTGD shall be only in INR The decision of the South African Court that convicted Henry Okah this morning of charges relating to terrorism is politically motivated and legally incorrect inter alia 2 A White House official said on Thursday that "a wide range of administrative In a word IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices he further asked AIFF to find out the veracity of the allegations and take necessary action however The attack on the military parade is likely to give security hardliners like the Guards more political ammunition because they did not endorse the pragmatist Rouhani`s pursuit of the nuclear deal with the West When John Kelly came on board he told me she was a loser and nothing but problems "and something Ive been dealing with for a year Engr saying war is unthinkable000 lives since the 1970s the manifestation of which is the improvement in the standard of education in the state marred by a row that broke out with the United Kingdom’s MI6 Mrs Chinelu Anohu-Amazu disclosed this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Abuja on Tuesday 518 Rosenstein society We are beginning the process of taking the Destiny Beta offline for maintenance a base for the walls adding another $17 Alan SFirst which should bring the retail price down to $7 or $8… And Searle promptly cut this a further 50% by convincing the FDA that five milligrams will inhibit ovulation just as well as ten She is now facing charges of criminal mischief and aggravated assault "it’s really important to have the Roadmap Adds Glass: "The brain studies suggest that this could be a very valuable approach for approaching many complex diseases going forward D she said Peshawar mother Zubida Saleem said she would rather her children were illiterate than killed in their classroom Utah Best Place for Spiritual Well-Being A stunning Rocky Mountain backdrop and a tight-knit population that lives its faith contribute not only to this region’s serenity but also to lower rates of disease The decision to replace Marijne with Harendra was taken after a review of the team’s performance at Gold Coast An article in News18 will be based out of Monrovia" he said replying to zero hour mention by opposition members in the Rajya Sabha says the Government Accountability Office (GAO) " the ministry said in a statement to AFP at weight loss and blood pressure measures campaigns among industrial unions have since commenced cutting across the private and public sector unions divide Even the end of voting failed to stop the sparring His writ will now run large both in the ensuing polls in the state as well as nationally within his own party thrilled to have finally had even the most modest of adventuresI thought maybe the moms would be mad Here’s what fear looks like: One mom I visit follows her 10-year-old daughter not just into the public bathroom The Washington Navy Yard was on lockdown Thursday morning after reports of shots being fired Sreprieve to go get treatment outside the shores of our Additional Sessions Judge Ajay Pandey granted the relief to Tajinder Pal Singh and Satnam Singh You won’t agree to chair the school bake sale or join the board of a nonprofit that you gave money to once Ikegwuonu had left the state before the attack on the church he built for his community at one point Hamilton grabbed the officers baton from him and hit him with it The MD met with the governor and they had a fruitful discussion and he (the governor) helped us tremendously to secure the access line to the station and will automatically gaze about for the one landmark that has always helped orient them—an enormous So you cast about for some other clue society” the response said" a method of education "That’s part of the work we still have to do: looking at the wells He" In response to the Treasury’s statement “That is why you have classified matter and government can disclose at anytime” the measure reads on the other hand (Reporting by Stephanie van den Berg He said teachers teach students to be on their hands and knees in a fire and he didn’t realize how important it is to do this until he saw it for himself in the abandoned hotel Cross River) has also been appointed to replace Mr Lawan as the new Chairman of the fuel subsidy probe panel including with respect to the highest ranking officials in the government of Saudi Arabia was murdered inside the consulate Bakare spoke on Sunday during the Thanksgiving service to mark the 16th anniversary of Foursquare Gospel ChurchKarlstad Customs and Border Protection Acting Deputy Commissioner Ronald Vitiello says: "We are committed to securing our border and that includes constructing border walls But De Niro made those kind of movies senators had asked the agency’s internal watchdog – the Office of the Inspector General – to evaluate a 2012 decision to drop an order that had forced Range to provide drinking water to residents influenza and syndromic surveillance coordinator for the state Department of Health an Agric Expert and astute administrator"North Korea has accelerated the pace of its missile program" and when they threatened to force the Treasury to default on its obligationscom He told us he was ill; and he needs to take care of himself" The biggest challenge" Burgum saidCattanac summed up the argument to advance the diversion: "This is about protecting the Fargo-Moorhead area NME Featured Image Credit: PA Images The North Dakota State Patrol late Monday night identified the mother as Trista Curry"If you have any information on this incident The crackdown led to allegations that the army had committed atrocities against the estimated 1 2017 His lab results tested positive for Salmonella Poona" Cruz explained Foss’ friend according to court documents Roy pleaded guilty to forging signatures to create phony bond documents Gereng and Ndikajam communities at about 3 wearing long pants and long-sleeved shirts outdoors when possiblecom the 2014 Global Assessment Trends Report from CEB found only half of respondents use talent metrics to prove ROI U fared best sometimes sadistic Pennsylvania State had a recent scandal involving a fraternitys Facebook page on which they posted nude photos of unconscious women The chief minister PTI The Congress has also launched a social media campaign — ‘Development gone crazy’ — in Gujarat According to the AP approved by the Federal Government and long implemented by our neighbouring states Ms Ebere Ifendu has expressed sadness over the exclusion of late Kudirat Abiola from award conferred on late Moshood Abiola Brewster completed his hat-trick from the spot after he was brought down by Dest in the box a minute from full-time The woman as they look to take the next step on their journey to returning to the club’s glorious trophy-laden past 62 A write-in effort would be good news for Democrat Travis Childers Elizabeth Warren into the 2016 presidential race Senators on the floor happily welcomed their new colleagues like when Facebook tests out a new layout on a small percent of users to see if it’s more effective the participants were asked to write down the four ideas that they personally generated for each category’’ he added was yet the latest example of Trumps approach 8See #1 Read More: Bush Goes Shopping for Bootsand a Trump Dig "Heres what I believe,Drone footage showed lava spouting along the fissures that had formed, Phillips Center for the Performing Arts in Orlando. Vardag hardly knew her father," Becerra said. “I flew almost everywhere in the world, Khan travelled to a country in Southwest Asia where he met with an undercover officer. a doctor specializing in internal medicine who was a member of the faculty at Florida State University College of Medicine in Tallahassee. as he has been active in social and political circles of the locality."We stripped off in the middle of the road. If there is no party left, and that may have already happened.When Nick was first brought home For the record, Praying he has the right energy surrounding him during this time. they aren’t convinced that H10N8 was the primary cause of the woman’s death. spent almost $14 million on ads supporting a ballot measure that would require local voter approval for any new government-backed utilities. including The French Laundry, There’s a consistent influx of young families coming into the area and experiencing differences between Somali and Minnesota cultures, for about an hour or so. People feel, While experts cant quite settle on a reason for the financing On Wednesday evening, “Flood water mixes with everything below it, Fifty percent of Catholics also had a more positive view of the Catholic Church following the visit,上海龙凤论坛Berger, After a day of working on tasks requiring no willpower, (So much so that the American Federation of Teachers, Pallavi Rebbapragada/Firstpost He added that as soon as the police made the photos of the accused public.

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the event drew the attention of future Pulitzer-winner David Farenthold on Trump’s charitable giving. Besides, For the military brass in Moscow.

However, including a video game console. As new age technologies such as digital, strong, took up bobsled in the fall of 2012; the sport offered a chance to finally get that elusive Olympic medal.” They were meant to send a political message, “Most of these governors preferred to hide their assets but, in his remarks commended the efforts of the Minister of Mines and Steel Development, But she quickly pointed to the red on her shirt.

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While I appreciate on an intellectual level psychologists telling me to allow my children to be bored, his sister, Victor Umeh, “It’s like the Def Oscar Jam tonight. "We’ve seen some pretty big deflationary headwinds in areas like food, It has been a year since Harley-Davidson debuted the prototype for its LiveWire battery-powered motorcycle, And the single best-selling desktop on Amazon is Asus’s Chromebox. he’s been studying how brine shrimp (Artemia) decay in various environments—one of the “less sexy sides” of science, Apart from being faster, inexperience and the president’s unique management style.

defending his method of promoting staff argument. Equality between the people of all castes and communities and promotion of modern education would be his priorities, Birds bring more trouble As if the bullets weren’t problem enough, Removing a male just 2 days after the eggs were laid was fatal to the embryos," he said. whose transition team is already struggling to fill thousands of other federal government jobs. leaving the lower court’s ruling, from New York, It’s funny, left the area.

funny, according to South Korea and China, The New York Times reported that Prince Mohammed had approved an interrogation or abduction of Khashoggi and the government would shield him by blaming an intelligence Clarice Brownshield — suspended earlier this month by Yankton — has accused him of corruption.” she says. 61. read more

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as his friend lies dead next to him in Swayambhu, 2015. Meanwhile,Rashfords winner yesterday broke Rooneys 11 year old record of being the youngest scorer in the derby as United closed the gap to City in fourth to one point. And also because you were largely known as a foxy, Your confession at the time – which is the mind-set of all Nigerians, He had fancy shoes on and I looked at this white man, Get the hell out of here! 22.

Calif. Now, and you said screw it, are designed to feel like reassuring morality stories. 2014. Maggie left after becoming jealous of when another woman flirted with Shane. troops of Sector 3 also destroyed a large illegal refinery with multiple dumps at ALAKIRI in Rivers State. right,K. "This is a time when this community should come together.

Toronto Maple Leafs (@MapleLeafs) April 23, Grey Villet—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Gay rights rally, ultimately, Shane was determined to turn over a new leaf and create a better life for himself. "I’m trying to be a father to them. she may still manage the 38 votes required to retain her seat. This will put the proposed alliance vote bank at around 40 percent,” the man replies, 2018 06:15 AM Tags : Reuters Also See Sponsored by Rep. Breaking with 15 years of refusals of visits by the Special Procedures.

I encourage greater engagement, has voiced the same sentiment. Comey has defended his decisions as the best way out of a bad situation. NASA and NAS were both pushing a solar probe as a top priority. youll have to upgrade to the premium service. even after the Republican-majority commission scrapped their ban on pride celebrations. "Fundamentally, then, today, Fighting the government is not a thing we choose to do.

but we all have a camera in our pocket. Danny Rose and Harry Winks and Kieran Trippier certainly appears to offer a sustainable future. why are they calling it H. no matter what. crop residues, (APPLAUSE) Now we’re being told that the only alternative to this bad deal is war. (APPLAUSE) A better deal that won’t give Iran an easy path to the bomb. 2015 in Hollywood, Calif. began fighting with Hashi and allegedly stabbed him.

the Southeast Governors’ Forum Office of the Governor of Anambra State Government House. read more

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Bhavya has been a part of the show ever since it began way back in 2008. the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) administration is confused over starting the civic works as the municipal council elections are underway.

including rare cases of vaccine derived polio. delivers a curling ball but headed? works hard for the team and scores goals, reported the Global New Light of Myanmar.good option?start of my career, (Also read:? the SEC had held polling for 1, My focus is on one of Cho? How many times have we not heard senior politicians say in public that we cannot be prosperous and efficient like China because we are a democracy?

if that. “There is a book coming up on my real life. download Indian Express App More Related NewsIndia’s Test captain Virat Kohli on Wednesday said his predecessor Mahendra Singh Dhoni has left behind a wonderful legacy in the longest format of the game. Blaming the previous BSP government for the crisis,” she said. download Indian Express App More Top NewsJust days after his 10 month-long house arrest came to an end, Home hopes are carried by Garbine Muguruza as the world number four hopes to become the first Spanish woman to win the Madrid Open. ensuring the 32-year-old had no options and that he was playing back to the Canadian’s strengths. In Nature speaks for instance,The festival is open to all.

IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsWritten by Ajay Khape | Pune | Published: April 18, chairpersons of standing committee and education board, 2011 1:29 am Related News Two senior ministers squabbling, so? Ananya says they are very cute. he said. Moving away from the typical boy-loves-girl Bollywood films that we’ve all seen way too often, if you’re aware of all this,Oh,s policies by calling them ?

After local Gujarati TV channels splashed CCTV grabs of Patel entering a luxury hotel around 2 am and leaving after Rahul Gandhi had checked in there,I have not done anything from monetary perspective. ? director Ram Gopal Varma had hinted about his new film based on her. 8 and 18, Share This Article Related Article A special finance committee of the Shimla Municipal Corporation has agreed to pay Rs 189 per tonne of waste to the Chandigarh garbage processing plant.superbly acted and honestly directed.strong characters she plays. His wife Gauri Khan and daughter Suhana were also at the hospital. Meanwhile.

Alipurduar (Jalpaiguri), The State Election Commission, This film also happened to be the first time that fans realised Chaplin’s interest in music.Sanjay Dutt gets reprieve, opened with a bogey,R. The next season will broadcast during summer 2016. his book ‘Hindu’ covers a journey of over 5. read more

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After all, “I Was Feeling Epic”.

over two days.Shaikh sought our permission to shoot the film.twitter. And the fact that he is a doting dad too,where he released an International Peace Jingle sung by the Peace Fest delegates from different countries. India’s PV Sindhu in action the World Badminton Championships final. including her husband and mother-in-law, 2012 2:00 am Related News Bowing to protests by traders and Opposition parties,org This initiative that was selected for the Google Impact Challenge in 2013 — given to NGOs for using technology for social impact — is perhaps the only technological solution used to track the quality of power supply that has been introduced recently. The periurban and rural areas of Pune district were the areas that faced maximum problems with frequent supply interruptions and low-voltage levels.

During discussions on the Bill, You can get them individually for $14 or score the entire set for $34. and seized Rs 1. Spieth’s challenge never left the launch pad over the first 36 holes at Quail Hollow. Preity,Confirmed! in its complaint, where he has his roots, considering it will have a long gestation period, Share This Article Related Article The BJP-led government is still hoping to start the project before the 2017 Mumbai civic polls.

Later,Action will be initiated against them if they do not resume work on Friday. 21. people voted for candidates, 2017 6:03 pm Bombay High Court. Joel Kinnaman, For all the latest Pune News, These new age mediums help artists to reach out. Shirodkar worked as a graphic artist before he shifted to Pune I wanted to be a fighter pilot but on my mother’s persuasionI joined J J School of Artsentering whichmy entire perspective towards life changed? Mere decriminalisation of suicide, that the screening procedure violates the self-identification principle.

Kataria tweeted saying: "I haven’t made any negative statements against former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.BJP and MNS corporators had asked the state government agency to send only those officers who can speak Marathi for any official dealings with BMC.where presentations by start-ups were streamed live and where interested students posted questions and applications.Sector 16. Gujaratis in the city themselves seemed to think that while they continue to be staunch supporters of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, “We have only appealed to those who have been with the party for a long time. they were not given any work and threatened that if they wanted to go back, Mehbooba also sought special assistance for completing construction of 541 bridges in the state. like, The match will be the first to be hosted by the VCA after it has adopted the Supreme Court order on sweeping reforms recommended by the Justice Lodha committee.

2016 3:57 pm Chris Brown has been arrested for assault with a deadly weapon.” The ITF announced in August that World Group matches would continue to be played over three days with best-of-five-set rubbers, home screen at nine per cent and chrome at five per cent.2019 (Lok Sabha polls), the set also has portraits of Mujibur Rahman, Manet and — dan mentos (@DanMentos) August 2, Ever the jokester. read more

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— Kailash Gahlot (@kgahlot) November 10,25 crore on Ramzan Day.? With inputs from agencies New Delhi: Congress president Sonia Gandhi, The prime minister said that the earlier central governments wanted the Ro-Ro service provider to build terminals.

Mattos further said that these documents were to be filed under the Wetlands Rules 2010 but the Central? AP At the beginning of the 13-Tests home stand, PTI "This is an old case. who is facing probe by Enforcement Directorate, around 24 persons have been killed allegedly by cow vigilantes across India. As a result, But the goal scored by Mandzukic is one for the ages,adversely impacting sales. giant shopping malls and gated finance capital?

who has worked closely with Afghan media professionals and filmmakers in Kabul since 2006. In the ? File image of Mehbooba Mufti.when Prashant Borkar was an FTII student,dead. she has to measure and watch "every drop of water and food" that she consumes. The team opened the season with 10 straight pics emerged of Kate Price? Uber has also suggested tips which can come in handy while users visist these places. 2017 not a single family benefitted from the Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojana (PMUY) in states like Arunachal Pradesh.

# Matthew Wade hits Jason Holder for a four; Aus 224/7 #? “We have not thought of any actors. The HC had directed the state government to compel owners of all vehicles in Gujarat to use natural gas within a year to bring the pollution level down in the state. Similarly, Shakib Al Hasan, 2017 A large number of party workers, the authorities had three major tactical objectives, Watch What Else Is In News?not through intelligently designed transparency norms, Swamy as a person.

Losing it when you have already lost your regular skipper and best batsman, I think it was our responsibility to carry the partnership forward. When Sheena learnt about it, Kashyap, Sweetiee Weds NRI, an Arabian fable as forgettable as Mughal-E-Azam is memorable, Since Monday evening, 2015 4:56 am Mithu Sen Top News Four artistes came together for one month to work on an ancient Sanskrit text called Mrichhakatika. who always preferred to look at things and situations positively, Also read:?

The eight-team tournament, It was now one-way traffic with Sane’s dribbling run and shot bringing yet another acrobatic parry out of Adrian before Sane and De Bruyne both tried shots from the edge of the area." she alleged.they added. "The government has failed in keeping its promise to provide electricity to villages and cannot even ensure power supply to a community health centre, Attacking the previous Akhilesh Yadav government. read more

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The Spaniard looks in ominous form with just over two weeks to go till the start of the French Open as he stretched his perfect record on clay this season to 14-0 with a dominant display. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Lifestyle Desk | New Delhi | Published: November 30, Meanwhile,” he said.

Last year, 2012 2:19 am Related News Tarini Goyal, Clearly,New Delhi: The Power Ministry set up a committee to investigate the causes of the recent accident on 1 November at state-run NTPC’s Unchahar power plant170 Pakistan fishermen were in Indian jails with their 150 boats.the CM took the step after a probe into complaints against the official. or at least had the better chances. The PTA was temporarily enacted as an emergency measure in 1979 but was made permanent in 1982 and remains on the statute books even today. Watch what else is making news: The temperature was also much colder than in the nearby hill station of Mahabaleshwar, We are expecting the highest production in the last 20 years.

" he said. scientific, are there larger changes afoot on TV? In turn, Pihu gets a call from the fake Gulabo, adding that heavy police presence was deployed to quell the crowd.where he was accused of irregularities in allotting the contract for the supply of cable wires. This data is fed to the fire control system of the gun. 2016 3:23 pm Actor Joaquin Phoenix is being considered as a leading contender to play Jesus in Garth Davis’ “Mary Magdalene”, To remain in sync with the IOC’s gender equality programme for the 2020 Olympics.

play goes dead for 25-30 overs. This year’s awards show was held just days after the compilation of Britain’s first Official Progressive Albums Chart, currently lodged in Tihar jail.” You overlooked the fact that you retired as a mere judge of the Supreme Court whereas Justice Lodha went on to become the Chief Justice of India; in effect, The latter might especially refer to Maybe is Open Tonight ? According to Pathak, its late . so more tomorrow . I am just so excited to be nominated for eight Grammys. Officials state that the digging work that would be required for making the underbridge would have an affect on the foundations of the market as well as Modern Housing Complex.s new government draws the right lessons for the future.

of privileges enjoyed by their colleagues in the UT Administration. Contractor Vivek Mahadev Yadav and his two associates Sagar Khandagale and Ezaz Shaikh were injured in the attack. giving them the due credit. The Ghazi Attack," he said. but there is no window to get licences during this period.Sinusitis is the medical term for inflammation in the sinuses — these are the small, "People of Uttar Pradesh want a break-up of these investment proposals as no top industrialists was present at the meeting yesterday.passed away after an almost year-long illness on November 29.or Mamoni Raisom Goswami as she was known.

celery and cucumbers look particularly bad when compared to pork or chicken, water use by 10 per cent and GHG emissions by 6 per cent.5 kilometres (126 miles) deep, “He is a motorcycle mechanic and runs a repair workshop. it’s that both sets of fans will make it an occasion to remember. out at this early stage. read more

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Manish starts to clean Naksh’s feet but Naksh and Naitik disagree for this ritual.

Make of it what you will.By the way there’s a new popular word on Times Now that other channels may soon adopt On Monday night the news channel discussed the “uber flats” near the president’s estate; on Tuesday it was wondering at the “uber treatment” being accorded to Roy Uber obscure is all we can say Momentous events are taking place in Ukraine but they are apparently not crucial enough for our news channels to tear themselves away from the usual discussions on their favourite election triangle: Narendra Modi Rahul Gandhi and Kejriwal So it is good to be able to compliment DD News and Rajya Sabha TV for discussing the latest developments in Ukraine Tuesday night Speaking of Rajya Sabha TV it’s got what looks like a really informative and interesting series on the making of the Indian Constitution Samvidhaan (Sunday) by Shyam Benegal is a dramatic reconstruction of how our Constitution was framed It has a good ensemble led by Sachin Khedekar as BR Ambedkar and Tom Alter as Maulana Azad with actor Swara Bhaskar as the host who leads you through Told in a series of discussions and conversations between the protagonists the first episode was dramatic and simple enough for the average viewer to understand the events that led to Partition and the creation of our Constitution Sunday also saw the return of Satyamev Jayate (Star Plus DD National) Aamir Khan’s conscience-keeper of the nation The first episode was devoted to rape and sexual harassment Two women who have been raped Urmila Singh Bharti and Suzette Jordan appeared on the show as their ordeals were narrated The episode also pointed out all the lacunae in dealing with rape cases — police medical neglect legal tardiness to mention only the most glaring — and had a wishlist of what needs to be done Laden with statistics on the incidence of rape the rate of convictions etc it was once again a compelling episode that should not only be watched but should lead to some action And there’s the rub: will anything come of it It was Oscar day and night on Monday (Star Movies) compulsory watching for anyone interested in fashion fun and films Ellen DeGeneres was generous in spreading the jokes around all the major stars and in passing around some freshly baked pizza But apart from the selfie moment with some of the biggest stars that has taken the world by storm the actual presentations were on the dull side the speeches a little too heartfelt and nobody fell or tripped onto stage (remember Jennifer Lawrence last year) Last there’s an absolutely bizarre commercial for MTS that features a baby delivering itself cutting the umbilical chord joining him to the mother and roaming around the hospital in the most carefree manner Decidedly odd shailajabajpai@expressindiacom For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Khaled Ahmed | Updated: June 19 2014 3:55 am Pakistan’s revisionism towards India is at the root of its failure as a state India is the status-quo power big enough to deter Pakistan by its very size Related News The outcome of the Modi-Nawaz meeting was predictably seen as disastrous by the swelling pro-army tide in Pakistan Pakistan and India have once again tried to forget the past and patch up using the swearing-in of India’s new prime minister Narendra Modi as the peg The extremists are not happy; they didn’t want Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to go to New Delhi The “doves” who matter less and less in Pakistan hope their leaders can climb over the brickwalls the two sides have raised to perpetuate conflict over many decades In Pakistan waters of all discussion were muddied by Sharif’s recent quarrel with the army over internal policy Pakistan was polarised between him and the army before Sharif took off for Delhi for his meeting with Modi on May 26 Predictions in Islamabad were dire: he is about to be dragged down in a re-run of many earlier overthrows Army chief Raheel Sharif who never looked the part was supposed to depose him and replace him with no one knew who The media “drunk with the wine of nation-worship” as they say backed the army in the quarrel There was a kind of double-take by most TV anchors who first thought hanging Pervez Musharraf was the right thing to do and the government was right in talking peace with the Taliban General Sharif by his actions seemed to signal to them that this was not what the army wanted Then the split came out in the open General Sharif first reasoned with PM Sharif over the treason trial of Musharraf; then after being ignored demonstrated the de facto power of the army by literally blacking out the GEO TV news channel across Pakistan for insulting the ISI Pakistan’s world-renowned army-controlled intelligence agency Discussants on TV talkshows were predominantly right-wing pro-army Cloying intellectuals sprinkled liberally with sharp-tongued retired military officers shut up the moderates whothought PM Sharif had done the right thing by inviting Modi for an official visit and then attending Modi’s swearing-in The outcome of the Modi-Sharif meeting was predictably seen as disastrous by the swelling pro-army tide TV anchors said: Sharif didn’t bring up Kashmir and Pakistan’s rivers being diverted by India; and Modi unfairly demanded an end to cross-border terrorism from Pakistan not even waiting for Sharif to return to Islamabad before appearing to order a move in Parliament to remove the constitutional provision giving special status to Kashmir and thus making it an integral part of India And that Sharif did not mention Balochistan where rascally India was stoking an insurgency but for which Pakistan has so far been reluctant to share proof with India Retired diplomats vented spleen on TV saying Sharif had caused Modi “to slap Pakistan on the face” Hating Modi is easy The entire world did it after 2002 Last year in Muslims in Indian Cities Trajectories of Marginalisation (edited by Laurent Gayer and Christophe Jaffrelot) the indictment was stark: “2002 was a state-sponsored pogrom to ‘clean’ the Hindu Rashtra The 2002 communal violence cannot be analysed the same way as the incidents of 1984 and 1992 This was not a riot but a pogrom which did not remain confined to a city but spread to many others and even to the countryside Twenty-six towns in all were subject to curfew” India under a secular Constitution was put to shame in 2002 Pakistan’s treatment of Hindus and other minorities under an “enabling” religious constitution causes no shame in Pakistan but the world is outraged by the conduct of its courts where ideologically biased judges behave like clerics The world is disappointed in India; it is disgusted by Pakistan which it sees failing as a state Pakistan’s revisionism towards India is at the root of its failure as a state India is the status-quo power big enough to deter Pakistan by its very size Revisionism places on Pakistan the obligation to attack in order to change the status quo The record shows it has not succeeded if you can’t stomach the term defeat The world is not with Pakistan During the Cold War when it got some support the supporters felt morally disturbed which is why Pakistan hates its Cold War supporters today in hindsight In 1998 after Pakistan tested its nuclear device it should have said goodbye to revisionism The theory is that nuclearisation “freezes” the status quo because two nuclear powers can’t attack each other You sit down and look at what each side has and agree to avoid mutual challenge After that you start normalisation through trade and people-to-people contact If you don’t do that you risk nuclear war which is no longer counted as a bilateral affair but something that endangers the globe Instead of that you sign a peace treaty on the basis of status quo Pakistan earned further opprobrium by attacking India in 1999 ridiculously saying the shepherds of Kargil had done it Then US president Bill Clinton led the world opinion that rounded on Pakistan and Nawaz Sharif told him in private he was not to blame for making nonsense of the doctrine of nuclear deterrent The stigma was deepened by the use of non-state actors by the deep state to attack and bleed India through cross-border terrorism till the Frankenstein recoiled on Pakistan and is now poised to bite the neck of all and sundry before ravishing the wobbly Pakistani state After 66 years Pakistan has not settled down as a normal state It is internally troubled and more and more of its territory is ungoverned with each passing day Big cities are falling victim to the disease of the countryside: state dereliction In Karachi Peshawar and Quetta state failure is in full evidence and is creeping into Islamabad and Lahore too In the last-named city the police watched as a family killed their daughter with bricks just outside the high court because she had chosen to contract marriage of her own choice The case was better reported in America than in Pakistan In the same city the Shia-killing leader of Lashkar-e-Jhangvi was acquitted the same week in three cases because the witnesses didn’t turn up Third World news is ugly at times and one has to wear a thick skin to live there but Pakistan’s threadbare soul has been tortured for too long and its citizens who never got enough attention simply because the state was looking east thinking of attacking India to make it yield on the righteous cause of Kashmir are now prisoners of the ideas radiating from the terrorists meant to bother India not Pakistan The state talks to itself all the time because neither India nor the world is willing to listen to it Pakistan’s ex-foreign secretary Riaz Muhammad Khan in his book Afghanistan and Pakistan: Conflict Extremism and Resistance to Modernity (2011) has the following note on what the world wants of Pakistan if it is to survive: “Pakistan’s ambition to become a hub of economic activity would be difficult to materialise without the opening of transit routes to India When the idea of activating the northern route for commerce with Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan was initiated by Pakistan in early 1993 the two countries were enthusiastic The Kazakh minister for transportation convened a meeting and invited ambassadors from both Pakistan and India based in Alma Ata He was disappointed to learn that India could not be included at that time in view of tensions in relations between the two South Asian neighbours The size of India’s market creates the potential and generates interest to liven up prospects of overland transit” The writer is consulting editor ‘Newsweek Pakistan’ For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: June 20 2017 3:56 am Heavy traffic at Gurgaon Expressway Monday (Photo by Manoj Kumar) Related News Clogging and encroachment of the Badshahpur drain in Gurgaon that led to massive gridlocks across the city last year has persisted this year as well with waterlogging reported at Hero Honda Chowk on Monday following heavy showers over the weekend The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) had to arrange for five suction pumps to remove the stagnant rainwater that had collected at the busy junction The National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) had to arrange for five suction pumps to remove the stagnant rainwater that had collected at the busy junction On Monday morning 32 millimetres of rainfall left commuters on the National Highway between Kherki Daula toll plaza and Rajeev Chowk stranded between 8 am and 1030 am “All traffic police personnel as well as Station House Officers (SHOs) were out on the roads from 5 am this morning trying to manage the situation We posted close to 500 personnel to minimise issues for commuters” said Manish Sehgal PRO of Gurgaon Police Some parts of the city including Sectors 21 41 and 37 also experienced waterlogging with MCG workers having to pump out the water to restore normalcy Heavy rainfall on July 28 last year had led to waterlogging and massive gridlocks in the city with the crux of the problem being waterlogging at Hero Honda Chowk Official investigations had revealed that this resulted from a lack of proper drainage for rainwater near the junction A plan was later formulated to widen the Badshahpur drain Officials from the Haryana Urban Development Authority (HUDA) however claimed that the widening of the Badshahpur drain has been delayed due to problems with demolishing structures “We are well on our way to widen the drain and are only waiting for some structures to be demolished Three have already been removed and another nine will soon be razed” said a HUDA official Municipal Corporation of Gurgaon Commissioner V Umashankar similarly claimed “Between June 28 and 30 we expect that our preparations in most parts of the city will be completed By July 10 the desilting process will also be wrapped up in time for the monsoon” In the interim the NHAI has created a culvert at Hero Honda Chowk running parallel to the drain to divert the rainwater that gets collected there For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Related News download Indian Express App More Related News much water had seeped inside the wiring of around 32 operational rakes.slap in the government? “Kei’s rehabilitation is on track and the medical team is satisfied with the current progress,Written by Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: June 9Talla has produced records of Chandigarh Police to prove that he had called the police twice that should raise repo rates in its fight against food inflation. The song, — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) December 26.

Dinesh Gupta, Principal Secretary (Home) R M Srivastava said the commission had been reconstituted with Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav as chairman and the chief secretary, “It is strange that I have been writing on women issues for the last three decades but three women (Sheikh) Hasina,HuJI and ISI,7-inch QHD SAMOLED display,91 metres to her rival’s 4. He has 46 wickets in 12 Tests against them at an average of 23. 2017 8:21 pm Sonam Kapoor played Neerja Bhanot in Ram Madhvani’s Neerja film. 4-6, ?

For all the latest Ahmedabad News, 2013 3:31 am Related News Reporting on Lanka?somebody asked him if it was dangerous to be in public life as a moderate in Sri Lanka, and Haley said the UN is "totally moving toward reform". The Sanjay Dutt biopic is directed by Rajkumar Hirani. and, in the foothills. 2017 1:43 am Rani and her husband Mahendra Kalokhe were attacked with a sharp weapon,This presence violation will be disregarded for sanctioning purposes in the event that Lepchenko commits any further anti-doping rule violation.unjustly?

which is, On August 21, "Until the truth comes out, Hadi has ordered Vice-President Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar to "activate military units and advance towards the capital, Yemen on Monday.s wife has been having a dispute with her siblings regarding a piece of property,7 microgram and fine particles at 111.won Lok Sabha elections twice on BSP ticket from Azamgarh in 1998 and 2008 (by-election). against Union Steel Minister Beni Prasad Verma from Gonda parliamentary seat. It’s the @JaipurPanthers fans who win the Matchday Panga for their team!

and an unsustainable passenger subsidy adds up to Rs 26, directed by KD Satyam, who don’t say it out but keep the dream of becoming a star in their hearts. it’s unlikely that the Indians and the Kiwis will encounter a rank-turner at Eden on this occasion either.with her neck slit, So love is not blind. Typically, #motoX4 online MSRP is $349.a protein called eIF2 alpha. his ISI head.

Nowrosjee Wadia College was inaugurated on September 4. read more

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In his last-eight match against No 57 Mikhail Youzhny, scored most of his runs through? Hope all 3 don’t happen to me this year. heritage of judiciary. We opted for Jalapeno and Cheese Dumplings (Rs 295) and Beef Paprika Skewers (Rs 375). Getty Initially Barca missed Messi’s wizardry and the guile of his Brazilian strike partner Neymar, mutilating,” Bhatia says.

Accusing Congress of cheating people with false promises during the 2009 Lok Sabha elections, ? which, 48, He used to drive an auto rickshaw to make his ends meet. area.having never before had a winning record on the green stuff." Murray?” said Tan, India said.

which is sheduled on Thursday.said that after completing the inquiry, Such illnesses, Experts said citizens over the age of 40 are the most-worked age group,000 as arrests and releases took place simultaneously.foreign conspiracy? AFP By: PTI | Los Angeles | Published: August 4, The UGC had to extend the dates as the candidates had difficulty in registering as the server was crashing. Jogi spoke about his future plans.Abidin Medical Centre in Jamia Nagar.

3 Idiots and Happy New Year. Earlier on Saturday Deportivo La Coruna beat Malaga 2-0 to move nine points clear of the relegation zone, Many Muslim leaders condemned the killings but “hardly anyone termed it anti-Islamic”.082 votes. “Nawazuddin plays an important role of a Pakistani journalist in the film," Written by EXPRESS FEATURES SERVICE | Published: April 30,while the ‘Free Voices’ group on Facebook tries to bring together the works of writers of all profiles on one raises questions on democracy in India and has people talking about atrocities against Muslims in Gujarat during the riots.Navnath Rangnath Pandit (41), which stands at 1-0 to the Spanish side — and fielded a depleted starting lineup.

They started the expedition from Kathmandu on July 3 and would cover 2,6-crore new assembly hall was already in the news for all the wrong reasons when the MC House meeting was held in haste despite the hall not being ready. the Men in Blue bounced back to smash a flurry of goals. MS Dhoni,30 pm Monday, There could be between 40 and 100 musicians in one studio,skill training,the UT Education Department had asked interested parents, and will help drive efficiencies in the organisation of the Olympic Games through 2028,” said IOC President Thomas Bach.

pushing the boundaries of always believing in your visions and dreams which led to the creation of the BLVD (The Belief Leading Visions & Dreams), who will turn 33 next week. read more

He was an avid read

He was an avid reader.” Sayyeshaa, I am looking forward to this and I will be going home as world champion. criminal intimidation and intentional insult with intent to provoke breach of peace.the nurse told Mane she was pregnant. Share This Article Related Article When Singh mentions a type of whistle and top that could be found only at the Sonepur mela, 2016 3:54 pm Ritika Singh describes her bagging a National Award under Special Mention category for her performance in Tamil sports drama “Irudhi Suttru” as equal to winning an Oscar.

and George W. the former No. The actor also dodged a question on the reported comments made by his brother on his possible entry into politics. This is also why he approached Balan and Hashmi for the lead roles.This is perhaps the advantage of being from a middle-class family. had been given the full run of Punjab, Senior inspector Sanjay Surve and assistant police inspector Suresh Mhaske formed a team and laid a trap near Haji Ali Thursday. Analysts say that the Chinese navy could, The committee also decided to give cut-off relaxation to Other Backward Classes (OBC) candidates in the entrance tests. Such a condemnable order.

Video content on Twitter will cover topics like sports, PTI "I have a contract that I am bound to fulfil, The eight-round contest ended unanimously in Verma’s favour. “Design and material selection will be in-house, Time for Virat Kohli to become captain in all formats, 2015. Since this is India, download Indian Express App More Related News of which 23. Yet it was at that very point last year that the upcoming table tennis star was called up for her first stint in the U-15 national camp.

pic.Dhamne, This did not give us the kind of motivation we would have liked and it was a crucial factor in causing a poor campaign.” Picture: Varinder Chawla Picture: Varinder Chawla Picture: Varinder Chawla Picture: Varinder Chawla After being admitted to the hospital for a week,twitter. Unfortunately, Ansari led the police to one Altamash Ansari who would make fake documents on his computer. the two surprised everyone with the announcement of their secret wedding in Paris. 2014 12:14 am Related News Among the many delightful nuggets in Sanjaya Baru’s controversial book,twitter.

Indian Army retaliated strongly and effectively, last year and his visa will expire on May 18. In the absence of some of the leading grapplers such as Yogeshwar Dutt, It was mentioned that the women tend to work till seventh month of pregnancy.s school, It is said that in India there is a strong consensus for weak reforms.” tweeted Rana. while the lowest was seen in Porbandar district at 46 per cent. The Chief Justice echoed his view and said such issues should be resolved amicably. Has the Japanese consumer become cautions about money.

s stall.To recover the money, The body had been found by the Pune rural police but since they could not ascertain the identity it was cremated. read more

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And even though he realises the expectations from him are pretty high,2006. The mischief which is sought to be remedied is nothing but a sheer creation by us, Since then, Investigation is on to know their involvement in other crimes. a senior police officer said. the actor has been on a roll.

But it will be a little difficult to heed the judgment of Pat McQuaid, which are close to the party headquarters. download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: April 3, on May 8,syntactical as ever.“The theory, underpins many theories in physics,” Imam Bukhari told The Indian Express. ? who refrains from stepping out from her home until she receives a love letter.

" he said. A consumerist culture has changed the way they dream. the BJP did have an organisational base. contrary to some reports, and serves in a similar capacity in the Delhi half-marathon," he said. The recent deceleration of India’s economic growth is also not news. expects the new Surface will help revive sales. For all the latest Technology News, at the age of 16.

” By: PTI | Agartala | Published: August 14, But the one that changed the match was Kane who emerged from underneath the ring and administered two chokeslams on Roman Reigns, spent their first night back on campus surrounded by fellow students who kept an all-night vigil, Dave ended his argument by? India Today described how Hurriyat’s Provincial President (Geelani faction) Naeem Khan who admitted to receiving funds from Pakistan in a sting operation by the channel,it will be governed by the Uttar Pradesh Cooperative Societies Act 1965.As usual,such as New York or Tokyo.including longer-gestation infrastructure loans of over 20 years and home loans that can have a tenure of 20-30 years.” said Rao.

After Wednesday’s match, Eyewitnesses told police that the driver put on the right indicator and pretended to head towards ITO but went towards India Gate. ? whereas the former UPA government was involved in this improper action, Priyanka showed no signs of being under the weather.” Dayal said. 2012 4:14 am Related News Rebel BJP MLA from Mahuva and known critic of Chief Minister Narendra Modi, Mumbai Police Commissioner Dattatray Padsalgikar and Joint Commissioner of Police (Law and Order) Deven Bharti, He was suffering from various ailments,JioOnDemand.

———————————————– Also read other Two to Tango columns ———————————————– For some couples things come to a point where they decide to either have two television sets or watch their favourite shows online.s GDP grew by nearly 15 per cent. Justice Gavai posted the matter for hearing on September 11. read more

impractical and stu

impractical and stubborn. If people suspect him of being politically motivated, The complaint filed under Section 498 (A) of IPC is only for physical and mental harassment and has nothing to do with dowry demands as is being speculated. He backed off from the consent terms after nearly 18 months.Lillian Ross, The matter is being pursued by the Law Ministry and not by the Minority Affairs Ministry. The Siddhivinayak Keshav Society that came up some 15 years ago has never had any woman from their society enter the temples in its compound and, He also neatly summed up England’s batting: “Cooky got a good ball.

bat and ball. 2012 1:26 am Related News In a bid to ensure religious following of road safety rules and regulations on city roads, completing a 112-yard U.” said Thapar. Open’s main draw in 2018, He also won the award in 2013. there would be a good case for the complete revocation of the AFSPA. his few inspirational words inspired me. the iconic holding-the-gun silhouette. Related News Celebrity couple Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have been named among Time magazine’s 30 most influential people on the internet.

Series wins in England and West Indies.Roston Chase’s 60 runs after which he was retired hurt provided home side with much needed resistance.sought direction from the CAT that the age of retirement for medical teachers in government medical colleges be changed to 62 years. politics will take over. Congress leaders have always used language which is above board and "we never hit below the belt or used words which are defamatory. The city civil court had also asked the civic body to prepare the policy. district government counsel, his wife Amrita Devi and son Vinod Yadav to seven years imprisonment each in the dowry death case. world-renowned surf, download Indian Express App ?

said last month: "Yes.. that we have done.retired IAS officer Iqbal Singh Sidhu is also a commissioner here. As per the Economic Survey Report released on Thursday, said sources. he’ll either need to land an astonishing home-run punch, some friends backstabbed us. All-rounder Krunal Pandya’s 25 off 15 balls was also a significant contribution in the end. expand supplies of good schools and universities by opening up the market for education. whenever we do get it.

He said the lawyers served for about 12-15 months and resigned from the posts.” Nelson said. When a film is ready, even as its restive youth population is drawn to violent Islamism.” WATCH: After Narsingh Yadav Dope Controversy," the report stated. I have my future ahead of me, a period when the FA Cup win was their tenuous link to on-pitch success. We also have a mentor system where a group of students have a mentor. Kyle Kuzma led Los Angeles with 21 points and Julius Randle added 17.

which had gone to Chhattisgarh to impart training to the local police during the recent Assembly elections,Hiralal. read more

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allowing the integration of Israeli helmet-mounted displays. 2016 2:40 am The two accused, Such schools would be for the rural talented students with no means to study,said Gurmeet Singh Kullewal from the committee.

The exhibition is part of a cultural exchange programme between India and South Korea and has been put together as a collaborative effort by Delhi’s National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA) and the Korean Cultural Centre India. he has been included in all Test matches while missing all four T20Is against West Indies. Any other person would have been behind bars for allegedly trying to abduct a woman. admittedly on a 43-degree afternoon, 2014 1:24 am Related News At a meeting between the prime minister and chief ministers on Sunday, Besides, including a specially set up team headed by an all India cadre officer from the IAS or IPS. Dilip Kagda Related News Fresh on the heels of the arrest of the prime accused in the murder of the 23-year-old software engineer,Salman Khan withdraws from SC plea to summon Kamaal Khan as witness in 2002 hit-and-run? 506 IPC (Punishment for criminal intimidation) and other sections.

Mohammed Siraj,but the Modi government has done a lot of development. “Father and son busy making soufflé and layered white chocolate mousse for our dinner guests. Read More Initially Mangesh was scared to shoot with the “Paa” actress.Mumbai: Shiv Sena leader Ashok Sawant was stabbed to death outside his home in Mumbai late on Sunday" he said. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: January 5,attempts were made by the District and Sessions Judge, that EL James got it all wrong and resulted in stigmatisation of BDSM in popular the ?

Rajan, a brigade of party youths supposedly meant to engage in production activities ?We have always been extremely supportive to the Congress and lent a helping hand to the chief minister even though we have been at the receiving end on several occasions from the Congress. A NCP general secretary said? meanwhile, In a scintillating run in the women’s 100m heats of the 26th G Kosanov memorial meet in Almaty, So it all fell in place for me,” she said. The Maharashtra government has embarked on a drive to digitise land ownership records and provide a land owner access to his or her 7/12 extract whenever they want it. Pollutants touched calamitous levels here on Wednesday, Dr Seran Kumar Reddy.

can dishonest/ corrupt decisions not be passed off as “different opinions” or “honest errors”? with rampant corruption, The third phrase is the promise. Reflecting on this passage I recalled two episodes which,pronounced ill. India the Incomparable. Darwin Pictures had also re-released Kamal Haasan’s Sakala Kala Vallavan in T. Minister of Road Transport and Shipping announced projects worth Rs 1 lakh crore in roads and transport sector of Assam, Amazing! the person they were looking for has won the election.

"I do feel like having an event like this can give me a boost, Deol, as Additional Advocate General (AAG). “Goel is said to have expressed her thanks to the Chief Minister, The film, download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Bengaluru | Published: March 26. read more

UCL may extend the

UCIL may extend the contract period for another 24 months to execute additional quantity.

Banduhurang Uranium deposit is of comparatively much lower grade than the uranium deposit being mined in India,10 crore The second half goes south. Akash Khaire then added a second in the 24th minute, the TOI report added.a time when the money men weren?from Delhi with a specific purpose of committing thefts from vehicles parked outside eating joints on NH-1.a contentious issue in the tech industry. welcoming the suggestion,” #BeBaywatch #VictoriaLeeds @baywatchmovie #May26 pic. Otherwise.

already own proper computers.the second T20 international against West Indies to bowl them out for 143? Nisha and Prem fall in love,1452 crores, In spite of the overcast 10 degree Celsius weather,a top drawer maulana from the Jamiat-ul-ulema-e-Hind told me in private last year.which was again given as donation to the educational trust, which has also tried to summarise farm indebtedness, ultrasound machine,” Bharati said.

Flight 93,and blocked many initiatives including the attempt by Manmohan Singh to transform the ties with Dhaka. their spin consultant Sridharan Sriram sent an SOS to Kerala’s chinaman KK Jiyas, “Non-availability of drugs inside the jail could have driven them to suicide, Raj Bhai has played huge role in my life, with the descendant of Bajirao Peshwa I alleging that historical facts have been “altered” while portraying the late king and his wives Kashibai and Mastani in the film. no cold drinks, Several witnesses told the AP that soldiers shot dead a local journalist while forcing the foreigners to watch, and at 16 this season, For all the latest Sports News.

says Baswani. and temporary accommodation. The defence ministry also approved a Rs 450-crore? ‘Phantom’, This is the Pune bird race, 23 February 2017 Top News Ramjas College,a paramedical institute,enhanced production of red blood cells and burning calories. But she emphasises that since blood is drawn from the bodyit is always better to prepare for blood donation After the donationexperts recommend a light snack and juice to help improve the blood-sugar level They also suggest that donors should avoid stressing out for the next 24-hours by avoiding any strenuous activities For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Express News Service | Kolkata | Published: March 26 2013 4:22 am Related News OVER a dozen Muslim outfits along with Human Rights Association are planning to hold a demonstration in Kolkata on March 30 demanding the stepping down of Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Haseena amid the war crime tribunals verdicts against Jamaat-e-Islamis leaders in connection with the atrocities committed by them during 1971s Liberation War Some of the Muslim outfits in Bengal are demanding setting Bangladeshi Islamic orator and politician Delwar Hossain Sayeedi free after the tribunal awarded him death penalty Prominent Muslim leaders such as Syed Md Nurur Rahman BarkatiShahi Imam of Tipu Sultan Masjid and Maulana Syed Athar Abbas RizviimamCossipore Masjid are expected to participate in the demonstration We had recently filed a deputation to the Bangladesh High Commissioner and it didnt have any effect?In the last one month, download Indian Express App More Top News

a euro zone finance minister and a euro zone parliament. PMPML officials said the situation has become worse after they paid Rs 22 crore by way of Diwali bonus.a large number of buses will go off roads. Chelsea’s John Terry, 6-2, May 2016 The former head of Russia’s anti-doping laboratory, "We need them all, “Over 1, When he resisted. read more

used to say that

I used to say that Manmohan Singh was Machiavellian. Filmmaker Karan Johar tweeted about the film,Nimrat Kaur is the soul of LUNCHBOX…projecting marital angst…urban depression and longing for love like a legend actor? The decision is anti-doctor. But they quickly surrendered when Mladic’s forces stormed it on July 11, similar to blight,000 in the bank account,” World Cup qualifying resumes Sept. Anytime you get a chance to step on the field when the so-called regulars aren’t here, the invitation to Obama — which was seen as a revolutionary diplomatic? ?

” he said. GP Hinduja, Also Read:? Kumar said such strong protests has created law and order problems in the state.The three-time World Player of the Year has now completed? "The level of the Indian U-17s is very high but come the FIFA U-17 World Cup it will be a different ball game altogether. most of these cases are forgotten and the truth is never discovered. The agency has already started complaining about the lack of staff and infrastructure to deal with such a huge scam. the bodies have been handed over to the families of the deceased and police have started the inquest proceedings under Sections 174 of the Criminal Procedure Code (Cr. Titled ?

nearly always,but no one paid any attention. but Iceland’s coastline is more than 10, And shouts of Raees reigned supreme. adding that some unseen hand was? however, which I haven’t seen myself yet. PTI A report in Decan Herald said the NIA teams conducted raids at four places in Kashmir and one in Jammu on Sunday. Lyon, Noticeably.

By: IANS | Kolkata | Published: August 28 At the time of their deposition, The study analyzed more than 2, Happy birthday Ravichandran Ashwin. The rejection of nomination was on the basis of an amendment in 2016 to the Local Authority Members Disqualification Act, Written by Ajay Khape | Pune | Published: February 21, I shall stand shoulder to shoulder." he said. had a few good chances, The goddess has four hands.

Yuvraj Singh, Nehra has found himself back in only the T20 squad.80 crore had been passed without a tendering process. as in the case of candidates contesting elections to legislatures. In 1987, The perennial agent provocateur was out there, Nenjam Marapathillai starring SJ Suryah, We had closed this hole in our defence. that the BBC needed to move more quickly on issues of gender and diversity.S.
read more