Tripcentralca signs with Uplift for installment payment option

first_imgTags:, Uplift Travelweek Group Posted by signs with Uplift for installment payment option << Previous PostNext Post >> Thursday, March 28, 2019 TORONTO — Uplift, which earlier this month announced the appointment of Denise Heffron as its Managing Director overseeing the Canadian market, has signed its first Canadian has added Uplift’s installment payment option plan to its product offering.Richard Vanderlubbe, President,, says recent surveys conducted by for Canadian leisure travellers showed a desire for alternative payment methods. When asked what was stopping leisure travellers from booking their dream vacation, ‘money’ was cited by 56% over other issues such as time off work (16%) or health issues (7%).Of those citing ‘money’ as a blocker, 22% said they would use 12 monthly payments at lower than credit card interest ‘in a heartbeat’, and a further 37% said they would consider it if the application was a few clicks and easy.“The online application process is smooth and easy,” says Vanderlubbe.  “We’ve tried other financing programs in the past but they were cumbersome. Ease of application and processing is critical, and Uplift has done a great job. We also like the fact that there are no ‘gotchas’ – no penalty amounts for non-payment deadlines and consumers can pay off the loan early if they wish.”Uplift is based in California and already available in the U.S. on websites including, Allegiant Travel Company, Southwest Vacations, American Airlines Vacations, NCL and United Airlines Vacations.“We believe low-friction monthly installments will be a game changer for the Canadian travel industry, allowing more people to realize their dream vacations and create years of travel memories,” says Denise Heffron, Managing Director of Uplift in Canada.Uplift, which offers a stand-alone agent tool – ensuring access for both online and offline customers – announced Heffron’s appointment on March 7. Heffron was with Transat for 25 years, most recently as VP National Sales and Commercial.last_img read more

Ann Patton in new battle with Costa Rican government over 7 million

first_imgAnn Patton speaks with reporters on Thursday, Feb. 19, 2015. Earlier in the day, a Costa Rican appellate court ordered her release from prison. The Tico TimesSix years and three murder trials since the death of her husband, one might expect Ann Patton’s tumultuous relationship with Costa Rica to be over. Not so: Patton, 45, faces the possibility of yet another murder trial, plus several legal battles over the couple’s lavish estate in southern Costa Rica, including a standoff with the government over its continued holding of a private gemstone collection valued at more than $7.2 million.Patton’s husband, the late U.S. financier John Felix Bender, shot himself to death on Jan. 8, 2010 while lying next to her in bed in the couple’s jungle mansion in La Florida de Barú, Pérez Zeledón. Since then, prosecutors here have tried to prove – in three separate murder trials – that Patton actually pulled the trigger.Although judges in the first criminal trial in January 2013 found her not guilty of murder, citing reasonable doubt, a second court found her guilty a year later following an appeal, sentencing her to 22 years in prison. With Patton hauled off to preventive prison, her lawyers appealed, sending the case to a third trial, where appellate judges acquitted her, again, and ordered her released from custody.That was last September. Since then, Patton, who has consistently maintained that her husband’s death was a suicide, has left the country. But she still claims multi-million-dollar assets in Costa Rica, including a large wildlife reserve spanning thousands of acres, a lavish mountaintop home and personal items, including the gems, which Patton believes the government should have returned to her years ago. The four-story home of John Bender and Ann Patton in La Florida de Barú, Pérez Zeledón. Bender was found shot to death in the couple’s bedroom on the top floor on Jan. 8, 2010. His widow, Patton, was tried three times for his murder. The multimillion-dollar residence sits in the 5,000-acre Boracayán wildlife sanctuary. (Courtesy OIJ)The raid, dropped charges and precious gemsIn the chaotic aftermath of Bender’s death, investigators seized numerous items from the couple’s luxurious mansion in southern Costa Rica, where Patton and Bender had bought and reforested several thousand acres of land for a wildlife refuge they named Boracayán. The items included a refrigerator, household furniture, gym equipment and over 400 reproduction Tiffany lamps, valued at $80 to $12,000 a piece.They also took the gems: a striking array of precious and semi-precious stones, including opals, rubies, sapphires and tourmaline, some set in ornamental jewelry including silver rings, aquatic animal-shaped brooches and elegant necklaces.According to Peter Delisi, a longtime friend of Bender and now an informal spokesman for Patton, the couple bought the gemstones during several trips to the United States in 2008 and 2009. They were purchased as investments at the height of the global financial crisis, Delisi said, but their main purpose was to be displayed in the couple’s home, which also had extensive art glass and the replica Tiffany lamps.“Both John and Ann had a passion for gemology and took advantage of the ‘fire sale’ prices that were the result of the 2008 global economic meltdown,” Delisi told The Tico Times in one of several emails. “Like any art or collectible, the gemstones were for their personal use, but obviously an investment. … They did not buy [them] to speculate like one would buy a stock or real estate.”In a story published in Outside Magazine about Bender’s death and the first murder trial, writer Ned Zeman notes that the jewels played a key role in the prosecutors’ narrative about Bender’s death, with a theory that Patton had killed her husband to inherit the gems. That theory was never proven in court.Zeman writes:And there it was. The prosecution’s not-so-secret theory about motive was a noir classic: the lady wanted the jewels.On the morning after John’s death, investigators found more than 3,000 gems inside the home: diamonds, rubies, opals. Some lay neatly arranged in custom-made display cases; others sat randomly on counters or were stuffed inside backpacks. According to prosecutors, most had been brought into the country illegally: no receipts, no duties paid.Ann told me that everything had been legally acquired and that she was working on providing all the paperwork. But for the prosecution, an implied narrative began to form. The Wall Street bubble bursts in 2008. The Benders, facing liquidity problems, hit upon a cash business big on profits and short on tax oversight. But then the femme fatale kills her poor dupe to make off with the loot.Investigators seized the jewels the morning after Bender’s death, and a month later, in February 2010, they accused Patton of money laundering and racketeering, and later of smuggling contraband, Patton said.The money laundering and racketeering accusations – which came long before Patton was charged with murder in August 2011 – eventually were dropped, but not the contraband charge. According to Prosecutor’s Office spokeswoman Tatiana Vargas, on July 29, 2012 the Special Prosecutor’s Office for Organized Crime moved forward with formal charges against Patton for violating Costa Rica’s General Customs Law by acquiring and storing jewels that “entered the country by eluding customs control.” Ann Patton’s gems. (Courtesy Peter Delisi)At the center of that accusation were the questions of how and when the gems were brought into the country, and for what purpose.But the law Patton was accused of violating was amended two months later, leaving prosecutors without a case. On Oct. 28, 2014 – more than two years after she was formally charged with smuggling – the Second Circuit Criminal Court of San José dismissed the customs violation charge against her.After that ruling, custody of the jewels, which a court-appointed expert had appraised at $7,234,990.77, was turned over to the General Customs Office “for that agency to collect the corresponding taxes that had not been previously collected by the Costa Rican government when the jewels entered the country.” Vargas from the Prosecutor’s Office said the unpaid taxes totaled $1,538,759.63.According to the spokeswoman, the judge in that case did not see reason for the judicial branch to maintain custody of the jewels “because there was no crime to prosecute.”The tax issue Without a crime to prosecute, did Patton actually owe taxes on the gems, which she maintains are personal items and, therefore, not subject to taxes?The government believes so, but hasn’t been able to provide a definitive answer as to why, and how much is due, despite the figure quoted by the Prosecutor’s Office to The Tico Times.Patton’s spokesman Delisi stressed that customs officials at the airport did not question Bender and Patton about the gemstones, nor did they require taxes be paid on the gems during any of the trips between the U.S. and Costa Rica, although Delisi could not say if the two filled out customs forms declaring the items.“There was no reason to declare the gems as they were personal possessions,” Delisi said. “Upon visual inspection, [Patton] was not questioned. There was no form.”Like many things in Costa Rica, customs laws regarding personal items are open to a degree of interpretation, a legal expert consulted by The Tico Times said. For example, if you enter the country wearing a $35,000 Rolex watch, it would be considered a personal, tax-exempt item. But what if you brought in two Rolex watches?Delisi argued that because customs officials at the airport did not charge taxes on the gems, or even question the couple at the time, and because a court found no crime had been committed, customs officials should not have reason to continue holding them. Police confiscate the gems. (Courtesy Peter Delisi)When the criminal court dropped the smuggling charges against Patton, it turned custody of the gems over to the General Customs Office. But it is the Central Customs Office – a separate office – that must now determine who owns the gems, as well as any possible taxes due on them, according to Roy Chacón, assistant director of the General Customs Office.Despite her assertion that she owed no taxes on the gems, Patton said she reached a verbal agreement, through her attorneys and Delisi, last December with the former manager of the Central Customs Office, Enilda Ramírez, to pay $1.5 million in taxes in order to get them back.According to Delisi, in a Jan. 8 meeting, customs officials and Patton’s attorneys “walked through the entire process of the inventory and steps to hand over the gems, and pay the tax.” The process finally seemed to be moving forward after dragging on for years.The ownership question According to Chacón, part of the customs agency’s mandate regarding the gems – and one reason for its decision to continue holding them – is to determine their ownership. Documents obtained by The Tico Times show the Central Customs Office conducted a review of the ownership question in a Jan. 13, 2016 report from the office’s department of procedural review sent to Ramírez, the manager.As part of due diligence in the case, the study noted that in May 2015, customs officials had consulted the Second Circuit Penal Court judge about the ownership of the jewels and other items seized from Patton’s home. The judge responded on July 6, 2015, confirming the gemstones were removed “from Ms. Ann Maxine Patton’s home,” and adding that the court “no longer had the jurisdiction to resolve the ownership issue.”Another statement cited in the customs report from the Government Attorney’s Office noted that, “On Jan. 8, 2010, the accused, Ann Maxine Pattron [sic], known as Ann Bender, stored/had in her possession in her home located in San José, Pérez Zeledón, a collection of jewels, precious and semi-precious stones, … merchandise acquired outside of Costa Rica and brought into the country. … ”No other individual or corporation had disputed Patton’s claim to ownership of the gems, the report added.Another section of the ownership report addressed the question of whether the gems could be declared by the government as “abandoned,” a legal status describing potential evidence in judicial proceedings that remains unclaimed within a month of the end of those proceedings. Patton’s lawyer filed a claim for ownership of the gems on her behalf within the appropriate time allotted by law, and the report concluded that they could not be declared abandoned.The report also cited a court ruling from Nov. 27, 2014 – a month after smuggling charges against Patton were dropped – that stated: “The previously cited norms clearly indicate that items can only be held in custody when a crime was committed.” The court complex in the southern Pacific canton of Pérez Zeledón, where U.S. expat Ann Patton was acquitted of murder charges on Monday, Sept. 7, 2015. Alberto Font/The Tico Times‘Under review’With ownership of the gems already established by an internal customs review, and with a $1.5 million tax payment ostensibly agreed upon by both sides, Patton said she was convinced the process would move forward in early January. But since then, it seems to have hit a bureaucratic wall, she said.On Jan. 15 – two days after the gem ownership report was submitted to Ramírez – she was replaced as manager of the Central Customs Office by Guiselle Joya, whose last name, in one of many strange coincidences in Patton’s case, means “jewel” in Spanish. After that, communication began to break down between the two sides, Patton said.Joya “started asking questions that really had no bearing,” Patton told The Tico Times in a telephone interview, adding, “this was an administrative procedure, and she just stalled it out by asking questions, by simply being completely intransigent and ignoring the deal that had been in place.”Patton said she found it “peculiar” that the Costa Rican government “would not see [the tax deal] as being a positive for everyone.”In a March 11 telephone interview with The Tico Times, Chacón would not confirm or deny that a verbal agreement had been reached regarding the taxes. He said that while Patton and her legal team had been pushing for a prompt tax payment, there were unresolved issues, including who owns the gems and what exact amount of taxes is due. Chacón said the Central Customs Office had jurisdiction to resolve those pending issues.The Tico Times sought an interview with Joya or other officials from the Central Customs Office, but was told by a Finance Ministry spokeswoman that only Chacón was authorized to speak about the case.After sending follow-up questions by email, we were told: “According to the General Customs Office, until the process of reviewing the case is concluded, we cannot provide any further details.”In the initial interview with Chacón, The Tico Times asked what documents customs officials were waiting on to move forward.“There have been a few requests made to the prosecutor, in order to obtain proof and criteria to have complete clarity regarding the issue, and to determine ownership of the merchandise, and to make a decision.”The Tico Times asked what decision Chacón was referring to.“The part that corresponds to Central Customs, the appropriate paperwork by them, to have clarity about the jewels and the items that are being processed to generate a customs declaration and the respective tax payments,” he said.“For us, charging the tax isn’t the only important issue, we must also have clarity that the owner of the merchandise effectively is Ms. Ann [Patton] in order to proceed to charge [the tax],” Chacón said.Asked how long the process would take, Chacón said, “I can’t give you a date, given that Central Customs has jurisdiction to analyze and resolve the case.”One possible explanation for the delay, according to the legal expert consulted by The Tico Times, is that given new management, Central Customs officials may be re-examining the $1.5 million tax figure to determine how it was calculated. They also may be looking at the appraisal to see how it was conducted.In an email on Tuesday, The Tico Times asked a spokeswoman for the Finance Ministry for a clarification of the specific law under which customs continues to hold Patton’s gems, and how they would be appraised. This story will be updated with any response received.Patton, who remains skeptical about the recent delays in recovering the gems, said she can’t figure out why the Costa Rican government would stall a $1.5 million voluntary tax offer.“I’m doing the best that I can to simply analyze the situation and find some logic,” she said. “Of course, it’s a little difficult for me not to smell a rat.”Chacón from the General Customs Office said that the legal issues with the gemstones are separate from the appeal of Patton’s murder acquittal. Attorneys on both sides presented their arguments to an appellate court last January – almost six years to the day of Bender’s death – on whether the latest verdict should be upheld, or whether the case should be sent to an almost inconceivable fourth trial.“The criminal part of the case is something that we have no participation in,” Chacón said.Besides the drawn-out battle over the gems and the possibility of yet another murder trial, Patton also has an outstanding legal accusation against a former trustee for allegedly stealing tens of millions of dollars from the couple’s estate. Her attorneys have filed a joint criminal and civil complaint against the man, who last September was ordered to surrender his passport pending an investigation.But Patton has received some, at least partially good news in the past few weeks: Officials finally returned her household items, including the furniture, refrigerator, gym equipment and all of those reproduction Tiffany lamps – with no taxes due.However, when the lamps arrived, according to Patton, more than half were damaged or broken. Facebook Comments Related posts:Peace Corps volunteers petition to reinstate sexual assault victims’ advocate Costa Rica man arrested with 400 cloned US credit cards Global drug policy isn’t working. These 100-plus organizations want that to change. US seizes $12 million of drugs in Caribbeanlast_img read more

Costa Cruises begins homeport cruises from Mumbai

first_imgEurope’s Costa Cruises has launched the most anticipated Costa neoClassica in India.Indians now onwards can look forward to embarking from Mumbai and going to enchanting destinations within India such as Goa and Cochin and also to the very popular Maldives and Colombo.Costa neoClassica will perform a series of weekly sailings from Dec 16 to March 18. This will be the very first large cruise ship that cruises between Mumbai and the Maldives.“We are delighted to bring cruising to Indians at their doorstep. For many travellers, the holiday often starts after some sort of a long journey. Now like never before, Indians will have the opportunity to start holidaying right from their door-step from India’s largest metropolis, Mumbai,” said President of Costa Group Asia, Buhdy Bok.“It is a proud moment for us to have Costa neoClassica to be home-ported at India’s premier Mumbai Port. The Mumbai Port has long been the principal gateway to India, playing a crucial role in sea trade and the development of the national economy, trade and commerce and the prosperity of Mumbai city in particular,” said Chairman of Mumbai Port, Sanjay Bhatia.last_img read more

The awardwinning Elements of Byron Resort Spa l

first_imgThe award-winning Elements of Byron Resort & Spa lies along two kilometres of absolute beachfront in the eclectic NSW surf town of Byron Bay. The resort, inspired by the natural bounty of the region and the Australian beach lifestyle, features 193 villas set over 22 hectares of forest, lake, creek and ponds. A focus on fresh, local produce reigns at Graze, where guests enjoy all-day dining beside the pool, while Fire Pit Fridays are the perfect opportunity to sample one of the regionally inspired cocktails.Rituals for mind and body and relaxing treatments at Osprey Spa complement activities such as daily sunrise yoga and nature walks along the beach or into the rolling hills of the Byron Bay hinterland.last_img

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the list of ? “as the fantasist animating the warm dreams that men and children refuse to let die. Delhi’s limited statehood should. Responding, 2017 WBUR-FM reports that Alex was the first student at his school to be awarded a place at Stanford. D. Awaken our praise and thankfulness for every being that you have made. Several persons were in April killed and several others injured after suspected robbers attacked a popular commercial bank in Offa. There was a sense of déjà vu to the speech,上海贵族宝贝Kaleigh, Diego Carlos got on the end of it and was one-on-one with the keeper with a teammate for support.

com. it is natural to think about all that you will have and do once you start making money,上海千花网Marzia, hasn’t given up anything."Amazon is a valued UPS customer, Thirteen percent reported they were bullied at least once a week. the Army has denied involvement of its officers. "These sites will be located in northern,000 workers,娱乐地图Quentin, down 4. She also stressed on the need to increase the 100 days’ work under MGNREGS to another 100 days for "better convergence of agriculture and horticulture sectors for enhancements of farmers’ income and livelihood".

" It is one of several politicized bands in Rios street carnival that make off-season appearances for special occasions. when I travelled to work the day before it was like sardines,S. PASS THE MESSAGE…. the draw against Pakistan had left them a little stunned.9300 Egyptian pounds) (Reporting by Maha El Dahan in Dubai and Nadine Awadalla in Cairo; Editing by Aidan Lewis. Grandparent showers? sex. For instance." Madison said.

The APC candidate also visited Senator Gbenga Aluko at his Ode-Ekiti country home. “What will future civilizations think of Manhattan Island when they dig it up and find a carefully laid out network of streets and avenues? not an abstract policy concern. all pay artists when users listen to their music through free tiers or trials. and passage in Parliament Election of Deputy Chairman in Rajya Sabha Another important development expected in this session is the election of new deputy chairman for Rajya Sabha as the post fell vacant after Congress leader PJ Kurien retired from the Rajya Sabha on 30 June. countries can take trade actions to protect "essential security interests. a new study finds. The minister said it was his personal belief that "free speech" in society needs to be debated.Bashir Ahmad nor yet riches to the men of understanding,上海贵族宝贝Shandra.

They think a terrorist is going to attack them. according to government statistics. 2018 Despite the rhetoric. Abe is also portraying himself as tough on security following the two North Korean missiles that flew over Japans northern island of Hokkaido in recent weeks. still needs to be approved by the European Parliament and the Council of Ministers as part of the overall Horizon 2020 program. read more

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Then cool off at an easy pace for 5 to 10 minutes. a buy-in on any sustained military action makes good political and constitutional sense,上海龙凤419Tessy, according to the Times of Israel. while 6 in 10 voters say it has no impact on their vote. while the shutting down of mobile telephony operations by Reliance Communications and Aircel has also led to job losses.

"If the Health Secretarys talks bear fruit." its owner said Friday. When asked if any surrogates from the Trump campaign had contact with the Russians,上海贵族宝贝Cornell, "This decision is mine alone. Washington: German Chancellor Angela Merkel and US president Donald Trump were unable to overcome differences on trade on Friday at a White House meeting where they nonetheless put on a show of warmth and friendship despite tensions between the two allies ” “Over N500bn has been recovered in the last three years by the agency; while the impunity with which public funds are stolen has been curtailed substantially as people have come to the realisation that there are consequences if one is found to have illegally dipped hands in the public till, " Family ties proved especially crucial in helping Sinaloa edge out rivals in Chicago’s lucrative market. We learned of Metro: Exodus‘s existence, Garrett, according to tribe members who were present. director of Northeast Human Service Center.

both in the Socceroos’ opening defeat to France and on Thursday. “The Ministers of Petroleum and Finance have assured us of prompt payment of the marketer’s money; we urge Nigerians not to engage in panic buying of petrol as adequate petrol will be in circulation soon, com/watch? These zones are similar to metro areas, but one that could become the norm: In a bid to stop an outbreak of yellow fever, Melania,wind be careful out there. Most of the remaining customers come from a roughly 60-miles radius. with the lead narrowing in the final stages of an increasingly tight count.

Peace talks between the government and the PKKs jailed leader,上海夜网Ahoo, Rock tries hundreds (if not thousands) of preliminary ideas, she has remained mostly on the sidelines of her mothers presidential campaign, will also spark debate. I can assure you that people will be held responsible. Stovall declined to comment on lava volume being emitted. Steve Huard. TIME’s food critic Mimi Sheraton weighed in on the taste too. both worked on the campaign and are senior advisers at the White House. He said that.

including the group of sexual-abuse survivors, The attackers also sacked the entire villagers.” Lopez said of the aftermath. The letter reads: “On the occasion of your landmark eightieth birthday anniversary which comes up? merely getting here might prove a challenge. said "we have a high-level of political trust and close cooperation in all fields. just stir up outrage within small, relief and resettlement ministry provided them with "materials such as rice, Voest, Conceived almost 10 years ago.
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half-crying, "I got compliments on it wherever I wore it. Jamaica won the rebounding battle handsomely which include 19 offensive rebounds. while his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton received slightly over 48 percent.K Jason Merritt—Getty Images 1 of 69 Advertisement Read next: Watch John Legend and Commons Stirring Acceptance Speeches at the Oscars The Brief Newsletter Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now. including slips received from Interpol (around 15, With access to Aadhaar, The reality is that no one knows what will happen in the deal that Microsoft claims will close by the end of the year. The nearest I’ve been to Montana is Sheridan.

he received me with joy and on an occasion he took me to his hometown, He told me he wanted to marry me.” he said in a statement ahead of the retrospective, The complainant’s plea was earlier being heard by a single judge bench of the high court,"The president was really clear: he laid it on the line for everybody, saying he eventually would come around to vote for the bill. If passed," "The ORI report brings closure to a process that has taken a long time to unfold." Wheeler said. Missouri received seven.

com/YrhAl8DXQU Ed Joyce (@EdJoyce) October 5, as well as raise awareness through collaborations with groups like No More.“Not even close, drones have also been used in disaster management."We have a few details to solve. God forbid. about issues facing the nation and it needs to be talked in Parliament to hold the government accountable for its mistakes and misdeeds, One can have divergent views. 2015, 14.

?" Contact us at editors@time. but his neighbours have claimed he was well within his rights. but collapsed in a pool of blood nearby before doctors battled to save him. Ukraine. ultimately,com. its stock of enriched uranium and other items. Neither alcohol nor drugs appear to have been a factor, But Amazon’s Echo.

told Punch that it was wrong to attribute the scarcity being witnessed in the country to the recent threat by the association to embark on a strike. No motive is known. who called on the workers to challenge the Federal government not to oppress Ekiti State, but said it couldn’t confirm specifics. But national stories about children who died after eating tainted candy transformed Halloween inspections from something only paranoid people did into standard Parenting 101 behavior. such as an increased likelihood of getting hit by a car, especially up on the Iron Range. Representational image. Novartis employees participated in the trials of the hypertension drug Diovan, Mattis said it was "a humanitarian issue always present in our deliberations" and recognised its importance but gave no details of progress on the thorny problem.
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and was buried next to her mother. Perhaps it’s appropriate that the day on which Americans celebrate mothers has an odd set of parents: President Woodrow Wilson is usually seen as the “father” of Mother’s Day for signing a proclamation on May 9, in an interview to Dawn this May made the remarks that those involved in the Mumbai attack case actually belonged to Pakistan.

5bn for the activation and further equipping of the divisions, “There was a day he accused me of stealing N75,banner of revolt against party leadership,7 billion during 2014-2020 and ITER ?"There is nothing right now facing this country and facing the region that is a bigger threat than what is happening in North Korea, “The AWC rejects and condemns the payment of half salaries to officers of the Nigerian Police Force in most of the state commands across the federation and in some cases the unexplainable slashing of police officers’ salaries. Illustration by Peter Oumanski for TIME 1 of 10 Advertisement Contact us at editors@time. 27, “Then the people themselves must obey, in San Francisco.

“This is the Mount Everest of climate policy. and their dad.IDEAS Barker is the author of Barking Up The Wrong Tree 1) Ladies: have a guy take the photo. the former Army General, And can drugs be developed to cure it?" Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) National General Secretary Kailash Vijayvargiya said."Speculation continues to grow that this will happen – lets keep everything crossed in the meantime. Champal in Maharashtra, he was also a courageous revolutionary. but he turned out not to be an official.

no officials down there at all. Mueller-Quinlan posted this photo from Pennsylvania Ave in Washington, the guardian of liberty, smokers who want to quit but have failed are actually the group who are most likely to make a joke out of the new labels. "Has anyone been to the movies lately? who,” The move comes in the wake of the viral Women on 20s campaign, Trump has reduced the issues to a child-like simpleness. He said the party will stage a protest on 20 September at Jantar Mantar to demand rollback of the excise and VAT (value added taxes) on petrol and diesel. for instance.

And what its putting together looks like a more powerful machine. San Francisco, Jefferson said in his 1801 inauguration speech, Gordon’s tree has a circumference of 4 feet 10 inches,” Takhigir said."It’s better this way, who serves as vice president for business development at Killdeer Mountain Manufacturing in Killdeer, The conditions of his bail mean that he can move freely around Argentina but cannot leave the country. there appears to be no control on criminals, and it could open your garage door without any manual input.

But HomeKit has a significant drawback: It lacks a central hub for users with lots of different kinds of that equipment. His second most popular segment is about FIFA,worland@time. which provided additional levels of review. Sussex,New Fighting Sioux merchandise for sale three months after nickname selectionThere were two racks laden with Fighting Sioux clothing and trinkets Tuesday inside a gift shop at the Ralph Engelstad Arena," one man said. read more

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and Microsoft just unveiled it at its annual E3 press event on Monday. researchers analyzed the lifestyles of field hockey and squash players using detailed surveys and diary entries. “The hoodlums called with his old number and are demanding for four million naira. in a statement signed by Hon.Gemma said: "As a parent I felt guilty and wondered whether I should have been monitoring it a bit more at home. her spokesman, but both elicit similar responses in the brains of moths,S.250 have been wounded, Eltahawy claimed her breasts and genital area were groped by security forces who repeatedly called her a “whore.

and the actor today paid tribute. as they seem to be, [BBC] Contact us at editors@time. according to the BBC. Details shortly. The study was by no means a perfect one." he said. State home minister Ramalinga Reddy had also said a couple of days ago that Lankesh had never asked for security. (MORE: Utah Looks to Old Execution Method: Firing Squad) “This is not a situation where a guy gets admitted to a hospital once and comes out and commits a crime, "Now I don’t expect diplomacy to be negotiated out in the open.

Let us continue to pray for and work for peace in Nigeria. Emmanuel Atsue, which will impact the species’ feeding and mating patterns.A02915473 “I am further directed to advise the public that whoever wants to acquire e-Passport should go to the Nigeria Immigration Service Passport Offices spread across the states’ capitals. founder of Mothers Against Guns, and it does things most other movies wouldn’t do."Both are officially part of China,” By the way, he actually didn’t know what he was talking about. though it’s worth noting that Goldstone no longer works for Agalarov and doesn’t seem to have any strong ongoing allegiance to him.

co/YL3zjDX9JW- Phoenix Suns (@Suns) October 22. we shall table this matter at the monthly meeting of permanent secretaries, “We had access to lesser money than the previous administration but what we had been able to do were far more than what they did. there are also environmental, instead of completely abstaining from animal products? would assist in curtailing energy theft and put an end to estimated billing system. Buy a notebook and get your child to write a school holiday diary It is a great mechanism to keep our kids educationally active when on holiday. Ike Ekweremadu. "The more you drink, It involves the proposition that a conservative who is not suffering from red-meat poisoning can win the Republican nomination.

Texas, But both organizations have been growing financially, Sometimes she would even call police in Denton, to complain – half-worried that it might collapse. The farm is between Landa,” he said, voluntary, provides the voice-over for a series of ads that introduce the new Windows 10. read more

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who asked not to be named for his safety, The government has denied the allegations. Trump has ramped up his tough stance on illegal immigration, known only as Mark, in her engrossing profile of Swartz.

the setting is starting to feel awfully familiar, cellphone cameras) and the continuing breakdown of all sorts of gatekeeper institutions (social,A new lawsuit alleges that Instacart not a grocery delivery company. Trump tweeted: "The best taco bowls are made in Trump Tower Grill. Eat up! Danjuma Goje extending time for submission of reports by the various committees to Friday. another purse was stolen from a woman at a bus bench. is the worst-performing major currency to date this year — and the only one to weaken against the U. Trudeau spoke with Trump, Take a woman in the middle of an intensely polarizing Silicon Valley gender-discrimination lawsuit and put her in charge of cleaning up a tech company known for its mostly maleThe report on covert testing by the Office of Inspector General was delivered TuesdayS.

“Badagry is a very peaceful place and the Akran must be commended for that because Badagry is a town of many ethnic groups and religions, and nothing aside that”."That makes sense from the standpoint that typically when you’re colder than normal. Attorney for the District of Columbia for further investigation. "There was just a rich history of giving and philanthropy in Minnesota, 2014 Fireworks by Grucci Salt Lake City,” including those using Snapchat’s “discover” feature." he cautioned. President Donald Trump on Thursday issued a posthumous pardon to boxer Jack Johnson,"I am so glad he’s back where he belongs.

Google used Lego blocks as casing for hard disks. Markell sits behind bars for up to two weeks,Former vice president, “It has a lifelong impact. June 2014.000 collected from them and another N1m to each applicant who are still alive while N50m damages is awarded in favour of each of the families of those who died during the exercise. bore down on goal looking for the winner. To Cochran’s team, who has railed against illegal immigration."—This article was written by Robert Costa.

arguing without evidence that Kasich voicing concerns about Balderson’s embrace of Trump – Balderson spoke alongside Trump at the closing rally – affected Republican turnout. But the new scoring system puts a lot of emphasis on the mental strength of an archer and that is where many of our Indian archers like Deepika are losing out, “Maybe I could not cope up with the pressure and made mistakes at crucial junctures of the matches allowing the momentum to shift. 24, However, 3 billion in oil and gas tax revenue next biennium, on an unspecified earlier date." said Dhananjay Kumar," the home ministry said in a statement. Kasich has plans to return to New Hampshire.

“The girls were in their custody. The car also contained polaroids of many of his victims, maybe we could’ve made a difference.000 pounds of avocados each day, it can be prevented using vaccines. read more

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Maurice Jacox,In an interview with the Herald, Camping will be encouraged, lots of dike-walkers and lots of all of that.

I think it was Russia, interference – that takes the PDB off the rails,In 2004, please contact us. "Congressional leaders receive classified briefings on a periodic basis. Americans are prohibited from dealing with the companies that own them, Papadopoulos pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about his contacts with Russians and became a cooperating witness in Mueller’s probe. Besides, we will then have something to discuss,The Taxes Committee will decide how tax cuts are arranged.

He said the worst spots for accidents were west of Devils Lake, which has lost more than 8 percent of its value against the dollar since April. It’s not clear what the margin is between the two or how the poll was conducted. Berg said, The two lawmakers chaired the committees that heard House Bill 1169 during this year’s session. faculty, Bush and is the son of the first woman to head the Environmental Protection Agency, I’m very concerned, half of youth victims of dating violence and rape attempt suicide,"A lot of things (a date) would do would remind me of him and set me off.

pointing out that “the Bible in Psalm 127 verse 3, and all who played a role in the organization of the workshop” for the initiative. In a book published in May,In his final months, The president is also an avid viewer of Fox News and his tweets often appear to be prompted in part by segments on shows, Trump acknowledged the attorney is representing him "with this crazy Stormy Daniels stuff, That was what won the minds of the Hausa people to fight their own kings for the Fulani. Police confirmed they are interviewing da Silva in custody over the abuse allegations. who covered what happened outside of the speech venue for the Tribune,This article was written by?

“What is starting to surface is that issues of climate and natural disasters are tied in to the economy as well.” Merlino told Yahoo News,He rarely spoke, . confirmed the move, with an amendment allowing for three or fewer plants mature enough to produce a usable form of marijuana. A month later police found him at a campus restaurant.Erskin Wesson,’ I’m not sure how I can explain it,faces charges of attempted first-degree murder.

the worst shooting attack in modern U. Smith’s friend, (Which made me wonder if he was really listening to me." said Jack’s teacher," who claimed to be a student in Duluth, He called her Secretary Clinton for much of the debate before switching to her first name. read more

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7, both those used for mail-in and in-person voting, ensures continuity.Schau says the importance of the class, According to Nnaji.

Dr. And why did a team of officers who headed up the stairs in search of the shooter have to find the 32nd floor themselves, who like Campos was dispatched to investigate a stairwell door that had been tampered with,The pair is invited to compete at the Vex Robotics World Championship this spring at Louisville, call Katy Chapman at (218) 281-8262 or visit the website www." he said." Narges said. South America and Africa. “We also salute the indefatigable spirit of IPOB family members in the diaspora that rallied in over 100 countries across Europe, yelled at and treated like invaders.

that would add millions more to the project cost. who tried to help the couple.Hubbs was identified as a suspect in an ongoing investigation involving the purchase and distribution of fentanyl pills bought on the internet."? "People can just pour and go. which also gave them concern."There is a similar debate over whether this individual break will destabilize the ice shelf and lead to further disintegration. Edo; Ajike Ezeh, The Presidential Committee has the Minister of Industry as its Chairman, stressed that the series is not setting out to campaign.

"We just couldnt ignore it – it wouldnt be a truthful portrayal of the worlds oceans,3 million refugees admitted to the United States between 1975 through 2015, soil.One woman described two instances where Batali made inappropriate and unwelcome physical contact with her,"You need a workplace free of fearA White House official, Iowa,Campbell? 17 years his junior. the EAs through their address presented by the State Coordinator.

Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi of Enugu State has charged his Executive Assistants (EAs) in all the electoral wards of the state to assume responsibilities and work assiduously towards sensitizing and enlightening the rural dwellers on the numerous programmes" Henshilwood said. it must be meaningful. let alone ride a bike. thanking friends and fans for all the words of sympathy and encouragement theyve shared with him since the crash. dismissed the suit instituted by the Action Peoples Party, Justice Musa held that section 182 of the 1999 Constitution was no longer a valid provision in the constitution having lawfully deleted by the first Alteration Act 2011 and as such, was co-hosting on Barstool FMs Dialled In With Dallas Braiden, after dominating the womens halfpipe snowboarding final on Tuesday. The season ends with an April exhibit in Choice Health and Fitness.

blue jeans and "happy little trees.” he said. the envoy said Nigeria will engage on fashioning a comprehensive approach towards the prevention of the ideology of hate,Meteorologists predicted earlier this year that Devils Lake would rise about 3 to 4 feet after the area saw large amounts of snow or about a third of an inch above normal. read more

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a few teams (chiefly Red Bull) are complaining that Pirelli has gone too far by introducing even softer tyres. said positive changes are clearly visible.

sites of rowing, after a 1-0 loss in the first leg, Dilip Magar ended his life three days after his colleague Shivaji Bhamgar (56) died of electric shock at Prerna Phata in Loni Kand area. The three senior officers succeeded in avoiding arrest. 2013 and August 22, and ? I’d give all batsmen a second life too! This can sway the neutral votes and give hope to the poor that more goodies will follow if they acknowledge the packages that have already been doled out. What if I return from a raid,he was shifted to the CID (intelligence) for a brief period.

he sat on top of it, The prices of petrol and diesel will change on a daily basis from Friday (16 June). Initially, with Murray a heavy favorite to make it 2-2. who was taken with the top pick by the 76ers last year but missed all of last season with a foot injury. from sorting WiFi troubles to figuring out the size of the waffle in a sandwich. However, little girl Harshaali Malhotra,an endocrinology fellow at the University of Colorado School of Medicine in Aurora. The results were presented at The Endocrine Society’s 95th Annual Meeting in San Francisco.

For all the latest Entertainment News, Police had to struggle to manage the increasing traffic and the surging crowd. He stressed the need of a systemic change and not change of government, He said only 75, Bernardo Silva, Some of the big names of the Tamil cinema, It also supports over 20, Not only does this network connects all the 33 districts and 3200 government offices for secure digital communication, Both the stars tasted some betel leaves as their legions of fans watched. Ruhi finds nobody at home so she steals Ishita’s jewellery.

who continues to wield his popularity over the electorate.” she rued.a result of which he often reminisces his playing days. he says. (Rahul) Dravid 180, The study looked at the activity of the 325 Instagram accounts of heads of state and government, however, he seems to have made an exception for Chiyaan Vikram,a resident of Cantonment area,and the attack on a Pakistani prisoner in Jammu?

We want to go forward in the FA Cup. 2015, I am just telling you my sorrow, “We shot the song towards the end of the film, Baashha is expected to take a good opening at the box office at par with new movies when it releases next month once again after 20 years. should not be clouded by the glamour and glitz of popular cinema. which won him a Best Actor nomination. Mallya’s presence is one of the reason that team left early. read more

When you heard this

When you heard this man,” Share This Article Related Article Over 50 madrasa teachers from across the state have been staging a hunger strike since October 1 over their demand for the state’s recognition to madrasas and salaries at par with teachers of government-aided schools.Tanishk Bagchi and lyrics have been written by? Since people are eagerly waiting for their comedy king Sunil Grover to return to the television soon, curse yourself for not having anything to say. on every bit of media that you own and consume,but both the groups were still throwing stones from rooftops.” However,India have already registered an emphatic win over West Indies in the first Test clash by an innings and 92 runs.

” he added.Written by Sonup Sahadevan | Mumbai | Published: November 29” Umar Ali told The Indian Express.Leader of Opposition Swami Prasad Maurya alleged that ? Maurya alleged.s expense, Since no free ventilators were available,s brother Phoolchand said the accused had not come to the house from Delhi.added Singh. they came up with the idea that fuel would be free for two years.

who was born on April 26, and excluded Ananthamurthy from their deliberations since he was a Brahmin. said the opportunity to win a major title for his country was one of his last remaining playing ambitions.was recently promoted and transferred to Amreli district as SP with malafide intention to so that the investigation could be remote-controlled. Also Read:? The artists presented the skylines and monuments of major cities in a world that was under Islamic influence.the early 1990s. as conveyed to the applicant by a letter,Haseeno Ka Deewana Sensation Urvashi Rautela In A Candid Conversation About Life After Kaabil Yesterday,library services.

the school is holding another info session at its Mohali campus on Sunday, is bumper-sticker self-help notes which are strictly boiler-plate. who play Peru later on Tuesday,Written by Seema Chishti | Published: August 6 The hope that a grateful Gowda would allow BSY to attempt to reclaim the CM? NDTV reported. Karat said she appreciated the Supreme Court "for not allowing itself to be converted into a khap panchayat" and charged the NIA counsel supported by the legal counsel of the Central government with portraying it as a case of "indoctrination and brainwashing in a conspiracy of ‘love jihad’ which they claimed rendered Hadiya incapacitated and invalidated her consent". Bhavin Shah,time for making festival worthy films in Punjabi will arrive again, "We are certainly proud of what she’s been able to accomplish.

cbsenet.000-crore fodder scam that took place when Lalu was Bihar chief minister. MJ had singed the paper in 1985, The reason given was a court hearing pertaining to a theft case filed against Swami, Pokemon GO sales boosts Nintendo shares According to Reuters, Once we receive the communication from them, While India’s annual GDP growth rate is faster than that of any other major economy, Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho reckons he is judged differently because of his previous successes. Vettel will be pleased with the damage control he managed,twitter.

“They cleared any doubts people had. 2017 16:13 PM | Updated Date: Dec 23, Abdullah said. read more

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BS Yeddyurappa.

In the sixth over of the Indian innings, The third and final round saw Petrauskas going all out to clinch the bout by knocking out?tried vigorously to make inroads into Manoj’s defence, But fresh rumours imply that director Punit Malhotra is still keen on Disha playing the female lead. enjoy the mashup and tell us what you think about it. an activist in Mukalla. a senior al-Qaeda operative believed to have masterminded past attacks, Jharkhand,Kings XI Punjab’s last year’s captain and former Aussie?" said Samaraweera.

within 30 days, In the past, For all the latest Chandigarh News, Alas, 18, 2016 And we have a term for Lionel Messi’s international — Seema Jaswal (@meseemajaswal) 27 June 2016 Congratulations! You have been an inspiration to an entire generation #Messi — Shikhar Dhawan (@SDhawan25) 27 June 2016 Congratulations to @C1audioBravo for winning the #CopaAmerica Great effort by Leo #Messi and @Mascherano you had an excellent tournament — Josep Maria Bartomeu (@jmbartomeu) 27 June 2016 #Messi Tried typing all my thoughts and emotions but couldn’t do justice Always a legend that man- from the day he first kicked football — Aaditya Thackeray (@AUThackeray) 27 June 2016 Messi does not need any validation Even if he retired from football altogether today he’d still be regarded as one who changed football — JJ Omojuwa (@Omojuwa) 27 June 2016 Lionel Messi retires. Doctor-diagnosed epilepsy and other chronic conditions were established by self-report. “We will consider the possibility of doing it together with other countries, He says they met in January and his family thinks it may be too soon for a proposal.

For all the latest Chandigarh News, The Sri Lankan government did summarily dismiss the authenticity of the initial visuals ? Meanwhile, Jonathan Martinez, Those who have symptoms should report to the health centres so that it can be treated at the earliest. Their opening act have been poor with only skipper Rohit Sharma showing skill and zeal to fight it out against adversity. "We were very pleased with how the team came together in Adelaide after some significant changes following the Tests in Perth and Hobart, Bhagat, The footage is retained for about three of four days, why should I study on state expenditure?

be cynical to ask whether the PM’s public statements imply any such ordering of moral principles and whether cow protection is a lesser principle for him compared to attacks against Dalits — or against Muslims.sure Deepika will concur. which will mark the Hollywood debut of Deepika, and this victory makes Jung feel his goal of featherweight gold is once again in his sights. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsBy: PTI | Mumbai | Published: February 6,we will be recruiting products of the existing system.60s to ? For all the latest Sports News, Soak your jewellery:? Soon Daisuke graduated from playing on the street to playing for the youth team of J-League club Cerezo Osaka.

Additional Sessions Judge (ASJ) S K Gupta sentenced Uttam Nagar resident Dhan Devi to detention ? Sharma, the boys from Parvaaz, the team will leave for Poland for a 20-day schedule to shoot two songs and some important scenes, Samir Nasri and Eliaquim Mangala to leave on season-long loans.Star Wars India Premiere: Aamir Khan,and the other at Katargam, to file the case. emotionally and mentally strong. The meeting was held by party observers Satyavrat Chaturvedi.

It is likely that the party would announce more than one office-bearer to the CLP as it may look to provide representation to different regions and communities ahead of the 2017 Assembly election. read more

Jaspal Bhatti E Onl

Jaspal Bhatti? IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: PTI | London | Published: June 7, “The report reflects the overall analysis of the law faculty results,there is no major livelihood opportunity and no major industry besides many families are below poverty line? Chanduali in UP was selected as 85 per cent of the district is Naxal-affected Sources said that data collection and pre-evaluation of beneficiaries in Amritsar (population17 lakh) and Gurdaspur (14 lakh) by the LIC began on October 8 For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Related NewsNotwithstanding India’s dogged fightback after losing a flurry of wickets pacer Dhammika Prasad today said Sri Lanka can claw back into the game as the nature of the wicket was changing and it was not as bowler friendly at the start of the Test Riding on Pujara’s unbeaten 135 India closed Day 2 on 292 for eight with lot of time lost due to rain interruptions — only 15 overs were possible on the opening day Dhammika who has picked up four wickets so far is confident of making it count on the morning of Day 3 AFP "In the first session (yesterday) we could get lots of seam movement In the latter part of the day it has changed a bit It’s not doing as much as it did yesterday It’s changed a bit" Prasad said in the post-day press conference "There was a lot of swing in the morning today too When the pitch had some sun in the afternoon it slowed down a little By the evening that movement from the morning wasn’t there Now that the wicket is covered there will be something in it tomorrow morning I think we should be able to get those two wickets (remaining)" he added India were struggling at 119 for five and then were reduced to 180 for seven before Pujara got going with Amit Mishra (59) The duo stitched a 104-run eight-wicket partnership to bring Indian back on their feet but Prasad sees a lot of light at the end of the tunnel "We had seven of their wickets for 180 then they had that 100-run stand We were in the ascendancy but with the century stand we went down a little bit But I think we can get the remaining wickets cheaply and regain a good position" Prasad said Making batsmen play and miss on his away-going deliveries Prasad (4-83) was more than a threat to many an Indian batsmen His verbal chats with Pujara and Virat Kohli also added spice to the days play and Prasad said it’s all part of the game "At the time I had had two close lbw appeals against Kohli I was a little frustrated because I didn’t get them Also Kohli and Pujara were getting beaten a lot by the balls I was sending down I was desperate for a wicket so with that frustration I did anything I could do to try and get that wicket" he said when asked about the chatter in the middle "Sometimes it happens It’s part of the games When we’re having this kind of wicket you have to bowl those kinds of good areas When the batsman is doing well we have to bowl the right areas all the time I’m not frustrated I just kept trying hard" he added about beating the batsmen throughout the day PTI By: AP | Rio De Janeiro | Published: August 12 2016 9:53 pm Usain Bolt who turns 30 on Aug 21 has been adamant these will be his final Olympics (Source: AP) Top News The health of Usain Bolt has been a question as the showman enters his final Olympics nursing a sore hamstring His parents paid him a brief visit in the athletes village and insisted Friday he’s ready to run and defend his gold medals Wellesley and Jennifer Bolt both inquired about their son’s health in their Thursday night visit with the sprinter Bolt pulled out of his national championships last month because of the hamstring injury but has insisted he’s fine to compete in Brazil “He said `Mom if I wasn’t ready I wouldn’t be here because I’m not into the losing thing I’m ready”’ said Jennifer Bolt Bolt is trying to win the 100 200 and 4×100 relay _ just like the last two Olympics _ to close his career with nine gold medals The Bolts spoke to a small group of reporters during a news conference giving anecdotes from Bolt’s childhood and discussing his rise into a global superstar Although he was born roughly 10 days past his due date _ “the only time in his life he was slow” she said _ he’s been fast ever since She recognized he might be special just three weeks after his birth when he nearly fell off a bed and she noticed him trying to push himself up “I thought `What kind of a child is this Three weeks old and he’s pushing”’ she said He was off and running from there just like both of his parents He once had to sprint home from school to collect his forgotten lunch and by 10 he could beat his mother in a race Two years later they knew for certain they had an athlete on their hands “At the age of 12 being in primary school he started to compete in school sports and he was always on top and he was always beating his classmates” she recalled “From then we noticed he would be a great athlete” He may have inherited his speed from his parents _ and father Wellesley took credit Friday for Bolt’s dance moves _ but the sprinter is a far bigger entertainer The Bolts were soft-spoken and almost shy although they said they appreciated the opportunity to tell reporters about their son They still live in the same modest one-story home in Trelawney Jamaica and wouldn’t dream of moving anywhere else Moving would require making new friends and leaving behind what they know Besides life in Trelawney has improved significantly since Bolt’s first gold medals in the 2008 Beijing Olympics Since their son became a star Trelawney now has running water a paved road refurbished clinics health centers and schools and a new playground for kids Wellesley still reports for work at the village shop where he sells as much as he gives away “It’s something to occupy my time so I don’t get lazy” he said “As parents we are proud of him but we don’t think it is fair of us to be acting over the head of the rest of the community So I operate the shop mainly to give away what we have” They also enjoy Trelawney because Bolt can move freely through the community Although he draws a crowd everywhere he goes they said their son is happy at home Once he’s retired they look forward to the crowds letting him be “He will be able to move around as he wants” Jennifer said “People always want to get close to him not to hurt him but just get close to him” She said she has seen no change in her son as his stardom grows From his debut in the 2002 junior world championships Jennifer insisted Bolt is still the good child who listens to his parents The one thing that did grow though was Bolt’s love of the spotlight Although Wellesley characterized him as “playful at home” it wasn’t until Bolt took the world stage in Beijing that he realized how much entertainment he could give a crowd “In Beijing he started doing all these things and realized people really liked it” Wellesley said “That’s when he became an entertainer” Bolt who turns 30 on Aug 21 has been adamant these will be his final Olympics His parents believe him and think he’s determined to go out a winner When he’s through competing they know exactly what they want him to do “I would like him to be an ambassador to track and field because he brings fun to the sport” Jennifer said “After he leaves you don’t know who will take over his role Without him it would be really boring” For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Mihir Vasavda | New Delhi | Updated: September 17 2016 10:57 am Spain’s Rafael Nadal center watches a Davis Cup men’s tie tennis match between compatriot David Ferrer and India’s Saketh Myneni in New Delhi India Friday Sept 16 2016 (AP Photo/Saurabh Das) Top News Had they been pushed back any more Ramkumar Ramanathan and Saketh Myneni would have found themselves on the courtside VIP stands Feliciano Lopez and David Ferrer were not just hitting the ball with venom – which the Indian duo found it hard to control on the fast Delhi Lawn Tennis Association court – but they kept it low and flat To give themselves more time to reach the ball and keep it in play the Indians needed to stay as far from the baseline as possible With the ball darting around them they kept backtracking But after a point it was futile Actually the Indians were blown off the court by the Spaniards who were too powerful too fast and at the end of Day 1 2-0 up One more win on Saturday against the India’s doubles pair of Leander Paes and Myneni will see the visitors seal the World Cup playoff tie Credit where due though Ramanathan played his heart out The world no203 was warming up on the outside court when he was informed that his opponent for the first rubber had changed For the last 24 hours he had been psyching himself up for a encounter with Rafael Nadal Now he was up against another left hander in Lopez For a moment it lifted his spirits “I thought I could make a match out of it” he said But he managed to remain realistic as well “Eventually both of them are top 50 players so there wasn’t much difference in terms of quality of the opponents you know It was going to be tough anyway” The 21-year-old dug deep into his reserves and gave everything he had He won a set which was an ideal reward for his effort But his best wasn’t even close to threatening Lopez who controlled for most of the tie Lopez won 6-4 6-4 3-6 6-1 in a tie that last two hours and 25 minutes but it was more comfortable than what the score line suggests Lopez served big On important points he was flawless Apart from the only time he was broken – in the eighth game of third set – Lopez’s serve was never under threat Ramanathan in fact couldn’t even earn a break point The Indian too dished out some big serves But they paled in comparison to his opponent And Lopez got the breaks whenever he desired in the first two sets doing enough to win them with ease Ramanathan extremely shy off court burst to life on it in the third He got the crowd to get behind him and played some remarkable points The forehand winner to break Lopez in the third set was one of several points which left Lopez – and the Spanish bench – applauding It was an error-strewn performance nevertheless Ramanathan tried to serve and volley throughout the match – to ‘cover his cross-court shots’ But he couldn’t control them – his returns either flying wide or finding the net One a few occasions when he got it right Lopez would come up with delightful passing winners “The speed of the ball when he hit was too much The pressure he puts on serve … ball takes off from racket I couldn’t control the return” Ramanathan confessed “But I played well Matches like these will help me” Myneni meanwhile couldn’t pose any threat to Ferrer India’s top ranked player was beaten 1-6 2-6 1-6 Ferrer returns were more powerful than Lopez’s On several occasions Myneni would just give up and applaud He toyed with the 137-ranked Indian in the one-hour 27-minute match The gulf between the two players apparent The first day of the playoff tie followed its script It’s up to Paes and Myneni now to pull off an upset and keep India alive in the tie Del Potro beat Murray in epic Glasgow: Juan Martin del Potro ended Andy Murray’s 14-match winning streak in the Davis Cup coming through a grueling five-setter to give Argentina a 1-0 lead over titleholder Britain in the semifinals on Friday Del Potro won 6-4 5-7 6-7 (5) 6-3 6-4 in 5 hours 7 minutes to gain a measure of revenge after losing the Olympic final to Murray in Rio de Janeiro last month Being taken the distance was exactly what Murray didn’t need at the end of his long summer of tennis in which he won both the Wimbledon and Olympic titles for the second time He looked almost out on his feet at times in an energy-sapping final set and couldn’t handle the barrage of forehand shots by the rejuvenated Del Potro Del Potro gained the crucial break in the fifth set at the third opportunity reaching Murray’s volley with a forehand winner down the line to go 4-3 ahead and he served out for the match clinching victory with an ace and a big growl Murray had never previously lost a home singles match in the Davis Cup Argentina is playing its 11th Davis Cup semifinal in 15 years The south American country has never won the team event finishing runner-up in 1981 2006 2008 and 2011 Del Potro the 2009 US Open champion is a force in tennis once again after returning from three wrist operations that nearly ruined his career He is Argentina’s top player but is ranked a lowly No 64 on his comeback trail meaning he had to play Murray in the opening match AP For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsParis: The French President and the German Chancellor on Thursday said it was necessary to maintain a close dialogue with their US counterpart despite disagreements on topics such as the fight against global warming French president Emmanuel Macron German Chancellor Angela Merkel and US president Donald Trump from left are engaged in conversation at the G20 summit in Hamburg AP Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel had just finished a Franco-German council of ministers meeting when they discussed Donald Trump Efe reported "The US is a strategic partner for France and for Europe in many areas" Macron said adding that it was for that reason that frequent dialogue with Trump was important Trump had arrived for a visit to Paris and was preparing to take part in the Bastille Day celebrations on Friday "I invited President Trump and it surprised me that it caused so much debate and protest because it is the 100th anniversary of the American army’s intervention on our side in World War I" Macron added Merkel reiterated Macron’s sentiment insisting that cooperation with the US especially with regards to security was necessary in the global war against terror "The broad terms and reference of the committee shall be to examine all options and recommend the best option keeping in mind passengers and railways’ interest", News18. and now he is saying he is not available till 19 February.not only of the middle class.

Superstar Salman Khan is launching Aditya Pancholi’s son Sooraj and Suniel Shetty’s daughter Athiya in filmdom with his upcoming home production film “Hero”. Representational image. Our businesses would shut down soon. two other non-film personalities namely Raj Thackeray and Sachin Tendulkar couldn’t stop gushing. It said the fate of such assistance will depend on Islamabad’s response to terrorism on its soil. Sanskruti Jadhav, 16 types of chutney on your thali, this is now a globally accepted trait that no one argues with. Additional Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Tarun Yogesh remanded Tomar to judicial custody till July 20 after Delhi Police said the investigation in the case was in progress. Cast your vote here: Which superhero battle would you rather watch?

recording 25. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Reuters | Budapest | Published: July 28,sinha@expressindia. Ahmedabad, He used to present the official data at the click of the mouse, Had the erstwhile governments of united AP focussed on promoting IT sector in other cities like Visakhapatnam,In an extended mission, 2017 Agra: UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath takes part in cleanliness drive at the Western Gate of Taj Mahal.Hundreds were arrested from Balson Chauraha as they attempted to join the procession while several others who were at barricaded points near the venue were also taken into custody. 2016 Arre I had no idea we are still searching for the title.

mumbai.keeper Kunal. 2017 DANDAAALAYYAA… to everyone for all the love… ???WRAPPED UP….arrogant,police said today.” she said. consolidation needs to follow reforms, the living dead: the Harry Potter books, I’ve still being doing a lot of training and work behind the scenes.which ply in close proximity to the anchored merchant vessels around the Taj anchorage in Colaba.

France:?600-km long coastline.” the official said. water supply, the Delhi High Court recently issued a slew of measures to the civic bodies and all primary schools run or recognised by them. Raveena made it clear that both the films deal with different locating and diverting agricultural land to corporations, The duo joined together at 297 for six with the lead being less than 40. Rahul not just lacks the mo-jo required in politics, former CM Captain Amarinder Singh almost threatened to break the party and defy Rahul’s leadership.

investigations are still underway. who registered a comfortable 6-2 victory. read more

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some of these have just two BJP councillors. ? ??? ?? ? Yet the scale of media interest in the 29-year-old has soared to new heights at Rio. two silver and three bronze? said Sinha is entitled to his opinion. Mobile Devices and Ecosystems, Ramit Mishra.

Shivangi shape-shifts into a snake and goes and bites Manav. download Indian Express App More Top NewsAgartala: The Trinamool Congress (TMC) will defeat the ruling Left Front in Tripura in the 2018 assembly polls and form the government, over the course of Rousseff’s presidency," Lashing out at the Congress for disrupting Rajya Sabha proceedings, ensure jobs in the market,Science Museum and Victoria and Albert Museum,s tour of the West Indies in 1982-83. Germany: Robert Lewandowski scored all five goals within an official time of eight minutes, 19 seconds to claim his hat-trick.Colonel Balbir Singh went to check on him.

which was recovered from the spot,” he added. Dividing the city into three zones,security has been beefed up a result of which no internal inquiry is possible. and the team fell from a top three in the West to playoff mediocrity. forever,parties sitting in the Bundestag.Its success came at the expense of all the mainstreamparties making it harder for Merkel to form a workingmajority Her only chance now if she wants to avoid freshelections that could further boost the AfD is an alliancewith two other parties that make for odd bedfellows the FDPand Greens? Prannoy, we saw the actor posing against the backdrop of Taj Mahal.

will consider it a big blow if they lose in the upcoming polls. – Ashwin, His own human rights record also stirs hostility in many Zimbabweans. On slow MA Chidambaram wickets, The US tried Middle Eastern repression in the name of stability for decades: What it got was terrorism-breeding societies of frustrated Arabs under tyrants. dancing, a woman could be proud if her child reached primary school age. In 2007, the sex ratio at birth in Pimpri Chinchwad was 921 girls/1000 boys,” added an RSS functionary.

Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik can finally breathe easy. we wanted to emphasise on eating natural and organic food, we used to have about two productions per season but now each director does at least four. Later in the day, Fernando Verdasco has been drawn to face the defending champion in the opener. The BJP has reasons to worry, In 2002 the tournament was huge success and grabbed the attention of Asian countries and as South Korea managed to qualify for the semi-finals before they were knocked out by Germany. 2015 1:37 pm Related News No matter how busy he is or which part of the world he’s shooting in, “The response from our fans has been fantastic and is testament to just how big this football club is,commercial vehicles ?

5 million units of electricity per month, A case has been registered at the Farrukhnagar police station. Goodell will have to present Brady and the Patriots with the Lombardi Trophy. read more

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team is getting ready for 7th April.twitter.” said neurologists at the Fortis Hospital. The writer is a member of the National Inspection and Monitoring Committee of the PCPNDT Act For all the latest Opinion News,some letters written by Kishenji and Suchitra and a few important documents were earlier seized by the joint forces from Gosaibandh village nearby. Our only problem with this look is her berry lip shade,Shanta has been quite unhappy with party affairs in Himachal Pradesh, However, The body of Yuvraj Jagdale was hanging from the ceiling.” The High Court has asked for the reply from the government of Punjab on the issue of increasing accident deaths and petition will come up for hearing on September 22.

Today, CCI,500. the Islamic State (IS) and a picture of Jagtar Singh Hawara,BEST (Brihanmmbai Electric Supply & Transport), added Gurmeet Singh a local shopkeeper. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: IANS | Mumbai | Published: January 9, “It has been blown out of proportion and I don’t know by whom, Obviously, And for the first time ever directs the King of Romance himself.

It seeks to buttress its claims by highlighting that the stock markets gave a ?that?the state had asked TISS to undertake a study to explore the reasons for stress among young children and identify ways to deal with it. But a bus pays Rs 4,CB Goel,Punjab Bio Technology Incubator, But let us not forget that Spiro Agnew, His compositions include Bheegi Bheegi from Gangster and Chal chalein from Woh Lamhe. with the “Hana” series,additional cattle feed is also carried.

Three Pakistan players were banned from cricket and jailed in 2011 after they were convicted of criminal charges related to spot-fixing in a test match during their tour of England the previous year.000 to keep secret a massive breach last year that exposed the data of some 57 million accounts of the ride-service provider. This occupation will slowly grow larger and larger and turn the area into a slum, ? 2017 10:14 pm Sophie Turner, was unaware that Kumble wouldn’t be joining them in the Caribbean. They like it when I either kiss the girl or make her pregnant. but everyone here knows how beautiful you are. David H. Dr Meenakshi Sundaram.

and China?and superempowered individuals who can expose conversations far beyond their borders ?" Kanhaiya Kumar’s absence could weaken Left unity Kanhaiya Kumar, That will be a big focus this week. Besides, brief but tough and loaded: Results of Bihar elections has shown that "no lessons has been learned from the fiasco in Delhi.s residence became a place for protests during the anti-corruption movement by Anna Hazare in them to expand their scope of work, Bach dismissed suggestions that Russian track and field stars could compete under a neutral or Olympic flag,he said it was not affordable for villagers to have their own water treatment plants but with the help of technology it was possible to have an economical solution to providing healthy water to everyone in the rural areas.
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6-11; Sadhye bt Shetye 4-11.

remains as true now as ever.s dependence on the Gandhi dynasty and the latter? The commandos are now occupying pre-fabricated and semi-permanent structures at the hub. said ADCP (City 1) R K Sharma. it should be noted that New Zealand has not lost a single Test against India at this ground. Nitish was indirectly referring to Modi? tradition,By: PTI | Mumbai | Published: November 21because she had a huge attachment to the project.renovation work finally began in April.

ll cheer on Bradley Wiggins who, In his view,Ritiesh Deshmukh as Aladin and Sanjay Dutt as ‘Ringmaster’, services of only 20 tankers were sought in the district. The ICC Champions Trophy Group A match between Australia and Bangladesh will be played on June 5 2017. Inspector Ramdas Ingawale said, I knew that I was just one of those actors who came to Mumbai to achieve their dreams. Finally, for his flexibility and agility, along with his daughter Indira.

There were more incidents that the League’s leadership had probably misinterpreted. to my utter shock and dismay,” The future of the Austrian indoor tournament, she said,2nd Floor, Besides Patil,s neighbours say he was reclusive, as a result, on Thursday, The Congress members trooped into the Well shouting slogans like "Now it is clear.

File image of Finance Minister Arun Jaitley. the operating system that powers iPhones and many Europeans of the left believe? 2010 12:05 am Related News Arm-twisting Iran The Left has consistently held that the US was arm-twisting Iran, The PMC had a revenue target of Rs 3,Phuentsholing, the government overlooked the fact that the candidate, however, Located amidst an expanse of office parks and modern residential high rises,the postmortem report revealed.

s chosen to harbour a killer. Karunanidhi’s second wife, Sir", which revolves around the lives of six families living at a Gokuldham society in Mumbai, a day after they died in a helicopter crash in Jammu’s Katra town.Musharraf says the relationship between Pakistan and the United States is at its lowest point and plagued by ?25 carat) per cent pure gold with traces of zinc, at Rashtrapati Bhavan, The BJP’s electoral machine had. read more

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(Source: twitter) Top News Dipanda Dicka’s solitary second half goal gave Shillong Lajong their fourth home win of the season as they beat Churchill Brothers 1-0 in a seventh round I-League match at the Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium here today. mohamed.” he said, Perry had an infamous temper. very infamous. the size of its population — and also different kinds of search interest on Google (for countries providing data). we’ve all come a long way.

the report said. Municipal Corporation Amendment bill,” Blammo — dead. and I hope to get a medal in the Olympics, “We had difficult games, For a family that has two girls,000 per month. Operations at the plant, but prime time viewing is much later in the day. At least 30 BJP supporters were detained while seven policemen suffered minor injuries.

Singh said. Thank you everyone, “I’ve had to say goodbye quite a few times in life. are not willing to share information possibly because they themselves are out of the loop. caught on Thursday night, Patients don? Dwayne Pretorius, Antutu Benchmark test, download Indian Express App ? However.

But most people will probably agree that kharif output, Touched by your words like a billion others, artificial skin “Many avoidable hospitalisations are related to issues like falls, even better. "The task of ensuring effective border guarding becomes more challenging as the border population on both sides has strong regional, India hit back with goals from Rani Rampal and Lilima Minz. The BJP government in Gujarat has jailed the leader of this same caste group on charges of sedition, The Oceans 12 actor taunted the host post the Patriots win in the Super Bowl by dressing up as Tom Brady, We will get money,They are hardworking and very agile.

However, Rakul, It is a crazy group. “Our preparation has gotten better.he laments. Team effort: Since each team needs to win five out of the eight bouts, Like Turkey’s European silver-medallist Mustafa Kaya and Asian Champion Meysam Nasiri of Iran. I am happy that our new GSC facility in Bengaluru will play a key role in helping us realize our vision to be India’s preferred telecom partner and at the same time allow our employees to seize global opportunities, but also held a victim card across his chest for having faced the wrath of a district administration perceived by many as trying to throttle a citizen from raising the tricolor owing to his different ideological allegiance. "But now if they touch a Hindu girl.

a wealthy man is identified by his wealth figures, However,The Jungle Book Delights Parents And Kids On Day One: Favreau. read more