Don’t Duck Now

first_imgWith corporate managers under enormous pressure to control costs and maintain liquidity in the current credit crisis, advertising budgets often appear to be a dispensable luxury in the struggle to survive. Executives who succumb to that temptation, however, put the long-term future of their companies at risk, according to advertising experts.“The first reaction is to cut, cut, cut, and advertising is one of the first things to go,” says University of Pennsylvania Wharton School’s marketing professor Peter Fader, adding that as companies slash advertising in a downturn, they leave empty space in consumers’ minds for aggressive marketers to make strong inroads. Today’s economy “provides an unusual opportunity to differentiate yourself and stand out from the crowd,” says Fader, “but it takes a lot of courage and convincing to get senior management on board with that.”According to Wharton marketing professor Leonard Lodish, with demand slack for advertising services, the cost of these services goes down, making advertising expenditures all the more defensible in a bad business climate. “If your company has something to say that is relevant in this environment, it’s going to be more efficient to say it now than to say it in better times,” says Lodish. Research shows that companies that consistently advertise even during recessions perform better in the long run. A McGraw-Hill Research study looking at 600 companies from 1980 to 1985 found that those businesses which chose to maintain or raise their level of advertising expenditures during the 1981 and 1982 recession had significantly higher sales after the economy recovered. Specifically, companies that advertised aggressively during the recession had sales 256% higher than those that did not continue to advertise.For companies that do stay the course and continue to advertise into a recession or increase their promotional activities, the key is to craft messages that reflect the times and describe how their product or service benefits the consumer. For example, companies might be tempted to emphasize price in a recession, but that only works for companies like Costco and Walmart that are built around a core strategy of providing low prices year after year, says Lodish. He points to the current Walmart campaign, “Save Money. Live Better,” as a successful approach to the recession.Dean Jarrett, senior vice president of marketing at The Martin Agency in Richmond, Va., which developed the Walmart ads, acknowledges the campaign began in 2007 before it was clear a harsh recession was building. “We can’t claim we knew a recession was coming, but “Save Money. Live Better” is dead on-point with who they are and what they want to be.”Eileen Campbell, chief executive of the Millward Brown Group advertising firm in New York City, says that while companies should probably not dwell on the recession and scare consumers into hoarding their pennies under a mattress, certain products require a straight-up approach – such as financial services. “If you are in the financial services category, to behave as you did a year ago is silly.” At the same time, however, many consumers are weary of negativity generated by the recession and would be receptive to a more upbeat message, she adds. “If you can put a positive spin on how you can genuinely help without invoking doom and gloom, I think that’s going to be more compelling.”In Control of Your Pushups Wharton marketing professor Patti Williams cites Gold’s Gym, the Texas-based gym chain, as an example of a company that has found a way to navigate the economic slump while promoting a product that might seem discretionary or self-indulgent in hard times. One television spot shows legs working a stair climber as words pop up across the screen changing from “First floor” to “12th floor” to “Kilimanjaro” to “Olympus.” Finally the words, “The Corporate Ladder,” appear.“This is about being goal-oriented as opposed to a general fitness or vanity play,” she says. “It links to the economy because people are less likely to be spending on flashy things and more likely to be thinking practically and pragmatically. Certainly people are going to be spending less in this downturn, but they will spend something.”Williams agrees that advertisers should approach the ‘R-word’ (recession) with extreme caution. “Along with this economic downturn comes a lot of emotional response, such as anxiety. It is characterized by a sense that you lack control, that you don’t know what’s coming and you are at the whim of circumstance. To the extent that advertisers feel their clients or consumers are experiencing anxiety, ads should try to empower consumers and help them think of ways to be in control in a world where they feel out of control.”The Gold’s Gym spots address this concern, she suggests. “‘You can’t control the economy but you can control how many pushups you do, and take control where you can, and we can help you.’ That’s a powerful message.”Value is another important message to build into marketing campaigns during a downturn, according to Williams. Many marketers design communications aimed at justifying the price they charge for goods and services, either by emphasizing a low price or touting the benefits the company can provide to buyers. “Advertisers will do both,” she says. “Some are in a better position to talk about lower costs while others will have to focus on what you get for your money.”Luxury businesses should take a completely different approach, appealing more to emotion, Williams notes, emphasizing the need for some emotional release or comfort in difficult times. High-end advertisers will also attempt to emphasize long-term value – such as suggesting that a watch is not just a purchase for today, but for years to come. “You can try to remind people that this is, hopefully, a temporary state of things and we should not be focusing on the immediate future but also longer-term.”David Sable, chief operating officer of Wunderman, a brand-building agency that is part of the global marketing firm, The WPP Group, advises advertisers in a downturn to rally to protect and preserve brand equity that has been nurtured for years, with continued investment in and support of branded products. “The worst thing you can do is cheap-out on products – put less coffee in the cappuccino – as many have in the past.”According to Sable, while price is important in a recession, the majority of price-driven consumers still factor in the importance of branding. Companies must maintain “good housekeeping” during a recession, such as product quality and good distribution systems, but he suggests that clear brand association and leadership comes through communication. “If you cut the communication, you have a major problem.” He urges marketers to make sure they understand the “elasticity” of their brand, which would be a gauge of how much – or how little – advertising is necessary to sustain sales. “It’s not a science. There’s a lot of art there,” he acknowledges, “but you must be supporting your product.”He also warns that in today’s networked, digital marketplace, consumer buzz about disappointments with a product can metastasize quickly and widely. “You must give people good things to talk about by continuing to have good products and communication.” The biggest lesson is that recessions come and go, but “hopefully your brand is for life. It’s forever. So you have to be careful how you react because the downturn is not going to be forever.”If companies cut deeply into advertising and communications in a down period, the cost to regain share of voice in the market once the economy turns around may cost four or five times as much as the cuts saved, he adds. “You must really keep a balance in times like this. Don’t go dark when customers and consumers need you because they need you as much as you need them.”Matt Williams, a partner at The Martin Agency, says a downturn is a natural time to focus on core strategy. A recession, he says, can be an “opportunity disguised as a problem…. You can position the brand as an ally to consumers in tough times with product development or sponsorship programs so the consumer can say ‘I see by its actions that this brand is on my side.’ That will pay dividends not only during the recession but beyond.”When Life’s (Not So) GoodAccording to Wharton marketing professor John Zhang, advertisers in all categories must be in tune with consumers in the current climate. For example, he notes that LG Electronics is backing off its “Life’s Good” slogan. “That’s not the mood people are in. If you do that, it will generate resentment. You need to fine-tune your message to be sensitive.” In challenging times, marketers must also work harder to segment consumers with specific messages. “If, in the past, you used mass media, you probably want to be more targeted now to make sure the message gets to the right people.”Research indicates that combative advertising, which targets competitors, escalates during an economic downturn. “When the marketplace is shrinking, you tend to become a little more competitive in your tone,” says Zhang, who cautions that this approach can backfire. “If you say your competitor is bad and your competitor says you are bad, ultimately the customer thinks both are probably good and bad. They tend to be indifferent. Even in a downturn, if you want to create loyal customers, you don’t want to be overly competitive. You want to highlight what you do best and be sensitive to the needs of your customers rather than bashing the competition.”The Ever-elusive Gold StandardAll forms of media can be successful even in a recession, although the impact of digital marketing might be easier to quantify and therefore able to withstand the close scrutiny of senior executives demanding justification for any spending while their operations are under recessionary pressures, says Lodish.Fader points out that direct marketing and other kinds of interactive communications might be valuable but do not yet deliver easily quantifiable results. “Unfortunately, the industry is still in its early infancy. A lot of people talk about what we are capable of doing in measurability, but no one has established the gold standard yet. Maybe this forthcoming recession will be the chance to catalyze that and make it happen.”   Related Itemslast_img read more


first_imgDefinitionA sprain is an injury to the ligaments around a joint. Ligaments are strong, flexible fibers that hold bones together. When a ligament is stretched too far or tears, the joint will become painful and swell.Alternative NamesJoint sprainCausesSprains are caused when a joint is forced to move into an unnatural position. For example, “twisting” ones ankle causes a sprain to the ligaments around the ankle.SymptomsSymptoms of a sprain include:Joint pain or muscle painSwellingJoint stiffnessDiscoloration of the skin, especially bruisingFirst AidApply iceright awayto reduce swelling. Wrap the ice in cloth. Do not place ice directly on the skin.Wrap a bandage around the affected area to limit movement. Wrapfirmly, but not tightly. Use a splint if needed.Keep the swollen joint raised above your heart, even while sleeping.Rest the affected joint for several days.Aspirin, ibuprofen, or other pain relievers can help. DO NOT give aspirin to children.Keep pressure off the injured area until the pain goes away. Most of the time, a mild sprain will heal in 7-10 days. It may take several weeks for pain to go away after a bad sprain.Yourhealth care providermay recommend crutches. Physical therapycan help you regain motion and strength of the injured area.When to Contact a Medical ProfessionalGo to the hospital right away or call 911 if:You think you have a broken bone.The joint appears out of position.You have a serious injury or severe pain.You hear a popping sound and have immediate problems using the joint.Call your health care provider if:advertisementSwelling does not start to go away within 2 days.You have symptoms of infection, including red, warm, painful skin or a fever over 100F.The pain does not go away after several weeks.PreventionThe following steps may lower your risk of a sprain:Wear protective footwear during activities that place stress on your ankle and other joints.Make sure that shoes fit your feet properly.Avoid high-heeled shoes.Always warm-up and stretchbefore doingexercise and sports.Avoid sports and activities for which you have not trained.ReferencesBiundo JJ. Bursitis, tendinitis, and other periarticular disorders and sports medicine.In: Goldman L, Schafer AI, eds. Goldman’s Cecil Medicine. 24th ed. Philadelphia, Pa: Saunders Elsevier; 2011:chap 271.Brinker MR, O’Connor DP, Almekinders LC, et al. Physiology of Injury to Musculoskeletal Structures: 1. Muscle and Tendon Injury. In: DeLee JC, Drez D Jr, Miller MD, eds. DeLee and Drez’s Orthopaedic Sports Medicine. 3rd ed. Philadelphia, Pa: Saunders Elsevier; 2009:chap 1, section A.Review Date:4/13/2013Reviewed By:Linda J. Vorvick, MD, Medical Director and Director of Didactic Curriculum, MEDEX Northwest Division of Physician Assistant Studies, Department of Family Medicine, UW Medicine, School of Medicine, University of Washington. Also reviewed by A.D.A.M. Health Solutions, Ebix, Inc., Editorial Team: David Zieve, MD, MHA, Bethanne Black, Stephanie Slon, and Nissi Wang.last_img read more

Banned umpire worked at 2015 US Open due to ‘flaw’

first_imgA Croatian tennis umpire banned from officiating for 12 months after a corruption inquiry worked as a linesman at last year’s US Open because of a “flaw in our system”, the United States Tennis Association said on Friday.Denis Pitner was suspended by the International Tennis Federation in August after sending information about a player to a coach during a tournament and regularly logging on to a betting account from which bets were placed on tennis matches.”We had a flaw in our system. Denis Pitner did work as a linesman at the 2015 U.S. Open,” Chris Widmaier, the USTA’s managing director of corporate communications, told Reuters on Friday via email.In a statement, the USTA said: “As we have now determined, Mr. Denis Pitner had been approved to work the US Open as a linesman on July 13. The USTA was notified that Mr. Pitner was placed on the ‘Do Not Credential’ list on August 24.”Mr. Pitner had already picked up his credential prior to the USTA being notified. Due to a flaw in our process, which we are investigating now, Mr. Pitner’s credential was not canceled.”The USTA takes this matter extremely seriously and has made the investigation of what caused the error its highest priority, and will work with the newly created independent review panel to ensure instances such as this are not repeated in the future.”Pitner incurred his suspension by the ITF six months after fellow tennis umpire, Kazakhstan’s Kirill Parfenov, was banned for life for contacting another official on Facebook in an attempt to manipulate the scoring of matches.advertisementBoth umpires were sanctioned for breaches of the sport’s code of conduct for officials while four other umpires were also under investigation by the Tennis Integrity Unit (TIU).However, the ITF did not announce the bans for Pitner and Parfenov until earlier this week, explaining that previously its Code of Conduct did not require officials sanctioned to be named.Tennis is still reeling from widespread allegations of corruption in the sport and the independent review panel (IRP), which was launched last month, will take at least a year to complete its investigations.The IRP was established following media reports criticising the TIU for not adequately investigating some 16 players repeatedly flagged over suspicions they had thrown matches in the past decade.Match-fixing allegations by the BBC and the online BuzzFeed News broke before last month’s Australian Open.The allegations were further fuelled by former Australian professional Nick Lindahl pleading guilty in January to match-fixing in a minor tournament in 2013.last_img read more

Daniel Ricciardo tips Nico Rosberg for F1 title

first_imgAustralian Daniel Ricciardo has spoken of the awkward pre-podium silences between Mercedes team mates Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg, while tipping the latter for the season’s Formula One title.The smiling Red Bull driver finished second in Singapore last weekend, with Rosberg winning and triple champion Hamilton third.The result sent Rosberg back on top in the championship, the German now eight points clear of Hamilton with six rounds remaining.”When Lewis made up that deficit to Nico and came back it was like OK, nobody’s going to touch Lewis,” he told Sky Sports television during a trip to Australia ahead of next week’s Malaysian race.”Nico’s come back… I’m going to throw a spanner in the works and say Rosberg,” he added when asked to pick one of the pair for the title.Rosberg has won eight races to Hamilton’s six this year, including the three since the August break just when it looked like the Briton had the momentum.”The best part is if you get on the podium with them two, in the room before we go out on the podium just after the race, you take the helmet off and it’s awkward for me because it’s just so silent,” said Ricciardo.”I don’t like silence too much, so I’m like trying to either talk to myself or make conversation with them but they are just happy enjoying the awkward silence. It’s quite fun.”Hamilton and Rosberg have battled for the title for the last three years, their relationship going through the occasional frosty patch, and this season the competition is closer than ever between the two.advertisementWhen Hamilton won his third title in Texas last year, he tossed a cap to Rosberg while they waited in the podium room and had it slung straight back by the unhappy German.Rosberg later described the incident as “just our typical games”.The pair have been on the podium together eight times in 15 races this year. Ricciardo has joined them three times.last_img read more

India vs West Indies, 4th ODI Highlights: How Jason Holder’s five-wicket haul stunned India

first_imgHello and welcome to our live coverage of the fourth ODI between West Indies and India at Antigua. (LIVE SCORECARD)INDIA INNINGS:What a classy performance against a top quality ODI side! And with this win, the series is alive at 1-2 to Windies with a match #WIvIND- CricketWestIndies (@westindies) July 2, 2017What a game of cricket! Kudos to West India for battling it out till the end and emerging victorious. With the batting line-up India possesses, it seemed at the halfway stage that it will be a cakewalk in the park but the home side had other ideas. They used the two-paced nature of the track to great effect and choked the Indian batsmen. The early departure of Dhawan and Kohli allowed the hosts to apply more pressure.YESSSS! J Holder gets to his first 5w haul in ODI’s and that’s the a 11 run victory for Windies against India #WIvIND- CricketWestIndies (@westindies) July 2, 2017Jason Holder was sharp with his captaincy and set attacking fielders. There weren’t easy singles on offer and the visitors failed to rotate strike on a consistent basis. There was a 54-run stand between Dhoni and Rahane but it came off 109 balls. Both of them scored half centuries but it can be said they were a touch slow. With Dhoni at the crease in the 49th over, the tourists believed in themselves. However, his downfall almost decided the fate of the game.CELEBRATION TIME #WIvIND pic.twitter.com/SJaxogYUm6- CricketWestIndies (@westindies) July 2, 201702.44 IST: Holder to Shami, OUT! West Indies pull off an upset. Their skipper has been extremly influential today. He has his fifth wicket. Bowls a high full toss on off, Shami tries to go over covers but does not clear him and hits it straight to him. This is his maiden five-wicket-haul. The crowd has gone berserk. WEST INDIES WIN BY 11 RUNS.advertisement02.40 IST: Holder to Umesh, OUT! Holder is the man for West Indies today. He has been absolutely brilliant with the ball. He gets his fourth. Bowls a yorker on off stump, Umesh swings but misses and the ball hits the base off the stumps. They check for the no ball but there is no problem there. Holder is all pumped and the crowd is dancing in the stands. Ninth wicket down for India.02.36 IST: Williams to Dhoni, OUT! Is that the game for West Indies? Dhoni has to go. He was India’s only hope in this situation. Williams bowls it full on middle, Dhoni tries to go over long on but gets it off the inner half down to Alzarri Joseph at long on for a easy catch. 14 now needed from the last over.02.29 IST: Jadeja has made it more difficult for Dhoni. India need 16 runs off the last 2 overs.WICKET! 173-7! J Holder gets his 3rd wicket of the day as R Jadeja hits one straight to the hands of R Powell at long on #WIvIND- CricketWestIndies (@westindies) July 2, 201702.26 IST: Holder to Jadeja, OUT! Throws his wicket away! There was absolutely no need for this shot. India 173/7 in 47.3 overs.02.22 IST: And Dhoni’s presence out in the field has been immense for India yet again. Last 3 overs and India need 19 runs.And that’s 50 for @msdhoni from 108 balls! His 2nd in this series and 64th overall in ODI’s #WIvIND- CricketWestIndies (@westindies) July 2, 201702.19 IST: Dhoni brings up his fifty, second of the series. It has been a very patient knock by him. His job is not done yet he has take India over the line.02.17 IST: Holder to Jadeja, FOUR! Smart shot. Short ball on off, Jadeja waits for it and upper cuts it over the keeper for a boundary. 25 needed from 24 balls.WICKET!! J Holder comes back and provides a breakthrough right away. The dangerous H Pandya is gone for 20(21) #WIvIND- CricketWestIndies (@westindies) July 2, 201702.13 IST: Holder to Pandya, OUT! BOWLED”EM! The captain strikes. Full ball on leg stump, Hardik walks across and misses the flick and the ball hits the base of leg stump. They check upstairs for the no ball but is is a legal delivery. A big wicket here. Can there be a twist in the tale? India 159/6 in 45.1 overs.02.07 IST: Pandya and Dhoni hitting it off in the previous over has rattled West Indies it seems. Joseph has bowled four wides in this over. India 159/5 in 45 overs.02.01 IST: Chase to Pandya, SIX! The bowling change has not worked. Tosses this one up, Pandya goes down on one knee and slog sweeps it into the wind and it just clears the man at mid-wicket for a maximum. Pandya is accelerating and this is what makes him so important for Team India. India 151/5 in 44 overs.advertisement01.59 IST: Chase to Dhoni, FOUR! A welcome boundary for India, first for Dhoni today. Quicker ball down the leg side. Dhoni helps it fine past the keeper and the ball races away to the fine leg fence. India 141/5 in 43.3 overs.01.56 IST: West Indies have showed excellent consistency today, well bowled. They have managed to keep the line tight and haven’t let India run away with the match. India 135/5 in 43 overs.01.51 IST: It’s mounting for India, the required has jumped to 7.38. India 131/5 in 42 overs.01.48 IST: The match is getting edgy, India require 62 balls 54 balls. End of Powerplay 2: India – 127/5 (MS Dhoni 37*, H Pandya 5*) and need 63 runs from 60 balls #WIvIND- CricketWestIndies (@westindies) July 2, 201701.44 IST: Last 10 overs left and India need 63 off 60 balls.01.42 IST: Indian men are struggling in Antigua at the moment but Indian women blew Pakistan away in the Women’s World Cup a few hours ago and Twitter had a lot to say about that.01.39 IST: Joseph to Pandya, FOUR! CHEEKY! A tad short on off, Pandya waited for it and played a ramp shot to the right of the keeper for a boundary. And who other than Hardik Pandya to bring about India’s first boundary after 111 balls. India 125/5 in 39 overs.01.36 IST: This is looking like a big chase now! India 120/5 in 38 overs.WICKET! Windies can now have a real crack at this game. K Jadhav departs thanks to a low single handed take from S Hope #WIvIND- CricketWestIndies (@westindies) July 2, 201701.30 IST: Nurse to Jadhav, OUT! There goes another. India have lost half their side. Nurse gets his first wicket. Tosses it up on off, gets some extra bounce and the ball spiins in a little. Jadhav tries to defend it off the front foot but gets an inside edge onto the pads and the ball lobs to the left of the surface. Hope runs and dives to forward to take a good catch. India in a spot of bother here. 74 needed now off 86 balls.01.26 IST: Big shots still alluding India. India 112/4 in 35 overs.01.19 IST: Dhoni and Jadhav on the field once more, reminds one of the last match. India 106/4 in 33 overs. WICKET! 101-4 AND THE GAME IS ON! A Rahane nicks one from D Bishoo and departs after a well made 60(91) #WIvIND- CricketWestIndies (@westindies) July 2, 201701.10 IST: Bishoo to Rahane, OUT! BISHOO STRIKES! Rahane has to go. Bishoo bowls a leg spinner outside off, Ajinkya tries to sweep but gets a top edge to the keeper. They go up and the umpire gives it out. Rahan reviews immediately. They go upstairs. There is small spike on Ultraedge. After looking at the replays for a few times the third umpire gives it out. The on field call stays. India have lost their review. West Indies would want to build on this wicket now. Can they put pressure on India?01.06 IST: It’s been 10 overs since India’s last boundary. India 99/3 in 30 overs.advertisement01.03 IST: India still looking for a breakthrough, 95/3 in 29 overs.01.01 IST: It’s over 28 overs and India haven’t even reached the 100-run mark.00.52 IST: And Ajinkya Rahane scores a half-century fourth straight time. Been a model of consistency this series for India. India 85/3 in 26 overs.00.50 IST: Rahane is nearing his half-century at 49. India 82/3 in 25 overs.A Nurse replaces D Bishoo. End of over 24, India – 80/3 (A Rahane 48*, MS Dhoni 18*) #WIvIND- CricketWestIndies (@westindies) July 2, 201700.43 IST: Another over gone, and a run off it! West Indies are keeping it really tight. India 78/3 in 23 overs.00.41 IST: While Indian men are fighting it out in the Caribbean, India women made it a Perfect 10 against Pakistan in the Women’s World Cup.00.38 IST: Rahane and Dhoni are keeping it steady, trying to look for strike rotation. India 77/3 in 22 overs.00.35 IST: Another good over by Williams, just one run off it! India 74/3 in 21 overs.00.30 IST: Bishoo to Rahane, FOUR! Poor delivery and duly dealt with! Short on off, Rahane rocks back and pulls it past the diving short mid-wicket fielder to find the fence. India 73/3 in 20 overs.K Williams and D Bishoo are trying to stop the strike rotation. End of over 19, India – 65/3 (A Rahane 40*, MS Dhoni 11*) #WIvIND- CricketWestIndies (@westindies) July 2, 201700.28 IST: India do have time on their side and Rahane and Dhoni are trying to take this deep. India 65/3 in 19 overs.00.24 IST: Meanwhile, India celebrated India women’s resounding victory over Pakistan.A Joseph 7-2-33-2J Holder 7-2-16-1What a brilliant exhibition of fast bowling by these two #WIvIND- CricketWestIndies (@westindies) July 2, 201700.19 IST: The onus in on Rahane and Dhoni and they look in no hurry. India 59/3 in 17 overs.00.13 IST: None off that over! India 53/3 in 16 overs.00.08 IST: Rahane and Dhoni are taking it slow just like last match. India 53/3 in 15 overs.00.02 IST: Just one run off that over, India have to be very cautious after going four wickets down. India 49/3 in 14 overs.WICKET!! The gamble to bowl an extra over from A Joseph pays off as D Karthik top edges a pull to S Hope #WIvIND- CricketWestIndies (@westindies) July 2, 201723.57 IST: Joseph to Karthik, OUT! The short ball ploy once again does the trick! Joseph bowls a short delivery outside off and extracts some extra bounce from the deck. Karthik gets into a bit of an uncomfortable position but still goes through with the pull shot. Ends up top edging it and the ball spoons behind. Shai Hope positions himself under it and takes it comfortably. India are in a bit of bother now. India 48/3 in 13 overs.23.53 IST: Joseph to Rahane, FOUR! Top quality shot from the opener! Full length delivery outside off, Rahane strokes it elegantly through mid off for a gorgeous boundary. He has looked very assured of himself.23.51 IST: Karthik has finally opened his account. India 42/2 in 12 overs.D Karthik is yet to score after facing 12 deliveries. End of over 11, India – 38/2 (A Rahane 29*, D Karthik 0*) #WIvIND- CricketWestIndies (@westindies) July 2, 201723.46 IST: Relief for India, 5 runs off that over from Joseph. India 38/2 in 11 overs. 23.43 IST: Joseph to Rahane, FOUR! Pristine! Half-volley on off, Rahane leans into it and creams it through mid on. Timing is spot on and the ball whistles away to the fence.23.42 IST: West Indies are looking to capitalise on the early wickets. Second maiden over in a row! India 33/2 in 10 overs.23.36 IST: Excellent over from Joseph, no run given! India 33/2 in 9 overs.23.33 IST: Dinesh Karthik is making a comeback for India after an excellent domestic season and he’s cautious! India 33/2 in 8 overs.DROPPED!! How costly it is going to be? A Rahane survives as J Mohammed puts down a straight forward chance #WIvIND- CricketWestIndies (@westindies) July 2, 201723.28 IST: Joseph to Rahane, MISSED! You can’t get an easier catch than that and unfortunately, Mohammed has spilled it. Excellent opportunity for West Indies to get rid of the in-form Rahane but they couldn’t capitalise on that. India 32/2 in 7 overs.23.27 IST: Joseph to Rahane, FOUR! Comical stuff! Full length delivery, Rahane strokes it towards mid off. The tall Jason Holder bends to stop it but it goes right through his legs and to the fence. That was sloppy.WICKET!! Indian captain V Kohli’s troubled stay at the crease ends thanks to a good over from his counterpart J Holder #WIvIND- CricketWestIndies (@westindies) July 2, 201723.24 IST: Holder to Kohli, OUT! Holder outsmarts his opposite number! Brilliant thinking from the West Indies skipper and he gets the reward. The short balls have worked against Kohli and just like last game, Holder once more sends Kohli back to pavilion. India 25/2 in 6 overs.23.18 IST: Joseph to Rahane, FOUR! Back-to-back boundaries! Gets another short delivery and he was waiting on the back foot for it. Pulls it with authority over backward square leg to find the fence.23.17 IST: Joseph to Rahane FOUR! That is a shot of a man in form. Joseph bangs it in short and Rahane takes him on. Nails the pull over square leg to pick up a one-bounce boundary.23.12 IST: Holder to Rahane FOUR! Back of a length outside off and room on offer, Rahane rises on his toes and slaps it over extra cover. The fielder hares after it but comes second best. India 14/1 in 4 overs23.07 IST: Joseph to Dhawan OUT! On a length and on the pads, Dhawan looks to clip it through but ends up chipping it straight towards Holder at mid on who accepts the easiest of catches with glee. India 10/1 in 3 oversPhoto Credit: AP 23.03 IST: Well played! Fractionally overpitched outside off, Dhawan drives it elegantly through covers. The outfield is not that quick and the ball rolls towards the fence. Two fielders chase it down. Keep it down to three. India 10/0 in 2 overs22.58 IST: A top-edge almost carried to the fielder. In the air… but safe! Joseph bowls a well-directed bouncer on off and gets it to climb on Rahane. He fails to control the pull and it goes off the top edge towards fine leg. Roston Chase runs in but the ball falls short of him. That was nicely bowled. India 4/0 in 1 over 22.57 IST: We are back for the chase. Shikhar Dhawan and Ajinkya Rahane will open the batting for India. The West Indies team is in a huddle. They will need some quick wickets to put pressure on the Men in Blue. Alzarri Joseph to start off the proceedings with the ball. A slip in place.WEST INDIES INNINGS:It was a steady start from the openers but they failed to carry on. The middle order got starts as well but none of them went on to capitalize. There were some soft dismissals as well which sucked the momentum out of the innings. All the Indian bowlers were frugal. Among them, Hardik Pandya and Kuldeep Yadav were the best. They varied their pace and kept the batsmen on their toes. The surface is two-paced but the target is below par. The famed Indian batting line-up will back themselves to pull this off. Can West Indies put in an inspirational performance and keep the series alive or will the visitors continue to dominate? Do join us in a while for the chase.A clinical bowling performance from India and they have contained the home side extremely well. Though West Indies have managed to play out the 50 overs, it was a far from impressive show. Agreed the pitch was sticky in nature but the batsmen failed to rotate the strike on a consistent basis. Credit to the Men in Blue who were right on the money from the beginning. It was a steady start from the West Indies openers but they failed to carry on.End of Innings 1 : Windies – 189/9 (E Lewis 35, K Hope 35, U Yadav 3/36) #WIvIND- CricketWestIndies (@westindies) July 2, 201722.13 IST: Excellent stuff from the Indian bowlers and West Indies just couldn’t stay on. West Indies post 189/9 in 50 overs.Wicket! A typical R Jadeja direct hit leaves D Bishoo short of the crease as he departs for 15(30) #WIvIND- CricketWestIndies (@westindies) July 2, 201722.06 IST: Shami to Bishoo, RUN OUT! Brilliant from Jadeja. He is so good in the point region. Length ball on off, Bishoo taps it to point and sets off for a run. Jadeja runs in, picks the ball up and scores a direct hit. The umpire goes upstairs to check and replays show he is very short. Bishoo is walking back to the hut. West Indies lose their 9th. West Indies 184/9 in 48.4 overs. 21.59 IST: Umesh to Nurse, OUT! Superb effort from Umesh Yadav! Bowls a very fast bouncer, Nurse goes to pull but gets a top edge and it hits his helmet and lobs to the right of Umesh. He changes direction in his follow through and dives to his right and takes a great catch of his own bowling. West Indies 183/8 in 48 overs.21.56 IST: Indian bowlers doing everything right today. West Indies unable to get the scoreboard ticking. West Indies 178/7 in 47 overs.21.50 IST: West Indies batsmen are unable to find many runs off Indian bowlers. West Indies 172/7 in 45 overs.21.42 IST: West Indies batsmen had decent starts but kept losing their wickets after getting set. West Indies 116/7 in 43 overs 21.36 IST: Pandya to Mohammed OUT! Short ball outside off, Jason cuts it straight to Jadeja at point. West Indies are losing the plot here. Seventh wicket down for West Indies. This was their last recognized pair. Hardik gets his third he has bowled really well here. West Indies 162/7 in 41.2 oversWicket! Another batsman couldn’t capitalize on the start as J Mohammed (20) becomes H Pandya’s 3rd victim of the day #WIvIND- CricketWestIndies (@westindies) July 2, 201721.34 IST: Umesh to Powell OUT! Powell departs! Back of a length delivery outside off, Powell looks to heave it over mid-wicket but gets a top edge. The ball spoons over the point region. Jadeja goes back from the same region and positions himself under it. Jadhav comes running in from sweeper cover and another fielder runs across from covers but Ravindra calls for it. Judges it well and takes it nicely. Another one bites the dust. India continue to dictate terms.21.26 IST: Powell has been given out caught behind. He has reviewed it and the umpire goes upstairs. He is safe. West Indies 157/5 in 40 oversEnd of Powerplay 2, Windies – 157/5 (J Mohammed 17*, R Powell 1*) #WIvIND- CricketWestIndies (@westindies) July 2, 201721.19 IST: Umesh to Holder OUT! The bowling change works wonders. A soft dismissal there. Umesh bowls it down the leg side, Holder tries to flick it but gets a faint edge. Dhoni dives to his left and takes a nice catch. The Indians go up and the umpire raises his finger abd Holder starts walking. The Windies captain does not review and will be dissapointed in not putting that away. They have lost half their side now.21.12 IST: India defeat Pakistan in the ICC Women’s World Cup by 74 runs. Ekta Bisht finished the match with 18/5 from her 10  21.08 IST: Pandya to Holder FOUR! Short and on leg stump, Holder pulls it fine past the keeper. The ball races to the fine leg fence. A much needed boundary for West Indies. West Indies 147/4 in 37 overs21.03 IST: Mohammed Shami returns to have a  bowl.21.02 IST: Pandya to  Shai OUT!Pandya gets both the Hope brothers for the second time in two matches. Length ball outside off, Hope tries to guide it down to third man but gets an outside edge. Dhoni dives to his right and takes a good catch. Hardik gets his second. It is a big blow for West Indies, just as they would have wanted to accelerate they lose another. West Indies 136/4 in 35 overs Wicket! S Hope, who looked in good touch edged it to Dhoni and departs for 25(39) as H Pandya gets his 2nd wicket of the day #WIvIND- CricketWestIndies (@westindies) July 2, 201720.52 IST: Kuldeep to Mohammed FOUR! Short and outside off, Mohammed slaps it through the off side for a boundary. West Indies 131/3 in 34 overs20.45 IST: Kuldeep to Chase OUT! Almost a replica of the way he got dismissed in the last game. Kuldeep bowls a googly on leg stump, Chase tries to play it through mid-wicket but is beaten and the ball flicks the bails of the stump. Lovely bowling from the youngster. The drift there foxed Chase. Kuldeep gets his second and West Indies are in deep trouble.Wicket maiden by K Yadav. End of over 32, Windies – 121/3 (S Hope 19*, J Mohammed 0*) #WIvIND- CricketWestIndies (@westindies) July 2, 201720.40 IST: West Indies need to step on the gas if they want to post a big total, which looks increasingly unlikely. West Indies 121/2 in 31 overs 20.35 IST:  Roston Chase and Shai Hope on rebuilding mission. West Indies 117/2 in 30 overs Shai Hope 18* Roston Chase 22*End of over 30, Windies – 117/2 (S Hope 18*, R Chase 22*) #WIvIND- CricketWestIndies (@westindies) July 2, 201720.33 IST: Jadeja finishes his 10 overs giving away just 48 runs. West Indies 115/2 in 29 overs.20.29 IST: Kuldeep to Chase FOUR! Flighted ball on middle, Chase goes down on one knee and sweeps it through mid-wicket for a boundary.20.25 IST: West Indies finally reach the 100, have taken26.2 overs to do so.20.22 IST: Indian bowlers keep a tab on the scoreboard. West Indies 97/2 after 25 overs Shai Hope 10* Roston Chase 10*20.21 IST: Jadeja to Shai Four! Tosses it up on off, Chase drives it to long on where Dinesh Kartik makes a meal of it and lets it through his legs for a boundary. Jadeja is not happy with that effort.20.18 IST: Kuldeep gives away just 4 runs in his second over. West Indies 89/2 in 24 overs20.15 IST: Jadeja to Chase FOUR! Full on the pads, Hope lofts it over mid-wicket for a boundary. West Indies 85/2 in 23 oversEnd of over 23, Windies – 85/2 (S Hope 8*, R Chase 0*). Follow live scores in new look match-center https://t.co/by1NEGw4Ds #WIvIND- CricketWestIndies (@westindies) July 2, 201720.13 IST: Kuldeep to Lewsi OUT! uldeep Yadav gets his man in his first over. He has troubled the West Indian batsmen through out. He gives it air, Lewis comes down the track and tries to go straight but gets it off the inner half and the ball lobs to Virat Kohli at mid-wicket who takes a good catching diving forward. Lewis has to depart after getting a start. West Indies 80/2 in 22 overs20.05 IST: Jadeja to Lewsi SIX! That is going, going and gone. Tosses it up on middle, Lewis hits it straight back over the bowlers head for a maximum. He is getting a move on here. West Indies 78/1 in 21 overs20.04 IST: Well not all Hope lost for Wes Indies as Shai walks in after Kyle loss. West Indies 69/1 after 20 overs Shai Hope 2* Evin Lewis 25*20.03 IST: Pandya to Lewis FOUR! Full ball on off, Lewis lofts it straight back past the bowler for a boundary.19.52 IST: Pandya to Kyle OUT! One shot too many. That was needless from Hope. After getting a boundary the previous ball he comes down the track. Hardik bowls it outside off. Kyle tries to go over the off side but slices it in the air towards sweeper who takes an easy catch. The pressure was building on Hope and he has thrown it away. West Indies 60/1 in 18 overs19.51 IST: Pandya to Kyle. FOUR! A tad fuller outside off, Hope moves his front leg out of the way and heaves it through mid on for a boundary.19.46 IST: West Indies finally bring up their 50 at the end of 16 overs. West Indies 51 in 16 overs, Kyle 30* Lewis 17* 19.41 IST: Jadeja to Kyle FOUR! Tosses it up on leg stump, Kyle comes down the track and hits it over mid-wicket for a boundary. Good batting from Hope. West Indies 48/0 in 15 overs4th ODI. 14.2: R Jadeja to K.A. Hope (27), 4 runs, 47/0 https://t.co/tRwdburkSP #WIvIND #TeamIndia- BCCI (@BCCI) July 2, 201719.39 IST: Pandya gives away just one run as West Indies look sluggish after 14 overs. Is this the calm before a storm? the Windies would be hoping so. 19.35 IST: Jadeja to Kyle. SIX!  Shortish length on middle, Lewis pulls it over the square leg region for a maximum. He picked the length early there. First biggie for West Indies. West Indies 42/0 in 13 oversBoth the openers looking comfortable now. End of over 13, Windies – 42/0 (E Lewis 16*, K Hope 22*) #WIvIND- CricketWestIndies (@westindies) July 2, 201719.33 IST: Indian bowlers keep tightening the screw. West Indies 36/0 in 12 overs 19.27 IST: West Indes are 31/0 after the end of 10 overs, as Jadeja comes on for a bowl.19.22 IST: Shami gives away just one run. West Indies 28/0 in 9 overs 19.16 IST: Umesh to Lewis. Shortish length on middle, Lewis pulls it over the square leg boundary for a maximum. He picked the length early there. First biggie for West Indies. SIX! West Indies 27/0 in 8 overs 19.13 IST: Mohammed Shami bowls another maiden over. West Indies 18/0 in 7 overs19.09 IST: Umesh Yadav continues the good work, gives away just two runs. West Indies 18/0 in 6 overs 19.03 IST: Shami to Kyle FOUR! Length ball on off, Hope punches it to Kohli at mid on and sets off for a run. The Indian skipper has a shy at the non-striker’s end but misses. There is no backing up and the ball goes to the boundary. Five runs for West Indies. Sloppy from India. West Indies 16/0 in 5 overs19.01 IST: Umesh Yadav is not be left behind, bowls another maiden. West Indies 7/0 in 4 overs  18.57 IST:  Mohammed Shami bowls a maiden. West Indies 7/0 in 3 overs  18.49 IST: Umesh Yadav shares the new ball, gives away just 2 runs. West Indies 7/0 in 2 overs  18.45 IST: Shami to Lewis FOUR! Short and wide outside off, Lewis cuts it through point for a boundary. First runs for Windies and it comes in the form of a boundary. West Indies 5/0 in 1 over18.39 IST: Thankfully, it was a passing shower. The covers are being peeled off now. We can expect a start to the game pretty soon. Evin Lewis and Kyle Hope will open the batting for West Indies. Mohammed Shami will start the proceedings with the ball. He is playing an ODI after the 2015 World Cup. Let’s see how he fares today. Two slips in place.18.22 IST: Heavy rain in Antigua as the covers have been brought on.18.11 IST: The silverware at stake.Here are the two captains posing with the silverware #WIvIND pic.twitter.com/zfSyn9nyfB- BCCI (@BCCI) July 2, 201718.07 IST: Changes aplenty for India.India : Ajinkya Rahane, Shikhar Dhawan, Virat Kohli(c), Dinesh Karthik, MS Dhoni(w), Kedar Jadhav, Hardik Pandya, Ravindra Jadeja, Kuldeep Yadav, Umesh Yadav, Mohammed ShamiWest Indies : Evin Lewis, Kyle Hope, Shai Hope(w), Roston Chase, Jason Mohammed, Jason Holder(c), Rovman Powell, Ashley Nurse, Devendra Bishoo, Alzarri Joseph, Kesrick WilliamsIND XI: A Rahane, S Dhawan, V Kohli, D Karthik, MS Dhoni, K Jadhav, H Pandya, R Jadeja, K Yadav, U Yadav, M Shami- BCCI (@BCCI) July 2, 2017WI XI: E Lewis, K.A. Hope, S Hope, R Chase, J Mohammed, J Holder, R Powell, A Nurse, D Bishoo, A Joseph, K Williams- BCCI (@BCCI) July 2, 201718.06 IST: West Indies win toss, elect to bat.The Indian women’s cricket team are taking on Pakistan.India will aim to grab an unassailable 3-0 lead when they take on West Indies in the fourth match of the ongoing five-match ODI series at the Sir Vivian Richards Stadium at Antigua today.Morning folks! Before you gear up for today’s 4th ODI, relive some of the wonderful hits from our Windies batsmen in the last ODI #WIvIND pic.twitter.com/UE7YmZOorI- CricketWestIndies (@westindies) July 2, 2017Although the opening game of the series was washed out, the Indians have comprehensively dominated the subsequent two One-Day Internationals (ODI) to take a 2-0 lead.The visitors won the second ODI in Port of Spain by a huge 105-run margin before scripting a 93-run victory at this venue on Friday.The difference in quality between third ranked India and the hosts who are at a lowly ninth in the International Cricket Council’s (ICC) ODI ladder was quite clear.The Indians have not really performed at their optimal level so far. Their batting has not managed to generate good starts and the middle-overs have not been too great either.However, the experiment to promote Kedar Jadhav up the order paid off in the second ODI as he smashed 40 runs off 26 balls to help India to a respectable total of 251/4 in their allotted 50 overs.The 32-year-old gave excellent support to the veteran Mahendra Singh Dhoni who showed glimpses of his vintage hard hitting self to give the Indian innings a much needed momentum towards the end.Opener Ajinkya Rahane has also been in excellent form, notching up a century in the second match before coming up with a patient half-century to help the visitors recover from a poor start on Friday.However, the level of application from the other batsmen has been poor at times.The Indian bowlers have performed satisfactorily, specially fast bowler Bhuvneshwar Kumar and left-arm wrist spinner Kuldeep Yadav.The West Indies on the other hand, have struggled quite a bit. Despite playing in their home conditions, the hosts have not been up to the mark in both batting and bowling.The lack of experience in the young squad led by pacer Jason Holder is one of the factors responsible for the poor performance by the hosts.However, they have nothing to lose and good performances in the remaining couple of matches in this series will give them some much needed confidence as they seek to qualify for the 2019 ODI World Cup.last_img read more

Arsenal turn down Manchester City bid for Alexis Sanchez

first_imgArsenal have turned down a notional offer of 50 million pounds ($64.6 million) for Chilean forward Alexis Sanchez from Premier League rivals Manchester City, the London club said on Tuesday.English newspapers had linked Sanchez with a move to Pep Guardiola’s side in exchange for England forward Raheem Sterling.”No formal bid but fair to say that figure was turned down. No player involved,” an Arsenal spokesperson said.There could be an exodus of players from the Emirates before Thursday’s transfer deadline with British media reporting that an agreement for Chelsea to sign Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain was close.But Arsenal said a deal for the 24-year-old England midfielder was not agreed.”Nothing has moved on with him yet,” the spokesperson said.last_img

Post-Ronaldo Real Madrid Facing Tough Reality Check (Pics)

first_imgMADRID (AP) — Trying to hold back tears, Dani Carvajal used a dirty word to describe Real Madrid’s dreadful season.He offered no excuses.The right back spoke his mind in a post-game interview after another humiliating home loss, a 4-1 rout against Ajax that ended the team’s reign as Champions League champions.Real forward Karim Benzema waits as Ajax’s David Neres celebrates scoring his side’s 2nd goal, during the Champions League soccer match between Real Madrid and Ajax at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium in Madrid, Spain, Tuesday, March 5, 2019. (AP Photo/Manu Fernandez)The elimination followed consecutive home losses to Barcelona, one in the Copa del Rey and another in the Spanish league, capping one of the worst weeks in the club’s recent history.“It’s all gone in a week,” Carvajal said. “It’s hard to explain. I don’t think I’ve ever felt this bad before.”Reality finally caught up with Real Madrid in the post-Cristiano Ronaldo era. The club that calls itself the best in the world finally paid the price for losing one of the greatest players of all time.Madrid decided to play it cool when Ronaldo left for Juventus last year, not making any high-profile signings to make up for his absence. Club president Florentino Perez kept faith in the forwards already in place — Karim Benzema, Gareth Bale, Marco Asensio and Lucas Vazquez — and hoped that youngsters such as Vinicius Junior, Mariano Diaz and Brahim Diaz could provide some of the spark the team lost when Ronaldo left.At times it looked like Madrid could pull it off. The team went through good spells during the season, but in the end no one could come close to replacing Ronaldo when the team needed it the most.Real forward Karim Benzema holds the ball after being scored by Ajax, during the Champions League soccer match between Real Madrid and Ajax at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium in Madrid, Spain, Tuesday, March 5, 2019. (AP Photo/Manu Fernandez)In the three consecutive losses that brought Madrid’s trophy chances to an end, the team created lots of scoring opportunities but couldn’t put them away, missing chance after chance no matter who played in attack. Madrid got outscored 8-1 in the matches against Barcelona and Ajax. The team’s lone goal was scored by Asensio on Tuesday, with Madrid already down 3-0.Ronaldo led Real Madrid to three straight Champions League titles, and four in five seasons before leaving to join Juventus.With him on the team, Madrid hadn’t lost a Champions League knockout series since the 2015 semifinals against Juventus. It had reached at least the semifinals in eight straight seasons and hadn’t failed to make it past the last 16 since 2010, a year after the Portugal forward joined from Manchester United.Real midfielder Marco Asensio reacts during the Champions League soccer match between Real Madrid and Ajax at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium in Madrid, Spain, Tuesday, March 5, 2019. (AP Photo/Manu Fernandez)The day before the loss to Ajax, Madrid midfielder Luka Modric was the first to warn that the team was missing the killer instinct that a player like Ronaldo used to provide. He said the club’s attempt to share the responsibility for what used to be Ronaldo’s role didn’t work because the players who stayed in the squad were not able to step up in attack.Fans at the Santiago Bernabeu Stadium on Tuesday loudly called for Perez to resign as club president, blaming him for the team’s dismal season, which started with the controversial hiring of former Spain coach Julen Lopetegui and his firing a few months later with the team struggling.Real goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois reacts after the third goal of Ajax during the Champions League round of 16 second leg soccer match between Real Madrid and Ajax at the Santiago Bernabeu stadium in Madrid, Tuesday, March 5, 2019. (AP Photo/Bernat Armangue)Perez is already under pressure to make the needed moves to put the team back on track next season. Fans want another “Galactico” signing to help replace Ronaldo, and only top names like Neymar or Kylian Mbappe would fully satisfy the demanding Madrid crowd. Eden Hazard and Mauro Icardi are more likely to arrive, though, and they would already mean a much bigger boost to the team than it got in the last two transfer windows.Perez also has a decision to make in the coaching position, with Santiago Solari looking increasingly like he is on the way out. Jose Mourinho has been rumored as the top candidate for the Madrid job ever since he was fired by Manchester United last year, although a coaching change by Perez is not expected until the end of the season.“All we can do is come back tomorrow and keep working hard. We have to keep playing,” Solari said. “We have to stay calm during this difficult moment and face it with character. Madrid is bigger than all of us. It will always come back, and it will come back stronger than ever.”By: Tales Azzoni, AP Sports WriterTweetPinShare0 Shareslast_img read more

Nuno Espírito Santo: ‘We cannot build a gameplan based on a draw … always to win’

first_img Pinterest Share on Facebook Read more Anyway, he was young once and he has made mistakes. How about the time, for instance, when he bought a plot of land overlooking Santuário da Penha, a famous church in Guimarães? The Portuguese calls it an extravagance but he was going to build his dream home at the top of the highest hill in the city. All Nuno needed was permission from the council before pressing ahead with his plan. He looks back now and admits he probably should have asked the question before finalising the purchase.“When I did, they said ‘no’,” he says. “Afterwards I went again and asked: ‘Can I build?’ And they said: ‘No, the area is protected.’ It comes up for application every 15 years when they allow some development. But they told me: ‘This area here? Forget about it. You cannot build there.’ I should have checked it out.“But it was in 2002 and I was 27. It was perfect. We sometimes go and just sit there. The views are fantastic. But building? No, they don’t allow it. Because it’s over 200 metres they won’t allow it.”Nuno is sitting with a group of reporters at Wolves’ training ground and he asks whether anyone fancies buying the land. He has his audience in the palm of his hand, mainly because sharing that anecdote has revealed a self-deprecating streak. It is believable when the former goalkeeper says he is strict but not overbearing.He is professional and composed but he does not take himself too seriously. He is not the type to have informers tracking his players in Wolverhampton. “They have Instagram,” Nuno says. “They are so proud of showing themselves and the bullshit they are doing that you don’t have to chase them.” What sells more, criticism or compliments? What do people like more? They enjoy blood.Nuno Espírito Santo It is another witty line. Nuno has found happiness since arriving at Wolves in the summer of 2017 and helping them to steamroller the Championship last season. The former Porto, Rio Ave and Valencia manager insists he has no plans to leave Molineux – with the backing of the club’s Chinese owners, there is a belief that Wolves can challenge the Premier League elite – and he talks about his determination to build an identity that runs through the entire club.Nuno, part of José Mourinho’s trophy-winning squad at Porto from 2002 to 2004, has an eye for group dynamics. He has created a culture where everyone greets each other in the morning. Perhaps it comes from his upbringing on the island of Príncipe. “I grew up with no shoes because my house was there and the beach was there,” he says. “There were no cars and we played. It was paradise.”Wolves have set a Premier League record by playing the same starting XI in their first eight games, which is why Nuno paid tribute to the club’s medical staff after being named September’s manager of the month. “I hope I win it again,” he says. “That time it will be for the guys from the kitchen. Everybody is important. If you don’t have a kit-man then you are ruined. Share on WhatsApp The Fiver: sign up and get our daily football email. Nuno Espírito Santo has an embarrassing story to get off his chest. The Wolverhampton Wanderers manager has been explaining why he tends to look the other way if one of his young players arrives at training in a flashy car or spends £500 on a pair of trainers. Instead of throwing his weight around, he prefers to act on instinct and take his cue from performances on the pitch. “It is not [my] money,” Nuno says. “What gives you the authority to decide?” Wolves’ Rúben Neves and Diogo Jota: ‘Porto has wine, food but here it’s fine’ Share on LinkedIn Reuse this content Share on Messenger “I give an example. Wolverhampton, January, a training session at 10am. It’s minus-five degrees. A player comes in a bad humour and it’s because the kit-man hasn’t given him his hat and gloves. We have a problem. You have to have a good support staff. If a player has had a bad night, the first person he will share his mood with is the physio. If you have someone in that role who is supportive, that’s the first message.”What about the player who moans because of the weather? “It doesn’t happen,” Nuno says. “Because I have already talked to the kit-man. I say: ‘Whatever they want, if it makes sense give it to them.’ Instead of trying to solve things by punishments, we change the environment so the player gets educated. Another example. One player comes to training late, so you wait for him. Instead of fining him £1000, we say: ‘What happened in your life that made us have to wait for you to start working?’”When the interview finishes, Nuno pulls out a couple of empty notepads and says he was hoping to sketch out a few tactical formations. For 75 minutes, though, the conversation has focused on his leadership qualities. Nuno loves talking about football but it is difficult not to feel that his views on life inform his attacking approach. interviews It has been suggested that Rafael Benítez’s Newcastle United side have been very defensive against the big sides. “No comment at all,” Nuno says. “I am speaking about myself. We cannot build a gameplan built on a draw. Everything can change so fast. You have to prepare to win. How? Every last ball we can win. That’s the gameplan. Always to win.“The way you analyse? How they build? What they like? They want to play on the outside, so let’s make them play on the inside. You take routines away from the other team. Your gameplan is to recover the ball here because you want to go there. We don’t do gameplans to draw.“And, with all my respect, managers don’t do it. You can think that he is playing to draw. But in his mind, he has a plan to win the game. Don’t be unfair with managers. Sometimes people look and say he parked the bus. Sometimes it is not so clear. He has a gameplan. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn’t work out and the other team changes. You as reporters, you are very quickly trying to create these things. It’s not fair.”Nuno suggests that former footballers are more qualified to comment on tactics. But he also knows that some people are after attention. “Sometimes a polemic tweeter is more important than a normal view,” he says.“You know how things move. What sells more, criticism or compliments? What do people like more? They enjoy blood. You? If you have to write ‘oh, they were very good’ or do you want to tear into them? You know what I mean.”Does he enjoy blood? “No,” Nuno says. “I live in peace.” Topics Wolverhampton Wanderers With Wolves seventh in the table, Nuno Espírito Santo is a very popular figure with the club’s fans. Photograph: John Patrick Fletcher/Action Plus via Getty Images Facebook Twitter Wolverhampton Wanderers v Watford: match preview Read more Share on Pinterest Share on Twitter Some teams try to sit back after promotion to the Premier League. Yet Wolves have sparkled in their 3-4-3 system and occupy seventh place. They held Manchester United at Old Trafford last month and earned plaudits for refusing to be cowed when they drew 1-1 with Manchester City in August.Most managers simply hope for the best against Pep Guardiola’s champions. Not Nuno, though. “We never play like that,” he says. “We will never play like that. It doesn’t make sense. How can you build a gameplan based on just drawing? You have a corner, you get one goal, you are losing, you lose your gameplan.“The players look and say ‘now what?’“What you have to become is really strong in what you do. That’s the point of building a team. You don’t know any other way – it would be absurd to do it any other way.” Share via Emaillast_img read more

Weekly Traffic Advisories

first_img Local Area Office: 902-485-5254 Fax: 902-485-7047 Local Area Office: 902-835-2702 Fax: 902-835-1860 PICTOU COUNTY: Carmichael Road Toney River Bridge on Carmichael Road in Pictou County is closeduntil further notice. Traffic control consists of signage. Adetour is available on Popular Hill Road and Meadowville StationRoad. CONTINUING WORK HALIFAX REGIONAL MUNICIPALITY: Highway 103 Blasting will take place on Highway 103, at exits 3 and 4,between 9 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. until September 2004. Both eastboundand westbound motorists may experience short delays. Trafficcontrol consists of traffic control persons. Work takes placefrom 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. KINGS COUNTY: Simpson Bridge Simpson Bridge on Gaspereau River Road is closed for majorrepairs. Detour signage is available. Local Area Office: 902-679-6122 Fax: 902-679-6187 HANTS COUNTY: Elmsdale Bridge Elmsdale Bridge on Trunk 2 between Elmsdale and Lantz is closeduntil September 2004. A detour is available around the bridge.Traffic control consists of a detour sign. Local Area Office: 902-883-9789 Fax: 902-883-8732 -30-last_img read more

Survey Will Explore Caregiving Relationships

first_imgA new study in Nova Scotia will explore how much and what kind ofcaregiving takes place in the province and how it affectscaregivers’ health and well-being. The survey is part of the Healthy Balance Research Program, apartnership of the Nova Scotia Advisory Council on the Status ofWomen and the Atlantic Centre of Excellence for Women’s Health.The program is funded by the Canadian Institutes for HealthResearch. Researchers Janice Keefe and Pamela Fancey of Mount Saint VincentUniversity developed and are managing the survey. “We know that there are many Nova Scotians, particularly women,who are looking after aging parents, children or other familymembers with disabilities,” said Dr. Keefe. “But nobody knows howmany provide this caregiving, but nor do we know the impact ontheir mental, physical and emotional well-being.” Researchers hope to find out what proportion of Nova Scotiansprovide care and if people have left jobs to provide that care.They also want to know how caregiving affects caregivers’ health,and their work and family balance. Caregiving activities include such things as providing personalcare to a family member or friend, accompanying them toappointments, helping them shop for groceries or other items,helping them with banking, or checking on them at night. However,caregiving is about relationships, not just tasks. Care receivers for the purpose of the study are people who have along-term condition, mental illness or a temporary difficult timebecause of illness, frailness or disability. The research team will telephone several thousand Nova Scotiansto ask a few questions to determine whether they are giving orreceiving care. Respondents who give or receive care will beasked to continue with the full survey to explore the caregivingrelationship in more detail. The researchers will ensure that the survey reflects the lives ofrural and urban Nova Scotians, of women and men, and ofcaregivers and care receivers. “We are lucky to have researchers from the Mount whose expertiseis recognized nationally and internationally,” said Status ofWomen Minister Carolyn Bolivar-Getson. “This research will helpus understand the impact of caregiving.” The next step will be to analyze how policy for caregivers canimprove. A recent study commissioned by the program shows thatwomen, who are more likely to provide care, are less likely toqualify for Employment Insurance, the program through whichbenefits such as compassionate care leave are now administered.Women are less likely than men to benefit from non-refundable taxcredits because their incomes are too low. Pension benefits arealso lower for women. The findings will be of interest to policy makers in the areas ofhealth and social services, to health service providers,community planners and people involved in the voluntary sector. This survey is one of four research streams under the five-yearHealthy Balance Research Program. The program examines therelationship between women’s health and well-being and their paidand unpaid work.last_img read more

Sebi slaps Rs 94 lakh fine on 17 entities for fraudulent trade

first_imgNew Delhi: Capital markets regulator Sebi slapped Rs 94.5 lakh penalty on 17 entities for indulging in fraudulent trade practices in illiquid stock options segment on the BSE. The regulator, during the course of investigation between April 2015 and September 2015, found that 81.38 per cent of all the trades executed in the stock options segment involved reversal of buy and sell positions by the clients and counter-parties in a contract on the same day. Also Read – Thermal coal import may surpass 200 MT this fiscal These entities were among those “whose reversal trades involved squaring off transactions with significant difference in sell value and buy value of the transactions,” Sebi said in similarly worded separate orders on Friday. It further said trades of the entities are non-genuine as they are not executed in normal course of trading, lack basic trading rationale, lead to misleading appearance of trading in terms of generation of artificial volumes, and are hence deceptive & manipulative. Also Read – Food grain output seen at 140.57 mt in current fiscal on monsoon boost By indulging in such trades, the entities have violated provisions of the Prohibition of Fraudulent and Unfair Trade Practices (PFUTP) norms, Sebi said. Accordingly, a fine of Rs 9 lakh on Makers Casting, and Rs 8 lakh on Ashok Investors Trust has been levied by Sebi. Others have been fined in the range of Rs 5 lakh to Rs 6 lakh. The orders are in accordance with the Securities and Exchange Board of India’s announcement in April 2018 on taking action in a phased manner against 14,720 entities for fraudulent trade in the illiquid stock options segment. In a separate order, the regulator imposed a penalty of Rs 18 lakh on promoters of Man Industries for not making requisite disclosure to the company and exchanges after change in their shareholding in the firm. “Substantial Acquisition of Shares and Takeovers (SAST) Regulations requires every promoter of a target company to disclose details of any invocation or release of encumbrance of shares. Such disclosure of creation, release and invocation of disclosures required under…has to be made within 7 working days from creation, invocation and release of such encumbrance,” Sebi said. However, the entities failed to do so and consequently a fine of Rs 6 lakh on JPA Holdings and Rs 12 lakh on Jagdishchandra Mansukhani has been imposed by the regulator.last_img read more

UN and partners seek emergency funds to aid civilians fleeing Central African

Nearly 200,000 Central Africans, third country nationals and returnees who escaped violence in CAR over the past four months are now struggling to restart their lives in the impoverished countries of Cameroon, Chad, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and the Republic of Congo, according to a news release.The $274 million sought for the CAR Regional Response Plan is needed to cover pressing needs for shelter, food, water and sanitation, health, education and basic needs for those uprooted in the region – estimated to reach 362,200 by the end of this year – as well as for registration and building reception facilities and camps.“All the agencies working in the region are dramatically underfunded,” the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, António Guterres, said in his presentation of the Response Plan to delegates meeting in Geneva. He said the refugee agency (UNHCR) is already spending three times the money that has been received or pledged for this emergency and still far less than the staggering needs of the people. “This cannot be sustained,” Mr. Guterres stressed.In addition to those who have sought refuge in neighbouring countries, more than 600,000 are also internally displaced in CAR and 2.2 million, about half the country’s population, are in need of humanitarian aid as a result of the conflict which began in December 2012 with attacks by mainly Muslim Séléka rebels. Séléka fighters clashed with Christian youth organized under the anti-Balaka movement, which is now targeting Muslim communities in the capital, Bangui, and in the west of the country.Communal violence has had a devastating effect on civilians of both communities, with over 600,000 people still displaced inside CAR. The mainly women and children fleeing atrocities in CAR are arriving in neighbouring countries deeply traumatized, many wounded by machete or gunshot, malnourished and exhausted from weeks of walking and hiding, UNHCR reported. read more

Yemeni peace talks enter new phase as UN envoy announces monthlong pause

“We depart Kuwait today but the Yemen peace talks continue. The structure and mechanism will change during the coming weeks so that we give the parties space to consult with their leaderships,” UN Special Envoy Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed said of the talks, which have been hosted by Kuwait for the past three months, between a Yemeni Government delegation and a delegation of the General People’s Congress and Ansar Allah.“We will work with each party separately to crystalize the precise technical details. I once again repeat that a lasting solution is one which is worked upon with care, study and consideration. Every rushed solution comes truncated and incomplete,” he added.As for the current round of talks, he said that the biggest dilemma was the deficit in trust between the parties and in that regard, the focus had been on the necessity of offering concessions and advancing a step towards the other side so that the other side can advance a step in return.“We must continue to urge the parties to initiate a series of confidence-building measures and it is their duty to continue the releases of detainees and refrain from adopting unilateral measures<' he said.Noting the difficult situation in the country, Mr. Ould Cheikh Ahmed raised the alarm regarding the faltering economy, and called on the two sides to unify their efforts to ease the increasing burden of suffering on the Yemeni people. He stressed that the solution for the economic crisis depends on the political solution: “The economic situation has seen a serious decline and the economic indicators are disconcerting if not dangerous. I am sounding a warning for those involved in the internal affairs of Yemen. The alarm is being sounded strongly for the economy and this is a direct result of the war. There will be no economic solution except through a lasting political solution,” he explained.The Special Envoy also expressed his deepest gratitude to Kuwait for hosting and its gracious hospitality. He also lauded the role of the international community in support of the path to peace and praised the cooperation of the delegation of the Government of Yemen and the delegation of Ansar Allah and the General People's Congress. In his closing statement, he cited to the most significant compromises arising from the meetings of the previous weeks, touching on the following points:Renewal of their commitment to the terms and conditions of the Cessation of Hostilities, and to urgently activate the mechanisms for its implementation;Activation of the De-escalation and Coordination Committee in Dhahran al-Janoub and Local Security Committees in order to strengthen respect for the Cessation of Hostilities;Facilitation of the adoption of urgent measures to ensure unhindered access for humanitarian aid and basic goods and to address the economic situation;Facilitation of the urgent release of all political prisoners, and all individuals under house arrest or arbitrarily detained including those mentioned in UN Security Council Resolution 2216 (2015);Abstention from any acts, escalation or decisions likely to undermine the prospects of finalizing these negotiations and reaching an agreement;Conducting a series of consultations between the delegations and their respective leaderships in the coming phase on the ideas, which were discussed during the talks and study them in detail;Continuation of consultations and resumption of direct talks within one month from the submission of this statement at a place to be agreed upon; Reaffirming the continued positive spirit in engaging with any and all matters, which may facilitate reaching a complete, comprehensive and permanent solution to the conflict in Yemen; and To that end, addition to the delegations, to the next round of talks, military experts in order to provide technical support and advice in their area of expertise. Finally, the Special Envoy noted preparations for another round of direct talks at a time and place to be announced. Following nearly 16 months of conflict in Yemen, the cessation of hostilities was declared on 10 April and has since continued to provide relief from violence in many parts of the country. But serious violations have occurred in Marib, al Jawf, Taiz and in the border areas with Saudi Arabia. read more

New compact to improve refugee response a chance to chart a different

“Our mission is more urgent than ever ,” said Filippo Grandi, the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, opening the High Commissioner’s 10th Dialogue on Protection Challenges, which focused on the proposed Global Compact for Refugees.“The exodus from Myanmar into Bangladesh is the most visible, but innocent civilians still flee for their lives in CAR [Central African Republic], the DRC [Democratic Republic of the Congo], Iraq, South Sudan, Syria and elsewhere,” he continued.The meeting, which takes place from 12-13 December, is taking stock of the results of the 2016 New York Declaration – a global deal that committed the UN’s 193 Member States to share responsibility for the world’s refugees and hosting communities, including by drawing up a Comprehensive Refugee Response Framework (CRRF).The High Commissioner noted that throughout the world people are still fleeing their homes – victims of a collective failure by the international community to prevent and resolve conflicts.The global compact should be the instrument to transform […] commitment into action, so that refugees have a fighting chance to rebuild productive and meaningful lives – High Commissioner Filippo Grandi“The global attention on refugees may wax and wane amidst the vagaries of international politics, but the New York Declaration remains as a high-level political commitment to change the way we respond to refugee crises,” he said.“The global compact should be the instrument to transform that commitment into action, so that refugees have a fighting chance to rebuild productive and meaningful lives, and contribute to the communities that host them and to their own futures,” stressed Mr. Grandi.He called for the compact to change how the international community engages with refugee issues, maintaining that “refugees pay the price” of failure, “as do the handful of countries who bear the brunt of hosting refugees without reliable support from others with greater means,” citing closed borders, restricted access and the politicization of refugee movements.“At a time when multilateralism is faltering in other spheres, the global compact on refugees is our chance to chart a different course through practical engagement and cooperation based on humanitarian values,” he underscored.Global compact will build on existing framework for refugee protectionMr. Grandi described the New York Declaration as a milestone, giving refugee situations high political visibility and commitment and an important reaffirmation of fundamental humanitarian values.He praised the 13 countries that have already started the CRRF rollout, and those who have participated in reviewing key lessons learned, along with experiences from other large-scale refugee situations and welcomed the results of recent pledging conferences.Some 500 representatives – including from governments, international organisations, local authorities and civil society – from around the world are expected to attend the talks.The global compact will build on existing international framework for refugee protection, including the 1951 Refugee Convention, and aims to share more equitably the responsibility for hosting the world’s refugees and helping them to rebuild their lives.It will set out concrete steps for governments and others to ensure that refugee-hosting communities get the support they need and that solutions to their plight are sought from the start of a refugee situation.In February, UNHCR will begin with governments and other stakeholders, formal consultations on the compact, which the High Commissioner will propose to the UN General Assembly towards the end of 2018. read more

Open letter to the Mayor of London Ultra Low Emission Zone ULEZ

Dear Mayor,London is Europe’s leading mega city. It has the opportunity to create an effective policy framework to address urban air quality whilst driving continued improvements in carbon emissions, mobility and industrial growth. The introduction of an Ultra Low Emission Zone in London from 2020, if implemented correctly, could set a precedent for other cities, not just in the UK but around the world – many of which face similar air quality challenges. This is why London has to get it right.As an industry, we applaud your vision to make London the capital for low emission vehicle technologies and mobility solutions. The proposed ULEZ will play a key role in driving the market for ultra low and zero emission capable vehicles in London that will deliver on both air quality and industrial ambitions. London has led the introduction and take-up of these new vehicle technologies through discounts to the London Congestion Charge. It also stands out internationally for its introduction of recharging infrastructure, the adoption of hybrid buses and the trialling of new technologies, like hydrogen and biofuels. All of this is delivered through close working with UK vehicle manufacturers and suppliers. As an industry we fully support this and seek a strategic partnership with London to accelerate growth in ultra low emission vehicles.The proposed ULEZ as part of that vision has the support in principle of the vehicle industry. For it to deliver the desired benefits in terms of air quality, carbon reductions and new technology introduction, however, it needs a rethink.SMMT recognises that road transport is a significant contributor to ambient air quality, but it is not the only cause. Any effort to address road transport-derived air quality issues must be part of an integrated approach; all sources of emissions – pollutants and CO2 – must be addressed. Furthermore, congestion must be minimised through effective traffic management to ensure these new vehicle technologies operate at optimum performance within the urban context. This will reduce emissions and deliver fuel efficiency and cost savings for motorists.The proposed Ultra Low Emission Zone can deliver on this integrated approach, if amended to incentivise the very best in new technologies. The ULEZ must be simple, fair and set technology-neutral emissions criteria for petrol and diesel vehicles. Critically, it should require the latest European emission standards (Euro 6/VI) across all vehicle classes regardless of fuel type. This will encourage fleet renewal in the market, incentivise the uptake of the best in clean technology and create economic growth and jobs in London and the UK.Under the current proposal, the ULEZ gives access to 2006-standard Euro 4 for petrol vehicles and the latest Euro 6 for diesel. This is a missed opportunity. Given the introduction date of 2020, this would allow petrol vehicles of up to 14 years of age to enter the zone without penalty. A typical 14 year old Euro 4 petrol car has CO2 emissions some 72% (68g/km) higher than the European new car fleet average of 95g/km CO2 in 2021 and emits at least 29% (36g/km) more CO2 than this year’s Euro 6 petrols. Euro 6 petrol and diesel vehicles are on sale now and mandatory from next year meaning that under SMMT’s proposals, by 2020, qualifying vehicles would be up to six years old and, as such, would be reasonably affordable to Londoners, potentially being on their third owner. Regulators can also be assured that they will be delivering the air quality benefits, as Euro 6 vehicles have engine management systems which constantly monitor and manage emission performance – an advance on earlier models’ technology.As an industry we fully recognise the challenges of climate change and local air pollution. The automotive industry invests billions of pounds in developing new technologies to deliver cleaner, safer and more intelligent vehicles. In the UK alone, the industry invested £1.9bn in R&D in 2013. Much of this investment has gone into developing the next generation of diesel engines to reduce CO2 emissions and improve air quality. With their intelligent engine design and highly efficient exhaust after-treatments, Euro 6 diesel emissions have dropped significantly. Average UK new car CO2 emissions are already down 29%, diesel Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) are down 64%, particulates (PM10) are down 90% and carbon monoxide (CO) levels are down 22% on 2000 levels. Given that all new diesel cars built and sold in the UK will be Euro 6 compliant from next September, NOx emissions will fall a further 56% on current levels to help address London’s air quality issues quickly if we can accelerate their introduction. The ULEZ can help by incentivising this cutting-edge vehicle technology not just for diesel but for petrol vehicles as well. It is also worth noting that changes to vehicle standards will ensure that the improved emission performance required in the test cycle must also be delivered in real world conditions and for ever longer periods of use.The UK’s automotive industry wants to see London leading the way – addressing air quality and climate change, whilst driving innovation, affordable mobility, jobs and growth. Incentivising the latest vehicle technologies and mobility solutions fit for mega cities around the world shows the road ahead. The benefits that new vehicle technologies offer in emissions, climate change and safety must be grasped. This can only be achieved if the proposals for the Ultra Low Emission Zone for London are amended to require the very best in both petrol and diesel vehicles. This will accelerate improvements in air quality for all Londoners, safeguard jobs in the capital and ensure the ULEZ is simple for consumers to understand and endorse.My members and I would appreciate an opportunity to discuss the concerns of the industry with you before a final decision on the ULEZ is made.Yours sincerely,Mike HawesChief ExecutiveThe Society of Motor Manufacturers and TradersClick to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) read more

Villanova beat No 14 Florida State for AdvoCare title

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. — Villanova is making a case to get back into the Top 25.Collin Gillespie had 17 points, including two key late free throws, and the Wildcats won the AdvoCare Invitational by beating No. 14 Florida State 66-60 non Saturday.“He loves the competition,” Villanova coach Jay Wright said. “I’m just glad he’s on our side.”Gillespie made it 64-60 by connecting on a pair of free throws with 11.2 seconds to play in what was a tight second half.Eric Paschall had 15 points and Phil Booth chipped in 12 for the defending national champions (5-2). Dhamir Cosby-Roundtree had 11 points and eight rebounds.Villanova went from No. 8 to out of the Top 25 — the first time since December 2013 — in last Monday’s poll after losing to Michigan 73-46 in a rematch of last season’s championship game and losing 76-68 in overtime to Furman.Florida State (5-1) got 11 points from both Mfiondu Kabengele and Trent Forrest.“They did a much better job of playing to their strengths than we did ours,” Florida State coach Leonard Hamilton said. “I thought our guys gave good effort. I think that we’re a team that has a chance to develop into a pretty good basketball team.”The Seminoles’ next game is Wednesday night against No. 24 Purdue.“You only find out some of those areas that you need to work on when you play against great teams, high-calibre teams like we faced today,” Hamilton said.Villanova’s Mikal Bridges, Jalen Brunson, Donte DiVincenzo and Omari Spellman were all taken in the NBA draft after last year’s championship run.“We’ve grown so much,” Wright said. “This whole season we’ve got to have a growth mindset.”Gillespie had nine points to help Villanova take a 26-25 halftime lead. The Wildcats (eight) and Florida State (nine).___OKLAHOMA STATE 90, NO. 19 LSU 77LSU’s stay in the Top 25 appears over.Cameron McGriff had 28 points. Lindy Waters added 16, and Oklahoma State won the third-place game.Skylar Mays scored 20 points for the Tigers, who were coming off a 79-76 overtime loss to No. 14 Florida State on Friday.“Not a lot to say, we got whipped,” LSU coach Will Wade said. “I didn’t have us prepared. We got beat in every facet. It was a rough, rough afternoon for us.”Oklahoma State (4-2) beat Memphis 84-64 and lost to defending national champion Villanova 77-58 earlier in the invitational.“Today wasn’t just about winning third place, that was on the line, but this is a game that I think will have a long lasting effect on our resume for post-season hopes,” Oklahoma State coach Mike Boynton said. “It’s something that we can certainly build on and look to as that something that we can be proud of.”McGriff hit a 3 and Waters made three free throws during a second-half opening 15-2 run that put Oklahoma State ahead 57-39 with 13 minutes to play.LSU missed 12 of its 13 shots during the Cowboys’ surge.“I’m ready to get back to work,” Mays said. “Obviously, the way we performed this week it’s not up to par.”McGriff had 13 points as Oklahoma State grabbed a 42-37 halftime advantage. The Cowboys lead by 13 points 5 1/2 minutes into the game.___CHARLESTON 78, MEMPHIS 75Orlando-area native Grant Riller scored 32 points and added a career-high nine assists, Jarrell Brantley had 19 points, and Charleston won the fifth-place game.Former Orlando Magic star and first-year Memphis coach Penny Hardway saw his team drop two of three at the invitational.“I’m growing as a coach,” Hardaway said. “I want to compete. I don’t want to be a laughingstock and then talk about moral victories. We’re trying to build a culture, and the guys here, we’re all going to have to step up and push toward that culture.”Riller had 33 points, the second-highest total ever at the invitational, in Friday’s 74-51 win over UAB.Tyler Harris had 25 points for Memphis (3-3).Brantley made two free throws as Charleston (5-2) went ahead 76-75 with 31.3 seconds remaining.Riller helped secure the win with a pair of free throws with 15 seconds to play. Jeremiah Martin’s lay up put Memphis up 75-74 with 1:02 left. He finished with 11 points to became the 52nd player in school history to reach 1,000 points.Harris had 16 points as Memphis took a 42-40 lead at the half.Riller and Brevin Galloway scored 15 apiece during the opening 20 minutes.___UAB 68, CANISIUS 58Zack Bryant had 26 points, seven steals and four assists as UAB rallied from an early 15-point deficit to beat Canisius 68-58 in the seventh-place game.Jeremiah Bell scored 15 for UAB (4-2), which had previously lost to No. 14 Florida State and Charleston at the invitational.“We showed a lot of heart and fight, and I think our team really grew up today,” UAB coach Robert Ehsan said. “As a young team facing adversity, to be down a third straight day and not quit shows a huge resilience.”After Canisius got within two late, Bell hit a three and Bryant had a lay up during a 7-0 run that made it 65-56.Takal Molson had 15 points and Scott Hitchon added 13 for Canisius (1-5).Bryant had 14 first-half points as UAB used a 20-5 run to tie it at 31-31 with just under a minute to go in the first half.Canisius led 35-31 at the break.___More AP college basketball: https://apnews.com/Collegebasketball and https://twitter.com/AP_Top25Mark Didtler, The Associated Press read more

Zambia Mines Minister presses ahead with industrydamaging tax changes

first_imgAccording to Reuters, Zambia will raise royalty taxes on open pit and underground mining from today, despite strong resistance from the mining industry fears of up to 12,000 job losses. The decision to increase royalties for open pit mines to 20% from 6% and those for underground mines to 8% from 6% has angered unions and mining companies alike. There had been hopes that the government would change its plans to a softer approach. But, Reuters reports, “Mines Minister Christopher Yaluma said on Tuesday the government would implement the new royalties system as is when it comes into effect on January 1 because it was in the best interest of the country, Africa’s second-largest copper producer.”“It will be negligent of the government to undo what we did. We applied our minds when coming up with the new rates and can’t just change because of an outcry,” Yaluma told Reuters. He added that mining companies should come up with clear models showing how their businesses would be hit by the royalties for the government to consider any revision.The Zambia Chamber of Mines statement of some weeks ago noted that it had “reviewed the 2015 National Budget and its position is that the new mining tax regime is entirely unsustainable. Our sincere appeal to the Government is that, this industry needs to be nurtured so that it continues to generate revenues required to diverse our economy and continue to progress on the path of increasing mining and manufacturing production to sustain and continue to create jobs. The Zambian Mining Industry will continue to be the engine of the Zambian economy for a long time to come. We strongly advise Government to reverse its decision.”Zambia’s Chamber of Mines said this month the new royalties would result in shaft closures and 12,000 jobs losses, and may make a number of other operations economically unviable.“The long-term impacts are projected to affect:•Mine production•Production costs•Jobs (direct, indirect and induced)•Suppliers of goods and services to the mining industry will have no business•Overall reduced revenue collection by ZRA (Zambia Revenue Authority).Barrick Gold has already suspended operations at its Lumwana copper mine, which supports nearly 4,000 direct jobs in the area. Lumwana produced around 118,000 t of copper in 2013. “The introduction of this royalty has left us with no choice but to initiate the process of suspending operations at Lumwana. Despite the progress we have made to reduce costs and improve efficiency at the mine, the economics of an operation such as Lumwana cannot support a 20% gross royalty, particularly in the current copper price environment,” said Co-President Kelvin Dushnisky.“We sincerely regret the impact this will have on our people, as well as the communities and the businesses that depend on Lumwana, and we remain hopeful that the government will consider an alternative solution that will allow the mine to continue operating,” said Co-President Jim Gowans.In the meantime, Barrick will initiate procedures to transition Lumwana to care and maintenance. Major workforce reductions are planned to commence in March, following the legally required notice period. The transition to care and maintenance is expected to be completed in the second quarter of 2015.The 25,000-strong Mine Workers Union of Zambia is deeply concerned about job losses. Its President Chishimba Nkole told Reuters: “There must be flexibility on the part of the government and they must act very swiftly because we don’t want our members to lose their jobs.”First Quantum, which operates Zambia’s largest copper mine, Kansanshi, and a significant number of other operations has said the plan is a “massive disincentive” for investment if it does not come with some form of capital relief.So far there has been no statement from ZCCM-IH. This is a successor company to Zambia Consolidated Copper Mines Ltd (ZCCM) in which the Government of the Republic of Zambia holds 87.6% of the shares with the remaining 12.4% held by private investors. ZCCM-IH holds a JV shareholding in many of the copper operations.last_img read more

Second International Behavioral Addiction Forum held in Yokohama city

first_img Lack of premium mass strategy begs questions of SJM’s Grand Lisboa Palace launch: analysts Load More Huawei Japan joins Kansai Economic Federation with eye on World Expo 2025 and Osaka IR The Second International Behavioral Addiction Forum was held in Yokohama city on Saturday 12 January, aiming to examine the present and future strategy in Japan using the Singaporean IR industry as a model.Gambling addiction and measures to prevent it remain one of the primary obstacles facing the development of Japan’s IR industry with foreign operators and both the central and local governments keen to tackle this delicate issue. The forum was hosted by the National Hospital Organization Kurihama Medical and Addiction Center (Yokosuka, Kanagawa Prefecture) which plays a central role in the government’s gambling addiction prevention strategy.The Osaka IR Promotion Bureau periodically holds a Gambling Addiction Prevention Seminar to promote addiction prevention and raise awareness of the issue.Experts from the Kurihama Medical and Addiction Center have also been invited to a seminar studying addiction and treatment in Osaka this coming Thursday 17 January. Two similar seminars were held last year and this will be its third iteration, with efforts intended to continue into the future.From 16 January, Osaka Prefectural Library will start introducing academic papers and books specializing in casinos and tourism along with entertaining novels all aimed at providing insights into problem gambling treatment and prevention. Genting’s Resorts World Las Vegas names five key additions to executive team RelatedPostslast_img read more