NorthRiver Midstream to deactivate Buckinghorse Road

first_imgFORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – At a City of Fort St. John Council meeting on Monday, Council were provided with an update on NorthRiver Midstream’s current projects.Talese Shilleto, External Affairs with NorthRiver Midstream, says NorthRiver has provided notice to the B.C. Oil & Gas Commission to deactivate the BuckinghorsePetroleum Development Road.According to Shilleto, they are deactivating the road as they no longer have a need for it since the deactivation of the Buckinghorse Plant. “The Buckinghorse Plant and the Petroleum Development Road came to NorthRiver Midstream and the Buckinghorse Plant hasn’t been operational in over 20 years. We have been maintaining that road for the last 20 years. Now that we’re working to abandon that plant, we’re looking to deactivate the road.”Shilleto says NorthRiver had sent out letters to the City, the Peace River Regional District, and all known users of the road to notify them of this decision.The deactivation project will include the removal of all bridges and culverts along the road and reestablishing the natural drainage.NorthRiver plans to deactivate the Buckinghorse Road starting September 1, 2019.last_img read more

New rehydration formula can help save hundreds of thousands of children –

Diarrhoea is currently the second leading cause of child deaths and kills 1.9 million young children annually, mostly from dehydration, and the new formula for Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS) will advance the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) of slashing child mortality by two-thirds by 2015, the UN World Health Organization (WHO) and the UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) said in a joint statement. The improved formula contains less glucose and sodium (245 mOsm/l compared with the previous 311 mOsm/l), affording quicker absorption of fluids, reducing the need for intravenous fluids and making it easier to treat children with acute non-cholera diarrhoea without hospitalization.ORS is the simplest, most effective and cheapest way to keep children alive during severe episodes of diarrhoea. The solution is absorbed in the small intestine, thus replacing the water and electrolytes lost. WHO provides the only updated international quality specifications for this formula and UNICEF is a leading supplier of ORS to poor countries. The two agencies have jointly issued guidance for production of the new ORS.Establishing local production of ORS will be a key step to ensure countries can meet their own needs in controlling diarrhoeal disease.According to UNICEF and WHO, oral rehydration therapy should be combined with guidance on appropriate feeding practices. Provision of zinc supplements (20 mg of zinc per day for 10 to 14 days) and continued breastfeeding during acute episodes of diarrhoea protect against dehydration and reduce protein and calorie consumption, greatly reducing diarrhoea and malnutrition in children. read more

Three policemen linked to drug ring

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram Public Order Minister Nikos Dendias declared on Tuesday that the police force is intent on pursuing a zero-tolerance policy in cracking down on lawlessness on all levels after officers cracked a massive drug-dealing racket involving at least three policemen.Describing the operation as “a very great success,” Dendias remarked that “the few corrupt officers within the police force are being traced by their own colleagues and facing the consequences of the law.”His statement came after a massive police operation over the weekend that led to 29 arrests in Thessaloniki, Volos and Agrinio. Those detained included the head of the anti-drugs squad in Volos and officers from the immigration unit in Thessaloniki and the security police in Agrinio.Police arrested fellow officers on the basis of incriminating evidence drawn from the latter’s cell phones which had been tapped. According to sources, the officers can be heard during the taped conversations offering suspected drug dealers varying amounts of drugs in exchange for information about the activities of other drugs rackets or for favorable testimony in defense of suspects implicated in drug dealing.Most of the calls were made to the suspected leaders of the ring, three Albanians, according to police who are seeking other fellow officers in connection with the racket.Four convicts serving time for drug-related offenses in jails around the country have also been implicated in the ring’s activities.last_img read more

Forgiving debt to prevent a Greek tragedy

first_imgIn 2009, the newly elected centre left PASOK Greek government imposed austerity measures demanded by the dreaded ‘troika’, made up of the EU Commission, EU Bank and IMF.These draconian measures were continued under the centre right New Democracy government which came to power in 2012.The impact of these policies was so severe that Greece’s GDP plummeted by a quarter between 2009 and 2015.Its household income dropped by more than a third and its unemployment rate trebled to 26 per cent. Youth unemployment is over 50 per cent. One third of the population have lost their social security and health insurance and live below the poverty line. Suicide rates have doubled. When I visited Greece last year I saw more beggars than I have ever seen in Athens.And no wonder – it’s estimated 18 per cent of the population is unable to afford basic food needs and huge numbers rely on soup kitchens for a meal. Greece was the birthplace of democracy, and given the suffering of its citizens in the last six years, the world should celebrate the election of its new, radical-left SYRIZA government led by 40-year-old Alexis Tsipras, who promises to discontinue the austerity measures.Greeks could just as easily have voted for the right wing neo-fascist Golden Dawn Party, which made the same promise. Golden Dawn did get six per cent of the vote but SYRIZA received 36 per cent.New Democracy, which supported austerity, attracted 28 per cent and the PASOK Party, which five years ago ran Greece, managed a paltry five per cent. Despite only gaining 36 per cent, SYRIZA came within two seats of an absolute majority thanks to a new electoral law implemented in 2012. That law introduced ‘reinforced proportionality’, under which the party which gains the highest proportion of the vote is allocated an additional 50 seats in parliament. This meant SYRIZA won 99 seats in the 300 member parliament and was allocated the additional 50 seats, bringing it just shy of a majority. SYRIZA has struck a deal with the Independents Party, which gained 13 seats, to form government.This rise of the radical left in Greece has been met with nervousness in financial markets and among centrist parties.But a shift to the left in Europe is better than the alternative. In France and Germany it is the neofascist National Front and NDP parties which are gaining prominence.Newly elected Greek Prime Minister Tsipras wants a large part of the debilitating debt, which now stands at $448 billion, or 175 per cent of GDP, to be forgiven (by contrast Australia’s debt is 11 per cent of GDP). Tsipras points to the fact that Germany, the country most insistent on Greece paying its debts, was forgiven more than half its war debts in 1953.Germany was forgiven huge amounts of post-war debt even before 1953 and under the London Debt Agreement Germany did not have to repay debt unless it achieved growth and trade benchmarks. This made it in the interests of Germany’s debtors to help it grow and by 1959 Germany had a debt to GDP ratio of less than six per cent.Tsipras is asking Germany to return the favour that the allies heaped upon it after the war.He wants debt forgiveness and he wants future interest payments tied to economic growth. But he is not just asking. He is demanding a reduction of debt and a discontinuance of key austerity measures.He wants to raise the minimum wage from $825 to $1,070 a month, increase the lowest pensions, provide coupons for food and electricity for 300,000 households, provide access to free medical care and scrap heating fuel tax.He has also promised to cut tax fraud, smuggling, corruption and the black market which is endemic in the Greek economy.This ’emergency’ plan will cost $17 billion which the country does not have and is unlikely to be able to borrow at affordable rates without troika help.Whether the Germans and their European partners in the troika have enough foresight to help ease the financial burden on Greece or whether they will insist on current arrangements even if Greece is forced out of the eurozone remains to be seen.Either way the stakes are exceptionally high. If Greece is forgiven debt and austerity requirements are relaxed the other debtor nations in the EU such as Italy, Spain and Portugal may demand the same.If Greece is forced out it would default on its debt, its creditors would lose their money and Europe would be destabilised.These are challenging times for Europe. Many of its member nations are on the brink of bankruptcy and are struggling to control growing fascist movements.If Greece is not dealt with fairly and its people given some respite, the whole of Europe may pay a very high price indeed.* Theo Theophanous is a former Victorian govenment minister and political commentator. Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagramlast_img read more

Mars mois de lutte contre le cancer colorectal

first_imgMars : mois de lutte contre le cancer colorectalFrance – Le mois de mars est, pour la troisième année consécutive, synonyme de lutte contre le cancer colorectal.Comme pour le cancer du sein, auquel le mois d’octobre est dédié, le mois de mars sera entièrement consacré au cancer du côlon avec une grande campagne de sensibilisation incitant la population française, et notamment les personnes âgées, à se faire dépister.À lire aussiCancer : définition, causes, types, qu’est-ce que c’est ?Roselyne Bachelot a annoncé le lancement de la campagne ce lundi 2 mars. De nombreuses actions seront menées. Entre autres : des forums, des programmes d’information, mais surtout, le dépistage des plus de 50 ans, plus enclins à développer ce type de cancer. Ce dépistage doit être effectué tous les deux ans par un professionnel de santé. La détection de traces de sang dans les selles à un stade précoce, c’est-à-dire avant que les polypes n’évoluent vers un cancer, permet d’augmenter fortement les chances de survie de la personne atteinte. Lorsque celle-ci présente des risques accrus de développer un cancer, elle est invitée à subir une coloscopie afin de déterminer l’avancement de la maladie.Chaque année, 39.000 cancers du côlon sont recensés, faisant de cette maladie le troisième type de cancer le plus courant dans l’Hexagone en matière de fréquence. Il fait 17.000 morts par an, soit le taux de mortalité le plus élevé derrière celui du cancer du poumon. Le 3 mars 2010 à 12:14 • Emmanuel Perrinlast_img read more

Columbia Gorge fire now 40percent contained

first_imgFirefighters are getting the upper hand on a wildfire that has burned about 100 acres just west of the Klickitat County community of Lyle.A bulletin from the U.S. Forest Service said the Major Creek Fire was 40 percent contained as of 6 p.m. Thursday. The fire was reported about 3 p.m. Wednesday and quickly grew under windy and dry conditions.The fire’s spread was checked before it could cross Major Creek and threaten homes and agricultural land on the creek’s eastern side, the bulletin said.County Road 8 will remain closed near the fire through Friday. The fire is under the jurisdiction of the Washington Department of Natural Resources and the U.S. Forest Service. Three crews, seven engines and two helicopters have been committed to fighting the fire, with 130 people involved.last_img read more

ExXXL Editor to Launch the HuffPo of HipHop

first_imgRELATED: Why Wilson’s Approach Makes Sense The former editor of XXL magazine is getting back in the rap magazine game—this time, online.Elliott Wilson is preparing to launch RapRadar, a Web site he hopes will eventually be a Huffington Post-like destination for hip-hop music fans and, perhaps, a print magazine. First, though, he says, he wants to develop a voice that has been lacking among Web sites that cover rap—that is, something akin to Perez Hilton. The New York-based site is slated to go live March 9. When it does, RapRadar will enter a highly-competitive category—with established Web sites including AllHipHop.com, SOHH.com and upstarts like NahRight covering the space alongside MTV, Billboard, the Source and even XXLmag.com, which Wilson launched during his XXL tenure.“There are a lot of sites out there that do news, and a lot do gossip,” Wilson told FOLIO:. “But not a lot of them can put it into the proper context, where it’s journalism versus pure gossip. I want to raise the bar journalistically. The public is hungry for both.”Once the ad-supported site is up and running, Wilson plans to invite artists and producers to post entries, Huffington Post-style. “If Jay-Z wants to express his feelings about Obama, there’s not really a forum where he can do that right now,” he said. (Wilson’s Soul of a Hustler, an authorized biography of Jay-Z, is scheduled to published in Spring 2010 by Atria/Simon & Schuster.)The venture is being backed by Paul Rosenberg, Eminem’s manager with whom Wilson launched Makavelliott LLC. “But this isn’t gonna be an Eminem fan site,” Wilson said.Wilson—whose wife, Danyel Smith, is the editorial director of Vibe—still thinks rap magazines are viable, and is hoping Rap Radar will eventually make its way to print.“If you’re a magazine, in this climate, you have to prove your value,” Wilson said. “You are looking at your editorial staff of 10 or 15 people saying, ‘Who are the seven people I can keep and still put out a magazine?’”Wilson added: “Right now, the goal is to build a brand.”last_img read more

Xbox Live outage temporarily broke a bunch of Xbox One consoles

first_img Tags 5 Share your voice Microsoft Nintendo Sure enough, most users on Twitter are reporting that the situation has been fixed for them, advising others to reboot the system to get past the black screen and log into their Xbox Live accounts — but a few folks are still having trouble. If you’re still having trouble, some have been able to coax the console into running offline if they disable their Wi-Fi router or disconnect the console from Ethernet.Microsoft’s relatively quick fix for the outage is reassuring, but it does raise some questions about how the Xbox One will fare in the future. Historically, consoles eventually see their online services shuttered, which effects them in various ways. The original Xbox lost access to online services years ago, and just this week, Nintendo shuttered the original Wii Shop. If anything, today’s incident shows that the Xbox One might not be ready for a disconnected future. CNET has reached out to Microsoft for a comment on the situation. The issues surrounding Xbox One console startup, sign-in, title update errors, and our status page have now been resolved. Thank you for sticking with us while our teams addressed these issues and we appreciate the reports. As always, we’re here and we’re listening.— Xbox Support (@XboxSupport) January 30, 2019 Comments Video Games Gaming When Microsoft first pitched the Xbox One to gamers, it sold them the idea of an always-connected game console. Now, the console’s dedication to its online services are causing problems. After Core Xbox Live Services failed earlier today, thousands of Xbox One consoles failed to boot up, leaving hapless gamers staring at what looked like an foreboding black screen of death. The good news? Those consoles weren’t actually dead — they just froze up when they failed to sign into Xbox Live. Unfortunately, that means those same consoles had to live in a state of limbo until Microsoft got Xbox Live back up and running. Microsoft says it’s working on it, writing on Twitter that its engineers have identified the cause. last_img read more

Brochevarevarura movie review and rating by audience Live updates

first_imgThyview‏ @Thyview Movies Box Office‏ @MovieBoxoffice5 CineManiac‏ @sreekar08 1. #Brochevarevarura review! This is one real crazy movie. Don’t miss this movie in theaters. Full funny and hilarious stuff. Super tired of laughing out loud in the theater. Vivek Athreya direction . Strong script and strong performances. 2. @sreevishnuoffl , @i_nivethathomas , #SatyaDev, #Rahul, @priyadarshi_i, @nivethaPethurai rocked their roles. Super satisfied with our recent low budget movies. #GameOver, #AgentAthreya & #Brochevarevarura . Rating: 4.25/5 Verdict: Best entertainer in recent times. Ashokk‏ @ashok_temp What a movie #Brochevarevarura this was & all the actors in the film were great and fun to watch. Congratulations to the entire cast and crew of this film. @i_nivethathomas @sreevishnuoffl @ActorSatyaDev @eyrahul @priyadarshi_i Terrific 1st half.. Hilarious 2nd half…Climax could have been better.. Nevertheless, a well engaged movie. #Brochevarevarura Blockbuster Loading‏ @boxofficemazza #Brochevarevarura Overall bane undi……Nothing great about the movie though but timepass flick with regular kidnap drama…actors anta baga chesaru…baita boru kodite oka look eyyachu… 3/5 Aditya‏ @aadi_aadi7 BrochevarevaruraTwitterDirector Vivek Athreya’s Telugu movie Brochevarevarura starring Sree Vishnu, Priyadarshi, Rahul Ramakrishna Nivetha Pethuraj and Niveda Thomas has got positive review and rating from the audience.Brochevarevarura movie story: Vishal (Sathya Dev) is an upcoming director who narrates a story to Shalu (Nivetha Pethuraj). This is the story of ‘R3 batch’ consisting of Rocky (Priyadarshi), Rambo (Rahul Ramakrishna) and Rahul (Sree Vishnu), who keep failing every year and are stuck with studying inter. The fictional story is connected to reality through Mithra (Nivetha Thomas).Analysis: Brochevarevarura deals with a simple story that has good dose of comedy and crime elements. The first half is very entertaining with some fun moments and interesting twists. The second half is equally engaging. It is good entertainer that appeals to youth, say the audience.Performances: Sree Vishnu, Priyadarshi, Rahul Ramakrishna Nivetha Pethuraj and Niveda Thomas have delievered decent performances, which are the highlights of Brochevarevarura. Satyadev Kancharana, Sivaji Raja and others have done justice to their roles and they are also assets of the film, say the viewers.Technical: Brochevarevarura has good production values and picturisation, background score and dialogues are the attractions on the technical front, add the audience.Brochevarevarura movie review live updates: We bring you some viewers’ verdict on the film shared on Twitter. Continue to read audience’s response.Christopher Kanagaraj‏ @Chrissuccess #Brochevarevarura First Half Report Very Good First Half Positives : Hilarious Comedy Scenes, Interesting Plot, Interval Scene @sreevishnuoffl ,@priyadarshi_i & @eyrahul Steals the Show.. @i_nivethathomas is excellent role.. Sandeep reddy‏ @DSRDAGGULA Mohan Ujwal‏ @MOHANUJWAL Venkyreviews‏ @venkyreviews ‏ @manojvalluri #Brochevarevarura – A Simple Decent Comedy Entertainer with a fun packed Interesting screenplay. Very gud casting & characterization. Vivek Sagar’s BGM is biggest plus. Interval twist is superb. No commercial compromises. Slight slow paced, climax could hv been better. Gud Watch! Watched #Brochevarevarura and came out with a smile on the face, ‘Goal’ completed. Well written and beautifully executed. The trio worked out perfectly and @ActorSatyaDev is the trump card. @eyrahul @priyadarshi_i @vishnuviv @sreevishnuoffl @i_nivethathomas #Brochevarevarura Very Good 1st half. The R3 batch @sreevishnuoffl @priyadarshi_i @eyrahul are excellent. Comedy works Big time, especially the punches landed perfectly & #VivekSagar what a talent he is , BGM . @adityamusic @SureshProdns #BrochevarevaruraOnJune28 #Brochevarevarura Engaging and Entertaining. Vishnu, darsi, Satya , Rahul are too good .@i_nivethathomas your performance ,a class apart. Harshavardhan, Shivajiraja & bittirisatti are hilarious. #VivekAthreya excellent screenplay but it’s the BGM of #VivekSagar..Thopecenter_img AkhilAneNenu‏ @akhil_maheshfan Excellent first half with rib tickling comedy. Great performances by @i_nivethathomas @sreevishnuoffl @priyadarshi_i special mention to vivek sagar’s BGM. #Brochevarevarura #Brochevarevarura was a great watch. Fantastic performances by whole cast. Brilliant screenplay and direction by Vivek Athreya. Dialogues are very natural and very well written. Sure shot winner. Rating: 3.25/5 Just watched #Brochevarevarura. Absoulutely hilarious and original @i_nivethathomas @NivethaPethuFC PaniPuri‏ @THEPANIPURI #Brochevarevarura is a scintillating and Rib-tickling comedy entertainer. Thoroughly Enjoyable. Sri Vishnu and Vivek Atreya deliver yet again after Mental Madhilo #Brochevarevarura Hilarious first half. @sreevishnuoffl @eyrahul @priyadarshi_i comedy timing Fun filled with an interesting interval bang. @vishnuviv screenplay & Direction .@ActorSatyaDev #NivethaPethuraj characterizations Black mole‏ @nallamole FDFS Reviews‏ @FDFSReviews #Brochevarevarura – slow but good..all did good..Bgm is very good…fun and time pass..friends tho maatlade bhutulu without censor pettesadu Superb 1st half !! Vivek Sagar #Brochevarevarura Kudos to the screenplay, just too good. Music and lead performances stand out. Must watch for all movie lovers out there #Brochevarevarura #Brochevarevarura 4/5 (A Roller coaster ride) @sreevishnuoffl bro – Your Script selection is always the Best among the current lot..Keeping the Box-office numbers aside, my Favourite Actor among the Youngsters in TFI @i_nivethathomas – Career Best Performance #NivethaPethuraj – Always chooses to be part of a Good Film which have some meaty role for her..Another Good Film for her after #MentalMadhilo and #Chitralahari ❤❤ Fantastic Performances from @ActorSatyaDev, @priyadarshi_i and @eyrahul @vishnuviv – Feel Good Director The Vincible‏ @TheVincible #Brochevarevarura First Half Report-Very Good First Half Positives: Hilarious Comedy Scenes Interesting Plot Interval All Three R’s @sreevishnuoffl ,@priyadarshi_i & @eyrahul Steals the Show.. @i_nivethathomas is excellent in her role.. ♓️arsha‏ @harshakaruturi Teja Sekhar Reddy‏ @SekharTeja #Brochevarevarura Hit cinema @sreevishnuoffl @priyadarshi_i @eyrahul were hilarious throughout the movie and it connects well! @vishnuviv does a good job with story and screenplay. Slow at times but never bores us! Go for it @sreevishnuoffl what a performance. Laughed like anything @vishnuviv you did it again bro. Congrats to the whole team. Perfect entertainer.#brochevarevarura #bommablockbusterlast_img read more

Chemists claim to have solved riddle of how life began on Earth

first_img New computational approaches speed up the exploration of the universe This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. Explore further Journal information: Nature Chemistry Scientists have debated for years the various possibilities that could have led to life evolving on Earth, and the arguments have only grown more heated in recent years as many have suggested that it did not happen here it all, instead, it was brought to us from comets or some other celestial body. Most of the recent debate has found scientists in one of three chicken-or-the-egg first camps: RNA world advocates, metabolism-first supporters and those who believe that cell membranes must have developed first. The chemists with this new effort believe they have found a way to show that all three arguments are both right and wrong—they believe they have found a way to show that everything necessary for life to evolve could have done so from just hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen cyanide and ultraviolet light and that those building blocks could have all existed at the same time—in their paper, they report that using just those three basic ingredients they were able to produce more than 50 nucleic acids—precursors to DNA and RNA molecules. They note that early meteorites carried with them ingredients that would react with nitrogen already in the atmosphere, producing a lot of hydrogen cyanide. By dissolving in water, it could have very easily come into contact with hydrogen sulfide, while being exposed to ultraviolet light from the sun. And that, they claim, would have been all that was needed to get things going.The findings by the team are sure to garner a great deal of interest in the scientific community and others will no doubt be testing and commenting on their findings. If what they claim passes muster, their work will likely be remembered as one of the great achievements of our time. © 2015 Phys.orgcenter_img More information: Common origins of RNA, protein and lipid precursors in a cyanosulfidic protometabolism, Nature Chemistry (2015) DOI: 10.1038/nchem.2202AbstractA minimal cell can be thought of as comprising informational, compartment-forming and metabolic subsystems. To imagine the abiotic assembly of such an overall system, however, places great demands on hypothetical prebiotic chemistry. The perceived differences and incompatibilities between these subsystems have led to the widely held assumption that one or other subsystem must have preceded the others. Here we experimentally investigate the validity of this assumption by examining the assembly of various biomolecular building blocks from prebiotically plausible intermediates and one-carbon feedstock molecules. We show that precursors of ribonucleotides, amino acids and lipids can all be derived by the reductive homologation of ​hydrogen cyanide and some of its derivatives, and thus that all the cellular subsystems could have arisen simultaneously through common chemistry. The key reaction steps are driven by ultraviolet light, use ​hydrogen sulfide as the reductant and can be accelerated by Cu(I)–Cu(II) photoredox cycling. Citation: Chemists claim to have solved riddle of how life began on Earth (2015, March 18) retrieved 18 August 2019 from https://phys.org/news/2015-03-chemists-riddle-life-began-earth.html Chemistry in a post-meteoritic-impact scenario. A series of post-impact environmental events are shown along with the chemistry (boxed) proposed to occur as a consequence of these events. a, Dissolution of atmospherically produced hydrogen cyanide results in the conversion of vivianite (the anoxic corrosion product of the meteoritic inclusion schreibersite) into mixed ferrocyanide salts and phosphate salts, with counter cations being provided through neutralization and ion-exchange reactions with bedrock and other meteoritic oxides and salts. b, Partial evaporation results in the deposition of the least-soluble salts over a wide area, and further evaporation deposits the most-soluble salts in smaller, lower-lying areas. c, After complete evaporation, impact or geothermal heating results in thermal metamorphosis of the evaporite layer, and the generation of feedstock precursor salts (in bold). d, Rainfall on higher ground (left) leads to rivulets or streams that flow downhill, sequentially leaching feedstocks from the thermally metamorphosed evaporite layer. Solar irradiation drives photoredox chemistry in the streams. Convergent synthesis can result when streams with different reaction histories merge (right), as illustrated here for the potential synthesis of arabinose aminooxazoline at the confluence of two streams that contained glycolaldehyde, and leached different feedstocks before merging. Credit: (c) Nature Chemistry (2015) doi:10.1038/nchem.2202 (Phys.org)—A team of chemists working at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, at Cambridge in the UK believes they have solved the mystery of how it was possible for life to begin on Earth over four billion years ago. In their paper published in the journal Nature Chemistry, the team describes how they were able to map reactions that produced two and three-carbon sugars, amino acids, ribonucleotides and glycerol—the material necessary for metabolism and for creating the building blocks of proteins and ribonucleic acid molecules and also for allowing for the creation of lipids that form cell membranes.last_img read more

Indias synonymy with tea

first_imgIndia has been dancing to the beat of “Cha-Cha-Cha” with every cup of tea consumed and every soul comforted by the taste of brewed magic, be it regular or masala. History suggests tea-drinking commenced around 750 BC, but the origin of tea in India, in terms of commercialisation, goes back to the pre-Independence years, when the British initiated tea cultivation and consumption in the country to challenge the Chinese monopoly in the tea industry. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfWhat began as a business goal soon became a household habit, with almost everyone orchestrating their days to the tune of their tea-cups. After Assam and Darjeeling proved to be successful spots for cultivation, mountainous areas like Kumaon, Dehradun and the Nilgiris were inspired to also do so. The impactful response made India initiate trade and exports to other countries, hence spreading the magic of Indian tea across the globe. The import-export business began to put India on the map for being synonymous with tea and if one has to gauge its resonance, even today, the first beverage that foreigners drink when they come to our country isn’t their regular beer or whisky, it is tea. Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveThat itself speaks a lot about the synonymy of India with chai. Early advertising of tea positioned it as an accompaniment for snacks, be it for the family or for guests. In an attempt to bridge a consumer need and turn it into a profitable venture, tea stalls started popping up around offices for those who couldn’t go home to have their daily dose of chai. High-tea sessions gained momentum, wherein people would gather at each other’s homes and socialise with cups of tea and biscuits or cakes. In fact, it still a tradition in a lot of Indian societies. A basic cup of tea has undergone major changes across the years. From regular and masala, to elaichi, ginger, lemon and more – one thing has, however, remained the same: People like to play around and get innovative with their steaming cups of invigorating chai. Today, tea consumption is at its highest with newer variants being introduced for the health-conscious generation. Green Tea, Herbal Tea and Chamomile Tea are three of the most consumed beverages by Indians because of the magic that they do for one’s immune system. Right from weight control to being rich in antioxidants, the benefits are endless, which makes tea extremely appealing to the current mindset of consumers. It is quite interesting to note how trends dictate the evolution of any industry, for that matter. Looking at the current course of the tea industry, with innovation being the key criteria, there are quite a few interesting trends to look out for in 2019: 4Veggie Tea Mixes: Given the rise of vegetarianism and veganism across the globe, a lot of people want their teas to have vegetables in the composition, some of which include onions, tomatoes, potatoes and more. 4Power Teas: Although several teas provide energy naturally, power teas combining vitamins and herbs is a new trend to look out for, considering the “quick-fix” patterns of people due to the fast pace of life. 4Probiotic Teas: Probiotic teas are those which go through microbial fermentation, which is said to work wonders for one’s immune system as well as improve digestion and help with weight management. 4Natural Colors and Hues: With advent of ‘Instagram-worthy’ pictures, natural colors will play an important part in terms of tea representation for consumers. On International Tea Day, it’s interesting to note how tea has changed over the years, with further innovations to come.last_img read more

The US Air Force lays groundwork towards artificial general intelligence based on

first_imgIn a paper, published last week, a member from the US Air Force talks about a model for artificial general intelligence (AGI). The author of the paper, A Model for General Intelligence, is Paul Yaworsky, Information Directorate of the US Air Force Research Laboratory. There have been many efforts in the past to model intelligence in machines, but with little progress in terms of real cognitive intelligence like those of humans. What is artificial general intelligence? Currently, the way AI systems work is not understood completely. Also, AI systems are good at performing narrow tasks but not complex cognitive problems. Artificial general intelligence aims to covers the gap between lower level and higher level work in AI—to try and make sense of the abstract general nature of intelligence. Three basic aspects of artificial intelligence need to be understood to bridge this gap. To realize the general order and the nature of intelligence at a high level. Understand what these realizations mean with respect to the overall intelligence process. Describe these realizations as clearly as possible. The paper proposes a hierarchical model to help capture and exploit the order within intelligence. The underlying order contains patterns of signals that become organized, stored and then activated in space and time. The hierarchical model The paper portrays intelligence as an orderly, organized process using a simple hierarchy as shown: Source: A Model for General Intelligence The real world has order and organization. The human brain understands this and forms an internal model based on that understanding. This model enables learning, which further gives way to decision making, movement, and communication. The flow of input signals and learning within the shown model is bottom-up which is in contrast to the top-down of learned signal representations. The paper says that external order and organization can be modeled internally in the brain in the form of various hierarchies. The hierarchies discussed are temporal, spatial, and general. Impact and concerns When computers continue to improve and cooperation increases between humans and computers, people themselves will become more productive in information processing. A point to remember as the paper states is that computers work for humans. Yaworsky also talks about concerns with AI and it taking over the world. Problems like those are heard today due to sketchy predictions involving intelligence he says. It is difficult to make good scientific predictions in itself but when the predictions have to be done in intelligence it is almost impossible to get them right. This is because a proper understanding of intelligence itself is not good enough to be able to make accurate predictions. Do you buy this explanation or fear the US Air Force working on killer drones that may one day go rampant like in Terminator 2?! Either way, the conclusion is that intelligence involves multiple levels of abstraction. Human intelligence has high processing levels—abstract, general, etc. Majority of the work done in AI currently is at lower levels of abstraction. There is a lot needed for the current AI to become real AI. A high-level hierarchical model for artificial intelligence as explored in the paper addresses this. For more details, you can read the research paper. Read next The ethical dilemmas developers working on Artificial Intelligence products must consider Technical and hidden debts in machine learning – Google engineers’ give their perspective Sex robots, artificial intelligence, and ethics: How desire shapes and is shaped by algorithmslast_img read more

Haskell is moving to GitLab due to issues with Phabricator

first_imgThe Haskell functional programming language is moving from Phabricator to GitLab. Last Saturday, Haskell Consultant Ben Gamari listed down some details about the move in a mail. It started with a proposal to move to GitLab A few weeks back, Gamari wrote to the Haskell mailing list about moving the Glasgow Haskell Compiler (GHC) development infrastructure to GitLab. The original proposal wasn’t complete enough to be used but did provide a small test instance to experiment on. The staging URL https://gitlab.staging.haskell.org is ready to use. While this is not the final version of the migration, it does have most of the features a user would expect. Trac tickets are fully imported, including attachments Continuous integration (CI) is available via CircleCI The mirrors of all boot libraries are present Users can also login using their GitHub credentials if they choose to Issues in the migration There are also a few issues listed by Gamari that needs to be worked on: Timestamps associated with ticket open and close events aren’t accurate Some of the milestone changes have problems on being imported Currently, CircleCI fails when forked Trac Wiki pages aren’t imported as of now Gamari said that the listed issues have either been resolved in the import tool or are in-progress to be resolved. The goal of this staging instance is to let contributors gain experience using GitLab and identify any obstacles in the eventual migration. Developers need to note that any comments, merge requests, or issues created on the temporary instance may not be preserved. The focus is on identifying workflows that will become harder under GitLab and ways to improve on them, pending issues in importing Trac, and areas that do not have documentation. Why the move to GitLab? The did not choose GitHub as stated by Gamari in another mail: “Its feature set is simply insufficient enough to handle the needs of a larger project like GHC”. The move to GitLab is due to a number of reasons. Phacility, the company that owns Phabricator has now closed support to non paying customers As Phalicity now focuses on paying customers, open-source parts used by GHC seem half finished Phabricator tool Harbormaster causing breaking CI Their surveys indicated developers leaning towards Git rather than the PHP tool Arcanist used by Phabricator The final migration will happen in about two weeks and the date mentioned is December 18. For more details, you can follow the Haskell mailing list. Read next What makes functional programming a viable choice for artificial intelligence projects? GitLab open sources its Web IDE in GitLab 10.7 GitLab raises $100 million, Alphabet backs it to surpass Microsoft’s GitHublast_img read more

EC3 Global wins WWF award

first_imgSource = EC3 Global Saving the tourism industry millions of dollars in operational costs each year and reducing the planet’s energy, waste and water consumption has earned environmental management consultants EC3 Global a prestigious World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Earth Hour Award.EC3 Global, an Australian owned, international environmental management and advisory group, won the WWF Sustainable Small Business award last week, for their work in encouraging the tourism industry to take action to measure and reduce its environmental footprint.The award recognises the efforts of EC3 Global’s EarthCheck programme which adheres to the United Nation’s Agenda 21 principals for sustainable development.This year Agenda 21 celebrates its 20th birthday. Agenda 21 was established as a global call to action to protect and safeguard our environment.  EarthCheck is now used by tourism operators in over 70 countries worldwide and has become the world’s leading scientific benchmarking and certification program dedicated to meeting the sustainability principles laid down in Rio De Janeiro.EarthCheck’s certification and benchmarking gives the travel and tourism industry a science-based approach to increase efficiencies, maximise guest experience and minimise their environmental footprint.EC3 Global CEO Stewart Moore said if the environmental footprint made by the world tourism industry was compared to the footprint of a country then tourism would be the fifth biggest polluter worldwide.“Tourism provides about 9 percent of the world’s income and employs more than 10 percent of the world’s workforce.  CO2 emissions generated directly from the tourism sector account for approximately 5% of global carbon emissions which is greater than the emissions generated by some countries,” said Mr Moore.“For the past 12 years, we have worked with both enterprises and communities in Australia and across the world to help them to address the twin challenges of climate change and reducing their environmental footprint.  We are amazed every day by the innovative solutions our clients are achieving. WWF CEO Dermot O’Gorman said the WWF Earth Awards recognise the inspiring environmental contributions of Australians.“When you consider the profound challenges the planet is facing, it can occasionally seem overwhelming but here we have individuals taking action every day of the year to ensure a better future for our planet,” said Mr O’Gorman.last_img read more

Boeing leads Airbus in 2012 orders

first_imgOn the whole, the fight for market share has resulted in list price discounting, and Boeing at its end shall need to avoid delivery delays as in the case of the B-787 Dreamliner to keep the pressure up on Airbus, according to NASDAQ. Boeing is beating out Airbus when it comes to orders received for 2012, with 700 aircraft receipts awaiting delivery. Xiamen Airlines, a subsidiary of China Southern Airlines has placed orders for 40 Boeing Next-Generation 737-800s; while SilkAir, Singapore Airlines’ regional carrier has signed on for 31 737-MAXs and 23 Next-Generation 737-800s. Airbus has received 270 orders this year, compared with Boeing’s 700; an absolute turnaround from the last decade which saw Airbus dominate Boeing in sales. Globally speaking, both companies are competing for greater market share and are competitively locked. This has resulted in aircraft price reductions and increased discounts. Source = e-Travel Blackboard: P.Tlast_img read more

Homebuyers and Rising Interest Rates

first_img An analysis by Zillow reveals that U.S. homebuyers’ cost-of-living has gone up across the country since the beginning of the calendar year. Moreover, Zillow found that two-thirds of this increase coincided with hikes in the federal interest rate, which in turn have driven up monthly mortgage payments.Mortgage payments for the average home have risen 15.4 percent in comparison to August 2017. The median home value has also risen—but only by 6.5 percent in the same period. If someone is planning to buy a median-priced home today, they can expect their monthly mortgage payments will be $118 higher than a year ago, or $1,416 per annum. This increase in the average mortgage payment is indicative not only of increased home values but also of higher interest rates for those in the market to buy.Beginning in 2018, mortgage rates have risen steadily from the historic lows they fell to after the Great Recession. The average mortgage rate at the beginning of 2018 was close to 4 percent, and since that time has climbed almost a single percentage point (about $1,200 per annum), having reached 4.9 percent in the early weeks of October 2018. With the U.S. economy exceeding expectations, economic data indicates mortgage rates will continue to trend upward alongside the Federal Reserve’s interest rates. The Fed has raised the interest rate three times this calendar year, and current projections have them doing so five more times before the start of 2020.Home value appreciation, however, has lagged behind mortgage rates after hitting a high in March 2018 of 8.2 percent. These reduced hikes in price may seem advantageous to buyers, but the increase in mortgage rates—more than double the rate of home value increases—offsets benefits homebuyers may have accrued if interest rates weren’t rising. “For most of the current economic expansion, mortgage rates have remained just off historic lows even as the American economy has accelerated,” said Aaron Terrazas, a Chief Economist with Zillow. “We’re finally starting to see typical patterns asserting themselves in the housing market, and conditions are returning to more of what we would expect in a normal economy. Home buyers and sellers have become accustomed to low rates, and there will be a bit of an adjustment period as the market adapts. Looking ahead, the impact of higher rates may slow the pace of home value growth, particularly in the nation’s priciest markets. Buyers will face higher financing costs, but also could benefit from somewhat less frenetic competition.” Homebuyers and Rising Interest Rates in Daily Dose, Market Studies, News Federal Reserve Home Value Housing Market Interest rates mortgage Property Values Zillow 2018-10-16 Staff Writercenter_img Share October 16, 2018 620 Views last_img read more

US avocado market remains strong following price

first_img U.S. avocado market remains strong following price … U.S.-based fruit importer and distributor LGS Specialty Sales is planning to enhance its summer citrus and Peruvian avocado programs this year, with both seasons about to get underway.The company’s advisors will be visiting citrus and avocado farms in Peru, Argentina and Chile to observe growing practices, nurture their relationships with the farmers, and beginning planning for the 2019 season, it said.“We value our partners and the work they do to help us keep our commitment to provide fresh produce to our US customers year-round,” said Luke Sears, president and founder of LGS.“Our summer citrus and Peruvian avocado programs focus on meeting the needs and demands of our customers, and our partners overseas make that possible.” April 08 , 2019 Australia: Massive hail storm rips through NSW avo … Mexico: Taco lovers cry foul over restaurants’ gua …center_img Peruvian Police make arrest after spate of avocado … You might also be interested in LGS said that as consumer demand for avocados continues to increase, it is looking to grow and strengthen the Peruvian avocado program to complement the Mexican supply that will provide a steady source of fruit in the summer season.And in addition to Peruvian and Chilean clementines, LGS will be offering fresh lemons from Argentina and Chile, minneolas from Peru and navel oranges from Chile to enhance its summer citrus program.“Our citrus and avocado programs are a crucial part of the outdoor lifestyle shoppers enjoy during the summer season,” said Sears.”From Cinco de Mayo to Labor Day and beyond, our customers are seeking a partner they can count on to meet consumer demand for this special time of year filled with exciting eating occasions. As we continue to enhance and develop our relationships with growers in different regions, we’re able improve our availability of fruit during these months when citrus and avocados are in demand the most.”last_img read more

FILE In this April 28 2018 file photo JayZ a

first_img FILE – In this April 28, 2018, file photo, Jay-Z and Beyonce watch Game 1 of an NBA basketball second-round playoff series between the Golden State Warriors and the New Orleans Pelicans in Oakland, Calif. Beyonce paid homage to a high-profile music executive being honored at a charity event to raise money for cancer research. (AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez, File) SANTA MONICA, Calif. – Beyonce paid homage to a high-profile music executive being honoured at a charity event to raise money for cancer research.The singer’s vocals soared as she performed three ballads including her 2009 smash hit “Halo” and “Ava Maria” after saluting the character of Warner/Chappell Music Publishing CEO Jon Platt at the City of Hope gala near Los Angeles on Thursday night. She took the stage following her husband, Jay Z, who presented Platt with the Spirit of LIfe award during a charity event that raised more than $6 million.“Most people lead with their ego, but you lead with your heart,” Beyonce said Platt, who will soon be leaving his position at Warner/Chappell to take on the top role at Sony/ATV, the top publishing company in the music business.“You have touched so many lives, mine included,” she added.Jay Z called Platt the “Obama of the music industry.” The music executive is known for signing publishing deals with Jay Z, Usher, Kanye West and Snoop Dogg. His roster of songwriters at Warner/Chappell includes Lil Wayne, Bruno Mars and Timbaland.Both Beyonce and Jay Z appeared at the black-tie charity event after the couple wrapped up their On The Run II tour about a week ago.“I can’t think of anyone more deserving of this award than my brother, Jon Platt,” Jay Z told more than 1,000 attendees. “He’s known as ‘Big Jon’ and he has a beautiful soul.”City of Hope is a treatment centre for cancer, diabetes and other life-threatening diseases raising more than $118 million in the group’s 45-years. The award is the group’s highest honour recognizing those that have helped further music, film and entertainment.Previous Spirit of Life award recipients include Quincy Jones, Clive Davis, Irving Azoff and Mo Ostin.Music mogul Diddy, singer Usher, former NBA player Chauncey Billups and some of Platt’s family members took part in a video dedicated to the music executive. Platt’s oldest son, Jonathan Platt, was diagnosed with diabetes.Platt shed tears while talking about his friendship with Jay Z, thanking the rapper for coming into his life.“As an African-American, I want to say that we’re more than just athletes and music artists. … We’re CEOs,” Platt said.Pharrell Williams hosted the star-studded event that included Quincy Jones, Dr. Dre, Tiffany Haddish, Usher, Timbaland, Derek Fisher and Rita Ora.Mary Mary performed a few of their hits including “Shackles (Praise You)” and “God in Me.” Jazz player Trombone Shorty also provided a musical set.Haddish introduced cancer survivor, Kommah McDowell, who said she had a 5 per cent chance to survive triple-negative inflammatory breast cancer. She told her story of overcoming the disease 13 years ago.“It’s great that everyone took time out of their crazy schedules to do something good,” singer Bebe Rexha said. “The real happiness doesn’t just come from money or numbers or where you are on the Billboard charts. It’s all about doing stuff like this, helping people. That is what makes people truly happy.” by Jonathan Landrum Jr., The Associated Press Posted Oct 12, 2018 1:29 am PDT Last Updated Oct 12, 2018 at 8:20 am PDT AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to TwitterTwitterShare to FacebookFacebookShare to RedditRedditShare to 電子郵件Emailcenter_img Beyonce, Jay Z appear at City of Hope cancer charity eventlast_img read more

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