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Tony Parker Leads The Spurs to 106104 Win Over

Aron Baynes hit a clutch shot in the lane in the final three seconds to take the San Antonio Spurs to a 106-104 preseason victory over the Atlanta Hawks Thursday night.The Hawks trailed by 14 before rallying in the fourth quarter. Kyle Korver carried the Hawks with 26 points and three of them tied the game 97-97 in the fourth. Al Horford scored 13 points; DeMarre Carroll, 14 points; and Jeff Teague scored 15 points, including a game-tying 3-pointer at 104-104.But that wasn’t enough to stop the Spurs, Tony Parker scored 17 points, 13 of them in the third quarter alone, to lead the Spurs. Tim Duncan  sunk 16 points with eight rebounds in 19 minutes; Marco Belinelli, 13 points; and Manu Ginobili scored 11 points for the Spurs.The Spurs went into the locker rooms with a 44-41 lead at halftime.San Antonio is working with 12 of the same players from last season, including all five starters that lost to Miami in the 2013 finals.The Spurs will return to Miami to play LeBron and company in their next preseason game Saturday, Oct. 19, at 7:30 ET on NBATV. read more

George Foreman Became Americas Top Pitchman on Advice From

The amazing thing about George Foreman goes beyond winning the heavyweight championship at the creaky boxing age of 45, after losing it at 25 to Muhammad Ali in Zaire, Africa.It’s pretty amazing that all this time later, George Foreman remains relevant. More than that, Foreman, once a boorish and mean oaf, has done so by becoming corporate America’s No. 1 pitchman.It is a position he holds unrivaled, and one no one would have pegged him for after he became this behemoth knockout artist with no room for cheer.But after losing to Jimmy Young in 1977, Foreman said he had a “religious experience.” In that moment in the locker room he decided to retire from boxing and eventually became a born-again Christian.It also was the beginning of him morphing into a Black man who would become the face of white corporate America on a significantly larger scale than O.J. Simpson and even Michael Jordan.Foreman told Sports Illustrated that he mimicked John Wayne when he walked; he adopted mannerisms like boxing champion Sonny Liston; and shaped his mustache after all-time great running back Jim Brown—three men with imposing reputations. He released those elements when he retired.“It took so long for me to find me,” he said to the magazine. “Once I did, my mom even liked me. She didn’t like me much when I was trying to be those other guys.”Ten years after retiring, Foreman, in need of money, returned to boxing with not much fanfare. Promoter Bob Arum recalled to SI: “I was not enthusiastic, realizing what a horrid person he had been.” But after spending an hour with Arum said, “This is the greatest con man in history because he was so different from what he had been before. But it wasn’t a con. He had really changed.”That change made him an embraceable pitchman. It helped that he knocked out Michael Moore at age 45 to become the oldest heavyweight champion in history.Young George Foreman was a force.His always-grinning disposition bordered on buffoonery, but he laced his persona with enough wisdom, gospel and Black empowerment for it to be more congenial than a caricature.Suddenly, with the historic victory and this warm and fuzzy person came offers to endorse products. Foreman told SI he had been hesitant about putting his name to products. But in 1991, none other than Bill Cosby called Foreman.“I don’t want to be on TV saying this and that,” the champ told the comedian.Cosby, Foreman said to the magazine, was not having it. “Come on, man. You’re no different from anyone else. You want to be on television, you want to be known,” Foreman remembers him saying. “If you don’t take ’em, I’ll take ’em.”That was the moment Foreman became the all-time pitchman. Over the years he has done commercials for Nike, Doritos, McDonald’s and Meineke. The deal that made him rich and famous came in ’94, when he agreed to lend his name to and appear in commercials for a line of indoor grills. The George Foreman Grill became a blockbuster hit, earning him more than he ever took as a boxer.He made so much money off the grills that in 1999, Salton Inc., the maker of the product, gave him $137.5 million in combined stock and cash to avoid having to continue paying him royalties, SI reported.He became the spokesperson for InventHelp last year, a company that helps people get patents for prototypes of products. He’s also launching Foreman’s Butcher Shop, a mail-order meat company with an emphasis on quality, health-conscious products sourced from family farms in the Midwest.Why does Foreman push products on all media platforms and speaking?“Never say no,” he said is his approach.He does, however, have other interests. His George Foreman Youth Center in Houston has existed for years as a place Black kids come to play sports and learn life lessons.“The kids would come in and want to learn to box,” Foreman has said. “They wanted to tear up the world, beat up the world. And I’d try to show them they didn’t need anger. They didn’t need all that killing instinct they’d read about. You can be a human being and pursue boxing as a sport.“When you speak to a lot of kids, as I’ve done over the years, you know what to say, keep them laughing, (giving them) good illustrations and (stressing to) learn to read.”Foreman has learned to live with a reality that will not go away, no matter how many products he endorses and how much he’s on TV. At the height of his career, at 40-0 with 37 knockouts, Ali knocked out Foreman in a victory that resounded around the world.“If that fight hadn’t turned out like it did, my life would have been very different,” Foreman said. “I have no regrets. They’ll be talking about it for 100 years, and they’ll always have to mention my name.”He now calls Ali one of his best friends.“After 1981, we became the best of friends,” Foreman said. “By 1984, we loved each other. I’m not closer to anyone else in this life than I am to Muhammad Ali. Why? We were forged by that first fight in Zaire, and our lives are indelibly linked by memories and photographs as young and old men.” read more

A Simple KnicksProof Proposal To Improve The NBAs Draft Lottery

Pelicans3850.5100.4 That’s more proportionate to the small difference separating Minnesota, New York and Philly in the standings.Here’s how the lottery balls would have been distributed in each of the past 10 seasons.4For 2012, which was shortened by a labor dispute, I’ve prorated loss totals to an 82-game schedule. On average, the worst team would have had about a 25 percent chance of winding up with the top pick, as it does now. But those chances would have been as high as 38.5 percent (for the record-setting 2012 Charlotte Bobcats) or as low as 19.0 percent (for the 2013 Orlando Magic), depending on how much separated the very worst team from the almost-as-bad ones. In a year like 2010, in which there was a big gap between the second-worst team (the 15-67 Timberwolves) and the third-worst (the 25-57 Sacramento Kings), that’s where the sharpest break in lottery chances would have been.It’s not the radical change that I’d prefer! But it’s a simple enough reform that even the Knicks couldn’t screw it up.CORRECTION (April 15, 3:36 p.m.): An earlier version of the chart in this post gave the incorrect location of the second-worst NBA team in 2005. At that time, the Hornets were located in New Orleans, not Charlotte. TEAMLOSSESLOTTERY BALLSCHANCE OF FIRST PICKLOTTERY BALLSCHANCE OF FIRST PICK Jazz4480.8100.4 Knicks6519919.957620.3 Kings54636.31696.0 Heat45111.1160.6 Suns4360.6100.4 Pistons50282.8812.9 76ers6415615.652918.6 Hornets49171.7642.3 CURRENT SYSTEMREVISED SYSTEM Timberwolves6625025.0%62522.0% Magic57888.82569.0 Nets4470.7100.4 Lakers6011911.936112.7 Nuggets52434.31214.3 The New York Knicks did something unusual Monday night: They won a basketball game — just their 17th this season. What wasn’t so unusual — from a franchise that starred in such tragicomedies as Amar’e Stoudemire punching a fire extinguisher and Andrea Bargnani nearly snatching defeat from the jaws of victory — was the Knicks’ poor sense of timing. Having spent most of the season ridding their roster of anyone who could possibly help them win, the Knicks have now won twice in a row.Those two wins could make a lot of difference to the Knicks’ chance of drafting Jahlil Okafor or Karl-Anthony Towns. With one game left for each team, the Knicks are 17-64, a game better than the Minnesota Timberwolves at 16-65. The Philadelphia 76ers have the third-worst record at 18-63.Let’s say each team loses its final game. Under the NBA’s lottery formula, the Timberwolves would have a 25.0 percent chance of landing the first pick, the Knicks would have a 19.9 percent shot, and the Sixers a 15.6 percent chance.That seems like an awfully big difference for teams that are separated by just one or two games in the standings. But it’s how the NBA’s rules work. The number of losses doesn’t matter, only the order of the teams.1The league does, at least, split the difference in the event of ties, so if the Knicks and Timberwolves each finish at 17-65, they’ll each have about a 22.5 percent chance at the first pick.There’s a better way to award those pingpong balls, one that maintains the spirit of the current lottery system without allowing a one-game difference to matter so much.Here’s how it works. Take each team’s number of losses. Subtract 41 (41-41 represents a breakeven record in the NBA). Then square the result. That’s how many pingpong balls a team gets. (OK, one more provision: A team gets a minimum of 10 lottery balls, including if it has a winning record.2Otherwise, a team with a winning record would get more lottery balls than a team with a 41-41 record, since subtracting 41 from a number less than 41 and squaring the result would produce a positive number.)That might seem arbitrary — but it produces results that are remarkably similar to the current formula, only fairer. What chance would each team have at the first pick this year, for example? Assuming each team’s final game goes according to the FiveThirtyEight NBA Power Ratings,3Meaning that the Wolves, Knicks and Sixers all lose. that would leave the Wolves with a 22.0 percent chance at the first pick, the Knicks at 20.3 percent and the Sixers at 18.6 percent. read more

The NHL MVPs Big Bearded Snub

On their own, Burns’s numbers are impressive. But when you compare them to those of his peers, they look downright heroic. Since the lockout — and excluding 2012-13, which was a half-season — the top-10 defensemen in the league each season2Ranked by points scored have scored an average of 58 points. This year, Burns scored 18 more points than that. The entire blue line corps of five teams failed to notch more goals than Burns, including the Washington Capitals, who had the best record in hockey. Other blue liners have been snubbed since Pronger’s Hart win. Most notably, Nicklas Lidstrom won seven Norris trophies as the league’s top defenseman, but he was never even named as a finalist for the Hart trophy.3Burns will likely win his first Norris tonight. It’s true that Lidstrom’s reign of dominance coincided with the rise of generational talents like Crosby and Alexander Ovechkin, but it’s difficult to believe one of the five best defensemen to ever play hockey wasn’t good enough to at least be considered as one of the three best players in the NHL during that stretch.And if the dearth of defensemen nominated for the Hart since Pronger’s win in ‘99-00 looks suspicious, all you’ve got to do is look at the three decades preceding his win to understand it’s been something of an enduring trend: before Pronger, the last defenseman to win the Hart trophy was Bobby Orr in 1971-72.4Orr won the award three times consecutively between 1969-70 and 1971-72, scoring 376 points over that stretch. It’s the second-best three year span for a defenseman in NHL history. And before Orr? It was Toronto Maple Leafs defenseman Babe Pratt, who won the Hart in 1943-44. Hockey writers—apparently—don’t have much love for defensemen.Although it ostensibly honors the best player on the ice, the Hart trophy is basically an award given to the top forward — and really just the top center 5Since Orr last won the Hart in 1971-72, 28 of the 45 winners have been center icemen. That Wayne Gretzky played in that span helped. — and every once in awhile the top goalie in the NHL. Until the Hart’s description reads, “Given to the league’s best centerman (and sometimes it’s best goalie, too),” it’s due time the PHWA begins taking the candidacy of the league’s top defensemen for the league’s top honors seriously. At the NHL’s annual awards show tonight in Las Vegas, the shiniest piece of hardware that will be given out is the Hart Memorial Trophy, which is awarded to the player deemed to be the most valuable to his team by the Professional Hockey Writers’ Association. The shortlist of nominees includes Penguins’ captain Sidney Crosby, Oilers’ phenom Connor McDavid, and Blue Jackets’ goalie Sergei Bobrovsky — all of whom had terrific seasons. But no matter who wins, there’s an argument to be made that it will be the wrong choice. This is because the league’s most outstanding performance came from someone who wasn’t nominated.San Jose Sharks’ defenseman Brent Burns turned heads all season, and often for reasons other than his toothless smile, man bun and ZZ Top beard. His production was everything you could ask of someone on the blue line, notching 76 points, tied for the fourth-highest point total by a defenseman since the lockout of 2004-05. Of those 76 points, 29 were goals, which was 70 percent more than the second-best defenseman and the most by anyone at the position since 2008-09. Burns isn’t only a goal-producing machine—he also led the league in point shares, 1Point shares roughly translate to the amount of a team’s points one player is responsible for. A decent analog is Bill James’ win shares, a complicated formula popular among baseball statheads. accounting for more of his team’s success in the standings than any of the three (still very worthy) MVP candidates nominated above him. He’s also the only player in the NHL to finish in the top five in both offensive and defensive point shares. That’s pretty impressive stuff, but not impressive enough to be a finalist for the Hart, apparently.Despite Burns’s gaudy scoring numbers and clear impact on his team’s success, it shouldn’t come as a shock that the PHWA left Burns off its list: Defensemen, despite representing one third of the players on ice, have a long history of being overlooked. The last time a defenseman was nominated for the Hart trophy, we were all basking in relief that Y2K hadn’t destroyed civilization. Chris Pronger won the award after his brilliant 1999-00 season with the St. Louis Blues. In his MVP-winning campaign, Pronger notched 62 points and led the NHL with 14.2 point shares, both of which fall short of Burns’s numbers from 2016-17. read more

Ohio State field hockey set for No 18 Indiana Hoosiers

Sophomore midfielder Paige Hamilton (2) fights for the ball against Penn State on Sept. 28 at Buckeye Varsity Field. OSU lost, 4-3.Credit: Grant Miller / Copy chiefThe road has not been kind to Ohio State field hockey so far this season, but the team is looking to clean things up when it travels to Bloomington, Ind., for a 3 p.m. showdown with the No. 18 Indiana Hoosiers on Friday.The Buckeyes are 1-5 on the road this season and have yet to pick up a Big Ten victory. The team understands the importance of the late conference games and how it can use them as a stepping-stone to the Big Ten Tournament, junior forward Peanut Johnson said.“I think we take, especially Big Ten games, very seriously,” Johnson said. “And each one, we wanna come out with everything. Typically, at least in my career, we’ve come out in the tournament really hard and played really well, so hopefully we get it together for these last few games.”For OSU, it’s all about matchups when facing the Hoosiers. Coach Anne Wilkinson said she wants to find the best way to get her playmakers into space.OSU’s biggest playmaker on the season has been freshman midfielder Maddy Humphrey, who leads the team with 11 goals and 30 points. Humphrey picked up her third Big Ten Freshman of the Week honor Tuesday after compiling seven points last week in games against Rutgers and Kent State.“My coaches help and even my players help,” Humphrey said. “They’ve taught me the little things that have helped me gotten these awards and helped me get the points I have with all their hard work.”Humphrey’s 30 points put her fourth in the Big Ten.Her next biggest test will be squaring off against All-Big Ten performer Audra Heilman, a senior forward for Indiana. Heilman is fifth in the conference in points with 29, and fourth in the conference with 12 goals on the season.Wilkinson said one of the keys against Indiana will be playing a complete game of field hockey against a team notorious for playing its best late in the game.“It’s gonna be that we need to be able to play consistent field hockey for 70 minutes first, and be able to play 70 minutes strong no matter what,” Wilkinson said. “Indiana’s a team that usually plays well in the second half. We need to be able to compete for 70 minutes.”OSU is then set to return home Sunday to play host to No. 12 Iowa at noon.Iowa boasts the Big Ten’s leader in goals (16) and points (37), Natalie Cafone. The junior forward from Fairfield, N.J., averaged 2.48 points per game in her sophomore season to lead the country.In her junior campaign, she is besting that mark, averaging 2.85 points per game. Cafone poses a major risk to the Buckeyes’ defense, but OSU’s freshman goalie Liz Tamburro has been under fire before.She leads the conference with 90 saves on the season, and it will be up to her to deny Cafone around the front of the net.With six of nine Big Ten teams ranked in the top 20 nationally, the season has become a grind for OSU, Humphrey said, but she added the Buckeyes like it that way.“It shows that we have a lot of competition nationally,” Humphrey said. “And we’ve played a lot of tough teams. We’ve been right there with them, so hopefully we can just finish it now in the next four games.”Those four matchups are the only games remaining on OSU’s regular season schedule. read more

Football Ohio State wide receivers remain a priority for the offense into

OSU redshirt junior wide receiver Parris Campbell (21) jukes a Scarlet player during the 2017 Spring Game at Ohio Stadium on April 15, 2017. Credit: Mason Swires | Assistant Photo EditorWhen the wide receivers met with their position coach, Zach Smith, and the rest of the offensive coaching staff in the offseason between the Fiesta Bowl and the start of spring camp, they knew things had to change.Following Saturday’s spring game where the top five wideouts reeled in 24 catches for 327 yards and four touchdowns, it appears that the unit has been resurrected for the time being.But it remains a priority for the offense moving into summer workouts and fall camp.“I saw some guys, some receivers really step up and make some nice plays,” OSU coach Urban Meyer said Saturday postgame.Redshirt junior Parris Campbell grabbed five receptions for 46 yards in one quarter of play, redshirt sophomore K.J. Hill had six receptions for 62 yards, redshirt junior Terry McLaurin scored twice with 80 yards on four catches, and redshirt junior Johnnie Dixon led the team with six catches for 108 yards and two scores.OSU’s passing struggles last season were most evident when the lights were brightest, throwing for an average of 112 yards in the final three games. Redshirt senior quarterback J.T. Barrett ranked 55th in passing efficiency in 2016, while the team was 81st in passing yards per game with 213.9. Barrett said after the spring game that with a group of experienced receivers this coming season, the mindset has changed.“Now, I think we’re at the point where we have older guys in that room now just understanding what we’re trying to do offensively,” he said. “I think a lot of times … you’re just like, ‘I have my route, I see my coverage and then that’s it.’ But now really understanding what we’re trying to do on offense with certain plays and who’s going to get open and be able to help those guys — help each other in that room — not just saying (it’s) just me getting the ball.”OSU’s new offensive coordinators, Kevin Wilson and Ryan Day, unleashed the passing game in Saturday’s annual Scarlet-Gray spring game. The quarterbacks threw for 654 yards with seven touchdowns to one interception. While that’s the start the two wanted, the receiving unit had a similarly strong showing in the 2016 annual team scrimmage that didn’t carry over to the real stage and often floundered even more in crucial moments. Now that the receiving corps has its base to build on, the rest of the offseason up until Aug. 31 in Bloomington, Indiana, will be dedicated to continuing to return to the electrifying offense OSU had in 2014, when the Buckeyes averaged nearly 250 yards per game through the air.Barrett said now that the receivers have displayed their potential, it’s time for he and the receivers to polish the details.“I remember, for example, me and Noah (Brown) last year, we worked on back-shoulder fades all the time,” he said. “And then it came up in the game several times whether it be Oklahoma or it came up against Wisconsin (in) overtime. So those are the little things that you work on. Red-zone timing, because that’s when you really have time for that, but also too, that’s the little details that you need, especially in the red-zone area.”Dixon finally had his breakout game after missing nearly the entirety of the past three seasons, so his confidence in the wide receivers being showstoppers in 2017 might seem a bit skewed. However, Meyer will be looking closely at the unit to make that leap before August.“I think the unit, Zone 6, we can make a big impact,” Dixon said. “Right now, we just know we have to enhance everything because we felt like this spring, we’ve done so good. What we do, we just have to enhance it and keep going and get better.” read more

Track and Field Ohio State brings the heat in lone home meet

Then-junior Nick Gray will run the men’s 60-meter-dash, 200-meter-dash and 4×400-meter-relay this weekend at the Music City Challenge in Nashville, Tennessee. Credit: Courtesy of Ohio State AthleticsOhio State hosted its only home meet of the season Friday at French Field House.“It’s a special moment, being able to perform [at] home because we never get to,” sophomore sprinter Andre Jeff said. The Ohio State Buckeye Tune-Up hosted schools from Division I, II and III.Men’s recapSenior Nick Gray, coming off a new Ohio State 60-meter dash record that was set at last weeks meet at Clemson, finished first today in the 60-meter dash with a time of 6.74s. Jeff finished first in the 300-meter dash with a mark of 33.82. The Buckeyes took home first and second in the 600-meter run, with sophomore Tyrese Fajardo finishing with a time of 1:21.58 and senior Kyle McKinney following up with a time of 1:22.12. Junior Alexander Lomong placed first for the Buckeyes in the 800-meter run, with a mark of 1:53.18. Women’s recapSenior Sade Olatoye outdid herself once again, breaking her own Ohio State record in shot put with a throw of 17.73 meters. She took first in the shot put and placed second in weight throw with a throw of 23.24 meters. “I had a good mindset [going into the meet] and I was able to come out with a win,” Olatoye said. “It was our only home meet, so definitely tried to show the Bucks that we’re ready to go for Big Ten.”Sophomore Anavia Battle and senior Bliss Soleyn placed first and second in the 60-meter dash, consecutively. Battle ran a time of 7.32s and Soleyn with a time of 7.43s. Junior Alexus Pyles and freshman Britten Bowen finished the 60-meter hurdles in second and third. Pyles with a time of 8.41s and Bowen with a time of 8.57s. The Buckeyes will begin preparing for the Big Ten Indoor Track and Field Championships in Ann Arbor, Michigan Feb. 22 and 23. read more

Baseball Ohio State cruises to 85 victory against Xavier

Ohio State junior outfielder Dominic Canzone (33) celebrates with senior infielder Kobie Foppe (2) after a home run during the game against Michigan on April 12. Ohio State won 10-5. Credit: Casey Cascaldo | Photo EditorFour years ago, now-redshirt senior pitcher Thomas Waning was not wearing a scarlet and gray uniform. Instead, he was wearing navy in his redshirt season for Xavier.   Waning and Ohio State (21-17, 4-5 Big Ten) cruised past Xavier (14-23, 5-1 Big East) by a score of 8-5. Big games from Waning and junior right fielder Dominic Canzone allowed for the Buckeyes to win their fifth game in the past six games. In his third year with the Buckeyes, Waning received his first start Tuesday, but he wasn’t slated to be the starter until a few hours before the game.  “Mitch Milheim wasn’t able to pitch tonight. He’s actually in surgery for having his appendix removed,” head coach Greg Beals said.This forced the staff to call upon Waning. The right hander had logged 11.2 innings in 12 appearances for Ohio State on the season, but the nerves were still there for the redshirt senior. “[I was] a little nervous,” Waning said. “It’s been six years since I started, since high school.” Waning entered the contest with a 6.17 ERA and a 9-to-8 strikeout-to-walk ratio. The redshirt senior would not allow a baserunner through the first 3.2 innings of his start. He would finish the day with four scoreless innings pitched, the longest outing of his career, and one hit allowed in his first career win. “To get four from him was more than we expected,” Beals said. “Really happy for Thomas.” Canzone would electrify the game with both his fielding and hitting abilities. Defensively, the co-captain would lay out to record two catches in the outfield.“Those were huge for Thomas to settle in and not have to work with a man on base and under pressure,” Beals said. In the batter’s box, Canzone would emphatically increase his on-base streak to 34 games. With two outs in the second inning, Canzone launched a moonshot home run over the right field wall on his first pitch to extend the lead to three. “There are guys out there that have the ability to find the barrel of the bat, and Dom is certainly that guy,” Beals said. Canzone would record three hits and two runs on the game, bringing his batting average to .368 on the season. Senior left fielder Brady Cherry was able to launch a two-run home run over the left field wall later in the second.On the year, Canzone and Cherry have combined for 19 of the team’s 36 home runs this season.“For me and Cherry, I consider us leaders on this team,” Canzone said. “I just have a feeling that we can lead our team in every single game, and I just want to take as much pressure as I can off the other guys.” The Xavier pitching staff had been prone to allowing home runs all season, and Tuesday was no different. After allowing 47 coming into the game, the Musketeers were taken yard two times by the Ohio State bats. The Buckeyes jumped on the Musketeers early with an RBI single from junior first baseman Conner Pohl in the first inning. Redshirt sophomore designated hitter Brent Todys brought home the second run of the inning with a single to left-center field. Pohl earned his second RBI of the game and 26th of the year with his first-career triple. Sophomore catcher Dillon Dingler and freshman third baseman Zach Dezenzo would knock in the second and third runs of the fourth inning. The Buckeyes would do the bulk of their damage with two outs. With a .533 two-out batting average, Ohio State would scratch across seven runs with two outs.  “It tells me something that the focus, the lock in, and the compete mode is strong,” Beals said. Cherry would try his hand at pitching for the fourth time this season, but a grand slam by senior shortstop Chris Givin capped off a five-run eighth inning for the Musketeers and the outing for Cherry. Junior pitcher Andrew Magno picked up his sixth save of the year. “Andrew is coming into himself. He’s always had great stuff,” Beals said. Ohio State will resume Big Ten play at 6:30 p.m. Friday against Maryland. read more

AE crisis deepens despite drop in numbers attending casualty units

first_imgAn NHS England spokesman, said:  “Demand moderated somewhat last week, but A&E departments remain under pressure, with flu cases set to increase and norovirus still higher than last year.”As flu increases we would remind the public that if you’re otherwise healthy, usually you can manage flu symptoms yourself at home and there’s no need to see a GP. Most people feel better within a week.”On a single day, January 9th, 61 hospital trusts issued alerts, the highest number since a new system of Operational Pressures Escalation Levels was introduced.Norman Lamb, Liberal Democrat health spokesperson said: “This NHS winter crisis brings bad news day after day and patients are paying the price.“The Government are doing nothing to deal with it. I don’t know how bad the figures need to get for them to actually take action.”The figures show 15 NHS trusts have issued such alerts every single day from Jan 3 to Jan 13.  They are:University Hospitals Of North Midlands NHS TrustEast Lancashire Hospitals NHS TrustLeeds Teaching Hospitals NHS TrustNorth Cumbria University Hospitals NHS TrustSt Helens And Knowsley Hospitals NHS TrustBuckinghamshire Healthcare NHS TrustDartford And Gravesham NHS TrustEast Sussex Healthcare NHS TrustIsle Of Wight NHS TrustMedway NHS Foundation TrustOxford University Hospitals NHS TrustRoyal Berkshire NHS Foundation TrustRoyal United Hospital Bath NHS Foundation TrustSurrey And Sussex Healthcare NHS TrustHospital trusts reported bed occupancy levels of 95.8 per cent – up from 94. per cent in the previous week.It comes despite repeated pleas from health officials to reduce capacity to levels of 85 per cent, in order to free beds for the most urgent cases. NHS trust have been ordered to suspend the vast majority of operations for at least a month as hospitals cope with what senior doctors have called the worst winter crisis in the history of the NHS.An NHS Improvement spokesperson said: “Despite dealing with record demand, compounded by high numbers of people with flu or vomiting, staff within the NHS are pulling out all the stops to provide the public with quick access to the highest quality care possible.“Even at this busy time for the NHS, almost nine out of ten patients who turn up to A&E departments are seen within four hours.“The NHS needs everyone to play their part by using alternatives to A&E departments where appropriate. This includes GP services, NHS 111 and local pharmacies.”  Separate data suggests that almost every hospital in the UK is dangerously short of nurses.Staff said patients were being left unwashed, unmonitored and without crucial medications, amid a worsening crisis in the country’s hospitals.The analysis by Health Service Journal show 96 per cent of acute hospitals failed to provide the planned number of registered nurses to cover day shifts in October – the worst performance since analysis began in 2014.Nurses said they were working in “desperately unsafe” circumstances, with one saying she felt “sick to the stomach” at the risks being posed.The analysis by Health Service Journal tracked NHS data from 2014/15 to 2016/17.In total, 214 of 224 acute hospitals failed to fully fill their day shifts last October- a rate of 96 per cent – while while 190 (85 per cent) were understaffed at night.  Both figures are the worst since tracking began in 2014.Nurses said they were being reduced to tears regularly, with one describing an “overwhelming feeling of sadness” at failing to deliver the care patients deserved. One of England’s most senior nurses said the pressures the NHS was under were the worst she had ever experienced.Ruth May, executive director at NHS Improvement – the health service watchdog –  said: “We all know the NHS is dealing with intense pressure at the moment. It’s the toughest I have ever seen it.”Janet Davies, chief executive of the Royal College of Nursing, said: “This is yet more evidence that there are too few nurses caring for patients, putting people at serious risk.“There are already at least 24,000 nursing vacancies in the UK and it’s getting worse every single day.”The new figures also suggest healthcare assistants are routinely being employed to stand in for nurses.  Research published in November found that patients are a fifth more likely to die in hospitals where nurses are replaced with less-qualified staff.A Department of Health spokesman said: “We expect all parts of the NHS to make sure they have the right staff, in the right place, at the right time to provide safe care — that’s why there are already almost 26,000 extra clinical staff, including almost 11,400 additional doctors and over 11,200 additional nurses on our wards since May 2010.”The trusts with the lowest percentage of nursing shifts filled:Dewsbury and District Hospital 75%Pontefract General Infirmary 77%Princess Alexandra Hospital, Harlow 77%University Hospital of North Tees 77%Royal Albert Edward infirmary, Wigan 79%Figures from NHS Choices, October 2016, analysis by Health Service Journal The number of days patients are spending in hospitals due to so-called 'bed blocking' has risen 42 per cent It’s the toughest I have ever seen itRuth May, executive director, NHS Improvement Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? 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NHS England has warned the health system is under strainCredit:Lynne Cameron/PA Wirecenter_img NHS England has warned the health system is under strain New figures show a deepening winter crisis across the NHS with 52 Accident & Emergency departments ordering ambulances to be diverted to other hospitals.The record high comes despite a significant drop in the number of patients arriving at casualty units, following repeated advice to stay away unless need is severe. The figure is almost twice the 27 recorded in the same week last year. And 45 per cent of NHS trusts in England declared a major alert last week as services came under pressure.Sixty-eight trusts out of 152 raised the alarm at least once due to bed shortages and problems managing the flow of patients through A&E.The figure  is a rise on the 65 issued the week before.Overall, NHS hospitals issued 294 operational alerts over the week from January 7 to 13, saying they were experiencing major pressures.Some 27 trusts issued an alert on every single day, while 15 NHS trusts have done so for 11 days in succession.Health officials said the figures could not be directly compared, as they had “toughened” up definitions so that more alerts were included in the latest statistics. Meanwhile bed occupancy continued to rise – despite a drop in A&E visits and in the number of patients admitted as an emergency. The number of A&E attendances dropped to 347,000,  well down from 376,000 the week before. Weekly emergency admissions fell from 90,000 cases to 88,000.It comes as hospitals struggle to cope with rising cases of flu, and norovirus levels which are 75 per cent higher than last year.Figures for the week ending 15 January show 20.3 GP consultations for flu per 100,000 people.The previous week there  were 18.8 cases of flu per 100,000 people, a steep rise from the 12 per 100,000 recorded in the week ending 1 January.  One working in the south west of England said: “The most patients I have ever had is 16 on a night shift, I know for a fact that I did not do all the observations and can only hope that I did not cause anyone any real harm.”Another said: “Corners are cut and safety is compromised daily, we just do a really good job of covering it up”.An incident report disclosed one nurse left looking after 24 patients during 2015. The short-staffing left patients without care and medication, as unhappy relatives pleaded for help. The number of days patients are spending in hospitals due to so-called ‘bed blocking’ has risen 42 per centCredit:PAlast_img read more

Humpback whale knew rescuers were trying to help when it was saved

first_imgSalcombe RNLI Lifeboat tasked to Blackpool Sands, whale appears to be entangled.— RNLI Salcombe (@RNLISalcombe) April 1, 2017 Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. A humpback whale that attracted crowds of whale-watchers had to be rescued for a second time this weekend after becoming entangled in fishing nets.Lifeboat crews said the huge mammal knew they were trying to help and was “very cooperative”. Free Again!! Great team work RNLI Salcombe, RNLI Dart along with two Divers.— RNLI Salcombe (@RNLISalcombe) April 1, 2017 30 minutes after being tasked to help in setting free a trapped whale RNLISalcombe volunteer crews training with Coast Guard air rescue team— RNLI Salcombe (@RNLISalcombe) March 22, 2017 The whale is believed to have been travelling north, but had stopped in the area to make the most of feeding from plankton and small fish.Rescuers said the animal appeared to be uninjured after it was set free. A spokesman for the RNLI said: “Initially the divers thought they may be able to free the whale relatively easily.”However, the line was caught around the whale’s tail so it would have been extremely dangerous for the divers to be in the water if she whipped her tail back once free.” Whale rescuecenter_img The whale was caught up in fishing gearCredit:SWNS It’s like a scene from Mission Impossible, a crew member is leaning off the boat with a knife attempting to cut it free! Amazing!— Henry Kirkwood 🦅 (@HenryKirkwood92) March 22, 2017 Just a week ago the whale had to be cut free on the Devon shoreline.And on Saturday it was caught up in whelk pot lines off a fishing vessel, prompting the RNLI to be called in. Dan Jarvis of British Divers Marine Life Rescue told the BBC: “Fortunately this time it was a much easier operation and with the experience we had from the last time, it was all done and dusted in about an hour.”The whale was quite exhausted, but they’re very intelligent animals, so I’d like to think it knew we were trying to help and was very cooperative.” Crew members in special orange overalls and plastic helmets worked to release the distressed whale, which was spurting sprays of water.The spokesman said: “The divers eventually freed the whale successfully by lifting the whale’s tail out of the water as far as the could, and cutting the line around it’s tail.”No injuries were sustained by the divers, and the whale also appears to be uninjured.” A larger lifeboat suitable for poor weather conditions was called upon to help out, and two more volunteers boarded the fishing boat.last_img read more

UK weather Britain to enjoy miniheatwave as temperatures set to beat August

first_imgBut the warm conditions are likely to be confined to England and Wales, with Scotland and Ireland still affected by weather fronts making conditions more unsettled. But the return to summer weather won’t last for long – forecasters said there would be a return to cooler conditions by the second half of the week. North SeaIt is going to be mainly cloudy in the morning. Sunny periods later, but an isolated shower is possible too. Light north-easterly winds. Max temp 17-20C (63-68F).Northern ScotlandIt will be mostly cloudy in the morning. Brighter spells later, but with isolated showers too. A rather cloudy but dry evening. Gentle easterly winds. Max temp 16-19C (61-66F), but cooler along much of the coast.Argyll & ButeIt is going to be overcast and wet with persistent heavy rain for much of the day. Staying wet through the evening too but the rain will ease. Gentle easterly winds. Max temp 14-17C (57-63F).West Scotland/Western IslesIt is expected to be bright for a while, but with a few showers. Cloudier later with a chance of patchy light rain in places. Gentle easterly winds. Max temp 16-19C (61-66F).OrkneyA generally fine day, as it will be dry and bright with sunny spells and variable amounts of cloud. Gentle easterly winds. Max temp 13-16C (55-61F).ShetlandIt is expected to be dry with spells of hazy sunshine, as well as variable cloud. Light westerly winds. Max temp 12-15C (54-59F).Northern IrelandIt looks set to be very unsettled and thundery through the day with frequent heavy showers or more persistent rain. Staying wet during the evening too with further thundery downpours. Gentle south-easterly winds. Max temp 16-19C (61-66F). This August has been cooler and wetter than average, with temperatures so far peaking at around 25 degrees. Weather over the Bank Holiday is set to be unpredictable, but it could be a washout, with rain forecast for much of the country.The forecast suggests that August temperatures are unlikely to break the records seen earlier this year, with a temperature of 34.5 degrees making June 21 the hottest June day for 40 years. Here’s a closer look at the weather in key regions across Britain.LondonDrizzle at first. It will then be mostly cloudy with grey skies and the small chance of a shower too. A dry but still rather cloudy evening. Light westerly winds. Humid. Max temp 21-24C (70-75F).KentIt is expected to be rather wet with rain and drizzle for a time. Becoming mainly dry during the afternoon. A dry but still rather cloudy evening. Gentle south-westerly winds. Muggy. Max temp 19-22C (66-72F). East AngliaFollowing early drizzle, it will be dry but mainly cloudy, although one or two sunny periods are likely for a time. Gentle south-easterly winds. Max temp 18-21C (64-70F).Berkshire/Surrey/HampshireIt is expected to be dry but cloudy and overcast with little, if any, brightness expected. Warmer and humid with just a gentle south-westerly breeze. Max temp 21-24C (70-75F).EssexIt looks set to be wet and cloudy with rain from time to time, particularly in the morning. A possible isolated shower during the evening. Light south-westerly winds. Max temp 18-21C (64-70F).LincolnshireIt will be cloudy and in places wet with a chance of patchy light rain or drizzle at times. A drier but still quite cloudy evening. Gentle south-easterly winds. Max temp 17-20C (63-68F).Herefordshire/Staffordshire/ShropshireIt is going to be wet and cloudy with rain from time to time, particularly in the morning. The odd shower through the evening. Light south-westerly winds. Max temp 19-22C (66-72F).Channel IslandsIsolated showers at first. Then dry with bright or sunny periods developing during the course of the afternoon. A dry evening with spells of late sunshine. Gentle westerly winds. Humid. Max temp 18-21C (64-70F).Somerset/Dorset/Devon/Cornwall Following a clear start, it will be dry with a lot of cloud, although spells of hazy sunshine are quite likely. Warm and humid with a light to moderate south-westerly wind. Max temp 21-24C (70-75F), but cooler along much of the coast due to an onshore wind. South WalesIt is expected to be mainly dry but overcast with the small chance of a few spots of rain or drizzle later. Gentle south-westerly winds. Max temp 18-21C (64-70F).North WalesIt will be wet and cloudy with rain from time to time, particularly in the morning. Moderate south-westerly winds. Humid. Max temp 18-21C (64-70F).Lancashire/MerseysideIt is expected to be cloudy and wet with patchy rain or drizzle. Most of the rain will be light, but a heavier burst is possible. A drier evening but still cloudy. Moderate south-easterly winds. Max temp 17-20C (63-68F).CumbriaIt looks set to be rather unsettled and wet throughout the day with plenty of cloud and spells of rain, some heavy during the afternoon. A wet evening too. Moderate south-easterly winds. Max temp 17-20C (63-68F).Isle of Man/Irish SeaIt will be a very unsettled day with showers or longer spells of rain, often heavy with thunder possible. The rain should begin to ease during the evening. Moderate south-easterly winds. Max temp 15-18C (59-64F).East MidlandsIt is going to be mainly cloudy with outbreaks of light rain and drizzle, particularly after midday. A drier evening but still cloudy. Light southerly winds. Max temp 17-20C (63-68F). “On Tuesday temperatures could climb to 27 degrees, and that looks like it will probably be the peak so far this month.”The low pressure also means warm winds from the continent are reaching the UK, allowing temperatures to climb. center_img Britain will enjoy a mini-heatwave this week as temperatures reach their highest levels since the start of this month. Tropical air from Hurricane Gert and an area of low pressure mean that the south of England and East Anglia could see temperatures stretch into the high 20s, the Met Office said. Today, a grey, it will be a misty and damp start in many places but the north-east of both Scotland and England will be bright and dry for a time.There will be heavy rain in Northern Ireland which will spread to much of Scotland through the day. Any light rain in central England will slowly die out. Turning warm and bright in the south later after a damp, grey start.While it is set to be warm, it won’t be too sunny – conditions are instead inspected to be humid and cloudy.A spokesman said: “Monday and Tuesday will see a lot of warm and humid areas, with temperatures of around 23 to 25 degrees.  Yorkshire/Humberside/NorthumberlandIt will be mostly dry for a time, but thickening cloud will bring heavy rain during the afternoon. The rain will ease by the end of the day. Gentle south-easterly winds. Max temp 17-20C (63-68F).Scottish BordersIt is going to be mainly cloudy with scattered light showers, mostly during the afternoon. More persistent rain by evening. Gentle easterly winds. Max temp 17-20C (63-68F).Central/Edinburgh/Fife/TaysideIt is expected to be dry for a time, but mostly cloudy with the chance of patchy light rain during the afternoon. Gentle south-easterly winds. Max temp 16-19C (61-66F).GrampianIt will be generally dry but rather cloudy. There is the small chance of a light shower. Gentle south-easterly winds. Max temp 14-17C (57-63F).Dumfries & Galloway/Ayrshire & LanarkshireIt is expected to be mostly cloudy with the chance of a little rain during the morning and heavier rain later. The rain will ease by the end of the day. Gentle south-easterly winds. Max temp 16-19C (61-66F).GlasgowIt looks set to be mainly dry during the morning, but dull with light rain later. Rain becoming heavy during the evening. Light easterly winds. Max temp 17-20C (63-68F).HighlandsIt will be mostly cloudy with grey skies and the chance of a shower during the afternoon too. Gentle south-easterly winds. Max temp 16-19C (61-66F). Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Republic of IrelandFor eastern Ireland, following rain for a while early on, it will be overcast with thundery showers for a period during the morning. The chance of patchy drizzle in places during the afternoon. There will be a moderate south-westerly breeze. Meanwhile, across western Ireland, it is going to be unsettled and wet for much of the day with showers or more persistent rain, heavy at times with thunderstorms likely. Further evening rain. A warmer, humid day, despite the showers and a moderate southerly wind. Max temp 19-22C (66-72F), but cooler along the west coast.What will the weather be like tomorrow?Tomorrow will have showery rain in the north with heavy thundery rain possible later on in Northern Ireland. Southern areas will have sunny spells but there may be a few showers.last_img read more

Barnardos to stop using films depicting rape and murder to teach children

Barnados has announced it will no longer use films depicting girls being raped and murdered to teach children as young as 11 about sexual abuse, following complaints the material risks causing “serious harm” to youngsters. “Kayleigh’s Love Story” is based on the real-life case of 15-year-old Kayleigh Haywood who was killed in 2015. The leading children’s charity has confirmed to the Telegraph that it has stopped showing “videos that depict abuse as education aids”, acknowledging “it can cause trauma” after an investigation found pre-teens were being made to watch the videos featuring a girl being groomed, raped and murdered. Shown to 55,000 children as young as 11 in schools around Leicestershire…

Royal wedding guest list Who did Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank invite

High profile guests arrived at Windsor castle for the wedding of Princess Eugenie to Jack Brooksbank.  The star-studded guest list provided appearances from Naomi Campbell, Demi Moore and Pixie Geldof. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex were also seen in Windsor again today; the couple were attending the wedding of Princess Eugenie and Jack Brooksbank – which took place in Windsor Castle’s St George’s Chapel, the venue of their wedding. Celebrities made up the guest list, as well as senior members of the royal family and selected members of the public. 850 people will reportedly be in the chapel, with a further 1,200 expected in the ground; here is everything we know about the guests, from royal…

Why tubs of Christmas chocolates never have enough of your favourites

There was also disappointment for fans of Cadbury’s Heroes, as despite Wispas and Twirls being the most highly coveted, they had the fewest chocolates per box, with 30 per cent and 29 per cent ranking them as their favourites, but only an average of 9 and 6 in a box. It is a problem which has for generations caused rows among sweet-toothed families when the Christmas chocolates are passed around. And now consumer body Which? has established that some boxes of festive chocolates really do contain fewer of our favourites, in what could even be a cynical ploy to get us to buy bigger packs. There is bad news for Quality Street fans as Which? found tins contain half the “ideal” ratio of the most popular favourites, the Purple One and the Green one, explaining why many families scramble over them every year.Respectively there are only five and six in an average 720g tub, but with people’s favourites taken into account there should really be 11 and 10 o fthe sweets, Which? calculated. The chronic shortage of Purple Ones can be explained by Nestle’s selection process, it can be revealed, as it balances out the flavours in tubs by categorizing chocolates into three types, each of which make up one third of the total.  The types are: fruit cremes, chocolates and caramel/fudge. The Purple One falls into the category with tby far the most sweets, the “caramel/fudge” type, which also includes the Caramel Swirl, Fudge, Toffee Penny, Coconut Eclair, Toffee Deluxe, Toffee Finger. purple  Nestle appears to be cashing in on its less than ideal flavour ratios by teaming up with John Lewis to offer chocolate lovers the chance to fill a 1.2kg Quality Street tub with their own handpicked selection of chocolates.  Shoppers can fill up with as many Purple or Green Ones as they can stuff into their tins – but for £12 – which is nearly twice the price of a same sized tin at Sainsbury’s, which costs £7. Which? also ranked the flavours in tubs of Mars’ Celebrations, and Cadbury’s Heroes and Roses according to popularity, to determine what proportion of each should make up the perfect assortment.    Conversely, it found families were less likely to fight over Roses as there were an abundance of Strawberry Creams, the most popular chocolate. This is because the fruit cream category comprises just two flavours (Strawberry Delight and Orange Creme).  Cadbury’s said it chooses a random selection in tins of Roses which it said is “designed to be enjoyed by all”. When it comes to Celebrations there is good news for fans of Malteser Teasers, the most popular in the tub, as Which? found it is one of the most abundant chocolates with an average of 10 in each tub. Mars also has a random selection process for filling tubs.  Harry Rose, Editor of Which? Magazine, said: “Our analysis shows that it’s not your family’s fault that your favourite flavours disappear from the tub so quickly: there really are too few Purple Ones to meet popular demand.“Of course, if you’re a fan of Strawberry Delights, Eclairs or Milky Ways, this will be welcome news – you’re more likely to still be eating chocolates into the New Year than your Wispa-loving friends.”A spokesman for Nestle said: “We do take the popularity of individual sweets into account and have increased the number of people’s favourites in this year’s assortment. Our research shows that the Caramel Swirl is the sweet with the broadest appeal but other studies point to The Purple One or the Strawberry Delight as being more popular. Part of the fun of Christmas is the family discussion about each of our favourites and who gets the last sweet.A spokesperson for Cadbury said: “The mix for our Roses and Heroes tubs are specifically hand-picked and we review the mix regularly to ensure we are giving our customers an assortment of the best chocolate that they love. However, there can be some minor deviations in the mix due to manufacturing processes.” The Purple One – one of the nation’s favourite Quality Street chocolatesCredit:quality street  A spokesperson for Mars Wrigley Confectionery UK said: “Every year we enjoy seeing the debates rage about the nation’s favourite Celebrations.” The contents of a tub of Quality StreetsCredit:©BNPS quality street Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

School funding campaign criticised for claiming 91 per cent of schools face funding

A teaching union-backed campaign has been reprimanded by the statistics watchdog for its claim that 91 per cent of schools face funding cuts.The School Cuts Coalition, which is endorsed by all the major teaching unions, was criticised by the UK Statistics Authority for publishing “misleading” figures on its website.The watchdog examined the campaign’s figures after James Cleverly MP, the Deputy Chair of the Conservative Party, wrote a letter of complaint.The watchdog’s chair Sir David Norgrove yesterday (Thursday 17 January) revealed that he had contacted the website’s analyst to share his own concerns.In response to Mr Cleverly’s letter, Mr Norgrove wrote: “We believe the headline statement that ‘91% of schools face funding cuts’ risks giving a misleading impression of future changes in school budgets.”The method of calculation may also give a misleading impression of the scale of change for some particular schools.”He continued: “We were able to replicate the high-level figures given by the School Cuts website. It was not however possible to reproduce the exact figures published on the website, as the underlying data are not publicly available and the methodology is not wholly clear.”Mr Norgrove said the most significant issue was that the figures on the website were a combination of school budget reductions which have already been made and those expected to take place in the future, and that the 91 per cent figure only covers England but the website suggested it covered Wales too. He also pointed out that the underlying calculations inflate the 2015/16 baseline funding to what it would have been with each school’s 2015/16 per pupil funding, but using 2017/18 pupil numbers – portraying a worse picture for schools where pupil numbers are increasing.School Cuts said it stood by its figures, writing in a statement: “The UK Statistics Authority is concerned that some readers might believe that all of these cuts are yet to happen. We are happy to clarify: the clear facts are that 91% of schools will experience real-terms cuts between 2015 and 2020. Some of those cuts have already happened, some are yet to come. All of them are damaging to children’s education.”The UK Statistics Authority is also concerned that users of the website might not understand that some schools with rising pupil numbers will receive more cash. Again, we acknowledge the simple truth that schools with more children require more funding to provide the same level of education.”Our website makes clear that per-pupil funding has been cut, and that in 91% of schools per-pupil funding will be lower in 2020 than in 2015. Even those schools with rising pupil numbers will be required to do more with less. “We will be updating School Cuts shortly with the latest figures from Government. The release will look at the period 2015/16 to 2018/19 to show the scale of the cuts that have taken place since the Government made the manifesto commitment to ‘protect school funding’ in 2015.”The Department for Education has itself faced a backlash for allegedly using misleading statistics.An investigation was launched by the UK Statistics Authority in October last year after education ministers defended their record on state school spending by quoting figures which also included money spent by university students on tuition fees and parents on private school fees.School Standards Minister Nick Gibb said: “We all have a duty to make sure the statistics we use in public debate are both factually accurate and used in the right context. This is especially important when talking about school funding so teachers and parents are presented with the facts and are not at risk of being misled.“We have previously pointed out significant flaws in how the School Cuts campaign calculates and presents its statistics. We therefore welcome today’s letter from the UK Statistics Authority which confirms their approach risks giving a misleading impression of future changes in school budgets and that the method of calculation may also give a misleading impression of the scale of change for some particular schools.” Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. read more

Brazilians among trio busted in Central Rupununi with illegal gun ammo

The eight ammunition components found on the GuyaneseAccording to the police, the men are all being processed for court in the coming days. This is according to a Guyana Police Force statement which detailed that the Guyanese, 43, of South Rupununi was found in possession of eight ammunition components and the foreign nationals ages 43 and 48 years respectively, were found with a twenty-eight (28) gauge single barrel shotgun and five live cartridges. The twenty-eight (28) gauge single barrel shotgun and five live cartridges were found on the BraziliansRoutine patrols by ranks of the Joint Services, commanded by an army Lieutenant, in Central Rupununi, between January 26-28, 2018,  have resulted in the arrest of three males, two of whom are Brazilians, for unlawful possession of arms and ammunition. Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedMazaruni miners busted with unlicenced firearm, ammoFebruary 28, 2017In “Crime”Chinese national among several in custody for unlicenced firearms, ammoJanuary 20, 2017In “Crime”Guyanese, Brazilians caught with shotgun componentOctober 29, 2015In “Crime” read more

Chase bags century for Windies in mixed fortunes on day 2

4th ODIOctober 29Mumbai 2nd T20INovember 6Kanpur-Lucknow 3rd ODIOctober 27Pune 1st ODIOctober 21Guwahati 1st T20INovember 4Kolkata Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedReflections on Windies Cricket in 2018 Part 1 …Gabriel, Dowrich top Test performers in 2018December 28, 2018In “latest news”Chase, Holder resist to give West Indies respectabilityOctober 12, 2018In “latest news”Hope’s heroics help West Indies tie second India ODIOctober 24, 2018In “Sports” Roston ChaseRoston Chase completed his fourth Test century in the second over of play on Day two of the second Test versus India in Hyderabad but the WINDIES lost the last three wickets cheaply to be all out for 311.Devendra Bishoo was the first WINDIES wicket to fall on the resumption of play, when he chucked one onto his wicket from Umesh Yadav for 2. Jomel Warrican joined Chase in the middle and it didn’t take Chase long to complete his second Test century against India.He got an easy two runs to take him to triple figures. Six runs later and Yadav slipped one between bat and pad to rattle Chase’s stumps. Shannon Gabriel got a first ball duck when Yadav got him to edge behind.WINDIES all out for 311, Chase the top scorer with 106, Holder 52, Hope 36 and Dowrich 30. Umesh Yadav was the pick of the Indian bowlers, finishing with figures of 6/88 while Kuldeep Yadav had 3/85.Prithvi Shaw looked intent on attacking the WINDIES bowlers and did just that. His opening partner KL Rahul was the first wicket to fall when Jason Holder got him to play on to his stumps for 4.Shaw continued to make the WINDIES pacers look meek, taking a particular liking to Shannon Gabriel. Cheteshwar Pujara joined Shaw and the pair looked to replicate their partnership from the first Test in Rajkot. However, it was not to be as Shannon Gabriel had Pujara caught by Hamilton for 10.The WINDIES had an injury scare when wicketkeeper Shane Dowrich had to be carried off the field after being struck on the knee from a delivery. Hospital scans showed no damage but the effects of being hit from a 90mph delivery. He took no further part in the day’s play, with substitute Jahmar Hamilton taking up wicketkeeping duties.Indian Captain Virat Kohli and his vice-captain Ajinkya Rahane then went about rebuilding the Indian innings to reach the WINDIES 311 total. Striking 5-fours on his way to 45, Kohli was given out LBW but reviewed the decision. DRS determined that it was the on-field Umpire’s call and the original decision stayed. India now 162-4.Rahane was joined by Rishabh Pant and the pair regained control of the match for India, just when the WINDIES breathed a sigh of relief in the dismissal of Kohli. Rahane played his natural game of patience chipping away at the WINDIES bowlers, while Pant took a liking to Devendra Bishoo. Holder had to rotate his bowlers wisely but that still did not stop the flow of runs. Shannon Gabriel was exasperated after Hamilton dropped Pant on 24 when India were 196/4.At the close of play on day two India are 308/4, trailing by 3 runs with 6 wickets remaining. Pant on 85 not out and Rahane on 75 not out, with a 146-run partnership. Jason Holder had the best bowling figures for the WINDIES with 2/45, while Gabriel and Warrican had 1 each.No doubt the WINDIES will be going hard in the morning in search of those 6 remaining wickets. WINDIES first innings centurion Roston Chase said “After the first game, I really looked at my game in both innings and I thought I was trying to overhit the ball and in these quick out-fields, that’s not really called for. You just have to stroke the ball into the gaps and pick up the ones and twos and put the bad ball away…. Hopefully we get some wear and tear on the wicket to help the bowlers as the days go by because right now it’s a batters wicket.” (CWI)FULL SQUAD:Jason Holder (Captain)Sunil AmbrisDevendra BishooKraigg BrathwaiteRoston ChaseShane DowrichShannon GabrielJahmar HamiltonShimron HetmyerShai HopeShermon LewisKeemo PaulKieran PowellKemar RoachJomel WarricanINDIA TOUR SCHEDULE 5th ODINovember 1Trivanthapuram 2nd ODIOctober 24Indore 3rd T20INovember 11Chennai 1st TestOctober 4-8Rajkot 2nd TestOctober 12-16Hyderabad read more

Collapsing poles reason for power outage in Berbice GPL

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedEmergency works ongoing by GPL to restore power following stormJune 29, 2015In “Business”Opposition leader slams Govt over continuous power outagesMarch 16, 2018In “Business”East Berbice power interruption…service to be returned to normalcy by this eveningFebruary 29, 2016In “latest news” The Guyana Power and Light (GPL) is informing residents of sections of Berbice of power outages which is as a result of two collapsing line poles.The L22 Transmission Line poles reportedly fell due to the inclement weather including, unusually high winds.Residents of the from Auchlyne to Moleson Creek, Corentyne, Berbice experienced power outages from 07:00h to 10:30h as workers of the electrical company are working to have the poles restored.Workers are also said to be presently on site carrying out remedial works which is expected to be completed by 17:00h.No outages are being experienced at this time.However, the company noted that after the completion of remedial works, a brief service interruption of approximately one hour will be required to restore the circuits to their normal configuration.GPL in a statement said it is putting forth every effort to minimize the duration of the interruption and inconvenience caused to customers. read more

Harmony and Dept of Mining Engineering at University of Pretoria launch mining

first_imgResearch on a safer working environment in the hard-rock mining industry will henceforth be a very specific focus area at the University of Pretoria (UP). This is the result of a donation of R4.7 million over three years by Harmony Gold Mining Co to UP in order to establish a Chair in Rock Engineering and Numerical Modelling in mining. The Harmony chair will be housed in the Department of Mining Engineering of the University’s Faculty of Engineering, Built Environment and Information Technology.The aim of the chair will be to take part in leading research activities in the field of rock mechanics and numerical modelling in the mining industry. The chair is also aimed at producing research and learning outcomes to the benefit of Harmony, the University and the country as a whole. There will be opportunities for the development of products like software to support numerical modelling.Apart from research and studies in the above-mentioned fields, efforts will also be made to establish a postgraduate qualification in rock mechanics. Expanding undergraduate teaching in rock mechanics and numerical modelling, specifically as a result of new research being done, will also be an important function of the chair.Another important function of the Harmony chair will be to arrange much needed liaison between academic institutions and the industry in general, but specifically between Harmony and UP.Harmony will further benefit from this donation through its interaction with international leaders in the field of rock mechanics and numerical modelling research, as well as the interaction with under- and postgraduate students by way of student projects.Graham Briggs, CEO of Harmony, said: “Ensuring the safety of each of our mine workers is Harmony’s top priority. Therefore, further research and development to ensure even safer underground conditions are of the utmost importance to us. It is a privilege to have the University of Pretoria as partner in the pursuit of even safer mining activities.“It is of cardinal importance to our industry that South Africa should be seen as the leader in the field of research, with specific reference to the prevention of rock related deaths and injuries. We trust that this initiative will strengthen the partnership between academic institutions and the industry in hard-rock research activities and will empower mining companies to effect further safety improvements,” said Briggs.last_img read more