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Haida Nation prepared to fight Enbridge pipeline

first_imgAPTN National NewsOpposition continues to grow in British Columbia against Enbridge’s proposed Northern Gateway project.The Haida Nation is fiercely against the proposal which they belive could seriously threaten the environment if there was a spill.APTN National News reporter Tina House explains.last_img

Provincial agencies and racism focus of MMIWG hearings in Maliotenam

first_imgDanielle Rochette APTN News Provincial agencies and organizations were the focus of the testimony at the hearings for the National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls in Maliotenam, Que. Thursday.A number of families went before the commissioners to talk about being assaulted and racism.You can follow the hearings in Maliotenam here: MMIWG MaliotenamYou can follow Danielle atlast_img

We have work to do Bellegarde says AFN has moved on from

first_imgNation to NationNational Chief Perry Bellegarde agrees there’s a “perception” of political interference during voting day at the Assembly of First Nations’ election of national chief Wednesday in Vancouver.But Crown-Indigenous Relations Minister Carolyn Bennett meeting with Alberta chiefs about an hour before polls opened “didn’t have any implication or any impact on the election in any way, shape or form.”In fact, he said it’s old news.“We have moved on already. We have work to do,” said Bellegarde on Nation to Nation, APTN’s political show airing Thursday at 6:30 p.m. EST.After the first ballot didn’t declare a winner three candidates gathered on the main stage demanding answers after Bennett’s meeting saying she should have been nowhere near the election.In the end, Bellegarde was re-elected on the second ballot giving him a second term at the helm of the lobby group made up of First Nation chiefs.Only Russ Diabo maintained the election was “tainted” in what was supposed to be his concession speech.“I think this election is really tainted with the Crown minister being involved in the election process … this organization is basically controlled by the Trudeau government,” Diabo said as the crowd booed him.Candidates Sheila North and Miles Richardson spoke strongly against Bennett before the results of the second ballot but didn’t address it in their concession speeches and congratulated Bellegarde.Bennett addressed the controversy Thursday saying in no way was she trying to meddle with the election.As for Bellegarde he just wants to keep working.“We have momentum going on with child welfare. We have to fix that system … let’s get the work going and finish what we started,” said Bellegarde in a lengthy interview with Nation to Nation host Todd Lamirande.“I always say ‘closing the gap’ in terms of getting the same quality of life for First Nations people as everybody else in Canada.”That means the AFN needs to keep pushing.“For continued investments in education and training, continued investments in housing, continued investments in ending the boil water supply, developing strategies to deal with the 40,000 children in foster care,” he said.Bellegarde spoke about initiatives the Trudeau government is working towards like doing away with the Indian Act through the development Indigenous rights framework.He said First Nations need to seize that framework from the feds.“We’re not co-developing the rights reconciliation framework … the Crown is doing that on their own. We’re going to have to take control of that process and involve our people – the chiefs, the leaders, the elders, the youth, the women’s council. All of that will have to happen if we’re going to breathe life into it,” he said.Bennett said she has been meeting with groups across the country since the spring but critics say it’s being rushed as the Trudeau government wants it completed before the October 2019 election.“There’s only one piece of legislation that First Nations really feel good about, because it’s being co-developed – that’s the Indigenous Language Act,” said Bellegarde.He also addressed concerns that the AFN is out of touch with people and doesn’t speak for them.But he said the AFN is a chief’s organization.“The chiefs represent all the people, on and off the reserve,” he said.He added the AFN is always looking for ways to improve.N2N@aptn.calast_img read more

APTN InFocus Are some consumers being targeted by race

first_imgAPTN InFocusIf you think you’re being racially profiled in a store or restaurant, you’re probably right.Tomee Sojourner-Campbell, founder of or Prevent Consumer Racial Profiling, says it’s a common tactic.And one, she tells APTN InFocus, that can inflict a great deal of stress on consumers.Sojourner-Campbell shared a few tips with InFocus Host Melissa Ridgen on how to handle the pressure of being racially profiled in our Shopping While Brown episode.Indigenous people responding to our online poll say it happens so frequently it almost feels normal.An overwhelming 89 per cent say they have been racially profiled while shopping in some way – usually by being observed, followed or ignored.Some even say they’ve even been asked to pre-pay for services others have not, which Sojourner-Campbell confirms is a form of consumer racial profiling.So what can you do? @PreventCRP says:1) If you are being followed by a store employee, a security guard or a loss prevention person in plain clothes, you can ask to speak to the manager and let them know what you are experiencing. Request a complaint report from the business or organization to document your consumer racial profiling experience.2) If you are feeling unsafe when you ask why you are being followed, you can leave the store.  Write, record audio or video of what happened. Then send an email to the business or organization.  Remember as many details as you can and, if possible, get names of the employee(s) involved.3) If you buy an item during or after the incident, keep your receipt.4) If you are in a restaurant and ignored, asked to pre-pay when no one else has been, or treated poorly, post a comment on the store’s social media account and ask them to contact you.5)  Contact PreventCRP at or tweet @preventcrp. We share information about consumer racial profiling. Note that @preventcrp does not do intake or provide legal services or legal advice.You can also share with your experience with @APTNInFocus.last_img read more

UN demands Canada act on forced sterilization Mohawk rights

first_imgWith files from Canadian The committee also urged Canada to undertake an independent review of police actions during a Mohawk land dispute in 2008.This is the second time it expressed concerns with how the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) handled the protests in Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory.“In the previous review of Canada and now in this review, they keep coming back to this and saying there has to be accountability,” said Craig Benjamin, who works for Amnesty.For the last decade, Amnesty International has been pushing for that accountability over what it calls an “excessive” and “disproportionate use of force” by the OPP.The OPP had deployed over 200 officers to police the Mohawk protests, including the Tactics and Rescue Unit, commonly called the sniper squad. After five Mohawk men were arrested in April, 2008, they were kept in nylon restraints – or zip-ties – for up to 13 hours in cells at an OPP detachment.In 2016, the OPP did an internal review and claimed that the use of zip ties on the Mohawk men in custody was reasonable.Benjamin said there are too many serious questions to leave it at that.“It’s that possibility that police officers sworn to protect the public would use those powers to deliberately inflict harm, or try to hurt these men, humiliate these men by keeping their hands tied for hours and hours,” said Benjamin.“And did this happen because of racism or because the attitudes of these officers towards land defenders?”When the UN committee reconvened in late November, Canada’s response was that it was satisfied with the OPP’s internal review and had no plans for any further investigation.The UN report made note that “the committee remains concerned about the absence of an independent inquiry into the allegation of ill-treatment and excessive use of force against Mohawk men detained by the OPP during the protests.“The State party should conduct an independent inquiry into the Ontario Provincial Police’s handling of the incidents at Tyendinaga in 2008.”Benjamin said Canada’s inaction on this issue is at odds with how the country projects itself as a human rights champion on an international stage“What we have here is a very strong message that simply having the mechanism and the possibility of justice isn’t good enough if you fail to use them,” he said.APTN Investigates produced a two-part documentary on the protest.Dan Doreen is a Mohawk land defender and one of the men arrested and zip-tied in cells in 2008.He’s thankful to Amnesty for bringing the concerns forward, but he’s not optimistic anything will change.“What has Canada done about it? Nothing really,” said Doreen. “They answer it by saying there was a review by the OPP and that was good enough for Canada, so should I expect anything more? Not really.”In November, Amnesty sent a letter to Ontario Premier Doug Ford asking for an apology and independent review of police actions. No response to date.“We have the next Mike Harris as the premier of Ontario and I don’t expect anything good to come from Doug Ford,” said Doreen.Doreen said he’s happy to have the story out there people know what happened.There’s no mechanism that forces Canada to comply with the recommendations from the United Nations committee.“What we do have is public pressure,” said Benjamin.He said these recommendations coming from an international body of human rights experts can act as a “catalyst or eye-opener.”“It can lead to this moment where the public says the government response to say we trust the police to investigate themselves, isn’t good enough,” said Benjamin.APTN requested comment from the OPP but was told its new commissioner doesn’t officially start until December 17.APTN did hear back from Public Safety Canada, which said it was up to the government of Ontario to respond. Francyne Joe (right) is president of Native Women’s Association of Canada. (APTN/Todd Lamirande photo)Holly MooreTrina RoacheAPTN NewsA United Nations committee is calling on Canada to act on the “forced sterilization” of Indigenous women and girls dating back to the 1970s.The Committee against Torture took issue with Canada’s human rights record in a report released Friday in Ottawa.The “extensive forced or coerced sterilization” of Indigenous women and a failure to address outstanding issues related to the Tyendinaga stand-off in 2008 were among them.The committee’s report comes as groups like the Assembly of First Nations and Amnesty International sound the alarm on ongoing human-rights violations in Canada.A proposed class-action lawsuit representing at least 55 women was launched in October 2017.APTN Investigates examined the issue in 2017.“To engage in an invasive, medically unnecessary surgery without one’s free, full and informed consent is a very serious violation of a person’s right to bodily integrity,” Native Women’s Association President Francyne Joe told a news conference responding to the report,“The Canadian medical profession must respect consent and the Canadian government must defend consent.”Prior to the release of the report, Justice Minister Jodi Wilson-Raybould’s office said the government is taking a “public-health approach” to the issue, though the government believes everyone must receive culturally safe health services no matter where they live.Wilson-Raybould’s office has pointed to existing provisions within the Criminal Code meant to forbid “a range of criminal behaviour” that would cover forced sterilizations, including on aggravated assault and on terminating pregnancies against expectant mothers’ wishes.The committee called on Canada to ensure all allegations are “impartially investigated” and persons responsible are held accountable.Canada should also adopt legislative and policy measures to prevent and criminalize involuntary sterilization and define free, prior and informed consent.While Canada was commended for establishing a national inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls, the committee expressed serious concerns about continued violence against Indigenous women.The report points out Canada has not provided any information on “the number of investigations, prosecutions, convictions and sentences imposed on cases of gender-based violence, in particular against Indigenous women and girls.”It also says the state needs to take legislative and policy measures to stop women from being sterilized against their will.last_img read more

Colten Boushie documentary opens in Whitehorse to packed audience

first_imgChris MacIntyreAPTN NewsThe award winning film “NIPAWISTAMASOWIN – We Will Stand Up” opened in Whitehorse Wednesday.It chronicles the events that lead to the death of Colten Boushie, a Cree man from the Red Pheasant First Nation in Saskatchewan.In 2016 Boushie died from a gunshot to the head after entering a rural property with his friends.Gerald Stanley, the farmer that shot him, was acquitted.The court decision raised questions about prejudice within the judicial system and racism against Indigenous peoples.It was directed by Tasha Hubbard, a close friend of the Boushie family.Jade Tootoosis is Boushie’s cousin.“I remember at one time her telling me I’m not sure of what’s going to come of this but I just feel that I need to record what’s happening right now,” she told APTN News.The Yukon Arts Centre in Whitehorse was sold out for the screening of NIPAWISTAMASOWIN-We Will Stand Up.The film also follows Boushie’s family in their fight for justice in Canada’s legal system, and shines a light on the stark history of colonialism in the prairies.On the day of the Whitehorse screening, the documentary was awarded with a social justice award from the Calgary International Film Festival juror panel.After the Yukon screening, the film heads to Edmonton for a viewing at MacEwan University and then it’s off to the Calgary International Film Festival.Tootoosis says that awards are bitter sweet but the message is getting out to people and that’s the point.“That’s my hope that every single person in this country sees this film and is impacted by our story to take action against systemic racism as well as racist attitudes and biases in our country,” she said.cmacintyre@aptn.calast_img read more

Is it on the map Liberals face hurdles with infrastructure transparency tool

first_imgOTTAWA – An online map laying out billions in infrastructure spending approved by the federal Liberals has yet to provide the full scope of funding towards new and upgraded bridges, roads and transit systems.A briefing note to the top official at Infrastructure Canada late last year outlined the challenges of creating a mapping tool for all federally funded projects aimed at addressing transparency concerns over exactly where billions in promised money was going.Federal infrastructure spending data goes back 16 years, but officials identified multiple potholes that have prevented them from meeting Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s request for an online map to chart all of Ottawa’s infrastructure spending.There was no way to link some funding to specific projects because cities didn’t need to report how they used the $10.4 billion transferred annually to them through a GST rebate, nor did they have to use the rebate solely for infrastructure projects, for example.A similar hurdle existed for cash delivered directly to cities through transfers like the federal gas tax, the briefing note said.A spokeswoman for Infrastructure Minister Francois-Philippe Champagne said the government is working with other departments overseeing the funding to add their spending data to the transparency tool.Kate Monfette said the back-end data set which feeds into the map is updated regularly to reflect newly-approved projects and the map will always change to reflect that.“The goal of the project map is for us to share the maximum information available in one place,” she said.“Our goal is to have a visual representation of all (infrastructure plan) investments that Canadians can see in one place and we continue to work toward that.”The federal government’s infrastructure plan totals about $186.7 billion over the next decade, about half of which is funding the Liberals have budgeted since coming to office in late 2015.The Liberals have been repeatedly forced to answer questions about the budgetary details of their infrastructure program. In March, Parliament’s spending watchdog criticized the government for an incomplete accounting of its funding for water and transit systems, among other construction projects.Such criticisms were not entirely new: the parliamentary budget office raised concerns five years ago about how the previous Conservative government budgeted infrastructure money, leading to opposition cries that the Tories were playing a shell game with construction dollars.Last February, Trudeau directed then- infrastructure minister Amarjeet Sohi to “develop a tool to map” projects funded through the Liberals’ spending program, the briefing note said. Getting the map online was also designed to address “concerns raised in the media about transparency and reporting,” reads the memo, obtained by The Canadian Press under the Access to Information Act.The first phase of the infrastructure plan is to deliver $14.4 billion through 34 programs detailed in the Liberals’ first budget in 2016. The second phase will see $81.2 billion over the next decade through 24 new programs.What officials ended up doing was attempting to put every project that falls under the Liberal infrastructure plan, including money set aside by the previous Conservative government, on to one single map.More information has been added to the map since its launch earlier this year, but some of the data identified in the briefing note have yet to be included.“The map remains a work in progress as we continue to add data from other departments delivering the (infrastructure plan) as well as that from challenges like the Smart Cities Challenge,” Monfette said.last_img read more

Fort Nelson RCMP investigating threat of a school shooting

first_imgFORT NELSON, B.C. – The Fort Nelson RCMP are investigating graffiti found on the side of R.L. Angus School in Fort Nelson that suggests there could be a school shooting on May 7 and 8.According to a letter sent out to parents on May 4, the School District and RCMP discovered the graffiti and are now investigating the threat.  At this time, Superintendent of Schools Diana Samchuck says “the threat is not seen as entirely credible, however, one can ever be 100% certain.”The District says parents can decide if they want to bring their child to school on Monday, May 7 and Tuesday, May 8. The RCMP will have an increased presence at the school both days and the side doors will be secured.  All students, staff and visitors will have to use the main entrance of the building.Absences will not be counted towards any attendance policy.District Staff are asking the public to contact the RCMP if they have any further information about the graffiti.A similar threat was found targeting the Fort Nelson Secondary School back in February.last_img read more

Canadian and British Parliaments to take on Facebook CEO

first_imgOTTAWA – Bob Zimmer, M.P. for Prince George-Peace River-Northern Rockies and Damian Collins, M.P. in the U.K., have sent a joint letter to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.Zimmer is Chair of the Standing Committee on Access to Information, Privacy and Ethics and Collins is Chair of the UK Digital, Culture,  Media and Sport Committee.The letter to Zuckerberg requests that he appears before an international committee formed by Zimmer and Collins to examine disinformation and ‘fake news’. The hearing on Tuesday, November 27 at the Westminster Parliament, will allow collaborative scrutiny by members of the national committees of both the British and the Canadian Parliaments in their studies into digital policy including disinformation, digital vulnerabilities, and the potential threats to democracies.Other parliaments are also being invited to attend the session.Both committees have separately requested Zuckerberg to appear before their respective committees to discuss the breach of personal information involving Cambridge Analytica and Facebook, as well as subsequent breaches. However, none of these previous requests were successful.In a statement, M.P. Bob Zimmer said, “We have asked Mr. Zuckerberg to appear at our committees several times and expect him to show respect for both of our great nations by appearing at this hearing to answer for his platform’s practices.”Both Zimmer and Collins would like to receive a response from Zuckerberg by November 7.last_img read more

Farmers Advocate Office seeking participants for evaluation survey

first_imgDAWSON CREEK, B.C. – The Farmers Advocate Office is currently seeking participants to fill out an evaluation survey.On behalf of the Peace River Regional District, MNP LLP is conducting an evaluation survey on the Farmers Advocate Office as an independent third party.The Regional District says this evaluation is to determine if the FAO is performing as expected and assess if changes and improvements to services are needed. “This evaluation requires input from all the stakeholders and landowners in the region who have interactions with the oil and gas industry are encouraged to participate in this survey.”The survey takes approximately five to ten minutes to complete, depending on the amount of detail you provide.All responses must be submitted by Wednesday, December 12.The survey can be accessed at the following link: read more

Green party targets use of tax money for political attack billboards

first_imgPochynok said the Liberals see Horgan as responsible because he hasn’t provided tax relief on gasoline. Expanding the Trans Mountain pipeline, which Horgan has opposed, could also have increased the flow of gas in British Columbia, she added.Jobs Minister Bruce Ralston said Horgan has appointed his deputy minister to explore regulatory options for relief, but he also noted the government’s carbon tax increase this year only added one cent per litre to the cost of gas.Offering tax relief may just give oil companies an opportunity to increase prices and eat up the difference, he said.Ralston acknowledged that the NDP has used its caucus fund for political purposes.“We do some political advertising with the same money but we tend to focus on the good things the government is doing,” he said.He said it would be up to an internal committee to determine if the practice should be reviewed. “The whole is worse than the sum of the parts. You have taxpayer money being used and you have incorrect information,” Weaver says.“Taxpayer money is being used to spread partisan rhetoric that’s clearly wrong. I find it disgraceful.”Liberal caucus spokeswoman Carlie Pochynok defended the ads, adding that the NDP used its own caucus fund for radio ads attacking Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson in March.“Every caucus is provided a budget to use as they see fit,” she said. “Our (ads) are basically opposition work that are more public because they’re giant billboards. Our job is to criticize government and hold them to account.” VANCOUVER, B.C. – Green party Leader Andrew Weaver is calling for a ban on the use of taxpayer money for political attack ads after the B.C. Liberals bought billboards blaming Premier John Horgan for a spike in gas prices.The digital billboards along commuter routes on the Lower Mainland say “Gas prices?” and “Spending more to commute?” followed by “Blame John Horgan.”It’s not the first time a provincial political party has used its caucus funding for partisan purposes and Weaver says that needs to change.center_img Green party house leader Sonia Furstenau will bring the issue to the multi-party Legislative Assembly Management Committee to “ensure it considers that a policy be brought in that would no longer allow taxpayer funding of partisan ads.”What that policy would look like, such as whether it would apply only to caucus funds or to any taxpayer money, would be determined by the committee if it approves the idea.There’s no law or regulation explicitly prohibiting a party caucus from using its fund for political purposes, Weaver says.“There should be, but there’s not,” he says.Weaver took aim at the billboards not only over how they were paid for but also for portraying information that’s “blatantly false.”It’s misleading to suggest the NDP government is solely responsibly for gas prices that have reached heights of $1.70 per litre on the Lower Mainland when restricted capacity at Washington state refineries is a major factor, he says.last_img read more

NorthRiver Midstream to deactivate Buckinghorse Road

first_imgFORT ST. JOHN, B.C. – At a City of Fort St. John Council meeting on Monday, Council were provided with an update on NorthRiver Midstream’s current projects.Talese Shilleto, External Affairs with NorthRiver Midstream, says NorthRiver has provided notice to the B.C. Oil & Gas Commission to deactivate the BuckinghorsePetroleum Development Road.According to Shilleto, they are deactivating the road as they no longer have a need for it since the deactivation of the Buckinghorse Plant. “The Buckinghorse Plant and the Petroleum Development Road came to NorthRiver Midstream and the Buckinghorse Plant hasn’t been operational in over 20 years. We have been maintaining that road for the last 20 years. Now that we’re working to abandon that plant, we’re looking to deactivate the road.”Shilleto says NorthRiver had sent out letters to the City, the Peace River Regional District, and all known users of the road to notify them of this decision.The deactivation project will include the removal of all bridges and culverts along the road and reestablishing the natural drainage.NorthRiver plans to deactivate the Buckinghorse Road starting September 1, 2019.last_img read more

Djokovic rained out at Indian Wells

first_imgIndian Wells (United States): Ailing world number three Alexander Zverev crashed out of the ATP Indian Wells Masters, where Novak Djokovic’s third round match was suspended by rain with one game completed. Jan-Lennard Struff, ranked 55th in the world, notched his first victory over Zverev in five tries, breaking him once in the first set and three times in the second for a 6-3, 6-1 victory. “I’ve been sick for a week,” said the 21-year-old Zverev, who lost the Acapulco final to Australian Nick Kyrgios the week before Indian Wells began. “That hasn’t changed, unfortunately. Also Read – Dhoni, Paes spotted playing football together”I think I just got unlucky, I got a virus somewhere and that’s how it is.” Zverev, the owner of three Masters 1000 titles who has never made it to the quarter-finals at Indian Wells, said he would now focus on recuperating and preparing for the Miami Masters, where he’ll be hoping to improve on his runner-up finish to John Isner last year. “Now it’s about getting healthy and about recovering and preparing myself for Miami, because Miami is the tournament I do well in, history-wise,” he said. “Here I have always struggled.” Despite the circumstances, Struff was delighted to get a first win over Zverev. Also Read – Andy Murray to make Grand Slam return at Australian Open”Yeah, 6-3, 6-1, it’s amazing,” he said. “Played a good match. He was missing some shots today, but at the end of the day I’m very happy with that.” Struff next faces 13th-seeded Canadian Milos Raonic, who rallied from 4-1 down in the third set to beat US qualifier Marcos Giron 4-6, 6-4, 6-4. Giron, 25, looked set to claim the biggest win of a career that has been hindered by two hip operations when he took a 4-1 lead in the third set. But Raonic, runner-up at Indian Wells in 2016, called on all of his experience to turn things around against the American, who had never won two ATP Tour matches in a row until this week. “He came up with the goods and definitely pushed me sort of to the brink there where I was getting a little bit frustrated,” Raonic said. “I just kept trying to plug away. There were two games that I had break chances to get back into the third, and I didn’t make it count. Luckily I made the last two count. “I’m proud of the way I competed today. That’s what got me through,” said Raonic, who fell to Struff in the first round at Dubai last month. World number one Novak Djokovic, playing his first tournament since grabbing a record seventh Australian Open title in January, completed just one game against unseeded German Philipp Kohlschreiber before rain swept across the California desert. The duo were sent to the locker room and with no break in the weather in sight organizers suspended play for the night, with the match to resume on Tuesday. The winner will face in-form Frenchman Gael Monfils, who rolled past Albert Ramos Vinolas 6-0, 6-3. Monfils won his eighth career title at Rotterdam in February, followed up that performance with a run to the semi-finals in Dubai. In other early matches, 40-year-old Ivo Karlovic defeated India’s Prajnesh Gunneswaran 6-3, 7-6 (7/3). The Croatian veteran will face Austrian seventh seed Dominic Thiem, who beat France’s Gilles Simon 6-3, 6-1.last_img read more

Sebi slaps Rs 94 lakh fine on 17 entities for fraudulent trade

first_imgNew Delhi: Capital markets regulator Sebi slapped Rs 94.5 lakh penalty on 17 entities for indulging in fraudulent trade practices in illiquid stock options segment on the BSE. The regulator, during the course of investigation between April 2015 and September 2015, found that 81.38 per cent of all the trades executed in the stock options segment involved reversal of buy and sell positions by the clients and counter-parties in a contract on the same day. Also Read – Thermal coal import may surpass 200 MT this fiscal These entities were among those “whose reversal trades involved squaring off transactions with significant difference in sell value and buy value of the transactions,” Sebi said in similarly worded separate orders on Friday. It further said trades of the entities are non-genuine as they are not executed in normal course of trading, lack basic trading rationale, lead to misleading appearance of trading in terms of generation of artificial volumes, and are hence deceptive & manipulative. Also Read – Food grain output seen at 140.57 mt in current fiscal on monsoon boost By indulging in such trades, the entities have violated provisions of the Prohibition of Fraudulent and Unfair Trade Practices (PFUTP) norms, Sebi said. Accordingly, a fine of Rs 9 lakh on Makers Casting, and Rs 8 lakh on Ashok Investors Trust has been levied by Sebi. Others have been fined in the range of Rs 5 lakh to Rs 6 lakh. The orders are in accordance with the Securities and Exchange Board of India’s announcement in April 2018 on taking action in a phased manner against 14,720 entities for fraudulent trade in the illiquid stock options segment. In a separate order, the regulator imposed a penalty of Rs 18 lakh on promoters of Man Industries for not making requisite disclosure to the company and exchanges after change in their shareholding in the firm. “Substantial Acquisition of Shares and Takeovers (SAST) Regulations requires every promoter of a target company to disclose details of any invocation or release of encumbrance of shares. Such disclosure of creation, release and invocation of disclosures required under…has to be made within 7 working days from creation, invocation and release of such encumbrance,” Sebi said. However, the entities failed to do so and consequently a fine of Rs 6 lakh on JPA Holdings and Rs 12 lakh on Jagdishchandra Mansukhani has been imposed by the regulator.last_img read more

Boeing cutting production rate of troubled 737 Max jet

first_imgChicago: Boeing will cut production of its troubled 737 Max airliner this month, underscoring the growing financial risk it faces the longer that its best-selling plane remains grounded after two deadly crashes. The company said Friday that starting in mid-April it will cut production of the plane to 42 from 52 planes per month so it can focus its attention on fixing the flight-control software that has been implicated in the crashes. The move was not a complete surprise. Boeing had already suspended deliveries of the Max last month after regulators around the world grounded the jet. Also Read – Thermal coal import may surpass 200 MT this fiscal Preliminary reports into accidents in Indonesia and Ethiopia found that faulty sensor readings erroneously triggered an anti-stall system that pushed the plane’s nose down. Pilots of each plane struggled in vain to regain control over the automated system. In all, 346 people died in the crashes. Boeing faces a growing number of lawsuits filed by families of the victims. Boeing also announced it is creating a special board committee to review airplane design and development. Also Read – Food grain output seen at 140.57 mt in current fiscal on monsoon boost The announcement to cut production comes after Boeing acknowledged that a second software issue has emerged that needs fixing on the Max a discovery that explained why the aircraft maker had pushed back its ambitious schedule for getting the planes back in the air. A Boeing spokesman called it a “relatively minor issue” and said the plane maker already has a fix in the works. He said the latest issue is not part of flight-control software called MCAS that Boeing has been working to upgrade since the first crash. Chairman and CEO Dennis Muilenburg described the production cut as temporary and a response to the suspension of Max deliveries. Boeing has delivered fewer than 400 Max jets but has a backlog of more than 4,600 unfilled orders. The Chicago-based company had hoped to expand Max production this year to 57 planes a month. Indonesia’s Garuda Airlines has said it will cancel an order for 49 Max jets. Other airlines, including Lion Air, whose Max 8 crashed off the coast of Indonesia on Oct. 29, have raised the possibility of canceling. A Boeing official said Friday’s announcement about cutting production was not due to potential cancellations. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because Boeing does not publicly discuss those details. In a statement, Muilenburg said the reduction was designed to keep a healthy production system and maintain current employment in effect, slowing down production now to avoid a deeper cut later, if fixing the plane takes longer than expected. Analysts say the absence of deliveries will eat into Boeing’s cash flow because it gets most of the cost of a plane upon delivery. Boeing declined to provide figures, but undelivered Max jets have been stacking up at its Renton, Washington, assembly plant. Airlines that operate the Max will be squeezed the longer the planes are grounded, particularly if the interruption extends into the peak summer travel season. They could buy used 737s, but that would be costly because the comparably sized Boeing 737-800 was very popular and in short supply even before the Max problems, according to Jim Williams, publisher of Airfax, a newsletter that tracks transactions involving commercial aircraft. Williams said that if the Max grounding appears likely to extend into summer it will cause airlines to explore short-term leases, which could push lease rates higher, something that airline analysts say is already happening. Boeing shares closed at USD 391.93, down USD 3.93. In after-hours after news of the production cut, they slipped another USD 8.98, or 2.3%, to USD 382.85. (AP)last_img read more

Longrunning TV shows set to wrap up

first_imgNew Delhi: All good things must come to an end, and that stands true for hugely popular shows like ‘Game of Thrones’, ‘Big Bang Theory’, ‘Modern Family’, ‘Supernatural’ and ‘Suits’. Here are some shows that are coming to an end soon: GoT: With a storyline that paints a whimsical world of dragons and White Walkers on one hand, and stays close to reality by showing how relationships cannot be trusted when it comes to ruling a kingdom, the show, with its story based on George R.R. Martin’s novels, has become a global phenomenon.’Game of Thrones’ Season 8 will premiere internationally on April 14. Suits: The story started when a hotshot lawyer Harvey Specter (essayed Gabriel Macht) took a gamble by hiring a brilliant college dropout Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) as an associate in his law firm, and gave the audience a glimpse of the trials and tribulations of the legal world. The drama began in 2011. Supernatural: Credited as the longest-running sci-fi genre show, ‘Supernaturals’ is all about the supernatural and paranormal. It follows brothers Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) Winchester as they join their family business of hunting down supernatural monsters. Big Bang Theory: This show’s universe originated with the story of how four nerds – react when a girl enters their life as a friendly neighbour. Other shows include ‘Modern Family’, ‘Arrow’, etc.last_img read more

We will see a new PM everyday under mahamilawat govt Shah

first_imgTakhatpur (Chhattisgarh): Taking a dig at the grand alliance of opposition parties, BJP president Amit Shah Thursday said there will a new prime minister everyday of the week if such a “mahamilawat” or “highly adulterated” government comes to power at the Centre. Addressing an election rally here in Bilaspur district, Shah said Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the only leader in the country who can give a befittingreply to Pakistan for its anti-India actions. Also Read – India gets first tranche of Swiss bank a/c details “There are two camps clearly visible in this election – one NDA and its allies led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi which is united and then there is mahamilawat (highly adulterated) gathbandhan of Rahul Baba and company,” he said. “When I asked them that if by mistake their alliance gets elected, who will be your Prime Ministerial candidate…? silence is the only answer I get. “One of my party workers sent me a message on WhatsApp about their planning if they get elected. That is, on Monday Sharad Pawar will be the PM, while on Tuesday it will be Mayawati. Also Read – Tourists to be allowed in J&K from Thursday “On Wednesday it would be Akhilesh Yadav, Deve Gowda on Thursday, Stalin on Friday and Mamata Didi on Saturday while on Sunday the country will be on leave,” he said, mocking the anti-BJP alliance. That is the reason why people shout slogans of `Modi Modi’ as they know only he can provide a strong and stable leadership, the BJP chief added. Work done by the Modi government in the last five years has changed the lives of 50 crore people in the country, he added. Hailing the air strike on a terror camp at Balakot in Pakistan in February, Shah said the government under Modi has safeguarded India’s borders and he is the only one who can give a befitting reply to the neighbouring country. “The Narendra Modi government has done the biggest work of securing our borders. During the 10 years of Sonia Gandhi and Manmohan Singh-led UPA rule, Aliya, Maliya, Jamaliya anybody (terrorists) entered our borders and chopped off heads of our jawans and insulted them. “When the Pulwama terror attack occurred, there was anger among people in the country. Pakistan had deployed tanks on its border fearing another surgical strike. “Barely 13 days after the (Pulwama) attack, Narendra Modiji gave orders to the Air Force and the Air force carried out air strike and demolished terror camps in Pakistan,” he said. After the air strike, when the people of the country were happy, sadness had gripped two places – Pakistan and the office of Rahul Baba and company, Shah said. Mourning in Pakistan was obvious. But why they (Rahul Gandhi and his alliance partners) were in pain? Were they (terrorists) their `chachere bhai’ (cousins), he asked, attacking the Congress-led opposition. “Guru of Rahul Gandhi, Sam Pitroda, says a few people committed mistake and a dialogue should be held with them. Do you think talks should be held with those who killed our 40 jawans…our policy is clear – reply of bullets will be given with shells,” Shah asserted. “They (terrorists) will be given a befitting reply. The BJP has a zero tolerance policy against terrorists,” Shah said. Lashing out at the Bhupesh Baghel-led Congress government, which came to power in December, Shah said, Chhattisgarh was a ‘Bimaru’ (underdeveloped) state when it was formed (in 2000). “The Raman Singh-led BJP government, during its 15- year rule (2003-2018), took it to new heights of development. After the Congress came to power in the state, it stopped the BJP government’s scheme of distributing gram and salt to the poor people.” Shah said Chhattisgarh may again become a ‘Bimaru’ state under the Congress rule. “It seems in the Congress rule, Chhattisgarh will once again become a Bimaru state aslaw and order situation has deteriorated and no new industries are coming up. “Only one industry is flourishing in the state and that is `transfer industry’,” he said, apparently referring to transfer of bureaucrats. Shah addressed the rally in support of Arun Sao, the BJP candidate from the Bilaspur Lok Sabha constituency which will vote on April 23 along with half a dozen other seats.last_img