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“We are proud to be able to give footballers the working conditions they deserve”

first_imgThe president of Futbolistas ON, Juanjo Martínez, was “proud” to be able to give the players of the First Iberdrola “the working conditions they deserve”, after signing the first Collective Agreement for women’s football, although They hope to continue “improving issues” for the next season.“We have signed for this season, so it will be a short tour. Therefore, we have to sit, both unions and employers, to see the issues that we can improve, especially economic, day and salary where the players can have that improvement they deserve. From here, we will continue to improve, “said the president of the union after presenting the agreement to the president of the CSD, Irene Lozano.“We are very proud to be able to give the players the working conditions they deserve. The players of this country from today will have those conditions and those rights that have demanded so much. Thanks to that strike we have come to fruition, and that is why they will be able to enjoy what any worker enjoys today, “he added about the break-up day the players made to express their discomfort at the delay in signing the document.Further, The CSD considered “an ideal scenario” to confirm a signature of the Collective Agreement that “has cost so much”. “We signed it on Tuesday at the headquarters of the other signatory union (AFE) and that is why the CSD wanted to know how the text was written, and today was an ideal day to present it and dialogue for the future,” he said. Further, confirmed their attendance at the protocol signing of the Agreement in the Congress of Deputies that will take place this Wednesday at 6.30 pm, where you can “expose the great success of the players in this country.” “It is a day of celebration of the Agreement that in the end has taken a lot, too much, but that in the end has been possible”he added.“We have laid a foundation and a very good tool for the growth of women’s football and there is nothing better than talking to Congress to improve it in the future and for soccer players to have better conditions, “he said.The president of the union sees a “fundamental and vital” right of the Collective Agreement “automatic renewal due to pregnancy”, which ensures the job in the event of this circumstance. “This measure is to look very much for the players that can happen this in the last year of the contract,” he said.For its part, the manager of Footballers ON, Tamara Ramos, encouraged “all athletes”, reminding them that “if you fight and work, you can get everyone to be recognized as workers, which is what they are.” “From Futbolistas ON we want to recognize the soccer players who have been the true architects of our being here now,” he concluded.last_img read more

Claudia Pina, the pearl of La Masía that has no place at Barça

first_imgClaudia Pina is one of the pearls of The farmhouse. The forward has drawn attention for her precocity and innate talent that have led her to always be ahead of her generation. At 16 years, five months and two days he debuted in an official match with the Barcelona to be the youngest player to do it. However, despite being in his second year as a professional, Pina is barely having minutes on a star-studded team.Jenni Beautiful, Oshoala, Mariona, Martens, Hansen… Barça’s attackers’ roster has many karats and that’s why the young youth squad is practically not having opportunities. The Catalan has 144 minutes between the three competitions spread over six games. The junk minutes, which are called, in which he has not even been able to see the door. At 18, Pina, although he belongs to the first team, alternates it with matches in the filia of Iberdrola Challenge. A complicated situation for the front. Pina, however, remains one of the pillars of the lower categories. In fact, bronze was hung on the U17 World Cup with only 15 years; the silver in the Sub 20 world with 17 years; and that same year the gold in the Sub-17 World Cup. In 2017 she made her idyll clear with the goal when she was named the best scorer of 2017 for the men’s and women’s teams with 16 goals during that calendar year. A scorer who has yet to explode in professional football.Future. Claudia Pina is one of the most sought-after players in all Europe. Both she and Barcelona know that she needs minutes at the highest level to truly see her projection, but her future is stuck. The azulgrana ends her contract in June 2020 and Barcelona wants to renew it. She is not so clear on top team deals like PSG or Real Madrid on the table. Without renewal, an agreement was not reached for it to be transferred, despite the interest of several Primera Iberdrola teams. Pina looks to the future with uncertainty, although she seems to be far from Can Barça.last_img read more

“Soccer will return when I say Salud, not Tebas, nor me, nor anyone”

first_imgFor the Tokyo Games there was a feeling of optimism that predicted twenty medals for Spain. With the Olympic postponement to 2021, and with many of our stars a year older and closer to retirement, do you think that level can be maintained?Those from other countries will also be older … I have great hope in our sport and in our athletes. We have a horizon of great uncertainty in the immediate future, but from now to the 2021 Olympics, hopefully we have returned to normal rather than sooner rather than later, and I am very confident in our sport, which is España Spain brand ’. The will of this minister is to help and protect our athletes, who are setting an example that deserves much praise, because they need the most to go out to train and they cannot. In 2021 they will have one more year, but they will surely reach their peak in Tokyo.Why in other countries such as France, Italy and Belgium have you been allowed to do sport individually on the street and not in Spain?These are very disputed and debatable decisions, but this Government has followed, without discussion, the guidelines of scientists and health experts, who have told us what could and could not be done.Do you have in mind from now on changing the way of enjoying both sporting and cultural shows in terms of increasing distances between spectators and / or mandatory wearing of masks and gloves?All this is what the experts in the different scenarios are studying. I want to think that this would be in a transition stage towards normality. I do not throw in the towel that we can return to enjoy, as before, sports and cultural shows. Another thing is that we learn things from this experience, surely we will, perhaps they will change some of our social habits, but not because an order says so, but because we assume it for this that we are living.Do you think that a salary cap should be set in football and accept the idea that in the future scenario the transfer of such exorbitant amounts no longer makes sense?But it is that it has always seemed to me that football has moved in exorbitant amounts, It is true that they are the rules of football and those of us who like football have enjoyed the great stars in the Spanish League, but it is no less true that when you find out about the salaries of many players you have the feeling of having an unhuman dimension. Equal this crisis also makes to reconsider soccer towards the limitation and to think about having a mattress before crisis like this one, obtaining a rationality in the salaries of its stars.The intention of his government was to increase money for sport and with it subsidies to sports federations. Is it going to be possible after the coronavirus crisis?Well hopefully. The coronavirus crisis has caught us in the midst of these negotiations, which, as I have said before, were quite advanced, which meant much better budgets for this Ministry than we had, both for Culture and for Sport. The duration of this first phase of fighting the disease will be fundamental. If it is extended, it will be very difficult to maintain the budgets that we were proposing.How do you see the ongoing conflict between LaLiga and the Federation? Don’t you think that in a situation of maximum crisis in the sports scene like this is the time to join positions?I turn the question into an affirmation. This may be an opportunity, although it still does not seem that we are going in that line, so that we all have a common look of solidarity and complicity so that we can get out of this together. I hope that LaLiga and the Federation understand each other more and I am going to help that agreement between both institutions.Does terminating the League enter the government’s plans, despite UEFA’s threats? The CSD president has affirmed that football will return when Health says it, not Javier Tebas …Indeed, football is not going to come back either when Thebes or when I or anyone else says so, but when Salud recommends it. Another thing is that we all make suggestions and think about the best time to return, but the final decision will be made by the experts, because the main thing is to preserve people’s lives. It would be good if both LaLiga and the other federations, the CSD and the Ministry that I lead think of different scenarios, on a possible schedule. Dialogue will be essential. José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes, Minister of Culture and Sports, has answered, in a telematic interview with the newspaper AS, the most current issues that have to do with his portfolio, in the context of this world crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic .The coronavirus crisis is hitting in disciplines in which Spain is a world power: soccer, tennis, motorsports, basketball and other sports … Do you fear that the damage suffered by our sport will be greater than that suffered by other countries less exposed to harm of tournament suspension?The pandemic crisis is hitting all sectors and, of course, the sports sector. It is a crisis, total, that’s why the response that we are giving from the Government is transversal, to help the sectors that have been affected, which in reality is to the entire economy. But it is a global pandemic, which is going at different rates, but which is affecting one hundred and eighty-some countries in the world. Of course, if we are disciplined and the sanitary measures of the experts continue to take effect, we will come out sooner rather than later of the confinement and gradually, what we are calling de-escalation, and of course, our athletes will return to their habits and training from before . I am convinced that we will return to the top, as up to now, in both individual and team sports and Spain will continue to be a power as we have been demonstrating.Have you been surprised by the feeling that Spanish football is giving of living up to date, spending 1,319 million euros on transfers this year, without having enough economic resources to avoid the almost bankruptcy of the industry?Soccer, like all economic and social spheres in this country, could not foresee this crisis. I was also organizing a month and a half ago the budgets of this Ministry with enthusiasm, because we were making good progress with the Minister of Finance in relation to Culture and Sports, and suddenly everything changed. We are now in a phase of uncertainty, but with the firm conviction of saving lives and that the pandemic does not spread any further.Can the Government help soccer in any way, bearing in mind that it generates 1.37% of the country’s GDP?The first major decision made by the Government after decreeing the Alarm State for the first time was a major ‘Bus’ Decree that put 200 billion euros into circulation, 20% of GDP, and which does not distinguish any sector of the economy. precisely to be able to help everyone, always according to their needs. Soccer, especially professional and elite, you have other options of resistance until it returns to normal, but the ones that worry me are the soccer players of Second B and Third, who live with a fairer salary. Here solidarity is also very important, among all, the federations, LaLiga, the CSD … We all have to understand each other more than ever. We are going to help the vulnerable.In what state is the future Sports Law? Is the controversial article 90 that prevents LaLiga, chaired by Javier Tebas, from acquiring, exploiting or marketing the rights of other sports, in most minority cases that have a source of income and visibility there, to be maintained?The draft, the draft of the Sports Law, I found it quite advanced, but one of the first things I said when I came to office was that I was going to study it again, that’s what we are at, and at the time it is restored I want this law to be normal by consensus and if not, it will not go ahead. It is true that it has some more controversial and debatable ones like the one you mention and that we will try to give it a spin. The new Sports Law has to be unanimously shared by all Sports sectors and parliamentary groups.The theater world has asked him to lower the VAT on tickets from 10% to 4% when activity resumes after the pandemic. Are you considering lowering the VAT on professional football from the current 21%?Look, I am very aware of the moment we are living, which does not mean that we are not thinking about the future and the possible scenarios. We have promoted dialogue tables with the Culture and Sports sectors, which I want to be regular. There are measures, such as tax incentives, that do not apply now, above all, because now the world of Culture, not Sport, is not developing, and it will have to be considered at a later stage. Now it is time to resist, to alleviate the damages that are taking place in all the hit sectors.last_img read more

Jamaican footballers celebrate with Leicester City

first_imgWes Morgan just made history as the first Jamaican international to win the English Premier League football title as captain of winning team Leicester City. However, he isn’t the only person of Jamaican heritage to have played for the new English top-flight champions. A year before Morgan was born in 1984, Robert ‘Bob’ Hazell played for Leicester City while they were still in the English first division. Hazell was born in Kingston in 1959 and later migrated to the United Kingdom. He joined Leicester City in 1983 and played for the team for three years from 1983 to 1986. He helped the East Midlands club to a 15th-place finish in the 1984-85, season before being loaned out to Wolverhampton Wanderers for a short spell. During his period with Leicester, he made 41 appearances and scored two goals. Hazell never played for Jamaica, but he did represent the England Under-21 squad, playing one game in 1978. Frank Sinclair, who helped Jamaica qualify for the 1998 FIFA World Cup in France, also played for Leicester City. Sinclair played for dethroned English champions Chelsea from 1990-1998, playing for a season with West Bromwich Albion from 1991-1992 on loan and then moved to Leicester City from 1998 until 2004, making 164 appearances for the club and scoring three goals in his time there. Most recently, Jermaine Beckford, who joined the Reggae Boyz set-up in early 2013, played for Leicester between 2011 and 2013. Beckford made 43 appearances for the Foxes, scoring nine goals in total.last_img read more

Leicester defying the critics

first_imgLONDON (AP):Leicester had little to celebrate last Christmas. Languishing in last place in the Premier League, the team was facing instant relegation back to the second tier.Now Leicester are looking down on everyone.From propping up the league, Leicester have surged to the pinnacle inside 12 months and rivals are trying to figure out how to replicate their feat. It has not been accomplished by a spending splurge but through astute bargain buys far expecting expectations and a managerial change that had most pundits forecasting a relegation struggle.The turnaround is as astonishing and unforeseen as Chelsea’s collapse from champions to a team now hovering above the relegation zone. When Leicester beat the champions earlier this month it no longer seemed such a shock, although it cost Jose Mourinho his Chelsea job.The tale of the two clubs and their contrasting fortunes is the biggest surprise in the history of the Premier League.”I don’t know how it’s possible,” Leicester manager Claudio Ranieri reflected this week. “I think it’s a fantastic achievement. If I understood very well, never at this time was Leicester top of the league.”This team, based in an east Midlands city better known for its textiles industry and rugby side, has never won the top prize in English football. Not in the post-1992 Premier League era or any time stretching back into the 19th century. The only major honour Leicester have ever collected is the League Cup, with the third and most recent triumph coming in 2000.Aware how close Leicester came to being relegated last season under Nigel Pearson – before a stunning late revival that was not enough to keep him in a job – Ranieri has cooled fan expectations. The target for this season remains reaching the 40-point mark that should guarantee a place in the Premier League next season. That can be achieved at the halfway point today when a win at Liverpool would lift Leicester to 41 points.As Leicester have remained among the front-runners throughout the season, the widespread expectation has been it was a matter of if – not when – Leicester start to slip down the standings. Two matches from the halfway point and everyone is still waiting.The whole season has been one long mission in defying the critics. Leicester were considered foolish for plucking Ranieri from the ranks of unemployed coaches to replace Pearson in July. It had been 11 years since he had managed in England with Chelsea – during which he was often labelled “The Tinkerman” for constantly changing the starting line up – and he had been out of work since an embarrassing spell in charge of the Greece national team.”I am waiting for when people change my nickname from ‘Tinkerman’ to ‘Thinkerman,'” quipped Ranieri, whose avuncular and calm demeanour contrasts with the league’s more erratic coaches.One thing Ranieri does not own up to thinking about is lifting the trophy for the world’s richest football competition in May.”I think we aren’t ready to fight to be champions,” he said, even as Leicester sit two points in front of Arsenal and six ahead of Manchester City.In the off season, Leicester’s net spending of around $30 million was one sixth of Manchester City’s outlay.”We don’t have the high quality like City, Arsenal, but we fight together,” Ranieri said. “Every ball for us is the last ball. That’s what we believe.”last_img read more

‘Harbour View need to beat top teams’

first_imgCoach Ludlow Bernard said Harbour View must start earning wins against the big clubs in the Red Stripe Premier League (RSPL) in order to challenge, for the title this season.The east Kingston-based club, currently in fifth place on 33 points, just two below fourth-place Humble Lion, slammed sixth place UWI FC 5-0 on Monday night at the Compound. In their previous encounter, they blanked Cavalier 3-0, also at home, but Bernard is not totally satisfied.”I’m satisfied that the goals are coming from more than one player. We need to maintain that sort of performance,” Bernard said at the weekly press conference at Red Stripe yesterday. “The opposition we played against in the last two games were, however, not top teams. We need to maintain our dominance and do it against teams above us,” he told The Gleaner. “I wasn’t surprised that we scored five against UWI, as in the previous fixture against them we created many chances and the game ended 2-2,” Bernard reasoned.Harbour View will next play against 10th-place Tivoli Gardens on Sunday at the Edward Seaga Sports Complex starting at 3 p.m. and Bernard hopes his team will continue scoring goals and win the game. “Well, for us, the aim is to get into the last four. It is a motivator for the team, and although Tivoli are down at the moment, we know that every team has high hopes,” Bernard stated.last_img read more

KSAFA to sell office

first_imgThe Kingston and St Andrew Football Association (KSAFA) is to sell the building that houses its headquarters at 40 Old Hope Road as the organisation embarks on finding a more fitting home.The administration has also already identified two prospective properties that are deemed to be more suitable and is in the process of making an acquisition.The development was revealed by KSAFA President Ambassador Stewart Stephenson at the launch of the 2016 David Hunt Management Seminar at the headquarters of sponsor Mayberry Investments Limited on Oxford Road in Kingston recently.The seminar is set for today at the Melbourne Cricket Club.The existing headquarters was bought by KSAFA in 2011 by the then administration led by President Rudolph Speid. In 2012, the property was said to be valued at $28 million. But according to Ambassador Stephenson, the property does not fit with the kind of image that KSAFA would want to have as a home.”As KSAFA continues to build and provide professional services for our association and our clubs we have had to look at the facilities that we occupy, and I am happy to announce that just yesterday (Wednesday) we signed a contract to sell our premises at 40 Old Hope Road, which was not appropriate in our judgement for building the kind of image and the kind of organisation that we want,” Stephenson said.Ambassador Stephenson said the contract that was signed Wednesday will conclude in four months and the association has already received a deposit on the sale.”We met with our clubs and they voted without objection for the sale of the building on Friday, the 15th of January for us to find a more appropriate location that reflects the needs of KSAFA with adequate parking etc. There is no reason why KSAFA should not look as good as Mayberry or any other corporate enterprise.”last_img read more

Urban netball hits high gear today

first_imgTHE hunt for places in the junior and senior finals of the ISSA Urban Area Schoolgirl Netball competition, scheduled for Thursday December 1, will get underway today at the Leila Robinson Courts at 2:00 p.m. With the top qualifiers divided into two groups, the opening set of matches in the second round is sure to serve up some exciting contests. Former champions, the Queen’s School, which topped Zone B with five wins from just as many games have been drawn in Group 1 and will have Norman Manley, Wolmer’s Girls, St. Catherine High, Holy Childhood and Campion to contend with. The Marvette Anderson coached team will go up against Holy Childhood in their opening match today. Other matches in this Group will see Norman Manley going up against Wolmer’s and St. Catherine opposing Campion. After winning their first title last year, the Dalton Hinds – conditioned Gaynstead High who eased through their Zone with five impressive wins, including a big 60-1 win over Mona will carry top billing in Group 2. The other teams in the group are, St. Hugh’s, St. Andrew Technical, Camperdown, Papine and St. Jago High. The defending champions will face former champions, St. Hugh’s in their opening game today. Other matches in the group will see Camperdown meeting St. Andrew Technical High and Papine going up against St. Jago High. SIX TEAMS Defending senior champion, Camperdown High will head the six teams that are drawn in Group 2 among the seniors. Other teams here also include Gaynstead, Tarrant, St. Catherine High, St. Hugh’s and Tivoli Gardens. The defending champions will get their title defence underway today when they do battle with Tivoli Gardens. Other matches in the group will have Gaynstead facing St. Hugh’s and St. Catherine battling with Tarrant. The Queen’s School and the in-form Excelsior High are on a collision course as both teams have been drawn in Group 1. They will be joined by Immaculate, Penwood, Wolmer’s and Norman Manley. Excelsior will meet Penwood in their opening fixture, while Queen’s will oppose Immaculate. The other game in the group will have Norman Manley and Wolmer’s squaring off. There will be five sets of matches in the second round with the winners and runners-up of each group advancing to the semi-finals on Thursday November 24 at GC Foster College.last_img read more

Powell boosts Scorpions for Red Force clash

first_imgIn a bid to address the poor batting fortunes of the Jamaica Scorpions, the national selectors have made two changes heading into the team’s fourth-round clash with Trinidad and Tobago Red Force at Sabina Park, starting today.In comes recent West Indies one-day international recruit, all-rounder Rovman Powell, and former captain and batsman Paul Palmer Jr, while out goes opener Trevon Griffith and wicketkeeper Chadwick Walton.The 23-year-old Powell and Palmer Jr are yet to see any action this season, with Powell recently returning from Zimbabwe with the West Indies team, having toured Sri Lanka with West Indies ‘A’ a month earlier.Palmer Jr, in the meantime, who was entrusted with the leadership position last season, but who was overlooked at the start of this year’s campaign, has been named in various Scorpions 13-member squads since the start of the tournament three rounds ago but is yet to make his seasonal debut.The Robert Samuels-led Scorpions will enter the contest one place above the Red Force in the six-team championship.Jamaica are fourth on 28.6 points, 1.6 points ahead of Trinidad, who are fifth. The table, which sees a mere 6.6 points separating the top five teams, is being led by two-time defending champions Guyana Jaguars on 33.6 points.They are followed by early-season pace setters Barbados Pride on 33.4 points and surprise package thus far, the Leewards Hurricanes, on 29.4.CRUCIAL GAME”Based on the position of the teams in the standings, it will be a very crucial game,” said Jamaica batsman AndrÈ McCarthy.”Trinidad is always a tough team and has rivalry with us, so it is always our intention to beat them. This match is no different, and it is for us as a team to get our game together, including our batting, which has been struggling a bit.”The Scorpions, who are hoping to better their third-place finish last season, has so far registered a win, a loss, and a no-result, the same as the Red Force.They are, however, slightly ahead of their opponents based on points awarded to fast bowlers as per a new West Indies Cricket Board regulation.Jamaica will look to in-form opener John Campbell, who is third in the batting charts, Jermaine Blackwood and Andre McCarthy to lead their batting, which, with the absence of Walton, could see young Brandon King, who has been part of the squad, making his seasonal debut.As for their bowling, it is again likely that it will be spearheaded by captain and spinner Nikita Miller, along with fast bowler Raynard Leveridge and Powell.Trinidad, in the meanwhile, will welcome the return of new West Indies batsman Jason Mohammed, who also played in Zimbabwe, with the diminutive right-hander set to lead their batting, while bowling-wise, much will be expected of Jamaica-born fast bowler Sheldon Cottrell, who was drafted in the off-season.SCORPIONS (from): Nikita Miller (captain), Fabian Allen, Jermaine Blackwood, John Campbell, Derval Green, Damion Jacobs, Brandon King, Reynard Leveridge, Andre McCarthy, Paul Palmer Jr, Rovman Powell, Devon Thomas, ShacayaThomas.RED FORCE (from): YannickOttley (captain), YannicCariah, Sheldon Cottrell, JydGoolie, Kyle Hope, Jon-Russ Jagessar, Steven Katwaroo, Imran Khan, Jason Mohammed, Khary Pierre, Roshon Primus, Isaiah Rajah, Marlon Richards.last_img read more

UE coach Pumaren expects Mbala to take on hot-shooting Pasaol

first_imgLATEST STORIES Mbala has been largely credited for neutralizing the league’s best scorers, including Paul Desiderio of University of the Philippines. But while Pasaol’s explosion has sparked UE’s turnaround in the past three weeks, the Warriors have been getting solid contributions from across the squad to stay in contention in the Final Four race.“Until there’s a fourth team that makes it, then we still have a shot,” said Pumaren. “We just have to stay positive with what’s going on. We just have to keep playing as one unit.”The Archers have won back-to-back games to start the second round—against Final Four contenders Adamson and Far Eastern U.With Mbala cooling off after a strong start to the season, Ricci Rivero and Santi Santillan stepped up to power the Archers past the Falcons, 80-74, over the weekend.ADVERTISEMENT Jo Koy: My brain always wants to think funny Margot Robbie talks about filming ‘Bombshell’s’ disturbing sexual harassment scene Sports Related Videospowered by AdSparcRead Next Kiss-and-tell matinee idol’s conquests: True stories or tall tales? Jake says relationship with Shaina ‘goes beyond physical attraction’ Carpio hits red carpet treatment for China Coast Guard PLAY LIST 02:14Carpio hits red carpet treatment for China Coast Guard02:56NCRPO pledges to donate P3.5 million to victims of Taal eruption00:56Heavy rain brings some relief in Australia02:37Calm moments allow Taal folks some respite03:23Negosyo sa Tagaytay City, bagsak sa pag-aalboroto ng Bulkang Taal01:13Christian Standhardinger wins PBA Best Player award Letran coach Napa looks ahead to next season, targets title Photo by Tristan Tamayo/INQUIRER.netUniversity of the East gunner Alvin Pasaol will be a marked man as La Salle tries to stretch its winning run against the resurgent Red Warriors on Wednesday, while Adamson seeks to get back on track in UAAP Season 80 at Mall of Asia Arena.Pasaol exploded for a season-high 49 points the last time the two squads meet and UE coach Derrick Pumaren expects the Green Archers to pay extra attention on his prized forward when they collide at 2 p.m.ADVERTISEMENT Coco’s house rules on ‘Probinsyano’ set MOST READ It’s too early to present Duterte’s ‘legacy’ – Lacson OSG plea to revoke ABS-CBN franchise ‘a duplicitous move’ – Lacson View comments “I’m sure they will work on trying to stop Alvin (Pasaol),” said Pumaren, whose team has won three of its last four games, including a 73-64 triumph over University of the Philippines on Sunday.“Probably they’re thinking that if they stop Alvin, they’ll stop UE. I’m sure there’s a lot of pride at stake because he got his record of 49. We’re expecting (Ben) Mbala to defend him.”FEATURED STORIESSPORTSRedemption is sweet for Ginebra, Scottie ThompsonSPORTSMayweather beats Pacquiao, Canelo for ‘Fighter of the Decade’SPORTSFederer blasts lack of communication on Australian Open smogThe Falcons hope to gain some separation from three other teams in the Final Four race as they clash with the winless University of Santo Tomas Tigers at 4 p.m.With a 6-4 record, the Falcons are in solo third, but Far Eastern U, UP and National U are hot on in their heels just a game behind.With a Final Four already out of reach, the Tigers are looking for a strong finish to the season. Jake says relationship with Shaina ‘goes beyond physical attraction’ Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. Coco’s house rules on ‘Probinsyano’ setlast_img read more