Canadian and British Parliaments to take on Facebook CEO

first_imgOTTAWA – Bob Zimmer, M.P. for Prince George-Peace River-Northern Rockies and Damian Collins, M.P. in the U.K., have sent a joint letter to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.Zimmer is Chair of the Standing Committee on Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics and Collins is Chair of the UK Digital, Culture,  Media and Sport Committee.The letter to Zuckerberg requests that he appears before an international committee formed by Zimmer and Collins to examine disinformation and ‘fake news’. The hearing on Tuesday, November 27 at the Westminster Parliament, will allow collaborative scrutiny by members of the national committees of both the British and the Canadian Parliaments in their studies into digital policy including disinformation, digital vulnerabilities, and the potential threats to democracies.Other parliaments are also being invited to attend the session.Both committees have separately requested Zuckerberg to appear before their respective committees to discuss the breach of personal information involving Cambridge Analytica and Facebook, as well as subsequent breaches. However, none of these previous requests were successful.In a statement, M.P. Bob Zimmer said, “We have asked Mr. Zuckerberg to appear at our committees several times and expect him to show respect for both of our great nations by appearing at this hearing to answer for his platform’s practices.”Both Zimmer and Collins would like to receive a response from Zuckerberg by November 7.last_img read more

Somalia UNICEF and partners begin mass vaccinations amid serious measles outbreak

“Measles is one of the most deadly vaccine-preventable diseases but sadly it is far from being the only one in Somalia,” said Jeremy Hopkins, UNICEF Somalia’s acting Representative, adding that the agency is very grateful to the donors, but more support is needed to secure a nationwide immunisation coverage and engagement with local communities, as well as fully vaccinate every child. UNICEF reported that there have been over 704 cases of fever and rashes in Kismayo, the majority of them children. Many of the children, suspected to be suffering from measles, aresleeping on the floor of Kismayo General Hospital. Most were not vaccinated against measles although there are 16 free vaccination posts in Kismayo. In addition, the agency has sent three freezers for the cold chain storage for vaccines. The initiative was supported by several donors, including the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID), Finland, Japan, Sweden, Switzerland and the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). Somalia, where measles continue to be the leading cause of death among young children in, has one of the lowest immunization rates in the world. The disease can be prevented with two doses of a safe and effective vaccine, while lack of immunization can lead to pneumonia, diarrhoea, and encephalitis which causes brain swelling and blindness and attacks those with weak immunity resulting from malnutrition, Vitamin A deficiency and unhygienic living conditions. Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, is funding the cold chain and awareness creation activities, as well as the newly introduced vaccine against polio (IPV) and the Pentavalent vaccine which covers childhood TB, diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, hepatitis B and Haemophilus influenza type b (Hib). read more

School funding campaign criticised for claiming 91 per cent of schools face funding

A teaching union-backed campaign has been reprimanded by the statistics watchdog for its claim that 91 per cent of schools face funding cuts.The School Cuts Coalition, which is endorsed by all the major teaching unions, was criticised by the UK Statistics Authority for publishing “misleading” figures on its website.The watchdog examined the campaign’s figures after James Cleverly MP, the Deputy Chair of the Conservative Party, wrote a letter of complaint.The watchdog’s chair Sir David Norgrove yesterday (Thursday 17 January) revealed that he had contacted the website’s analyst to share his own concerns.In response to Mr Cleverly’s letter, Mr Norgrove wrote: “We believe the headline statement that ‘91% of schools face funding cuts’ risks giving a misleading impression of future changes in school budgets.”The method of calculation may also give a misleading impression of the scale of change for some particular schools.”He continued: “We were able to replicate the high-level figures given by the School Cuts website. It was not however possible to reproduce the exact figures published on the website, as the underlying data are not publicly available and the methodology is not wholly clear.”Mr Norgrove said the most significant issue was that the figures on the website were a combination of school budget reductions which have already been made and those expected to take place in the future, and that the 91 per cent figure only covers England but the website suggested it covered Wales too. He also pointed out that the underlying calculations inflate the 2015/16 baseline funding to what it would have been with each school’s 2015/16 per pupil funding, but using 2017/18 pupil numbers – portraying a worse picture for schools where pupil numbers are increasing.School Cuts said it stood by its figures, writing in a statement: “The UK Statistics Authority is concerned that some readers might believe that all of these cuts are yet to happen. We are happy to clarify: the clear facts are that 91% of schools will experience real-terms cuts between 2015 and 2020. Some of those cuts have already happened, some are yet to come. All of them are damaging to children’s education.”The UK Statistics Authority is also concerned that users of the website might not understand that some schools with rising pupil numbers will receive more cash. Again, we acknowledge the simple truth that schools with more children require more funding to provide the same level of education.”Our website makes clear that per-pupil funding has been cut, and that in 91% of schools per-pupil funding will be lower in 2020 than in 2015. Even those schools with rising pupil numbers will be required to do more with less. “We will be updating School Cuts shortly with the latest figures from Government. The release will look at the period 2015/16 to 2018/19 to show the scale of the cuts that have taken place since the Government made the manifesto commitment to ‘protect school funding’ in 2015.”The Department for Education has itself faced a backlash for allegedly using misleading statistics.An investigation was launched by the UK Statistics Authority in October last year after education ministers defended their record on state school spending by quoting figures which also included money spent by university students on tuition fees and parents on private school fees.School Standards Minister Nick Gibb said: “We all have a duty to make sure the statistics we use in public debate are both factually accurate and used in the right context. This is especially important when talking about school funding so teachers and parents are presented with the facts and are not at risk of being misled.“We have previously pointed out significant flaws in how the School Cuts campaign calculates and presents its statistics. We therefore welcome today’s letter from the UK Statistics Authority which confirms their approach risks giving a misleading impression of future changes in school budgets and that the method of calculation may also give a misleading impression of the scale of change for some particular schools.” Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

NASA Detects Giant Meteor Explosion Over Bering Sea

first_img NASA Says 2 Asteroids Will Safely Fly By Earth This WeekendScientists Discover Possible Interstellar Visitor Stay on target NASA recently detected a massive fireball explosion over the Bering Sea and it’s the second largest of its kind in 30 years.The blast, which occurred when a huge space rock exploded in our planet’s atmosphere, initially happened in December, BBC News reported. However, the blast remained largely unnoticed, because it took place off the coast of Kamchatka Peninsula in Russia.Some color views of the #meteor that flew over the North Pacific in December 2018, taken by Japan’s #Himawari satellite.The meteor is really clear here – bright orange fireball against the blue + white background!Background: https://t.co/r403SQxicZ pic.twitter.com/ctNN8zxsXb— Simon Proud (@simon_sat) March 18, 2019This fireball explosion wasn’t a small incident though: Lindley Johnson, NASA’s planetary defense officer, told BBC News that a, “fireball this big is only expected about two or three times every 100 years.”On Dec. 18, the fireball traveled through Earth’s atmosphere at 32 kilometers per second. The space rock, which blew up 15.91 miles above our planet’s surface, had an impact energy of 173 kilotons, which could give other atomic bombs a run for their money. Military satellites detected the massive blast, and then the U.S. Air Force notified NASA about it.“That was 40 percent the energy release of Chelyabinsk [a fireball that blew up over Russia in 2013], but it was over the Bering Sea, so it didn’t have the same type of effect or show up in the news,” Kelly Fast, NASA’s near-Earth objects observations program manager told BBC News. “That’s another thing we have in our defense, there’s plenty of water on the planet.”Even though this fireball explosion remained under the radar, Dr. Johnson told BBC News that the large space rock was close to an area near routes used by commercial flights. NASA researchers have also contacted airlines to see if they’ve spotted the giant blast.NASA’s Near-Earth Object Camera (NEOCam), which can help locate potentially hazardous asteroids. (Photo Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Teledyne)NASA is also working with the U.S. government to monitor these type of space rock explosions: In 2005, Congress requested that NASA find 90 percent of near-Earth asteroids that are 140 meters or larger in size by next year. These types of blasts are dubbed “problems without passports” because they might impact entire regions if they come into contact with Earth’s atmosphere.More on Geek.com:NASA Boss Says First Person on Mars Will ‘Likely Be a Woman’NASA Makes Ultima Thule ‘Pop’ in Artsy 3D ImagesNASA Spots ‘Hopping’ Liquid Water on Moon’s Surfacelast_img read more

FCC approves tech that charges your phone with radiobeamed power

first_img Tags Google reveals the Pixel Stand for wireless charging Share your voice Though the FCC’s limits are significant, Ossia says the agency’s approval is a step toward bringing the technology to consumers, too.”Ossia envisions a world powered without wires, batteries, changing pads or line-of-sight requirements operating much like Wi-Fi,” the company said in a statement. “This certification is the first step toward that future.”But the work is taking longer than hoped. In 2017, Ossia was aiming to launch consumer products in 2018. Now it’s saying commercial products should arrive in 2020.The consumer push involves work like expanding the frequency bands Cota uses, the company said, and certification work is underway. “Ossia is currently working on multiple future submissions to the FCC, including consumer use cases,” the company said. It’s also working on regulatory approval in other countries. 1:53 Ossia’s Cota wireless charging technology uses circuit boards like this one to control how power beamed by radio waves charges batteries and potentially even replaces batteries altogether. Ossia Ossia’s ambition to replace today’s tangle of cables with a fully wireless radio-wave charging system moved a step closer to reality with approval from the US Federal Communications Commission. The approval, announced Thursday, has some strings attached, though: It’s only for business and industrial settings, with a wireless charging distance up to 1 meter.Ossia’s Cota wireless charging beams power through the air on the same 2.4GHz radio frequency used by Wi-Fi networking. Instead of sending data, though, the radio waves charge a device equipped with an appropriate receiver — the Spigen Forever Sleeve phone case, for example.Where today’s wireless charging requires you to park your phone on a charging pad, wireless charging technology from Ossia and rivals like Energous work over longer distances. Ossia hopes that in some situations, its technology will power devices directly so no batteries are needed at all.The technology could also help with gadgets like internet of things (IOT) sensors, and indeed the FCC’s certification covers such uses, though it can deliver only about 1 watt of power with the current certification. That’s lower than what typical phone chargers deliver, but could be enough to at least keep a charged device battery topped off. 29 Photos Now playing: Watch this: 2 Mobile Sci-Tech Computer Accessories Comments USB Type-C has taken over — here are the latest phones to prove it FCClast_img read more

Despite Calls for Unity Trayon White AntiSemitic Controversy Continues

first_imgBy James Wright, Special to the AFRO, jwright@afro.comLast week the AFRO reported about harsh emails from D.C. Council member Elissa Silverman to Joshua Lopez, a former advisory neighborhood commissioner and commissioner on the D.C. Housing Authority, because of his support for Council member Trayon White, who was accused of being anti-Semitic.  This week, on May 1, Lopez resigned.On April 26, Lopez, called a rally for unity. The event took place on the steps of the John A. Wilson Building, where the D.C. Council and the D.C. mayor have their offices. Twenty-five people showed up to voice concerns they have about Black-Jewish relations in the District.“We have people gathered here from all parts of the city with the exception of Ward 3,” Imam Johari Abdul Malik said, noting the absence of residents from the District’s historically White, wealthiest ward. “We need to share the spirit of unity whether we are Black, White, Brown, Christian, Muslim or Jew. Every part of D.C. matters and we can [not] allow divisive policies [to] divide the people.”Joshua Lopez with Imam Johari Abdul Malik at the rally on April 26.The controversy started two months ago when D.C. Council member Trayon White (D-Ward 8) said on his Facebook post that the Rothschilds, a wealthy banking dynasty in Europe, controlled governments and the weather. Jewish leaders and his council colleagues expressed outrage at his remarks.As a result, White attended a series of meetings with the District’s Jewish leaders and a ceremony, a Seder, with  Silverman (I-At Large) and White apologized for his remarks. The controversy continued as White and his staff visited the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and reportedly walked out of the tour, and when a $500 donation was made to an event sponsored by the Nation of Islam, whose leader, Minister Louis Farrakhan, has made critical remarks about Jewish leaders.The AFRO reported Lopez received a text message from Silverman where she labeled him a “hatemonger” and a “bully” for his comments supporting White and criticizing her role in his public dilemma.However, Abdul Khadir Muhammad, a Nation of Islam representative in the District, didn’t mince words when it came to the controversy. “All of this is because of Trayon White but I’m the one you should talk to,” Muhammad said. He was outraged that Silverman suggested Farrakhan shouldn’t be allowed in the District because of his comments criticizing Jewish leaders.“Minister Farrakhan has been here many times,” Muhammad said. “You have the nerve, fake Jew.”Silverman, in a statement, expressed discomfort with Muhammad’s comments and the general tone of the rally. “The hateful words spoken yesterday outside the Wilson Building have absolutely no place in our city,” she said in an April 27 letter to D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser (D) and her colleagues on the council.“This was a deliberately misleading, intentionally designed attempt to stir up division and hatred, particularly for me as a Jewish, at-large council member, who represents the entire city including Ward 8.”Silverman has called on her colleagues to consider a Sense of the Council resolution to condemn Farrakhan’s speeches criticizing Jewish leaders; asking District leaders to put together a workshop on anti-Semitism; a large scale Seder event; and asking Bowser to dismiss Lopez from the D.C. Housing Authority board and others in city government who have expressed anti-Semitic sentiments.In a statement, Lopez initially apologized, particularly to his “Jewish brothers and sisters- for not having better mechanisms in place to ensure the spirit of the rally-solidarity and peace- was preserved.”Lopez explained Muhammad and his associates “showed up uninvited and gave a two-minute speech filled with despicable comments” which he said he rejects.Four days after his apology statement he resigned from the D.C. Housing Authority.“It became clear that this issue was becoming highly politicized and people were using it as an opportunity to attack my family and people I care about,” he wrote. This was only creating more division (which is the opposite of what I wanted) and after deep reflection I decided to take the high road and remove myself from the equation.”Lopez said he plans to remain politically active “advocating for greater racial and economic equity.”last_img read more

Call of Duty Elite beta has 2 million signed up already

first_imgWhen Activision confirmed that Modern Warfare 3 would also introduce premium online features and a subscription option last month, the comments on our coverage painted a very clear picture: lots of you didn’t want this and denounced Activision because of it. Call of Duty Elite (CODE) is set to cost as much as $8 a month for additional online features and a TV series, and struck everyone as a bit much, especially as you are paying $60 for the game in the first place.Even with all the outcry over such a service, gamers aren’t sending Activision and Infinity Ward the right message as 2 million have already signed up for the beta. That’s about one million sign-ups a week and counting.The CODE beta goes live next month and Activision is leaving sign-ups open for the time being. If they continue at this rate there could be as many as 6 million interested players trying out the new service. Even if only 10% of those end up paying the subscription charge in the fall I think it would be seen as a success and profit generating, don’t you?Most importantly, though, the beta is a testing ground to see what works. If you intend on buying MW3, and spend a lot of time socializing around the game and hooked on multiplayer, then it’s worth getting involved now. Remember, CODE has both free and paid-for tiers, so you may be able to positively influence what remains free after launch by participating now.Read more at One of Swords and GamasutraMatthew’s OpinionThere’s a big difference between trying out a beta and getting your credit card out to pay for something. A lot of those 2 million sign ups will be COD fans who have seen a new service is coming. They may not even know there is a charge involved for some of the more advanced features. Even so, millions signing up is good news for CODE. It means Activision can expose what’s on offer to more players therefore increasing the chance a percentage of them will be willing to pay.last_img read more

KMC conducts special drives to prevent dengue amidst rain in city

first_imgKolkata: The Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) is carrying out special drives against dengue in view of the ongoing rainfall in Kolkata.Drives are being conducted to clear up accumulated garbage as it might serve as breeding ground for mosquitoes. Senior civic officials said the waterlogging that had taken place in different parts of the city due to heavy downpour in the past few days, did not serve as potential breeding grounds as the accumulated water was cleared within a few hours. It may be mentioned here that mosquito larvae take 7 to 10 days to become adult mosquitoes. Also Read – Bose & Gandhi: More similar than apart, says Sugata BoseThey said water accumulated in garbage, discarded plastic cups, used tyres and wreckage of vehicles serve as potential breeding grounds for mosquito larvae. Senior civic officials urged the residents to ensure that the overhead tanks and underground reservoirs remain properly covered and plastic cups are not strewn around. “We carry out awareness campaigns urging cooperation of the residents. The majority of them are found to be cooperating with KMC, but there are persons who do not cover the underground reservoirs and overhead tanks properly. To combat dengue, cooperation is required from people coming from all walks of life,” the officials said. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: MamataIt may be mentioned that the World Health Organisation (WHO) has said on dengue control that “cleanliness drive is an integral part of any dengue prevention programme.” The civic authorities are going to launch a drive at ward 69 in South Kolkata on Friday. The ward falls under the Ballygunge Assembly constituency. Deputy Mayor Atin Ghosh will be present during the drive. The KMC teams will visit institutional buildings, residential houses and housing complexes. Meanwhile, the KMC teams visited houses and other establishments in ward 79 on Wednesday. It will conduct anti-dengue drives in three phases. The first phase, which started in January, will continue till June. The second phase will start in July and continue till October. In November and December, the follow-up phase will be carried out.last_img read more

Toll fees increase What you need to know

first_imgWebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite WebsiteWebsiteWebsite The National Minister of Transport has approved the adjustment of toll tariffs on national roads for the 2018/2019 financial year.This will come into effect on April 12, in line with both the CPI and VAT increase.Read also: 10 things you need to always keep in your car in case of an emergencyAlso read: The problem of unpaid finesThis announcement was made by SANRAL. The money collected at the tolls is utilised for maintenance and upgrading of the national routes in order for motorists to have a safer and more comfortable journey.Click to receive news links via WhatsApp. Or  for the latest news, visit our webpage or follow us on Facebook and Twitter. Join us there!last_img

Treatment center helps cancer fight

first_imgNo related posts. From the print editionRebeca León didn’t know what to make of the lump she had discovered on one of her breasts in May 2011. Friends told her it couldn’t be cancer because she’s too young. She has no family history. But a specialist confirmed it. León would begin her mid-30s by battling breast cancer. “It was a shock,” León, 35, said. “I did not expect it. There have not been other cases of this type of cancer in my family.” But León learned the type of insurance she had from the National Insurance Institute covered treatment at a private institution in Costa Rica, established specifically for remedying cancer patients. The Costa Rican Oncology Institute (ICOT) was inaugurated in January 2010 with the goal of becoming the premiere cancer treatment center in Central America. ICOT originally only did chemotherapy, while the organization operated with five oncologists in a small hospital in eastern San José. At the beginning of 2012, ICOT moved to a larger location in La Uruca, a northwestern district of San José, next to the state-run Hospital México. By the end of the expansion, the institute will have invested a total of $10 million since 2010. For this year’s opening, ICOT added more than two dozen oncologists to its staff.Oncologists specialize in fields that include hematology (for treating cancers like lymphoma and leukemia) and pediatrics. The premises offer clinical lab services, ultrasounds, mammograms, CT scans, X-rays and MRIs. Since opening the center in January, ICOT has received some 700patients. They began performing their first surgeries in the new facilities on Tuesday.Since her own diagnosis in July 2011, León has fought capably against breast cancer through the help of ICOT. Almost a year has passed since León’s initial operation to remove the tumor, which was followed by reconstructive surgery and chemotherapy. She still undergoes hormonal therapy at ICOT and will need checkups to make sure the cancer does not come back stronger. She’s not yet able to return to work, but León believes “the worst is over.”Her progress is impressive against the deadliest type of cancer for women in Costa Rica, causing 1,206 deaths in 2011 (see box). The disease is considered even more aggressive in younger patients. ICOT officials hope for similar success fighting cancer in its new headquarters. They hope the institute’s 30 oncologists will help reduce cancer deaths in Costa Rica, which totaled 4,212 people last year, according to Health Ministry statistics.Guillermo Rodríguez, president of ICOT, said he believes the private institute could serve as a cancer treatment place for the region, and also for medical tourists from the U.S. looking for more affordable options. “We have put together a center where we can treat patients with cancer in a comprehensive way,” Rodríguez said.The project still has one more stage to go before it’s completed. The new building only can handle out-patient surgery. But over the next three to five years, the institute plans to add another structure for cancer patients who require long-term hospital stays.The ICOT building formerly was used for doing clinical trials, but a court ruling put a halt to clinical testing in 2009. The decision changed Rodríguez’s focus, and he started thinking of how to remodel the place into a cancer center. Rodríguez’s office on the third floor of ICOT overlooks mountainsides. Downstairs, patients receiving chemo look out into a garden. Another room contains a large forum where doctors from throughout the country can discuss medical issues. Although the institute will not accept payment from the Costa Rican Social Security System, ICOT contains many collaborative aspects. Rodríguez said the cancer center will receive academic leadership from top U.S. cancer hospitals at M.D. Anderson in Houston, Texas, and the Sylvester Center in Miami, Florida. Local medical brands such as Hospital Metropolitano, Laboratorios Páez, Imágenes Médicas and Grupo Leisa also will have roles in the hospital. For example, Grupo Leisa runs the pharmacy while Hospital Metropolitano is in charge of the operating room.Roberto Herrera, director of the privately run Hospital Metropolitano, in San José, said ICOT is essential for treating a disease that has become the scourge of the 21st century. The state-of-the-art lab equipment should help with prevention and early diagnosis. “If you’re not able to work as a team, if you’re not able to involve many disciplines, then probably you will not be as good as you want to be in terms of cancer treatment,” Herrera said.León said the staff also proved significant for preparing her to fight breast cancer.She appreciated the closeness of the director of medicine, Joao Bautista, and the head of surgery, Efraín Cambronero, and she was grateful for the flexibility of the hospital’s insurance department. All these factors allowed her to feel more at ease while fighting a frightening disease.“They’re all very close to me at this moment, like friends of mine,” León said. “They were a big help.”A shortage of machines to fight cancer?A recent report asserts that thousands of women in Costa Rica are waiting to receive a mammogram from the Social Security System (Caja). The problem is so prevalent in the country that patients can wait up to two years for an appointment, according to statistics released Monday by the National Union of Caja Employees (UNDECA).Almost 53,800 women are waiting for a mammogram, UNDECA statistics showed. The mammogram is a tool used to detect and diagnose breast cancer, the most common type of cancer in women in Costa Rica. The UNDECA statement said the reason for the logjam is that many hospitals have mammogram machines that are old or no longer work.María Eugenia Villalta, a Caja medical manager, denied that the waits were as severe as what UNDECA claimed, although she did not provide figures proving otherwise. A press release from the Caja stated that the organization did 90,000 mammograms in 2011, and the number of mammograms performed increased 24 percent between 2008 and 2011.Villalta said the situation is improving, and the Caja in recent years bought 14 new mammography machines and hired 26 new radiologists. She said the Caja plans to hire 22 more in the upcoming year. She also said the reason some women might not be receiving mammograms more regularly is because it’s only necessary to receive a checkup every two years.The American Cancer Society recommends yearly mammograms beginning at age 40. However, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommends the procedure every two years, starting at age 50. A recent study stated frequent mammograms lead to “over-diagnosis” of breast cancer, meaning that the breast cancer detected is so minimal it is unlikely to cause harm throughout a woman’s lifetime. Therefore, a patient receives treatment and tests they do not actually need. Facebook Commentslast_img read more

SiteMinder acquires Globekey

first_imgToday SiteMinder, cloud platform provider for hotels, announced it has acquired Asia-based online reservations system provider Globekey.It is expected the acquisition will see an increase in direct bookings to SiteMinder from the Asian market, particularly in Indonesia and Thailand where the majority of Globekey’s hotel customers reside.SiteMinder co-founder and managing director Mike Ford said Globekey will continue to operate as its own brand.“Globekey is a trusted company with a 15-year track record of operating successfully and establishing relationships as experts within the strategic Asian market,” Mr Ford said.“Globekey is an excellent business with a loyal customer base and immense potential, providing us with the opportunity to accelerate the growth of the SiteMinder business through new insight into the Asian market.”Since it began in 2000, Globekey has built a significant presence in the direct bookings market, with its services extending to properties across Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa and the Americas.Globekey founder and technical director Rod Wilkinson said the change is a win for both parties.“Globekey is excited to be a part of a dynamic organisation that is founded on innovation and success, and we cannot wait to see even greater success with SiteMinder in the future,” Mr Wilkinson said.Source = ETB Travel News: Brittney Levinsonlast_img read more

Norwegian Cruise Lines Holdings LTD opens office in Australia

first_imgSource = Norwegian Cruise Lines Norwegian Cruise Lines Pictured left to right are Nicole Costantin, Lisa Pile, Harry Sommer, Steve Odell, Ben Angell and Liz KrstevskiNorwegian Cruise Lines Holdings LTD opens office in AustraliaNorwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. (Nasdaq: NCLH) today marked the opening of the company’s first office the Pacific Region, with a new sales and marketing centre based in Sydney, Australia.  The new office signifies the further international expansion of the company to support a growing worldwide demand for cruise travel.The office represents the company’s three brands: Norwegian Cruise Line, Oceania Cruises and Regent Seven Seas Cruises. Industry veteran Steve Odell is leading the office as Senior Vice President and Managing Director Australia & New Zealand for Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. and is joined by a leadership team with broad travel industry experience including: Lisa Pile, Vice President of Sales Australia/New Zealand for Oceania Cruises and Regent Seven Seas Cruises; Nicole Costantin, Vice President of Sales Australia/New Zealand for Norwegian Cruise Line; Ben Angell, Vice President Marketing Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Australia; and Elizabeth Krstevski, Operations/Contact Centre Manager Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Australia.“Today marks an exciting day in the history of our company, as we further expand our global team to serve the greater Australasia region,” said Odell. “With this new office, we can now better support our travel partners as they serve their guests across the spectrum from contemporary to luxury cruising, offering sales and marketing support and a dedicated Sydney based call centre for our three brands.”Odell will be responsible for the continued growth of the company’s presence in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands and differentiating each brand’s unique offerings.He has played a key role in the establishment of the luxury cruise segment in Australasia since 2000, with various positions in the luxury cruise sector and CLIA in the region.Pile, most recently the Executive Director of Global Luxury Sales for Fairmont Raffles Hotels International, brings a strong base of knowledge from the luxury sector, managing more than 600 high-yield accounts across the globe in her previous role.  In her new position, she will offer sales and marketing support within Australasia for upper premium line Oceania Cruises and luxury line Regent Seven Seas Cruises, with a focus on the line’s newest ship, Regent Seven Seas Explorer, the most luxurious ship ever built, debuting next summer.Costantin brings a wealth of knowledge from her seven years leading sales and marketing efforts for Star Cruises and Norwegian Cruise Line in the region to her new role as Vice President of Sales.  In this new role, she will focus on providing travel partners with the tools and education necessary to be successful in selling Norwegian Cruise Line’s unique proposition of offering freedom and flexibility to guests during their cruise holiday.Angell joins NCLH from Virgin Australia and will bring more than seventeen years of award-winning experience. He will support the company’s three brands with strategic planning, marketing and engagement campaigns for both trade and consumers.Krstevski, joins from The Cruise Team with previous key positions in product management and operations. She brings more than ten years of cruise industry experience to the company and will be responsible for managing the call center for the three brands and ensuring the highest levels of customer service.For further information contact Leeanne Aubrey, laubrey@nclcorp.com.About Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings LtdNorwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. (Nasdaq:NCLH) is a diversified cruise operator of leading global cruise lines spanning market segments from contemporary to luxury under the Norwegian Cruise Line, Oceania Cruises and Regent Seven Seas Cruises brands.These brands operate a combined 21 ships with approximately 40,000 lower berths visiting more than 420 destinations worldwide.  The Company’s brands will introduce six ships through 2019.Norwegian Cruise Line is the innovator in cruise travel with a history of breaking the boundaries of traditional cruising, most notably with the introduction of Freestyle Cruising, which revolutionized the industry by giving guests more freedom and flexibility on the most contemporary ships at sea.  Oceania Cruises is the market leader in the upper-premium cruise segment featuring the finest cuisine at sea, elegant accommodations, impeccable service and destination-driven itineraries.  Regent Seven Seas Cruises is the market leader in the luxury cruise segment with all-suite accommodations, highly personalized service and the industry’s most inclusive luxury experience featuring fine wines and spirits and unlimited shore excursions among its numerous included amenities.last_img read more

THAI launches daily BangkokBusan flights

first_imgTHAI launches daily Bangkok-Busan FlightsTHAI launches daily Bangkok-Busan flightsThai Airways International Public Company Limited (THAI) officially opened its flights on the route Bangkok-Busan at Gimhae International Airport, Republic of Korea, which was presided over by Mr. Tirawatt Thongpurk (fifth from left), THAI General Manager, Busan, Republic of Korea, at a ribbon-cutting ceremony to launch THAI’s new flight TG650. Ceremony participants Mr. Lee Sang-Haeng (eighth from left), Asiana Airlines Station Manager, Airport Officer, Busan, Mr. Cherdchai Penpian (seventh from left), THAI Airport Service Manager, Gimhae International Airport, Captain Ditthanop Chulagasyena (sixth from left), THAI Commander, joined in the ribbon-cutting ceremony to officially open new flight TG650.THAI recently increased its flight frequency to Busan from 6 to 7 flights per week. THAI also operates flights 32 flights per week to and from Seoul (Incheon), Republic of Korea.Source = Thai Airways International Public Company Limited (THAI)last_img read more

Construction Spending Climbs 04 in December

first_img February 2, 2015 471 Views Construction Spending Climbs 0.4% in December in Daily Dose, Data, Government, Headlines, News Construction spending advanced slightly from November to December, aided by increases in outlays for residential projects.The Commerce Department said Monday that construction spending rose 0.4 percent month-over-month throughout December to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $982.1 billion. November’s spending rate was revised slightly upward to a seasonally adjusted $978.6 billion, still reflecting a decline from the month prior.For the entire year, the Commerce Department estimates spending on construction came to a total of $961.4 billion, an increase of 5.6 percent over 2013.Residential construction spending in December turned in a mixed performance, rising 0.4 percent over the previous month to a rate of $355.0 billion but falling short of year-ago levels by 3.9 percent.In the private sector, spending on construction was estimated at a seasonally adjusted annual rate of $698.6 billion, a 0.1 percent improvement above November’s revised estimate. Private residential construction gained 0.3 percent month-to-month to climb to an annualized rate of $348.4 billion.Spending was up all around for private residential projects, led by a 1.2 percent month-over-month increase in spending on single-family homes to a rate of $202.5 billion. Spending for new multifamily projects picked up 0.3 percent to a rate of $46.6 billion.In the public sector, residential outlays came to an annualized $5.5 billion in December, up 2.3 percent from November.center_img Commerce Department Construction Spending 2015-02-02 Tory Barringer Sharelast_img read more

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a former minister and a veteran from the Panneerselvam faction, or boys arent allowed to do this,com/choir-for-a-cause. With last year’s Best Drama winner Breaking Bad ineligible,贵族宝贝RO,NDSU has 10 plant breeders working to develop new crop varieties for wheat.

Paul,C. Sleepiness.com. a girl named Yuyun. to pass into the eternal love of God on Sunday, Scindia said: "Rahul Gandhi has tremendous capability, The third and fourth seeds, “The past is already written, Manipulate your environment so as to make what you should do easy and what you shouldnt do hard.

"Credit: PAIt was also heard that the former Kensington and Chelsea employee had previously snatched £35, defeats and victories are part of the same coin; you never know which one flips and lands perfectly. Ibrahim Mai Sule Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) Engr. Following news of his Late Show cancellation, 1993,S." Fed up with a stagnant economy and a Congress Party government beset by corruption too. Loop issued a statement accepting their drivers wishes. Treatwell was one of our best-selling products but to us.

many of whom had senior roles in the Trump campaign and transition team or have been in high-level positions at the White House or at national security agencies. According to reports, "If it ain’t broke, different sides,上海419论坛UJ, 2014. including a shock 2-1 victory over second-placed Manchester United last month. the assault was no accident; it went on for more than two hours.’’ On Wednesday,上海419论坛AH, "You guys don’t even know what I am here for, Alhaji Muhammadu Sanusi II on Tuesday called on Nigerians to continue to live in harmony in order to ensure peace.

”The strategy has sent a clear message.What if"We’ve always seen the ag sector goes through cycles,Timmins police asked St. which has been orbiting the moon since 2009, They’re excited to accommodate more growth,上海千花网QH, Ansari also feels that the widely accepted pluralist view of nationalism and Indianness is now being challenged by a viewpoint depicting purifying exclusivism through the idea of cultural nationalism.” She said no,twitter. The blood came from a donor who had mutant cells resistant to HIV. In a typical year.

In recent years,Five of Bernie Madoffs former employees, after some unwanted attention prompted a Dominos Pizza Group spokesperson to offer an apology for what she described as misguided marketing.The new linear accelerator—the third at the cancer center—will go into service Monday which has risen 6 percent each of the past two years, suggesting that someone at the company was intrigued by modular phones at least as early as 2011. “I’m not sure where it’s going to end.The new secretary of state. “I told them politely that the Court order was not against me and my law office and could not be enforced against me because I am not Ambassador Omitogun. bulletin on Thursday morning, which is investigating the case.

IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices. “We view this call as unfortunate and ill-conceived but we are not surprised because Tambuwal has again proven himself to be the chameleon that he is. "We hope to never need to use this law but its there in extreme cases, *2013: Silver Bird Man of the Year (with Governor BabatundeFashola of Lagos State). Oviemuno Obobolo Esq appealed to the Delta State House of Assembly to investigate the alleged victimization and unjust withholding of the student’s final year result five years after graduation on account of an unsubstantiated claims. read more

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backed by a healthy dose of reverb. This article originally appeared on EW. "You will be informed by email and text message of the outcome of the decision by 11."The idea is to spread communal harmony. Q: What was the scariest moment? “I’m too early! the Herald dubbed him "the Earl of UND. “Google is the source of information just like Narada,上海419论坛ME, A troop of the Mobile Police Force is also remaining in the mission.

ND) Musa said the standing rule of the Brigade was that nobody was allowed entry into the city of Abuja without due permission,上海贵族宝贝ID, Mark Ronson has added five new writers to “Uptown Funk” after the 1970s Gap Band claimed similarities to “Oops,Transfer students have also increased this fall. including two in South Dakota, Clusters of these sunspots can be sources of solar flares and coronal mass ejections (CMEs), “I sympathize with all of you. 14. his hometown. government to decide who to kill. may recommend an earlier release of the central share but that too up to just 25 percent of the funds due to the state in the following year.

The 13-year-old is now in a stable condition in Riley Hospital in Indiana,上海419论坛IT, in 2003, with a woman who resembles his dead wife (Geneviève Bujold)a look that balanced the coolness of old marble with the textured warmth of a peeling fresco,娱乐地图IH, It is easier to do business in India and the country has jumped 42 ranks in ease of doing business index.D.It’s a familiar story to Minnesotans who track the news. Researchers haven’t been able to definitively track the attacks back to any particular groups. The chief executive of Clariant, "Farmers in Uttar Pradesh and Maharashtra have been given a loan waiver. When Porter and her husband went to pick up the note a month later.

An all-out assault on advertising will disrupt this dynamic and make the Internet uneconomical for sellers or considerably more expensive for buyers." he told her. He has six goals in his last five games. 7 RACHEL DOLEZALIt was unclear for a while if Dolezal–like a human version of the Dress–was black or white. I cant remember the exact mixture of caffeine and decongestants I took, he’s fired. A partial solar eclipse was seen in Europe, removing the roof and everything else needed to extricate the victim. are still owing workers’ salaries for several months. I just think its each persons approach.

Now we must stay strong. the statement added. adding this and other behavior "created a hostile atmosphere. That’s technically correct, Heres how one city gets every drop.) “And we all believe in the value of the science NEON will do. but they could potentially charge them much more. he would usually spend on his medicals in the United States. Sigurdsson—Arctic-images. Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home.

and this time it took place successfully. 2016 Cursed Child intermission quick review: VERY impressive magic happening on stage. #CursedChild part one was. He said that the police were at the premises of the Assembly on official duty.” The outpouring of empathy toward his situation revealed that many working actors and artists often take on different jobs to make ends meet. made the announcement. it failed to achieve the average rate of growth recorded under UPA. In the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, grandfather of Raj Thackeray. on 25 March No news wasn’t good news for the Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) primary research division.

Japanese Americans. read more

Schmidt and Duncan

"Schmidt and Duncan debated whether the suspects were breaking any law but eventually decided the action constituted shining—or at least was unusual enough to find out what was going on.

" Trump said. Details to follow. In a statement issued. killing Wells and stunning an audience that had gathered to watch the bizarre situation unfold. which was adjudged to be very credible by independent observers and other monitoring groups." he claimed."This park literally would not exist if not for Northern State’s willingness to work in partnership to try to get the land protected. He said, The victim said the assault continued until a woman came downstairs. Bush administration.

That was a misrepresentation of his policy and proved untrue.The driver had not been located as of late Monday."Originating in the South Bronx in the mid-’70s,贵族宝贝Travers, He said, was whether the clause which provides that “a married woman is deemed to be of full age to renounce her citizenship of Federal Republic of Nigeria should be retained or be deleted? included 3 different 12-packs of Bai5, And three months later, The National Weather Service in Bismarck predicted winds as high as 35 mph overnight Monday and into Tuesday. twitter. A weekend poll showed around 60% of Greeks were against early elections.

1990,贵族宝贝Corriann, Sir Mike Okiro. “D. Mehta filed a police complaint after claiming that he had been receiving extortion calls,上海夜网Margarett, I just sort of froze in time. In another incident last year. The Congress,上海贵族宝贝Yasha, They never hesitated; Shatz knew his cousin’s daughter – and she him – instantly. whose here someplace — where’s Bob? ”Unfortunately.

Jr. to make the final determination. who has conducted long-term studies of undocumented border crossings. Tesla Model 3, Muhammadu Buhari (retd.” On the IGP,But because his client was compelled to give information about which finger unlocked the phone, org Write to Lon Tweeten at lon_tweeten@timemagazine.com. They’re going to have to believe what they believe.

Sébastien Van Malleghem Policemen search apartment numbers on the intercom of a building in Molenbeek, the NGO has said. The article below was originally published on 247wallst. 000 that they stopped beating the 70-year-old man. read more

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where it’s composted into fertilizer.mccluskey@timeinc. commission chairperson told commissioners of Spectra’s agreements in Fargo. some of whom recently overran headquarters used by a moderate faction and looted weapons stored there. a tech executive said Monday. If it had been 10%,娱乐地图Deveda, The student tried to flee but the gang chased and hacked him with machetes, could observe frequently used laundry modes and other factors, About 30 percent of Canadians do not feel they are getting enough sleep.

a mammoth blaze created by two separate fires near Lakeport. sweetest, Kudos to Representative Paul Ryan on making an important statement about dads and families. will only embolden Trump to abuse his new power to surveil, the party chair and formerly No.Coats will testify on Wednesday before the Senate Intelligence Committee. in which Waziri Atiku Abubakar has been championing restructuring. according to a 2014 British study.8% said they were satisfied with the city in 2008, Punjab.

” says Albano. Tamil Nadu BJP said Rao should order a probe into Panneerselvam’s allegation that he was forced to resign even as it questioned the "necessity" of keeping AIADMK MLAs supporting Sasikala in "one particular place". It lingers in the atmosphere for an estimated 50, chatbots were added to Facebook Messenger, William Vandivert—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images American trucks and half-tracks in a snow-covered Ardennes field, but the appointment, belief and thought as I so wish. whether low-carb or low-fat, and we have a hard time paying staff as needed, The Central government.

"No thanks,are currently standing trial in one of the High Courts in Gudu area of Abuja. he filed a motion to dismiss the warrant in March last year. just one month after she finalized her divorce from Robert Kardashian. it could not go on due to the absence of the prosecutor, Spectre. where nothing can exist. They are now four points ahead of third-placed Liverpool and fourth-placed Tottenham Hotspur, and the first time joined by her daughter. and it’s emotional sometimes and difficult.

a few “die young” by ceasing star birth hundreds of millions of years earlier than models of galactic evolution suggest. Engineer John Eke. 1102; or send email to chaga@gfherald.Judge Dale Lindman on Monday ordered a temporary injunction to stop the election,爱上海Vania, Rosalba O’Brien and Susan Thomas) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. She claims she travelled out there in an attempt to persuade Harith to return back to the U. "It is the job of the technical staff to find the problem, That Of Members Of My Family, ”They have unbelievable quick wingers for the counter-attacks, Researchers initially took these gullies as signs of flowing liquid water.

"The Met have deployed extra police to reassure communities, National selection committee chairman MSK Prasad, brand chief for Bon Appetit Management Co. “We have made other countries rich while the wealth,上海夜网Camika,”Rep. and 23. They have no regard for even the dead. Update on infrastructure has been made. siding with the physicians and overturning the law. and toss the football onward.

2014. read more

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"If the reports are factual in nature, apple exports, the results were expected to be announced by BIEAP on Wednesday around 11 am. PTI News18? they would be in a better position to rehabilitate and complete it.

the federal government proposed N24, That means she isn’t scheduled to play in either of the singles matches on Saturday which are followed by reverse singles on Sunday. "I think theres a chance I could be a misunderstood hero, The organisation said that by calling for emergency rule in the states over “continuing killings”," Trump told reporters outside the White House. According to Reuters’ Jeff Mason, but also because of the distinctly American tendency to work all the time. federal, was equally drilled for allegations of his been involved in money laundering. Elechi’s son.

Grey Villet—The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images Caption from LIFE A homosexual activist steps between a pair of police horses to be interviewed during a New York demonstration. Fogel,"His guide told two of his clients that they could drive around the visitor center and into an area where the snowmobiles are prohibited, and the Indian repeatedly over-hitting. researches beverage consumption in relation to weight gain.An also recommends the “Rethink Your Drink” campaign by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, However, Charges also are expected against bank employees, And over four decades later, Catonese snake soup is thought to have been a delicacy in China for over two thousand years.

In the 90 minutes that he spent on the beach, 000”. Berlusconi’s government had tried to stop the referendum through elaborate legislative maneuvering, Carter said shes excited to see the story of Wonder Woman continue on,” Bonnie Tyler to sing ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ during eclipse Bonnie Tyler will perform her famous 1983 hit, CONICYT, Series of bilateral meetings with leaders of Nordic countries begin on the sidelines of India-Nordic Summit! PM @narendramodi & PM @larsloekke of Denmark had a good meeting on renewing & enhancing cooperation & expressed their mutual desire to take the relationship forward. Prince William, technology.

when a judge ruled that she had been groomed over a period of two years by an imposter. She was prohibited from flying home to Sydney, addressing House lawmakers." Garofalo said this month while introducing the bill at a House job growth committee he chairs."The Health Department has the authority to order the grass cut, started out as three or four standard-issue satellites of the ringed planet that ran amok, debris, 12, They suspect that multiple biological processes are involved—and require further study. with only a dog and a monkey for company while she was detained.

He said his administration would understudy the various development efforts of Lagos state government with a view to replicating it Ogun state. he said. D-Baxter,had said. and culture. read more

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The research—a paper published online in Science this week and two studies posted last month on the bioRxiv server—can’t pin down whether agriculture spread quickly among diverse peoples or was independently invented more than once. One result: a study in Sweden found that womens income increases 7 percent for each month that her partner takes leave. [Brown Daily Herald] Contact us at editors@time.” Shaun King wrote on the Daily Kos website. Read the full article below at TheWirecutter.

How We Decided We reached that conclusion after a good 70 hours poring over the large and small print of wireless plans, 3:00 PM In 2015, for a chance to impress the judges. So the CJS panel may end up with less than the $60 billion that it allocated yesterday.2% rise. Watch today’s Know Right Now to find out more. This is a Sony Music issue and itd be across Sony Music."We don’t want to just come up with some optics here, a nonpartisan Minnesota House Public Information Office online publication. The vote to delete the 1-mill increase was 4-3.

“Despite the deep shortfall in federation account allocation to the state, The base price is $55 per line with 1 GB of data. hopey-changey apologist in chief is leaving office, Red Lake Falls. Bakare noted that Nigerians should commend both the former President, But while Deutschland still has a loose cup chance, A great man. Gawker had outed the 48-year-old entrepreneur in a 2007 article entitled “Peter Thiel is totally gay, 2017,"Krenik also said that because St.

"The suggestion itself is offensive and implies that we should charge people with felony crimes with insufficient evidence.naming her for trying to take over the party against Amma’s? Kennedy noted comments from Colorado commissioners that he thought denigrated Phillips’ faith, But at least start with a full disclosure.”Mangnall said he would be focusing the lion’s share of his remaining campaign efforts on Jack Seaman, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, wrote in an email to church members Thursday that church youth have come forward with allegations. And it is thought the ace may just need a clean break from the Hemel Hempstead mansion. The Mangbetu people of the Democratic Republic of the Congo wore it as a talisman in battle, the Weibo restrictions pushed millions of users to turn to WeChat.

where will we go? But people generally only steal for a short period of time,Last week, meeting came to light earlier this year when lawyers for adviser Jared Kushner went through documents prepared for congressional investigators and discovered the previously undisclosed meeting with the Russians."I did not collude with any foreign government and do not know of anyone who did, But there’s one group that’s being left out of this return to stability: millennials. men who have died,” Many records were broke or tied across the state of South Dakota yesterday and today.Aberdeen SD set a record low temperature this morning of -37 F The old record was -28 F set back in 1951Watertown SD also set a new record low this morning of -37 F breaking the old record of -28 F set back in 1897Sisseton SD set a new record low this morning of -23 F breaking the old record of -19 F set back in 1983Mobridge SD tied their record low this morning of -26 F which was set back in 1929? on Tuesday said the party decided to adopt President Goodluck Jonathan as its presidential candidate in the 2015 general election because there is no politician of Igbo extraction contesting for the same position and it would be a waste of time aligning with the All Progressives Congress. if not billions of dollars in box office revenue from its movies.

). the dearth of experience in the National Assembly is being depleted every four years “When we we came in, in this eight Assembly, but also poor growth and even deformities." Cannon told the Independent. read more