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Minimize Crop-Factor with Focal Reducers

first_imgFocal reducers are a cost effective way to eliminate most cropping on Blackmagic Cinema Cameras.Blackmagic Design cameras offer a lot of really awesome features that give filmmakers a huge bang for their buck…but one of those features comes at a cost, the infamous crop factor. A Gizmodo review of the Blackmagic Cinema Camera states:The camera’s Super-16mm sensor—smaller than micro four-thirds—means you have to re-assess your lens selection to account for the crop-factor. Not only will few lenses get you a super-wide angle shot, but depth of field will not be nearly as shallow as a full-frame camera like the Canon 5D series, or even APS-C sensor cameras like the Canon 7D or Sony FS100.  To get around this crop factor companies like Orion and Meade have created adapters that reduce cropping. These focal reducers come in a variety of prices but the real question is, do they work?In the following video presented by Ruben Kremer we take a look at a .72x focal reducer on a Blackmagic Pocket Camera and see if it’s worth the money.Pretty impressive huh? As with most lens adapters there is an added risk of creating some chromatic aberrations but it seems like the focal reducer that Ruben used worked pretty well. You can check out this focus reducer from Roxen on eBay.Thanks for sharing Ruben!Do you use focal adapters? Share your thoughts in the comments below!last_img read more

Cinematography Tip: Capture Smooth Panning Shots at 24fps

first_imgOne of the biggest headaches associated with shooting at 24fps is the jittery look of vertical lines you get when panning. This calculator will help you eliminate that issue entirely.Top image of Chris Menges from Movie City NewsThe reason we love 24p footage so much, is the very same reason it can be so frustrating to work with – it’s just not smooth. Unlike 30p or 60p footage that can appear so smooth that it’s hyper-realistic looking, 24fps material has a slight jitter to it, which makes it feel more ‘filmic.’Here’s a comparison from Derek Rowe that highlights the differences between 24fps and 60fps:This jittery effect goes unnoticed most of the time, except of course in certain circumstances — one example being panning shots. If you’ve ever watched back footage from a shoot and noticed that a building, sign, or anything else with a vertical line seemed to appear jumpy or jittery when panning, you probably weren’t factoring in panning speeds.To clarify exactly what this looks like, take a look at this test video I shot a couple years back with my GH3. The intention was to compare my new camera to the GH2 and see which had more noticeable jitter when panning:GH3 – Panning Judder Test from Noam Kroll on Vimeo.This issue can be problematic in other ways too – for example scrolling credits can often appear jittery at 24fps if they aren’t set to the right speed. But for the purpose of this post, we’ll focus on the production side of things and how to avoid this issue in camera.Thankfully, there’s a bit of a science to getting smooth motion when panning in 24p. Some of the biggest variables that come into play include: lens length, shutter speed, resolution, and panning angle. Once you understand how these elements affect each other, you can quickly figure out how long it should take you to pan from one side of your shot to the other.For example… let’s say you’re shooting on a 35mm lens at 24p on a Super 35mm camera. Let’s also assume that the shot you’re trying to capture calls for a panning angle of about 45 degrees — or in other words: you need to rotate the camera 45 degrees in your shot. To smoothly capture this shot you’d need to take at least 8 seconds to pan across your shot. If you were to move more slowly, that’ll work too… But any faster and your image becomes jittery.This may sound confusing, but there are many free calculators online that will help you determine the best panning speed for your shot. One of the ones that I use most often and highly recommend is from RED Digital Cinema. It can be found on their website here: Free Calculator from REDHere’s another from STAM Interactive: Pan Speed CalculatorAnd lastly, here’s a quick video from the great Dave Dugdale that’s full of tips that can help you pull off a great panning shot.Got any tips for your fellow cinematographers? Let us know in the comments below!last_img read more

How to Create Audio Reaction Effects

first_imgSync your video effects to any audio with this easy-to-follow video tutorial.Are you creating a lyric video? Do you need to sync a specific element to your soundtrack? No matter the project, this After Effects tutorial has you covered. The video covers two important elements when it comes to audio reaction. The first part shows you how to covert your song into audio keyframes, which will allow you to sync to any parameter in After Effects. The second part covers specific audio reaction effects that can be great for displaying the beats of a song. Whatever you are looking to do as far as audio reaction goes, this tutorial will get you started.Takeaways from This TutorialHow to use any soundtrack and set up your composition for synchronization.How to use an expression to audio react any parameter in After Effects.Creating an audio spectrum and waveform that reacts to your music.Download the Free Project FileYou can follow along with this tutorial by downloading the free project and assets folder. Inside, you’ll have the project files, images, and a watermarked copy of “City Cruising” by Mattijs Muller — which you can license from THE FREE AE PROJECT FILEUnderstanding the Audio Reaction ExpressionAfter you have converted your audio layer to keyframes, a new null object will appear in your timeline. Bring up the keyframes and go to the graph editor.Alt+click the stopwatch for the Both Channels Slider parameter and type the expression “ease(value,10,30,15,30).”The first numerical value should be the an average of the lower dips in your song. The second value should be an average of the louder areas of your song. You can view this information by hovering over the keyframes in the graph editor. The third and fourth values represent how minimal and intense you want your audio reaction to be. Be sure to experiment with the last two values to get the reaction you are looking for.Have you created audio reactions in your projects before? Let us know in the comments.last_img read more

The Professional and the Amateur

first_imgThe professional never stops studying their craft. They never stop training, and they never stop trying to make the distinctions that allow them to improve their performance.The amateur stops learning as soon as they achieve some basic level of competence. They stop training , and they don’t focus on learning more, even when it will improve their performance.The professional is open to new ideas. They don’t criticize the way other people do things. Instead, they try to understand why someone else does it different, what that person sees, and how it might sometimes be useful.The amateur isn’t open to new ideas. Because they are full of fear, they criticize and belittle new ideas and people who do things differently. They never look deep enough into something new or how it might benefit them.The professional prepares. The professional has rituals that they have built and refined over time. This preparation allows them to deliver exceptional results.To the amateur, preparation looks boring and unnecessary. They refuse to invest the time and energy into preparation, and because they are unprepared, they produce shoddy and haphazard results (when they produce any results).The professional focuses on the fundamentals. They are never bored practicing something they have rehearsed and executed a thousand times before. It’s their mastery of the fundamentals that make them professional.The amateur seeks novelty. They are easily bored and float from one thing to the next, believing that the results they seek will be found in the next big thing.The professional doesn’t need anything more the fundamental tools of her trade. She knows that it isn’t the tools that make the performance.The amateur looks the part. They have all of the latest and greatest tools, none of which improves their performance.The professional doesn’t make excuses. He doesn’t take shortcuts. He takes his time and pours himself into his work.The amateur believes that their lack of results are someone else’s fault, someone else’s responsibility. He takes shortcuts. He does as little work as necessary.Each of us makes a choice as to how we approach our work. You can choose the more difficult path of the professional and do work that makes a difference. Or you can dabble with the amateurs and try to scrape by. Get the Free eBook! Learn how to sell without a sales manager. Download my free eBook! You need to make sales. You need help now. We’ve got you covered. This eBook will help you Seize Your Sales Destiny, with or without a manager. Download Nowlast_img read more

Without a Sales Leader

first_imgYou can try to run a sales organization without a sales leader, but you will never generate the results you are capable of without one. All of the problems and challenges that will prevent you from acquiring clients and growing your revenue will stem from the lack of a leader. It isn’t a good idea to try to build a sales organization without having a leader in place.You can build a sales process designed to help you compel change, create value for your dream clients, and win new business. Without a leader to help salespeople learn, follow, and make adjustments to that process, the process is meaningless, worthless. With a leader, a process can provide an excellent framework for winning new deals.If you want to hire people without providing them a leader, you may as well take the money you would spend on that sales force, pour gasoline on the money, strike a match, and burn the money. Without a leader to set priorities, to set the cadence, to coach and develop them, salespeople will not perform to their true capacity. With a leader, you will have a sales force with priorities, an operating rhythm, and a coach who will improve their skills—and their results.Maybe you will do others have done before you, try to change the process, train the sales force, install a new methodology, or maybe fire the whole sales force and start over. Doing any or all of these will leave you exactly where these decisions have left the entrepreneurs and executive leaders who tried to change everything instead of hiring a leader. They were left in the same place as where they started, namely, lacking a sales leader.It is important to get things in the right order. Without providing the sales force with the leadership they need, you are not giving them a fair chance to succeed. Nor are you giving yourself that same chance. Hire the leader first, and then work on building around them.last_img read more

How To Reach Your Goals in 2019

first_img Essential Reading! Get my first book: The Only Sale Guide You’ll Ever Need “The USA Today bestseller by the star sales speaker and author of The Sales Blog that reveals how all salespeople can attain huge sales success through strategies backed by extensive research and experience.” Buy Now There is a difference between “goals” and what I call “disciplines,” something I wrote about in my first book, The Only Sales Guide You’ll Ever Need. The distinction is critical (more about that later). There are also two types of goals you need to set, and most people only set the first type of goal for themselves, cheating themselves of what they really want (if they have even done the work to know what they want in the first place, as most people haven’t been given a model of how to determine that for themselves, and so, they drift).Since it’s the time of year where people are engaged in this thinking, let’s take a look at what you really need to do to make 2019 different from 2018, starting with goals.Event-driven GoalsEvent-driven goals have a date by which some outcome will be reached. You might set a goal to generate $2,000,000 in annual revenue by December 31. When that date pops up on the calendar, you will have either accomplished your goal or failed to do so. Running a marathon is also an event-driven goal. There is an event, and you run the distance, or you don’t.Once you reach the date of the event, the goal is now over. The deadline is part of what makes goals powerful.Identity GoalsIdentity goals are about who you want to be and what you want your life to be like, a process I call “Achievement Design.” Instead of an event, like $2,000,000 in revenue, your financial goal might be something like “create generational wealth for my children and grandchildren.” That’s a very different financial goal than generating a certain amount of revenue in a business, isn’t it? Not only does it raise the bar, it’s worth pursuing over the course of a lifetime. It also requires a very different set of behavioral changes (of which there is more to say).You might also decide that you want to be structurally sound, flexible, mobile, with the energy and endurance to keep up with your grandchildren–or great grandchildren. That goal for your physical health is a very different type of marathon. Structurally sound means lifting weights, flexible means stretching and yoga, energy means diet and sleep and hydration, and endurance means cardiovascular exercise. Identity goals don’t have an end date, and there is no “checking the box” that indicates the goal is reached. They require routine maintenance.This doesn’t mean we have no use for event-driven goals. These goals with end dates are the milestones that roll up underneath your identity goals. The revenue you generate in your business provides you with the money you need to invest for long-term wealth. The marathon is evidence you are fit, and you have the endurance and stamina you want as an identity goal.Why Resolutions FailThe primary reason New Year’s Resolutions fail is because the person making the resolution isn’t really resolved. They haven’t broken the goal down into the small, manageable actions they need to take every day, something I call “disciplines,” the things you do consistently, whether or not you want to.If you don’t have what you want, the most likely reason is that you are not doing the work necessary to have it. If you want something to be different in the new year, try setting identity goals, the event-driven goals that serve as milestones and prove you are making progress, and develop the daily and weekly disciplines that make this year your best ever.last_img read more

Rijiju unfurls 107-foot tall tricolour at Attari-Wagah border

first_imgUnion minister Kiren Rijiju on Saturday unfurled a 107—foot tall tricolour near the Indo-Pak border at Attari-Wagah here.After unfurling the flag at the integrated checkpost, the Minister of State for Home told reporters he was here to take stock of security arrangements, besides inspecting the checkpost and meeting with BSF officers.The minister said he would also interact with traders engaged in import and export business with Pakistan and hear out their trade-related problems.Answering a query on the frequent incidents of stone pelting incidents in Jammu and Kashmir, Rijiju blamed “some elements sitting in Pakistan” which have created WhatsApp groups to create trouble.“Indian intelligence agencies are monitoring them very closely and will shortly do the needful in this regard,” said Rijiju.On the killing and mutilation of two soldiers, he said the government would always extend support to their families.Rijiju said a scanner will be installed at the checkpost to scan goods being imported from Pakistan.last_img read more

Three killed in West Bengal for alleged cattle theft

first_imgThree persons were killed in the Sonarpur gram panchayat area of Uttar Dinajpur district’s Chopra block in West Bengal, for alleged cattle theft.Sources claimed that the incident took place late on Thursday night when a group of about 10 men entered the area with the intention of allegedly stealing cattle and were caught by locals. The Superintendent of Police, Uttar Dinajpur, Amitkumar Bharat Rathod, confirmed to The Hindu thatthree men were killed.“While the rest fled, the villagers caught three of them and beat them to death. No one has been arrested in the case so far,” Mr. Rathod said. He added that raids were being conducted in the area to nab the accused.However, the day and timing of the incident is still unclear. The three killed were identified as Md. Nasirul Haque (30), Md. Samiruddin, (32) and Md. Nasir (33). According to police, the three had previous criminal records. Mr. Haque’s mother Mamtaj Biwi lodged a complaint in this regard. A murder case has been registered. However, Mr. Rathod said that “there is no communal angle to the incident. It is only a case of theft.”last_img read more

RJD to move court in a week on new Bihar govt., says Manoj Jha

first_imgThe RJD on Sunday said it will move court “within a week” against Bihar governor’s invitation to the JD(U)-NDA coalition to form government in the State, and hit out at Chief Minister Nitish Kumar for “robbery of the mandate”.“We will knock at the court’s door, and go to the people’s court (‘janata ki adalat’) as well to tell the masses about the kind of politics being played by the two parties — JD(U) and BJP,” RJD spokesperson Manoj Jha said.The senior RJD leader also challenged Mr. Kumar to address a meeting in an area dominated by people from Dalit, Mahadalit and other backward castes, saying “He (Kumar) will face of the wrath of the people.” “Every mandate has a character and in Bihar it was the Dalits, the minorities and some progressive sections of the upper caste (which had voted for the previous government). Now, with JD(U) breaking the Grand Alliance, the character of that mandate has been dropped,” he said.“People of Bihar, including the youth, are feeling cheated about this robbery of the mandate they had given for an inclusive Bihar,” Mr. Jha said on the on the sidelines of an event here.The governor’s decision to invite Kumar to form the government with the BJP, he said, was a “blatant violation” of the Supreme Court judgement in the Bommai case.“According to the S.R. Bommai case judgement, it is mandatory to call the single largest party or electoral bloc first to explore the formation of a government,” Mr. Jha said, adding, “we will move court soon, within a week’s time”.He said the party will go to ‘janata ki adalat’ (people’s court) and tell them about the “conspiracy” hatched by the BJP. “If one looks at the political journey of Nitish Kumar, it is worse than a Machiavellian character. He spoke of ‘Sangh-mukt’ (RSS-free) India and now he made it a ‘Sangh-yukt’ (Sangh-driven) Bihar.” Attacking Mr. Kumar, Mr. Jha said his political journey also told us about morality in politics. “We were wrong in believing every word spoken by Nitish, which was just rhetoric. For the last one year, he was playing according to the script of Nagpur, the RSS headquarters,” he said.“But history has a different view than contemporary tv anchors. History looks at in a nuanced manner. And, in the eyes of history, Kumar shall appear as somebody who destroyed, deceived the mandate which was won for building an inclusive Bihar,” Mr. Jha said.Nitish Kumar joined the very people and the philosophy he pretended to be fighting, he said.last_img read more

At Gorakhpur’s BRD Medical College, life goes on

first_imgAn uneasy calm prevailed at Baba Raghav Das Medical College, with police deployed at its every nook and cranny, officials and politicians visiting the campus in a cavalcade of SUVs, and doctors keeping mum over the deaths of 30 children reportedly due to shortage of oxygen. Patients, meanwhile, kept pouring in.The hospital is like any other government hospital: relatives of patients could be seen sitting and sleeping in the corridors, occupying every available inch. On Saturday, no impact of the deaths was visible in the neonatal department as every bed, both in the general ward and Intensive Care Unit, was occupied with children suffering from symptoms of encephalitis: they wore oxygen masks. Their parents and relatives either slept or sat outside.“What to do? We have no other option than coming to this government hospital. We cannot afford treatment outside,” Rameshwar Prasad from Kushinagar told The Hindu. Like him, others too have heard about the death of children in last two days in the same hospital, in the same ward, but felt “helpless” to go somewhere else. For poor people like them, this government hospital appears to be the last hope.Doctors, nurses and ward boys have clearly been instructed not to speak to strangers. They kept mum on the deaths of the children. “You can see yourself whether any bed is vacant today. In fact, in the last 48 hours, we have not gone home for rest. Here the load on doctors is much higher than any other government hospital in the country,” a young doctor from Allahabad said, asking not to be named. He said that lack of oxygen could be one of the reasons for the deaths of children on the intervening night of Thursday and Friday. The ward plunged into complete darkness even as this doctor spoke to The Hindu. “Soon the generator will be on,” he said. The generator came on, after 12 minutes. Children receiving treatment at Baba Raghav Das Medical College Hospital in Gorakhpur on August 12, 2017.  | Photo Credit: PTI  This hospital attracts patients even from neighbouring Bihar and Nepal. “You can see for yourself,” the doctor said, “the late evening train from Bihar brings maximum number of patients, especially children. Every year, from July to October, the number of encephalitis patients goes up. Last year the number of such patients was 427.”Outside the ward, visitors, journalists and police personnel discussed the deaths of the children. A moment ago, the college principal was suspended for “laxity”, but soon afterwards, the principal, Dr. R.K. Mishra, issued a press release saying he had quit “owning moral responsibility of the deaths of 30 children.”By the time dusk descended, visiting politicians and officials had left, so had the principal and many of the doctors. The police personnel relaxed. Normal life returned to the hospital.last_img read more

Goa cops issue advisory on Blue Whale game

first_imgPANAJI: The Goa police on Thursday issued an advisory, particularly for parents of young children, on the Blue Whale online game created by Philipp Budeikin, which targets children and encourages them to harm themselves. The game is linked to the deaths of more than 100 young people around the world, the police cautioned.In the advisory, Superintendent of Police Karthik Kashyap, Chief of Goa Police Cyber Crime Cell, has said that the game encourages children to take on 50 different challenges, each more dangerous than the last. The final challenge is to commit suicide. At the start, the administrator gets personal information from the children. In case they try to leave a challenge, the administrator threatens them with exposure or harm to their family.last_img

Previous government left behind a crippled system: Modi

first_imgWith an eye on the Rajasthan Assembly elections slated for next year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday took a dig at the previous Congress-led government for stalled projects, while inaugurating highway projects worth over ₹5,610 crore.Among the 12 projects inaugurated included a long-pending project of constructing a 1.4 km six-lane cable-stayed bridge across the Chambal river in Kota, which was sanctioned in 2006. The Prime Minister also laid the foundation stone for 11 road projects worth ₹9,490 crore in Rajasthan.“It took 11 years and the budget was not even ₹300 crore,” Mr. Modi said, referring to the Chambal bridge project. “A small bridge that can be constructed in 1-1.5 years even at nominal pace took 11 years to complete and today, in three years after coming to power, we have inaugurated projects worth ₹5,600 crore. This shows the difference between governments.”“Our focus is on timely completion. We will complete projects we begin,” Mr. Modi said, while addressing his first public rally in Rajasthan in two years to a gathering of around 50,000 people here.Gadkari’s chargeRoad Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari said the project had been stuck due to the previous government’s inefficiency and after the under-construction bridge collapsed in 2009 killing at least 30 workers, “people had lost hope about the project.”“This project holds great significance as the construction of the bridge will mark the completion of the East-West corridor,” he said, adding that national highway projects worth ₹2 lakh crore were lined up for Rajasthan in the next five years. He said the length of national highway in Rajasthan had doubled from 7,498 km in 2014 to 14,465 km till date and the number of national highways had gone up from 35 to 85 during this period.Mr. Modi said the upcoming road projects worth over ₹9,000 crore would boost tourism, help farmers and open up economic opportunities for the local population.last_img read more

BJP MLA’s husband assaults toll plaza staff

first_imgHusband of a BJP MLA in Madhya Pradesh and three others allegedly bashed up staffers of a toll plaza on Friday after a dispute over payment of road cess, the police said. Sailana Mandi president Vijay Charel,48, village sarpanch Govardhan Adivasi and two others have been booked for storming into the cabin of Salra Pada toll plaza and raining blows on one Prabhu Bogra and others after an altercation over cess payment.last_img

Parrikar hails Indira’s leadership

first_imgManohar Parrikar, Goa Chief Minister and former Defence Minister, on Tuesday praised the leadership of Indira Gandhi. He said despite being taught a good lesson by the former Prime Minister in 1971, Pakistan was none the wiser. Mr. Parrikar was speaking at a joint function to observe Rashtriya Ekta Diwas and Rashtriya Sankalp Diwas in Panaji. “Indira Gandhi gave the country good leadership. In 1971, she taught our enemy on the western border a good lesson, but Pakistan is still not getting any wiser.” The India-Pakistan war of 1971 led to the liberation of East Pakistan and eventually led to the formation of Bangladesh. The Rashtriya Sankalp Diwas is observed to mark the death anniversary of Gandhi, while the Rashtriya Ekta Diwas is celebrated to mark the birth anniversary of India’s first Home Minister Sardar Vallabhai Patel.Mr. Parrikar further said that the ongoing debate over standing up for the national anthem makes him sad. He said making anti-national comments had become a fashion today. He said people who spoke against the country were being considered intellectual. Mr. Parrikar said, “Today, there are many problems confronting the country. I had made a mention the other day, anyone who speaks against the country is sometimes considered as one with great intellect, smart and elite. Speaking against the country has become a fashion.”He recalled that he read about a decision a few days ago, which said that there was no problem if one does not stand up when the national anthem is being played.last_img read more

Jairam Thakur to take oath as Himachal Pradesh Chief Minister on December 27

first_imgThe newly elected members of the Himachal Pradesh Assembly on Sunday elected Jairam Thakur as their new leader paving the way for him to take oath as Chief Minister of the Bharatiya Janata Party government on December 27.The 52-year-old, five-time MLA from Siraj constituency in Mandi district is going to be the sixth Chief Minister of the hill State.Sauvé and soft-spoken, Mr. Thakur first got elected to the State Vidhan Sabha in 1998 during the first Prem Kumar Dhumal government from Chahiot, which has now been renamed as Siraj after the delimitation. A former RSS pracharak and ABVP activist from the local college in Mandi, he is going to be the first CM from Mandi district, which is the second largest district after Kangra, sending 10 MLAs to the Assembly. This time he has helped make the district totally ‘Congress-mukt (free)’ as the party won nine seats out of 10, with a party sympathiser winning the tenth seat of Jogindernagar.His name was announced by the party’s central observers and Union Ministers Nirmala Sitharaman, Narendra Tomar and JP Nadda in the presence of State party in-charge Mangal Pandey, all MPs and other senior leaders at a meeting in Shimla.His name was proposed by the former Chief Minister Prem Kumar Dhumal and seconded by sitting MP Shanta Kumar, Mr. Nadda and State president Satpal Satti.On Saturday, Mr. Dhumal had made his position clear that he would no longer be a contender for the top post. It was then believed that Mr. Nadda would be the high command’s choice.However, the high drama and suspense going on since December 18 ended when Mr. Thakur’s name was unanimously accepted by the elected MLAs and the high command.It is believed that the Prime Minister did not want to spare Mr. Nadda from his duties at the Centre and his organisational role at the top.A relatively younger leader, Mr. Thakur having the required RSS backing became the automatic choice for the top post.An agriculturist by profession, he had also remained State BJP president and a Minister of Panchayati Raj and Rural Development in the second Dhumal government of 2007-12. He has two daughters and his wife Sadhana Thakur is a practicing government doctor.First Chief Minister from MandiThere is strong wave of jubilation going on in his home district of Mandi from past many days after the party’s Chief Minister designate Prem Kumar Dhumal lost the elections from his own constituency of Sujanpur in Hamirpur district. The people in Mandi were confident this time that they would get the first ever Chief Minister from this district since they had given such a lead to the party.Earlier also Mr. Karam Singh Thakur from Chachiot in Mandi who came close to become the Chief Minister in early sixties remained a number two in the first Dr. YS Parmar cabinet. Then it was Mr. Sukhram in 1993 who was the high command’s candidate for the chief ministership but he was not accepted by Mr. Virbhadra Singh and his supporters here. Later in 2012 it was Mr. Kaul Singh from Drang in Mandi who was the Congress president but was replaced by Mr. Virbhadra Singh again when the party came into power.In his first reaction Mr. Jairam Thakur thanked the entire party leadership and expressed gratitude towards the people of the State and Mandi district. He met the Governor along with other senior leaders and staked the claim to form the next government. Jairam Thakur is greeted after his election as BJP Legislature Party leader at a meeting in Shimla on December 24, 2017.  | Photo Credit: The Hindulast_img read more

Thousands bid adieu to senior Congressman Patangrao Kadam

first_imgMourners at Congress leader Patangrao Kadam’s funeral in Pune on March 10, 2018.  | Photo Credit: PTI  Senior Congress leaders recalled his meteoric rise in politics and his commitment to education. In his condolence message, Nationalist Congress Party chief Sharad Pawar said that Dr. Kadam’s efforts had resulted today in overseeing the education of more than 4 lakh students across the State. Dr. Kadam, born in Sangli’s Sonsal village, had extremely humble beginnings, working as a part-time teacher in a secondary school in Pune.The casket bearing Dr. Kadam’s body departed for Sangli in the afternoon in a private helicopter, accompanied by his son and Maharashtra Youth Congress president Vishwajeet Kadam, his brother Shivajirao and his son-in-law Rajendra Jagtap.The district witnessed a large number of mourners from villages around Kadegaon who thronged the premises of the Sonhira Cooperative Sugar Factory at Wangi for his final journey.Most shops and establishments in Kadegaon and Palus tehsils downed their shutters as a mark of respect. Several emotive messages circulated on social media, while a string of bill boards, mourning Dr. Kadam’s death and listing his achievements, were put up across Sangli.The Congressman was cremated with full state honours. A sea of mourners bid adieu to senior Congress leader and former Maharashtra Minister Patangrao Kadam at Kadegaon Tehsil in western Maharashtra’s Sangli district on March 10.Earlier in the day, Dr. Kadam’s body was kept at ‘Sinhagad’, his Pune bungalow, where large crowds paid their final respects to the deceased leader.Former President Pratibha Patil, Pune’s BJP MP Anil Shirole and Congress leader Praniti Shinde were among those who paid their last respects.  At 10 a.m., Dr. Kadam’s funeral cortège moved through the city’s roads amid a robust security shield, reaching the premises of the Bharati Vidyapeeth University, which had been the Congressman’s labour of love and which he helped found with the objective of helping rural students get a decent education.Several recalled his capabilities not only as a politician but as an educationist as well, while students from Maharashtra’s rural hinterland remembered Dr. Kadam, who enabled them to secure a university education. Former President Pratibha Patil arrives to pay her last respects to senior Congress leader Patangrao Kadam at the latter’s residence in Pune on March 10, 2018.  | Photo Credit: PTI last_img read more

BJP, Congress MLAs exchange blows in Gujarat Assembly

first_imgIn a major scuffle between BJP and Congress legislators in the Gujarat Assembly, MLAs exchanged blows while mikes were flung as the House plunged into chaos.After the ugly scenes in the House, Speaker Rajendra Trivedi suspended Congress legislators Amrish Der and Pratp Dudhat for three years while another Opposition party member Baldevji Thakor was suspended for one year.The zero hour on Wednesday witnessed fierce arguments, as members started hurling expletives at each other; while Mr. Dudhat hit BJP MLA Jagdish Panchal with his belt as both were engaged in exchanging blows and slaps.As they came to blows, other members from both sides rushed to the well where they all jostled with one another before the Speaker adjourned the proceedings.Asaram Bapu caseThe ruckus erupted during discussion over tabling the report of Justice D.K. Trivedi Commission in the Asaram Bapu case pertaining to the unnatural death of two children studying in the ashram in 2008.Senior Congress legislator Vikram Madam tried to raise a question and participate in the issue but was repeatedly shouted down by the members from treasury benches.He was forcefully taken out by marshals when he tried to pull out a mike from the table.Later, Mr. Der attacked BJP MLAs. In return, BJP MLAs collectively thrashed him inside the House.Trade chargesFollowing the adjournment, leaders of both parties traded allegations and charges. “Our members were not allowed to speak in the House and when they tried, they were provoked by the ruling party members,” said Leader of the Opposition Paresh Dhanani.He said BJP legislator Mr. Panchal used expletives at Congress members, prompting the scuffle.However, the ruling party leaders dismissed the Opposition leader’s charges and alleged that Congress members indulged in violence in the House.“The opposition party members started the ruckus and resorted to violence in the House. It is a black day for democracy,” said Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel.last_img read more

Four JeM terrorists killed in J&K

first_imgFour Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM) terrorists were gunned down and two security forces’ personnel lost their life in a fierce encounter that broke out in the forest area in the Pulwama district in Jammu and Kashmir, an official said. Based on intelligence developed by police on the presence of terrorists, security forces launched an operation in the Laam forest of Tral area, the official said. The slain personnel were identified as Sepoy Ajay Kumar and Constable Lateef Gujri. The identity of the slain militants was being ascertained, the official said adding at least two of them were believed to be foreigners.last_img

Now, in Maharashtra, you can bring your own food to movie theatres

first_imgEveryone who has resented having to shell out a small fortune for an evening at the multiplex can finally expect relief — in Maharashtra, to start with. The Maharashtra Food and Civil Supplies Minister Ravindra Chavan on Friday announced that food items from outside will be allowed in multiplexes from August 1.The announcement was made in the Legislative Council when Opposition members drew the government’s attention to ‘exorbitant prices’ charged by multiplexes for food and beverages. The Leader of the Opposition and Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) leader Dhananjay Munde wanted the government to stop the “loot.” “The common people are being openly plundered by the sale of food, beverages, and water at high rates. If you look at the rates, they sell popcorn worth ₹10 for ₹80. A water bottle which costs around ₹15 is sold for ₹50 to ₹80. The rates are much lower outside but the multiplexes have prohibited outside food. As a result, people get movie tickets for ₹200 but they have to spend a thousand rupees for snacks,” Mr. Munde said. No disagreement Mr. Chavan readily agreed. “Whatever the Leader of the Opposition is saying is true,” he said. “As per the rules of the year 1966, there is no prohibition on taking food items into multiplexes. They (authorities) don’t have any right to stop the public from doing so. Multiplex owners prohibit outside food citing security. But we have asked them to allow outside food. From August 1, there won’t be multiple prices for the same item.”Share prices of multiplex operators took an immediate hit. While PVR shares closed 13% down at ₹1,214.20, INOX Leisure closed 5.4% lower at ₹238.70. Eros International, dropped by 3.4% to ₹114.45. Analysts said the “populist move” could spill over to other States. “I expect multiplexes to go to court,” said Abneesh Roy, analyst with Edelweiss Securities. “They could increase ticket prices to lower the impact.” F&B revenues contribute 26-27% of multiplexes’ gross revenues. In April the Bombay High Court had observed that the cost of food and water in multiplexes was exorbitant.(Inputs from Manojit Saha)last_img read more

State to fill 1,744 of 6,585 vacancies in anganwadis

first_imgThe State government has recently tendered an affidavit before the Bombay High Court to fill 1,744 posts of the 6,585 vacancies in anganwadis under the Integrated Child Development Services Scheme (ICDS).A Division Bench of Justices Abhay Oka and M.S. Sonak was hearing a public interest litigation filed by Maharashtra Rajya Anganwadi Karmachari Sangh highlighting the vacancies in anganwadi centres (AWC) across the State.Supreme Court rulingOn September 19, the High Court noted that the ICDS is meant for children of up to six years of age, pregnant and lactating women, and adolescent girls and that the State has an obligation to use the grants released by the Central government for it.The order records a ruling by the Supreme Court that had, “directed the Government of India to sanction and operationalise a minimum of 14 lakh AWCs in a phased manner ending by December 2008.” It also said, “While maintaining the upper limit of one AWC per 1,000 population, the minimum limit for opening of a new AWC is a population of 300.” It was also taken on record that, “rural communities and slum dwellers should be entitled to an anganwadi on demand within three months from the date of demand in cases where a settlement has at least 40 children under the age of six but there is no AWC.”An affidavit was filed by the ICDS commissioner, which according to the High Court, “discloses a shocking state of affairs,” reads, “There are a total of 6,584 posts vacant across the State of anganwadi workers, mini anganwadi workers and helpers.”Only in tribal areas“Strangely, a stand is taken by the State that vacant posts in anganwadis only in tribal areas will be filled in by November 30. It does not intend to fill in other vacant posts,” the court observed.The court then directed the State to file another affidavit on or before November 24 setting out a time-bound programme for filling the remaining posts as it is absolutely necessary for effective implementation of the ICDS and directions issued by the Supreme Court.last_img read more