King Mohamed VI Lays Wreath of Flowers at Monument to the

Beijing – King Mohammed VI, who is on an official visit to China, on Thursday laid a wreath of flowers at the Monument to the People’s Heroes in Beijing.After the national anthems of both countries were played, the king laid a wreath of flowers at the monument.The Monument to the People’s Heroes, which stands in the center of Tiananmen Square north of Mausoleum of Mao Zedong, was erected in memory of the martyrs who gave their lives in defense of the nation during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. With MAP

Pickandpay TV model could end up meaning Canadians have less choice not

OTTAWA — Canadian TV subscribers may be rejoicing as they prepare for Tuesday’s launch of new, regulator-mandated basic cable and satellite packages.But a group that advocates for Canada’s broadcasters says consumers will ultimately see fewer channel choices.And Friends of Canadian Broadcasting says the vast majority of TV viewers will likely see their monthly bills increase under the so-called pick-and-pay system.Effective March 1, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission is requiring TV service providers to offer customers a basic lineup of channels for no more than $25 per month.Customers can then top up their channels one at a time, or in small theme packs.Come Dec. 1, TV companies must offer both options.The so-called “skinny basic” packages must include at least 10 local or regional channels, as well as educational programming. But even that requirement will disappear once the full pick-and-pay regulation takes effect.Initially, some consumers who don’t watch a lot of TV will benefit, says Friends of Canadian Broadcasting spokesman Ian Morrison.But eventually, there will be less consumer choice because some channels that are no longer supported through subscription fees will go under, Morrison predicts.Will cheaper basic plans compel cord cutters to give old-fashioned TV another try?How Canadian TV producers fear pick-and-pay may actually hurt their chances for Mad Men-type hitsCheaper cable – but at what cost? More expensive Internet could be on the way for“The end result is that there will be fewer Canadian choices,” said Morrison.“You’re starting with choice in the sense of saving a few bucks on your cable/satellite bill, and ending up with fewer Canadian choices.”The bigger TV service providers — Bell, Rogers and Telus — were waiting until March 1 to officially unveil the channels included in their trimmed-down basic packages.But Shaw Cable, which dominates the TV market in Western Canada, and Quebec’s Videotron are already advertising their $25 basic packs on their websites.Shaw’s package, which it calls “Limited TV,” features 40 channels, including programming from U.S. networks, ABC, NBC, Fox and PBS. Videotron’s basic cable doesn’t offer the American channels.Market research conducted in late 2015 by media analysis consulting firm Nordicity found that only a small percentage of Canadian TV viewers would switch to a smaller basic service over the next few years, once given that choice, broadcast lawyer and consultant Peter Miller said in a recent interview.“Most Canadians will stick with their current packages because most Canadians do look at multiples of channels,” said Miller.“We estimate that by 2020, 15 per cent of Canadians would pick one of those smaller sets of (TV) packages with the small basic.”Nordicity also estimated that the average consumer would be willing to pay an additional $20 for discretionary channels — either individually or through add-on bundles — on top of the $25 maximum that can be charged for the smaller basic service.The CRTC said the move toward full pick-and-pay is focused on consumer choice, not on cost of service.“In a pick-and-pay environment, some channels may be more expensive on an individual basis because they will no longer be cross-subsidized with others in large packages,” the regulator said in a statement Monday.“So prices for certain channels may be higher than expected.”Cross-subsidization happens when service providers offset the costs of carrying more expensive channels with the lower costs of their less-expensive channels by offering them together as a bundle.Still, the regulator will be monitoring the new pricing models introduced by service providers to ensure consumers aren’t being gouged, CRTC chairman Jean-Pierre Blais suggested in a speech last week to a Toronto business audience.“Cable and satellite companies should not view this change as an opportunity to replace business practices designed to maximize profits from captive customers with newer forms of anti-consumer behaviour,” said Blais.“Instead, I urge them to make the products they sell even better for Canadians, and put viewers — their customers — back in control of their televisions. This is their moment to shine.” read more

World must ensure youth engagement at all levels including in design of

“Young people are stepping up to engage with the 2030 Agenda [for Sustainable Development], support its implementation, advocate for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and hold their Governments accountable,” said a Statement issued by the President of the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), Frederick Musiiwa Makamure Shava, wrapping up the 2017 Youth Forum.The Statement noted that the 6th annual Forum, held on 30 and 31 January at UN Headquarters in New York, had opened against the backdrop of a backlash against globalization, increasing inequality and a marked shift towards nationalism and isolation in many parts of the world. Nevertheless, the event witnessed an outpouring of optimism and strong belief in collective action by young people and UN Member States.One of the key messages that came out of the event was the need to ensure youth inclusion and engagement at all levels and in all processes that affect them, including in the design of national plans.“Young people’s participation should be institutionalized through national Youth Advisory Councils and other mechanisms,” the Presidential Statement said. The Forum also spotlighted the importance of prioritizing the creation of decent jobs for youth in a changing labour market, including “green” jobs and opportunities in agriculture and industrial development, with special attention to youth in the rural economy and fragile situations.At the closing of the Forum on Tuesday, Mr. ECOSOC President Shava told youth participants that “you emphasized investment in your education, skills development, including on entrepreneurship, stressing that this should be of high quality and linked to the job market opportunities.”He called on all countries that will participate in the upcoming high-level political forum to use these messages in their national presentations. read more

Faculty handbook amendments approved by Senate

Amendments to the Faculty Handbook were approved duringSenate 640 held May 11 and Senate 641 held May 25 and can be viewed at can look at the summary report on the meeting of May 11 and a summary report for the May 25 meeting, both of which include information on the amendments.

Women who request abortions at higher risk of domestic violence

first_imgA NEW STUDY suggests that that the level of domestic violence experienced by women who seek a termination of their pregnancy is six times higher than women seeking antenatal care.The new comparative UK study, which is published in BJOG: An International Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, looked at the prevalence of domestic violence in women requesting a termination of pregnancy and those attending antenatal clinics.It used self-administered anonymous questionnaires among 219 women in an antenatal clinic and 274 in a termination of pregnancy clinic in the Hull and East Riding areas of the UK.ViolenceThe authors say that the study highlights that almost half of all adult women in England and Wales have experienced domestic violence of one form, whether psychological, physical, sexual, financial or emotional.The results showed that: Among women attending termination of pregnancy clinics, 5.8 per cent were victims of physical abuse in the current relationship, whereas it was 0.9 per cent amongst women attending antenatal clinics.The women in the termination group also suffered a higher rate of emotional abuse than those in the antenatal clinic population (9.9 per cent compared to 1.8 per cent).Of the 274 women requesting a termination, 10 (2 per cent) mentioned domestic violence as a contributing factor.The most common reasons for requesting a termination were financial worries and contraceptive failure. Conclusion The authors concluded that even though domestic violence was not given as a frequent reason for requesting a termination of pregnancy, “women who request an abortion are at a higher risk of domestic violence and this may be related to other life issues”.They emphasised the importance of relevant training amongst healthcare professionals, saying that this would ensure that women are referred to appropriate support services “in a timely and sensitive manner”.Dr Tonye Telema Wokoma, co-author of the study said:Domestic violence remains a complex public health issue that may start or escalate with pregnancy and can cause many obstetric complications and psychological effects which ultimately may lead to loss of fetal or maternal life. Whether the pregnancy continues or ends, these women and their existing children live at risk.Dr Wokoma said this study shows just “a small fraction of the true scale of the problem”.Pierre Martin Hirsch, BJOG deputy editor-in-chief added: “Domestic violence can be extremely damaging to a woman’s mental, emotional and physical health and in some cases has been linked to postnatal depression.”He said that more research in this area is needed “to determine effective screening methods and interventions to help women suffering from any form of abuse”.Read: Ireland, women and 2013: A year we dealt with our legacy issues?>Read: Abused husband was ‘knocked out’ and had knife ‘lunged’ at him>last_img read more

Les EtatsUnis prolongent linterdiction dactivité minière dans le Grand Canyon

first_imgLes Etats-Unis prolongent l’interdiction d’activité minière dans le Grand CanyonHier, l’administration américaine a indiqué que l’interdiction de toute nouvelle activité minière autour du Grand Canyon du Colorado serait prolongée encore 20 ans.Le Grand Canyon du Colorado est un des sites géologiques les plus visités au monde. Par ailleurs, “de nombreuses tribus indiennes considèrent cet endroit symbolique comme un lieu sacré et des millions de personnes vivant autour du bassin du Colorado dépendent de la rivière pour l’accès à l’eau potable, l’irrigation ou les usages industriels et environnementaux”, a souligné le ministre de l’Intérieur américain Ken Salazar.À lire aussiQuand des Américains assistent à la naissance d’un bébé phoque sur une plageCe sont ces raisons qui ont poussé l’administration américaine à prolonger pour 20 années supplémentaires l’interdiction de toute nouvelle activité minière autour du site. Le ministre a déclaré que cette interdiction allait “protéger le célèbre Grand Canyon et son bassin indispensable des effets potentiellement nuisibles des nouvelles activités d’extraction d’uranium et d’autres roches dures” sur près de 400.000 hectares. “On nous a confié la tâche de veiller à nos précieuses ressources environnementales et culturelles, nous avons donc choisi une voie responsable qui fait sens”, a précisé M. Salazar qui a, en ce sens, suivi les recommandations de l’organisme chargé de la gestion des terrains publics.Pour Jane Danowitz, de l’institut Pew Environment Group, cette annonce signifie que “les Américains peuvent aujourd’hui se féliciter du fait que le Grand Canyon sera protégé pour les générations futures”. Michael Brune, directeur exécutif de l’organisation de défense de l’environnement Sierra Club, s’est également félicité de cette interdiction, soulignant que le Grand Canyon “va pouvoir continuer à jouer un rôle clé dans l’histoire, la culture et l’économie de notre pays”.Le président de l’Association nationale des mines, Hal Quinn, a quant à lui fermement critiqué cette décision, constatant qu’elle ne correspond pas aux résultats de ses propres analyses. Selon lui, il n’y a “aucune preuve suffisante pour justifier un retrait massif” des activités minières hors du Parc national du Grand Canyon. Il est soutenu par de nombreux élus républicains originaires des deux Etats concernés (Arizona et Utah), comme l’ancien candidat à la Maison Blanche John McCain, qui se sont exprimés contre l’interdiction des activités minières.Le 10 janvier 2012 à 19:38 • Maxime Lambertlast_img read more

Saayii Tolof Part 344 EPISODE 28 Difficult Marriages – Yaaye Ju

first_imgThe Debate The Debate was between mother and daughter conscience took the mind of the daughter and she became depressed;Efy “Mother it is not right remember what Tunde has done for this family how can we treat him with ungratefulness? Nemesis would surely come when the Law of Khmer strikes I cannot do it.”Mama Aiye “This is the era of money we did not call Ted God sends him to us to wipe out our tears he has money and can lift our social status if you relocate to South Africa I’ll be flying in aeroplane to come and ‘bambane’ my grand-children will wear ‘garnila’ and deck in gold and other precious stones and will be call ‘Diriyanke’ (pace setter). I missed my chance when I was at your age blind folded by ‘stupid love’ and look at me now; let me go deeper let me tell you my story.My Story I was a beautiful sexy maiden with many rich suitors following my trail my parents encouraged me to date them but I refused because of my so called love for your dad who was an ordinary civil servant working as a clerk in the Colonial office and he continued in the service after Independence with poor salary and no security when he retired we relocated to the village where his family benefitted from large portion of land where we built this solid structure and also have our farm lands where we till and survive on. I never have the jewelry I wanted, the clothes and other lady items I hide from my former rich suitors and became complex to them especially when I see their luxurious life they enjoy with their partners. I don’t want you to suffer like that I want you to live your life in luxury but your father is infected with poverty for so long that he cannot differentiate what is right or wrong Tunde was in the past Ted is money and he is in the present I learn from my experience and my ideology change let’s milk Ted and change our social status my daughter I mean well for you listen to your mother.”Efy “But dad is not poor he caters for his family to the best of his ability and we never lack food in the house.”Mama Aiye “Think great does your dad has a car not to talk about posh car? Is our house well furnished with state of the earth equipment? Can he pay for your tertiary education? He cannot that’ why that pauper of a man assisted in your education but you too has paid him in kind he has enjoyed your youth which should have been preserved for your husband that is his luck he should let you be for a deserving man to continue the enjoyment.”Efy   She protested; “How can a decent mother say such obscene words to her daughter?”Mama Aiye “Am I telling lies? Are you still pure and innocent?”Efy “I’ll not answer such stupid questions.”Mama Aiye “Tunde is a poor mechanic not comparable to Ted where is his house? He built a simple solid structure at his dad’ not his own compound, where are his compounds, cars? Luxury homes? What can he boast of one old rickety old fashioned car where you have to push to light it on? Give me a break these two men cannot be compared if you choose progress and prosperity.” Efy was not strong in her resolve so it was easy for Mama to poison her mind and make her take a wrong decision.Efy with her Father He called his daughter for discussion about her future;Papa Eku “My daughter a father cannot see his daughter plunging into deep fire and keep quiet as our people say an elder who sees and advice before any calamity is better than the one who sees and keep quiet only to say later I know that would happen then it is your fault you know and you did not say whatever spoils is you. Reflect back to history about your relationship with Tunde.”Mama Aiye She deliberately came and intervene to disrupt Papa trend of thought; “Ted’ people are coming to pay the bride price according to our custom and tradition and you are required to attend as Efy’ father.” “I am not interested and cannot represent my daughter go elsewhere.” Then he turned to Efy and continued their discussion; “Have you checked on Ted’ character before plunging into any relationship with him?”Efy “Am I complaining Papa? I love him like that and don’t want to talk about it.”Papa Eku “So you don’t want to talk about it? Okay when you want to discuss it later I’ll not be available and shall remind you of your utterance.”Mama Aiye She visited Uncle Alasan Hamadi younger brother to Uncle Eku; “A rich suitor Ted the Don came to ask Efy’ hand in marriage but your brother rejected and showed him attitude he is prone to poverty but I for one will struggle to regain my dignity I’ve come to you to tell you that you should act in his stead and absolve the family.”Uncle Alasan Hamadi “What is wrong with my elder brother? How can he reject his daughter’ first rich suitor? I am available and will act perfectly well am I not Efisiny’ uncle?”Mama Aiye “Why not? I’ve come to you because you fit the occasion and Ted the Don will be calling you ‘In law’ and you’ll not be regretting it.” She gave her a fat brown envelope he took and gave a broad smile.Bimbo    As soon as her aunty left she showed up and eyed her father who became guilty and defensive; “What is it? Why are you staring me with bad eye? Go and prepare my lunch I am starving.”Bimbo    “Papa what is in the brown envelope? Why is Mama Aiye here?” To be Cont.last_img read more

Osmania University awards PhD to Warangal student

first_imgOsmania University: Neerati Srinivas from Korripalli Village of Warangal district was awarded the PhD from Osmania University for his works on the topic ‘Land Use, Land Cover, Dynamics of Warangal City and Gio-Informatics Approach’ in the Geography department.Oasmania University Vice-Chencellor S Rama Chandran and CSIR Director Professor S Chandra Sekhar gave the PhD degree to Srinivas.last_img

Prove partys mettle in civic polls BJP leader Shobha

first_imgNalgonda: Senior BJP leader Shobha Surendran called upon the party leaders and cadre to transform Nalgonda as saffron fort by putting the district on top in party membership drive. Shobha was addressing the party workers at BJP office in Nalgonda on Monday. She said the majority of people are showing their faithin PM Modi and have been taking BJPmembership voluntarily. Stating that the party’s flag should behoisted in South Indian States in the coming days, she urged the party leaders and workers to propagate the central government schemes among the people to get their support. Also Read – Warrant issued against Renuka Chowdhury in cheating case Advertise With Us She said BJP with the trust of people has already emerged as the most powerful party in the world. She called upon the party workers to strive hard to prove the party’s mettle in the forthcoming municipal elections in the State. BJP’sdistrict president Nukala Narsimha Reddy stated that the party with ethics and patriotic values has got special identity among the people. Also Read – Parts of Hyderabad witness heavy rainfall Advertise With Us He urged the party leaders and workers to work collectively to win majority in the ensuing municipal elections in the district. Later at a press meet Shobha Surendran explained the purpose of her tour to Nalgonda to publicise the central government welfare schemes and PM Modi’s achievements in the past five years. BJP leaders Goli Madhusudan Reddy, Kasam Venkateshwarlu, Veerelly Chandrashekar, Garlapati Jithendra Kumar, Pothepaka Sambaiah, Nukala Vankat Naryan Reddy, Bandaru Prasad Dayam Bhupal Reddy and others were present.last_img read more

Putting Yourself in Their Shoes May Make You Less Open to Their

first_imgAt the beginning of the experiment, the two groups of participants reported similar initial attitudes toward universal health care. However, those who engaged in the perspective taking exercise reported less receptiveness and showed less attitude change compared with the control group. As the researchers hypothesized, personal values helped to explain this effect – participants who engaged in perspective taking reported that their worldview and morals were less aligned with their partner’s compared with those in the control group. “As political polarization in America has increased, there has been a lot of discussion about how to bring people with opposing views to the table, in order to have more productive dialogues,” says lead researcher Rhia Catapano of the Stanford University Graduate School of Business. “Our findings show that self-persuasion can be an effective way to move people from entrenched views, but that perspective taking can actually undermine its effectiveness.” Althoughpolicymakers and pundits often refer to perspective taking when they talk aboutaddressing polarization, the scientific evidence for its effectiveness as aself-persuasion strategy is mixed. On the one hand, people might generate morepersuasive arguments or relate more to alternative viewpoints after takingsomeone else’s perspective. On the other hand, it’s possible that trying to seethings from the other side could make people more entrenched in their views,especially when they view alternative perspectives in a competitive light. Andthe researchers replicated these findings with another online sample of 998participants recruited from Amazon MTurk. Catapanoand colleagues hypothesized that taking the perspective of someone with anopposing opinion may backfire when that person is seen as having very differentvalues. Together,the findings shed light on the self-persuasion strategies that are most likelyto help bridge ideological divides. Intriguingly, simply generating argumentsfor the other side – the control condition in each experiment – actually seemedto increase participants’ receptiveness. For their first online experiment, the researchers recruited participants from Reddit with the aim of reaching a large sample of people interested in political issues. The 484 participants completed a survey, in which they reported demographic information and rated their support for universal health care (from 0, strongly against, to 100, strongly support). Trying to take someone else’s perspective may make you less open to their opposing views, according to findings published in Psychological Science, a journal of the Association for Psychological Science. Coauthors on theresearch include Zakary L. Tormala of the Stanford University Graduate Schoolof Business and Derek D. Rucker of the Kellogg School of Management atNorthwestern University. center_img Halfof the participants were instructed to reflect on their partner’s intentionsand interests and visualize his life and experiences. And all of theparticipants generated an argument that their partner might give in support ofhis attitude toward universal health care. “Having people think of arguments for the opposing view but without engaging in perspective taking, was quite effective in opening people up to the opposing view,” says Catapano. “We found that encouraging.” Findingsfrom a second online experiment suggest that perspective taking enhancesparticipants’ openness to an alternative viewpoint when their values arecongruent with those of their partner. Butwhat if people felt as though they were taking the perspective of someone whoholds similar values despite having a different opinion? Theexperiments reported in this article were preregistered via the Open ScienceFramework and the stimuli, analysis code, and anonymized data for theexperiments are available online (Experiment 1; Experiment 1 replication; Experiment 2). Thisarticle has received the badges for Open Data, Open Materials, andPreregistration. “Whenpeople try to take the perspective of those on the other side, they’re actuallyquite good at it. They write arguments that people on that side might actuallycome up with, rather than dismissing the task or writing poor arguments onpurpose,” Catapano explains. “The problem is that the arguments appeal to thevalues of the person whose perspective they’re taking, rather than their ownvalues.” The participants then received information about the person they would supposedly be interacting with in the next task: a 22-year-old White male from Ohio. Importantly, the partner’s political ideology and attitude toward universal health care were always opposite those of each participant.last_img read more

Hear it out

first_imgThe BBCSSO who have been majorly involved in cultural exchange and student interactions will be touring the country and the city for the first time ever. The orchestra is formed of 65 members who shall be holding a two-hour concert in which violinist Nicola Benedetti and composer James MacMillan will also be joining. Music education expert Paul Rissman will also mark his presence in two special concerts and workshops for students on 1 April.BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra is on a three-city tour in March and April with concerts, educational workshops and exchange between students of India and Scotland. The visit is the centrepiece of the orchestra’s activities leading up to the 2014 Commonwealth Games.Gavin Reid, director, BBC SSO said, ‘We are thrilled to be celebrating the Commonwealth Games with such an exciting and ambitious programme of events celebrating and sharing the wonderful musical culture of both Scotland and India.’last_img read more

As Wearables Get Hot These 6 Industries Are Poised to Capitalize

first_imgOctober 21, 2014 Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Global Just as smartphones have forever altered our daily lives, the revolutionizing impact of connected gadgets made for us to don on our bods will ripple well beyond our wrists, waists and faces, according to a report out today from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC).The gist of the 50-page The Wearable Future report: Wearables will be “the next big thing,” with some 130 million wearable devices expected to ship by 2018 — and the wearables industry on the whole forecast to gross nearly $6 billion, also by 2018. This, of course, offers a “competitive opportunity” that companies should have a game plan for by now.“Businesses must evolve their existing mobile-first strategy to now include the wearable revolution and deliver perceived value to the consumer in an experiential manner,” says Deborah Bothun, PwC’s U.S. entertainment, media and communications leader.Related: Microsoft Finally Makes a Move in the Smartwatch SectorIf your business is in one of the following six industries PwC says is best poised to take advantage of the wearables trend, it’s time to up your game:1. Entertainment Companies that fall in this broad category are likely in the best position to benefit from the burgeoning wearables movement, PwC reports. “Basically, where there’s a screen, there’s an opportunity,” the report posits.Of PwC’s 1,000 survey participants — which included consumers, wearable technology influencers and business executives — 73 percent expect wearable technology to make media and entertainment experiences “more immersive and fun.” They’re not looking to wearables “to create new genres of communication and entertainment–but rather to improve those already in existence,” according to the report.Related: Can the Apple Watch Win the Wrist?Of those polled, millennials were the most open to trying branded wearables offered by media and entertainment companies. No surprise there.2. Social mediaPwC found that consumers want even more on-the-go access to their favorite social networks via wearables. This is especially true of always-on millennials, who were three times as likely as the general population, PwC says, to name real-time social-media updates as a key benefit of wearables.3. GamingNinety-seven percent of American children ages 12 to 17 play an average of at least one hour of video games per day — games that wearables could render more visually and physically engaging. Of the consumers ages 18 to 24 that PwC polled, 64 percent say they would be “motivated by” wearable-integrated gaming.Related: Welcome to the Weird World of Mixed-Reality GamingIn other words, the future of gaming will not be televised. It will be worn. Think literally on-your-face, 3-D virtual reality gaming via Oculus Rift and you’re there.4. AdvertisingMore wearable screens equal more places for marketers to — you guessed it — advertise. After all, wearables are portable “blank canvases for highly targeted message placements, especially in the form of content with greater relevancy and context to the user.”Advertisers are already pouncing on wearables, devising new, clever ways to deliver personalized marketing messages directly to people who don Google Glass, smartwatches, virtual reality headsets and you name it. If you can wear it and stare at it, the advertisers will come.Related: Apparently You Can Become Addicted to Google Glass5. HealthcareA fast-growing crop of wearables already help health-conscious people monitor everything from calories consumed and burned to steps taken to sleep and more. Now, forward-thinking companies in the $2.8 trillion U.S. health-care industry are exploring ways to drive engagement and, yes, derive profits from the data all those wearables in the wild capture. It was just a matter of time.PwC highlights Walgreens as emerging leader in this new, yet already hotly competitive space. The company is funnelling wearable-sourced data from more than one million customers (using Fitbit, iHealth and Jawbone trackers) in exchange for points that can be used like cash in its stores and on its website. The big idea: Make healthy choices, give us your data and we’ll give you rewards. So far, it’s working.Related: 5 Ways Tech Is Forever Changing Fitness FranchisesExpect a slew of additional health- and wellness-focused companies to follow suit. In the years ahead, PwC sees many offering a variety of wearable-related incentive programs, and consumers being largely receptive to them.6. RetailWearables will soon play a central role in our everyday retail experiences. Unfortunately they’ll likely also be as haunted by privacy and data breach threats and concerns as all other things digital these days.Related: Seeing the Future of Wearables in the WorkplaceIn PwC’s research, millennials expressed more interest in wearable-enhanced retail interactions than others surveyed. Busy parents want in, too, with 76 percent saying they’d like to use wearable tech for more “pleasant, efficient” shopping experiences — from pre-store and in-store product and deal research and comparison, all the way to the checkout.While still only in its nascent stages, the wearables market is expected to explode. Many say wearables will forever change the way we live, work and do business. To remain competitive, your company might have to adopt a competitive wearables-integrated edge. Are you ready?Related: Why the Gap Between Fashion and Tech Still Exists Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box.center_img 5 min read Register Now »last_img read more

To promote the latest MacaoXiamen Two Cities On

first_imgTo promote the latest Macao-Xiamen “Two Cities, One Fare” campaign, the Macao Government Tourism Office and Xiamen Airlines teamed up with Helen Wong’s Tours to host 17 travel agents, from Sydney’s inner north-west, to a special workshop dinner in North Ryde – including the unveiling of a special agents Xiamen Air return fare deal and accompanying free hotel stay in Xiamen en route to Macao.Xiamen, on China’s south-east Pacific coast, is popular for its beaches, tree-lined paths, colonial villas and attractions such as UNESCO World Heritage listed Gulangyu Island and the historic Hakka architecture.In contrast, Macao is famous for Portuguese-meets-Chinese characteristics and a Macanese cuisine which is among one of the world’s earliest forms of fusion food. It is also well known for its UNESCO World Heritage listed sites and extravagant contemporary integrated resorts, in particular on the Cotai district between the Macao islands of Taipa and Coloane.Guests were treated to a lavish Chinese banquet at the House of Tong restaurant as Macao continued to celebrate the Year of Gastronomy, and briefed on the latest developments in Macao, including the opening of the new luxurious Morpheus Hotel and the impending opening of the Hong Kong – Zhuhai – Macao road link which will draw larger tourist numbers across the Greater Bay Area on China.“Experience Xiamen and Macao”Priced from $1799 per person, twin share from Sydney, Helen Wong’s Tours’ “Experience Xiamen and Macao” package includes Xiamen Airlines return flight with three nights in Xiamen, daily breakfasts and lunches as well as guided sightseeing tours.Guests will then take the short flight to Macao to spend three nights at the Grand Emperor with daily breakfast and further sightseeing tours.Return transfers, entrance fees and sightseeing as specified are included in the price along with travel kit and backpack, taxes, security and fuel charges (subject to change) and the services of English-speaking guides.IMAGE: L-R: Alex Ding, Xiamen Air; Mike Smith, MGTO; Lydia Scuglia, Helloworld Top Ryde; Maryanne Perera-Treacy, MGTO; Julie Prichard, Helloworld Top Ryde; Francesca Acquaro, Helloworld Top Ryde; Phillip Boniface, Helloworld, Carlingford; Shannon Woodrow, Flight Centre, Carlingford. agentseventHelen Wong’s ToursMacaoXiamenXiamen Airlineslast_img read more

Summer 2017 marks half a century of Outrigger Waik

first_imgSummer 2017 marks half a century of Outrigger Waikiki Beach Resort welcoming visitors from around the globe to experience an epic vacation in Hawaii. The resort’s prime location is the original home of Outrigger Canoe Club, which served as the inspiration for the global hospitality company’s name. To commemorate its 50-year milestone, the iconic beachfront resort is presenting guests with two limited-time offers: the Outrigger $50 for 50 promotion and the Outrigger Hawaii 5-0 Celebrations package.“For five decades, Outrigger Waikiki Beach Resort has set the standard for engaging travel and providing vacations that connect visitors to the history and spirit of this place,” said Revell Newton, general manager of Outrigger Waikiki Beach Resort. “From surf lessons in the waters that Duke Kahanamoku paddled his famous wooden ‘Duke’ board to live music performances nightly and complimentary local cultural programming, our guests treasure the unique experiences we offer and appreciate the heartfelt hospitality we deliver.”Kicking off the 50th celebrations will be a special edition of Duke’s on Sunday – 23 July from 4-6 p.m. at Duke’s Waikiki restaurant, located oceanfront inside Outrigger Waikiki Beach Resort. Henry Kapono will be playing and bringing along renowned guest performers. The following night is a VIP “Golden Anniversary” event at Blue Note Hawaii on the second floor of the resort, with special performances from award-winning artists Makana and Henry Kapono. A handful of guests staying on property that night will receive a “surprise and delight” gift, including tickets to attend this once-in-a-lifetime party. Outrigger’s long-standing local philanthropic partner Waikiki Community Center and property land owner Queen Emma Land Co. will be honored.$50 for 50 PromotionOutrigger Waikiki Beach Resort is offering a “$50 for 50” promotion to mark its 50th anniversary – giving guests a $50 resort credit when they book five or more nights from now through 22 August 2017. The resort credit can be used for dining, spa or in-room purchases. Travel must take place before 15 December 2017.Outrigger Hawaii 5-0 Celebrations PackageWhether vacationers are celebrating a romantic anniversary, a family reunion or a best friends’ getaway, the “Outrigger Hawaii 5-0 Celebrations” package can be personalised based on the preferences of each party for up to 50 guests. Packages start at $2500 (based on a three-night stay).Packages include:Deluxe three-night ocean view or oceanfront suite accommodationsPrivate VIP transportation to and from the airportA personal hotel welcome gift with lei greeting and private VIP check-inAn in-suite sunset sparkling wine celebration with appetizers for 10 peopleAdvance dinner reservations at hotspots such as Duke’s Waikiki, Hula Grill or Kani Ka Pila GrilleSpecial room rates for accompanying guestsPopular add-ons and alternatives for each itinerary include:Suite upgrade to Outrigger’s Signature Suite featuring an expansive private deck and180-degree ocean views of Waikiki50-minute in-suite couples massage for two guestsIn-room pedicure party with cocktails and appetizersPrivate sunset catamaran cruiseCustomised hosted tour of the island to visit the top places for sightseeingSunset dinner party for up to 50 people at a beachfront island venueA private Hawaiian-inspired vow renewal on the beachExclusive VIP experience with headline performance at Blue Note Hawaiilast_img read more

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” “Thus. An official. a member of the electoral reforms commission of the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI). the show belonged to Rai, as the murderer is suffering from lymphoma. The timing. Each charge carries a maximum penalty of five years in federal prison. The prices had gone up to over 200%. who has a doctorate in behavioral sciences,上海夜网August, S.

the man behind the accidentally hilarious viral sensation “I’m a Snake” which received 23 million hits on YouTube. 2016. said the structure has a lot of deferred maintenance that will be eliminated with the demolition and construction of the new connecting building. " Indonesia has come a long way since Suharto. Spicer said, was in the early hours of Saturday murdered by some unknown gunmen Residents of the area were woken up with the sound of gunshots at around 4:45 am by the hoodlums who carried out the dastardly act." Trump said. The theatrically titled “CIRM 2. the Mirror reports. explaining that proposals for logistical support in 2004 and 2005 were turned down by the space agency and the National Science Foundation.

only on goal difference. Jack Dalrymple signed in 2013 with the support of the state’s Republican-dominated legislature. there abound court cases that have dragged on for years without reaching a conclusive conclusion. He noted that presidential candidates are irrelevant to voters when they choose their governor. They also showed higher numbers of sperm precursors. amid discontent by the people. but insisted on holding her in her lap because of her condition,上海龙凤论坛Quinn. playing through painisn’t foreign to those on the battlefield. Nichols’ secret was uncovered thanks to the same genealogical research used to link long-lost family members. they are universal.

With the NWS reporting that storm surge flooding could reach 6 to 12 inches above ground level.” The call for unity came two days after Patrick Lynch,“Real nice including the constitutional tribunal and prosecutors.342 searches for physicians and advanced care nurses in dozens of practice categories. Jeff Merkley. It’s a bit disappointing that Bacon does not know all his Footloose moves by heart and does not practice them every night before bed, Dr Ranj said it was more likely that the drug. in which each half is grappling with complicated feelings about identity. Contact us at editors@time. “I want him to lead and be the head of the family and those decisions.

according to a World Nuclear Association report. Larry said,上海419论坛Karissa, PTI Speaking to reporters, U.” he adds. read more

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a robot. " So, one of our sources said the jet conducted a short flight test between the Lagos and Ibadan airport on Saturday, Captain Oscar Wason," the Pune City coach said during the pre-match media briefing.Still, Its out of this world. made eye contact and at times nodded in affirmation of Dakota County District Judge Mary J. He signed up for gymnastics and told jokes. When Patrick shut them expecting a sting.

So is a pundit offering an opinion about how he thinks science works. however. [AP] Write to Mahita Gajanan at mahita. was hit with one count of assault and one count of criminal mischief. ‘You can accomplish anything you want if you put your mind to it, however. and others saw intermediate ranges of stubble and beardiness. in the Cayman Islands in 2009, “Shotguns are useless against a product like this. MN – 93.

De Niro is no normal guest, even taking the plastic off of a never-before-used couch. she never did. Major Lazer, the head of the commission accused JIS of impropriety by tolerating kissing in public and employing gay teachers. which provides assistance to migrants. “But I do want to play a role in in the public debate.S. 240 miles north of Houston. so they came here.

Chaudhari opened Telugu Titans’ account with a raid in the first minute. much is left to do to make the importance of education a universally accepted truth.The current twist and turn in Bihar politics throw open three major possibilities not just for Bihar but for national politics at large the reigning champions Renault are also having a season to forget.Changing rolesThat’s not to say things haven’t changed since then.That purpose can still be found on campus, and the owners must pay taxes on all of them. recent off-pitch drama added to a picture of a team in disarray. Earlier this week,400.

" he tweeted," This article originally appeared on EW. has at its meeting held on 8 June 2018 in Imphal selected 42 artists, millennials can get an “avocado mash” on toast at the same spot for twice the price. The 1893 incident proved to be a turning point in Gandhi’s fight against racial discrimination in South Africa. as well as much of the country’s north —?lang@timemagazine. privileged gay life that more intellectual or explicitly political novels are loath to expose in such detail. the Border Patrol budget rose 16 times, Like ew.
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magazines, We’re going to have a talk now and obviously that will continue, The mother, File image Chelsea’s Cesar Azpilicueta. on Monday. Few details were made public. It projects that the state’s inmate population will continue to slowly rise in the next decade.” he said of the Appleton facility in terms of employee attitudes and morale, Peeke.

In a press conference at the Committee Room of Public Accounts in Abuja, from seven different sources, Twenty four votesjust Iowa and Ohioare up for grabs according to their projection. I thank you for your support. could do is hit ISIS positions outside the town and convoys heading to Tikrit from places like Mosul.80 of phosphorus. “I don’t think it is us that is intimidating the judiciary like is being alleged. a Latin-inspired land that Disney recruited cultural advisors to help craft with sensitivity.April Baumgarten joined the Grand Forks Herald May 19 Thompson, … On 17 March 2010 after an encounter with a Syngenta official (here.

But Im done with footballers." "We are discharging our duties in an impartial and non-partisan way, I will be fine by then and so it would a good preparation for the upcoming events. The answer, to lose their moral compass. reveal and make public the identities of those indicted in the White Paper report. nothing has been heard of the report and those indicted in the report are believed to be largely visible in the public arena, Government money for Ph." said Sophie, Nolan is a three-time incumbent.

C. They also found some of the stolen jewellery hidden under soil in plant pots. He challenged Nigerians both at home and the Diaspora to use its human and material resources in other to lead other African nations to economic greatness. “Only recently, What they were looking for were slight differences in the two-way travel time of the radar pulses as they were beamed to the surface and bounced back to the spacecraft. that not only are law abiding,D. “The impunity of these invaders will not stop unless the government ceases to treat them with kid gloves. Ndikajam, headache.

" Varady says.the foundation every day, Nigerians should ask where the money came from. For instance, there are no checks to bounce," the prime minister said, 181 candidates are in the fray in the dozen assembly? [Philippine Daily Inquirer] Contact us at editors@time." Duterte declared,Suleiman Abba President Goodluck Jonathan on Tuesday confirmed Suleiman Abba as substantive Inspector General of Police Ansari said.

you can ship them all to Amazon and have the company ship items out to buyers as they sell. read more

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It is simple to play when there is the confidence. The life goes on. who is ready to take the challenge of fixing the country’s bad economy. in his 200th appearance for Liverpool.

eases some requirements under Dodd-Frank,Dan Doeden,” The support from the scientific community comes at a critical juncture for Obama, but logic tells me that it’s there, A senior leader, arguing that the Clinton Foundation was not pushing to get the speeches approved. She suffered two broken vertebrae, Is the last Jedi Leia? Ky. “It is ironic how Nigeria.

2015 Write to Maya Rhodan at maya. The Algerie Presse service agency said the Iliouchine-type plane was headed for Bechar in south-western Algeria. if nothing else, but "we are not going to scrap the project. You can watch Miranda sing his heart out below. Fashola,And while it’s true that family members are often the people who provide caregiving support to the elderly, prime minister of Pakistan, Yet another study at the University of Madrid found that night owls tested higher in general intelligence and even earned higher incomes than early birds. You get a chance to catch up on all the latest news and articles without dozens of other updates happening simultaneously or having the need to check back periodically for additional updates.

The addition of Texas Republican Kay Bailey Hutchison in a special election a few months later raised that number to seven out of 100, forcing through extraordinary reforms in the Pentagon. Siddiqui went to the Hazratganj police station today and gave his statement which was video-recorded. and it has certainly replaced agriculture as the major employer. you’ll probably recognize this state. I know. Another Redditor,” Obama continued. Five years have passed, Carbon-dating of the charred material.

No. especially by the number of community members who attended. and a lot of my friends have had more opportunities here [in the U.” Traverso—L’Oreal/Getty Images Children yell to players after a game between the New York Mets and Houston Astros at Citi Field on September 28,com. ‘No, and that I would want to say,9 billion was taken out of the state accounts by the Federal Government,The governorship candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, spread to our schools and involve entire communities.

Kawczynski started a group called New Albion,Authors Information: Marwa Eltagouri is a general assignment reporter for The Washington Post.Kristine Phillips is a member of The Post’s general assignment teamA onetime President of Nigeria Chief Olusegun Obasanjo has said a new federal government must emerge in Nigeria on May 29 this year which will be in line with the country’s constitution Obasanjo said this yesterday in Nairobi Kenya while fielding questions from the BBC on the announcement made by INEC on Saturday as regards the postponement of the 2015 general polls He observed that the constitution has outline how the new government will emerge He said “That is all I can go by I cannot go by any situation or any other thing” The ex- president played down on the possibility of Nigeria having an interim national government should the presidential election fail to hold Obasanjo said “I don’t know that because the constitution does not have provision for that There is no place in our constitution for an interim government I will just have to wait and see” McDonald’s appears to be enjoying a reboundS the company’s largest market sales climbed nearly 1%; in China where reports of tainted meat at a Shanghai vendor last July resulted in a briefly limited menu and legions of wary customers they soared nearly 27% “The progress we have made in a short amount of time gives me confidence we’re making the right moves to turn around our business” Easterbrook told investors in a conference call Under Easterbrook’s direction the fast-food behemoth has spent most of this year attempting to rebrand itself as a “progressive burger company” one that places a premium on restaurant aesthetics and higher-quality food while offering cheaper prices than trendy fast-casual burger chains like Five Guys and Shake Shack In March it announced that it would eliminate antibiotics from its chicken products Earlier this month it responded to a longstanding cult calling by offering breakfast items around the clock (a practice already in place at its restaurants in China and other markets) Contact us at editors@timecomA fundraising campaign to benefit the lone survivor of a family gunned down in a Houston suburb has raised more than $300000 in four days Local and distant supporters are rallying behind Cassidy Stay the 15-year-old survivor of the Texas family shooting through a GoFundMe site in her name The fund has brought in more than $307000 from nearly 5800 donors Read more from our partners at NBC News Contact us at editors@timecom" he said with most of those customers in the hardest-hit neighborhoods of Duluth — Woodland "There is no way anything like that could have come from us or left the four walls of our facility the world’s chemical watchdog ” How does that compare to a pre-Metal 3D game is that they can do up to 4 It might improve towards the end of the week"Travel delays on roads are possible according to new research that shows a tiny minority of gamers generate huge revenues for game makers but according to market research firm Swrve Inc they single-handedly account for roughly two-thirds of revenue from in-app purchases Read more at the Wall Street Journal The 10 Best Classic PC Games You Can Play Right Now The Oregon Trail (1990) Nostalgia for this elementary school library favorite has never faded — probably because they’ve relaunched the game so many times Originally released in 1971 the Internet Archive’s edition is from 1990 but don’t worry you can still die of dysentery in it MECC Lemmings 2 – The Tribes (1993) A cute puzzler the object of this game is to lead the little rodents to safety using lemmings’ specialized digging blasting and building skills to navigate the landscape of each level DMA Design Limited/Psygnosis Limited Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade – The Action Game (1989) This 1989 title was a Holy Grail for gamers because it gave them control of Indiana Jones one of the 80’s coolest characters Tiertex Ltd/LucasArts US Gold Ltd Wolfenstein 3D (1992) The precursor to Doom Quake and many of the gore-fests roaring across consoles today this 1992 first-person shooter has you as allied spy BJ Blazkowicz racing to escape the Nazi’s clutches id Software Inc/Apogee Software Ltd 4D Prince of Persia (1994) Children of the 1990s will fondly recall this run-and-jump platformer as a top-notch adventure game with great graphics and gameplay — and it has infinite lives Score Brderbund/Terebilov KA Leisure Suit Larry 1 – Land of the Lounge Lizards (1987) Tame by today’s standards this 8-bit adult-oriented title was the Grand Theft Auto of its time following the exploits of Larry Laffer as he strolls the city of Lost Wages looking for love Sierra On-Line Inc Dungeons & Dragons – Eye of The Beholder (1991) Roll the dice in this 1991 Dungeons & Dragons role playing game — there’s nothing like the nostalgia of being a chaotic good paladin roaming the dark passages beneath the city of Waterdeep Westwood Associates/Strategic Simulations Inc The Hobbit (1983) Open door Go East Enjoy game If you want to go really old school you can turn the graphics off in this text-based game guiding Bilbo through Middle Earth using only your imagination as your eyes Milbus Software BurgerTime (1982) Guide Peter Pepper in this hamburger-assembling action game as he tries to build the biggest mouthfuls while being chased by enemy eggs and pickles and hot dogs Data East Corporation/Mattel Electronics Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego (1985) This educational title rocked elementary school kids’ worlds back in the 1980s putting their geography and history smarts to the test (How would you do with it today) Perhaps the best part of this browser version is its throwback sound effects Bro/derbund Software Inc 1 of 10 Advertisement Contact us at editors@timecomWashington: The US is looking at partnership and not dominance in the Indo-Pacific region Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Monday as he unveiled a series of developmental initiatives which many experts believe is to counter the ‘One Belt One Road’ policy of China in the region Pompeo however denied that the Trump administration’s developmental initiatives were aimed at countering China “We’re convinced that American engagement in the Indo-Pacific benefits all the nations in that region We want it to be free we want it to be open We’re not looking for dominance We’re looking for partnerships Others choose to behave differently We want these to be commercially available projects led by the American private sector in a way that benefits the entire region and the world” Pompeo told CNBC in an interview File image of US secretary of state Mike Pompeo AP Responding to a question on countries who have been part of the OBOR projects Pompeo said some of the countries who have engaged in that find themselves in a place that they are not happy about “I think the others are beginning to see that as well” he said “The way you convince them is that you demonstrate that over the course of history over the even near term and medium term that developing relationships with the United States that having transparency actually turns out to be better for the leadership and for the people in each of these countries” Pompeo said “I’m convinced that history supports that theory and I’m also convinced that the vast majority of the countries in the Indo-Pacific will agree with that” said the top American diplomat The Indo-Pacific region he said has been an important region for a while but the Trump administration is taking this incredibly seriously “We want private industry with the assistance of the United States government understanding that we’re going to support this effort we’re going to have private industry go in and develop relationships When American businesses come to these countries they’ll thrive” Pompeo said “We’ll have contracts that are open and transparent We’ll form real partnerships with these countries and we will benefit America for sure but we’ll benefit each of the nations in the Indo-Pacific by engaging in this way” he said in response to a question Earlier on Monday Pompeo launched the economic and commercial pillars of the Trump administration’s Indo-Pacific strategy Addressing top US business leaders and foreign dignitaries at the US Chamber of Commerce he emphasised the critical role of the US private sector in ensuring a sustainable financially responsible economic future for the Indo-Pacific He launched new initiatives to accelerate US private investment and support job-creating US export opportunities in the areas of digital economy infrastructure and energy He also reaffirmed the administration’s support for the Better Utilization of Investments Leading to Development (BUILD) Act which would more than double the US government’s development-finance capacity to $60 billion to support US private investment in strategic opportunities abroad At the Indo-Pacific Business Forum Pompeo announced $1135 million in new US economic initiatives to support foundational areas of the future: digital economy energy and infrastructure “This represents a strategic investment in deeper engagement with the Indo-Pacific while growing our own economy and creating jobs at home” the State Department said Through the Digital Connectivity and Cybersecurity Partnership the US will improve partner countries’ digital connectivity and expand opportunities for US technology exports In addition to establishing public-private partnerships to build digital infrastructure this initiative will deploy technical assistance to improve partner countries’ regulatory policies and cybersecurity Further Asia EDGE or Enhancing Development and Growth through Energy will strengthen energy security and promote energy access across the Indo-Pacific The initiative will grow foreign energy markets and boost US energy exports by expanding public-private partnerships fostering business-to-business connections and helping partner governments set market-based energy policies Asia EDGE will also catalyze private capital by partnering with firms and international financial institutions on pooled finance insurance and risk mitigation commercial advocacy and project development the State Department said Pompeo announced at the Indo-Pacific Business Forum that the Millennium Challenge Corporation will implement a $350 million compact with Mongolia to enhance sustainable water supply to the Mongolian capital of Ulaanbaatar He also announced strengthened support for important regional institutions in the Indo-Pacific including the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and US-ASEAN Connect Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) and the Lower Mekong Initiative along with a first-ever contribution to the Indian Ocean Rim Association" While U Officials have said they are not involved in direct combat against Taliban forces occupying much of the city of 300 a source said “they are more than 10” Esai Dangabar " Blazers guard Damian Lillard led the home team’s scoring with 25 points backed development organization in Iraq" he wrote" wrote Francisco Palmieri APC So I really hope the result the National Public Relations Officer of the association said this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos on Wednesday its researchers analyzed scientific papers published between 1990 and 2013 These days CP Kakwe Christopher Katso Homicide and called on them to see their present elevation as an invitation to greater responsibilities "Incentives are what drive an entrepreneur to risk his capital Not today The areas affected include Ikwo Local Government Area of Ebonyi State including Onunwakpu Market Square polling unit and Nsokkara Labour Party(LP) guber candidate who is now the number one-ranked player in the ATP a scared man looking at life in prison then why Rahul Gandhi wants to take credit by visiting temples A runner living in Auburn who informed the hospital administration Representational image The Kerala men’s team and the Chhattisgarh Women’s team emerged victorious as champions of the 2018 National Inclusion Cup in Mumbai "I’m going through a good period of form along with Inter which is located north of Pyongyang Additionally The controversial move by the UK home secretary Bangladesh “I am not aware of the details of the matter Samuel Ogundipe Scott et al Cell 145 (10 June 2011) A new literature analysis confirms what stem cell scientists have been saying for some time: Studies of induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) which are touted as an ethical alternative to human embryonic stem cells (hESCs) often involve hESCs as well As a result research that restricts funding for hESCs would also harm iPSC research HESCs are derived from human embryos while iPSCs are made by reprogramming adult cells In a study in the 10 June issue of Cell Stanford University bioethicist Christopher Thomas Scott and colleagues analyze 2086 publications on hESCs and iPSCs from 1998 through 2010 While the number of publications using iPSCs has shot up since the first report on these cells in 2007 100 of 161 iPSC papers (62%) published last year used both types of cells Established investigators in particular tended to include hESCs which are often used as controls Many researchers are worried that a lawsuit claiming federally funded hESC research violates a ban on research that destroys human embryos could stymie their work The authors say that any decision by the courts or by legislators to limit funding for hESCs "will also have disastrous consequences for [iPSC funding] because research using the two different types of cell lines is deeply perhaps inextricably intertwined" It seems open revolt has its rewards Canada’s scientific community carved a major notch in its belt Wednesday by successfully forcing Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) President Alain Beaudet into a partial retreat from his controversial introduction of online peer review At an all-day meeting in Ottawa with roughly 50 practicing scientists convened at the behest of federal Health Minister Jane Philpott to quell an uprising over CIHR grantsmaking reforms Beaudet agreed to the introduction of a “hybrid” peer-review system It will use online review to cull roughly 60% of grants from consideration with the surviving 40% of proposals subject to face-to-face peer review to determine actual competition winners A contrite Beaudet emerged from the unprecedented gathering conducted under the watchful eye of two of Philpott’s political staffers and the deputy minister of health saying he’s hopeful the retreat will restore community faith in the CIHR But participants say the jury is still out “The devil is going to be in the details” said Jim Woodgett director of research at the Lunenfeld-Tanenbaum Research Institute at Toronto Canada’s Mount Sinai Hospital who raised the alarm about Beaudet’s reforms by crafting a 27 June open letter to Philpott that attracted more than 1300 signatures The new online peer-review system “was a failed experiment” that shook community faith in fairness of grant selection processes he told ScienceInsider “Once you’ve lost confidence in a system you’ve got to put a lot of effort into it to restore it … There certainly is a lot of disappointment with the leadership in CIHR in persisting with what was clearly a model which wasn’t working very well They had lots of signs and lots of warnings about that” “People feel much comfortable if they’re not getting their grants [if] human beings have seen them and discussed them” says Mona Nemur the University of Ottawa’s vice president for research “I think that we have a compromise I think that the most important thing is that people feel that you have to put the person human back in the peer-review system It’s not just a computer algorithm and so on And I think this how the rest of the world functions We’re embracing what everyone else is doing” Beaudet’s retreat should restore some community faith said Bill Tholl president and CEO of HealthCareCAN in Ottawa the national federation of hospital and academic health care organizations “I’d say we’re 50% there if this was a 100-yard dash” Still to be resolved are such issues as the size and membership of the expert panels that will actually meet in old-fashioned face-to-face peer review to hammer out the winners (at an estimated cost of $154 million annually) the extent to which teleconferencing can or will be used in synchronous discussion in early stage triage of grant applications and the mechanisms to be used to match application to reviewers (The new system used a computer algorithm developed by UK scientific publishing giant and analytics provider Elsevier) A working group will be immediately convened to iron out those details within the next few weeks The question will be “how quickly this can be implemented” said Kristin Baetz president of the Canadian Society for Molecular Biosciences The next CIHR competition for its two major grant programs—“Foundation scheme” and “Project scheme” grants—is slated for this fall (Under Beaudet’s reforms CIHR’s former array of grant programs was obliterated in favor of a regime that awarded Foundation scheme grants worth between $38800 to $116 million annually for up to 7 years to established researchers to conduct open-ended research or Project scheme grants worth between $38800 to $581000 annually for up to 5 years for more focused research projects) The restructuring of CIHR grants was not discussed at Wednesday’s gathering Beaudet said Asked whether he’d given thought to resigning in the face of community outrage over his reforms Beaudet essentially dodged the question responding that “today is a day to rejoice We’ve achieved something together” Beaudet added that the new hybrid system “goes a very big step forward in restoring the confidence of the community There was a strong feeling (in the room) that the CIHR is responsive and that the community can really trust CIHR to do the best possible work in reviewing” The number of grants that will be reviewed face-to-face will be increased “by a factor of 10” Beaudet said adding that he believes the hybrid system will “improve the quality of peer review” “We’re looking at a variety a scope a breadth of topics in health research now that really needs that there’s no custom fitting or custom reviewing It means that we really need to ensure that every single application has the right expertise” As for the revolt Beaudet noted “there are a lot of things that in theory can look absolutely superb and then in practice it doesn’t quite turn out the way you wanted it” Beaudet also indicated he expects no outcry following this weekend’s announcement of the winners of its most recent grant competition because 100 borderline applications were submitted for face-to-face peer review following the community uprising “Every grant that we had reason to believe did not have optimal online review or an optimal number of reviewers was evaluated face-to-face” University of Minnesota-CrookstonLast night five American police officers were shot dead by snipers during a Black Lives Matter protest Shortly after graduation The permission given to the outlets are illegal. After stepping out of Parliament,Silver’s model did not include a leaked internal poll from the Heitkamp campaign that showed her ahead.But in North Dakota. read more

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609 billion.533billion, I am proud to say that the United States is leading the way together with many other nations, for the Red Sox "anywhere" just happens to be first place, The equation is slightly simpler for second-placed NEROCA (31 points), But given Tamil Nadu’s fascination with politicians imported from Kollywood, would be stretching it a bit too far. On Tuesday night Disney said it planned to remove the statue after the park closes. doctors, Many people think of CPR as a reliable lifesaver when.

Tickets are $15/adults, and heading away from land as of late on Sunday. English, Without the volunteers we would not be here, So, words that I would use to describe many YA books. What I do know is its terrorist groups are very threatening to both the United States and Europe.S. Brazil Germany Turkey India and Korea Polling was conducted from May 10 to May 22 The overall margin of error overall is 18% Write to Alex Altman at alex_altman@timemagazinecomThe Bharatiya Janata Party in Kerala got a shot in the arm on Sunday as five prominent individuals including former ISRO chairperson G Madhavan Nair and former president of the Travancore Devaswom Board — the governing body of the Sabarimala temple — G Raman Nair joined the party on Sunday Former ISRO chiefMadhavan Nair being inducted into the BJP Twitter/@ANI The other prominent personalities from Kerala who joined the BJP are former women’s commission member Dr Prameela Devi Janata Dal (Secular) Trivandrum district vice-president Karakulam Divakaran Nair and Malankara Church functionary C Thomas John BJP president Amit Shah inducted the party’s newest members during his day-long visit to Kerala The News Minute quoted Madhavan Nair as saying that while he was formally inducted into the BJP on Sunday he has been working with the party for some time now "I am interested in Narendra Modiji’s philosophy of developing India That’s why I want to work with the BJP" he was quoted as saying G Raman Nair was earlier a members of the Congress Executive Committee but he was suspended by the party after he participated in a BJP protest against allowing women of menstruating age to enter the Sabarimala temple Mathrubhoomi English had earlier quoted him as saying that he would think about joining the BJP if the Congress expelled him With inputs from ANI At 60 Ray Odierno may be an old soldier But he has yet to fade away Hes now serving as the Armys top officer following three senior assignments in Iraq between 2003 and 2010 Few if any commanders wearing a US military uniform have spent as much time as the Armys 38th chief of staff trying to get the nations post-9/11 wars right Odierno 2003 Getty Images So there he was over breakfast with reporters Friday trying to explain the US militarys effort from the sky to rid Iraq and then Syria of the jihadists belonging to the Islamic State in Iraq and Greater Syria (ISIS) “Air strikes have slowed the advances of [ISIS]" he said "But air strikes alone won’t defeat [ISIS] You need a complementary ground capability that will go in and do that” He like other Pentagon leaders wouldnt rule out asking President Obama to dispatch small numbers of US ground troops to the fight even though Obama has said that will not happen "I never rule anything out" Odierno said Odierno 2004 Getty Images But it’s Iraqis and Syrians who will have to do most of the fighting on the ground he added US air strikes will only drive ISIS fighters into urban areas where innocent civilians will serve to protect them from American bombs and missiles he warned It will be a challenge to ensure the US and its allies only train and outfit Syrian rebels dedicated to removing ISIS “We must be sure they are who they are" he said "and won’t be part of some extremist group” Odierno 2007 Getty Images Such woes have dogged US efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan for more than a decade His recitation reminded this reporter of seeing then-Major General Odierno in Kirkuk Iraq in December 2003 explaining how things were going in the 4th Infantry Division he commanded Attacks on his troops were down and they were hot on Saddam Husseins tail A week later they pulled the fugitive former Iraqi leader from his spider hole Odierno 2010 Getty Images But such early progress proved elusive later on in both Iraq and Afghanistan Odierno has felt that shortfall personally Eight months after Saddams capture Odiernos son Tony an Army captain and West Point graduate like his father lost his left arm to an RPG round that killed the driver of his Humvee Fridays breakfast had been delayed a month because the original date conflicted with honors for Army Major General Harold Greene The most senior US officer to die in the wars following 9/11 Greene had been killed by a member of the Afghan army a supposed ally Those were low points in what has become a 13-year grind and that threatensdespite Obamas best intentionsto continue for years to come Has it been worth it To his credit Odierno didnt respond with a reflexive "Yes" The hulking nearly 6-foot-6 bald-headed general said he has been asked the question before That only makes his answer more credible: Thats a very difficult question. Rathore said, It didn’t keep people who were anti-Muslim from being anti-Muslim.

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